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Sarah was floating across campus, her head filled with the intriguing conversation with the hot guy. He had to be 6′ 3″ and in shape. He wasn’t cocky as a lot of the college athletes were but humble almost empathetic. She could see by the micro expressions on his face that what she said to him made an impression. He played on the basketball team but told her it was just a hobby.

Sarah Walters was a shy girl and in three years of college had been on three dates. All three were a disaster as all the boys wanted was her naked and under them. She was adamant that she would not put out on the first, second, or third dates. She wanted an emotional bond before there’d be any intimacy. Her roommate and bestie laughed at that saying intimacy leads to emotional bonds…then again, Megan’s idea of emotional bonding was simultaneous orgasms.

It wasn’t surprising men wanted Sarah naked as she had an intriguing shape under her utilitarian outfits. Her skin was pale, almost alabaster white, her perfectly symmetrical face was crowned with golden blonde hair, and she had sparkling blue eyes. Even under a flannel shirt, it was impossible for her to fully hide her assets. 34EE breasts, a 21″ waist, and 34″ hips made heads turn especially in summer as she had to wear lighter clothes. She wanted to be known for her brain rather than her body. She found it interesting as the boy had said he preferred being thought of as brainy than as an athlete.

She’d been in the library looking for an obscure book in ancient Italian on Michelangelo and his engineering contributions. She was led into the stacks by the aged librarian and found Thomas Stewart holding the book she was looking for. The woman sighed and said, I’ll leave you two to fight it out,” then turned and left.

Thomas was incredibly helpful, pointing out other books on the same topic, then they had coffee and bagels. Before she knew it, noon turned into 4 PM and bagel turned into a date the next night. She couldn’t believe how she felt, but it had to be love.

Every bit of rational thought told her she was being irrational and impetuous but had he asked her back to his room she wouldn’t have hesitated, but it was on the sixth date that they finally kissed. It was also after the kiss that he proposed.

Sarah never thought that being engaged after six dates over a week was impetuous. She felt a kinship, a mental and emotional connection.

She told Megan who was initially shocked but then thrilled. “You’re finally going to get laid,” she grinned, “took getting married but hell! Whatever it takes.” Then she sat the cute blonde girl down, “Don’t wait until your wedding night. You need to find out if you’re sexually compatible,” she said.

Sarah had laughed that off, “I’m sure his penis is perfectly compatible with my vagina, hell, how many variations are there?” she asked.

Megan fell back laughing at that one, then explained about the largest sexual organ being the brain and how too often his needs didn’t align with her needs and vice versa. “I’ve been with guys who couldn’t find a clitoris with a flashlight and a map. Others who couldn’t care less if I felt anything just wanted to empty their balls inside me. Then there are the misogynists who want nothing more than to spray their cum all over my face, a stupid look on their faces,” she’d said. “But if you’re lucky, you’ll find a guy who puts your needs first while also letting you pleasure him. The 50/50 fuck is the rarest and most pleasurable act you’ll ever share with anyone. You’ll find out sooner or later what kind of guy Tom is, hopefully before you’re locked into 60 years of just being with him.”

That triggered a curiosity in Sarah about sex she’d never had before. “I need to find out soon. You’re right,” she nodded.

Megan laughed, “All this time I’ve been telling you you need to get laid, and had I made it into an academic research project…hell, you might be teaching me how to find the ideal fuck!” She then spent the next few hours showing Sarah videos and different types of foreplay, positions, and how she should be helping him give her pleasure.

Sarah was most intrigued seeing the girls sucking on the men’s cocks, she learned not to say penis but to say cock or dick. Megan had pulled out a realistic rubber cock, cleaned it carefully then taught Sarah how to fist lick the entire shaft before putting it in her mouth. She praised the girl on how much she could put into her mouth saying, “you’d have been eating for free the last few years with that skill.”

Then Megan looked thoughtful, “There’s just one thing that might be a turn-off,” she sighed. “Pull your şahinbey escort pants down.”

Sarah looked confused but Megan had seen her naked hundreds of times so she stood and pulled down her pants. She saw Megan looking at her bush shaking her head, “I trim. I mean, not for a week or so but…”

“Not trim, shave. Come on. Let’s get over to the tub,” the girl said. An hour later Sarah was sporting a small blonde triangular patch of pubic hair and her armpits were shaved for the first time in her life.

Even though she and Megan had changed in front of each other, this was the first time they’d showered together and her roommate was fascinated by Sarah’s huge breasts. She cupped them and let them fall amazed at how little sag there was. “Fuck not ever paying for meals again, you could have had some sugar daddy cover your tuition,” she sighed.

Sarah felt butterflies as Tom opened the door to his fraternity room. The first thing she noticed was the bed, not the first boy’s bed she’d seen but the first she’d like to share. He’d wanted to call his parents and introduce his fiancé to them. They’d FaceTimed and Sarah loved his parents immediately. They were all smiles without a single question as to their abrupt engagement.

After they hung up, Sara looked at Tom and grinned, “I love them. Your parents seem incredible.” She hugged Tom holding him happily when she remembered Megan’s comments. “By the way, are you a virgin?” she asked.

Tom shook his head, “Sorry, no. Is that something important to you?” he asked.

Sarah laughed, “Hell, no. I am and I’d like to know how sexually compatible we are…you know, before we live our lives together. Can we find out? We might have to do it a few times to be sure, especially since it’ll hurt the first time,” she said.

Tom nodded and looked uncertain until Sarah got up, went over to the door, and locked it.

“Can’t have interruptions,” she said, “I’d like to do it at least twice this time. Is that ok with you?” She pulled her shirt over her head, unclipped her large bra then pulled off her pants and panties. She was aware of how the boy was looking intently at her but she was curious to see a cock in person for the first time herself. She wanted to tell him to get naked also but he had a look on his face she’d never seen on a boy before.

Tom gasped seeing the best body he’d ever seen. She had the clearest skin, best breasts, and tightest-looking pussy he’d ever seen. He stood and ran his hands down her sides to her ass. Then he dropped to his knees and took a nipple into his mouth. Her large areolas were swollen and puffed out and her nipple was like a hard pebble. The girl moaned as he pressed his tongue against the velvety ring and she opened her legs as he slid a hand up her inner thigh. He could smell her heat as she pressed against him.

Sarah felt dizzy and her nipples were so sensitive it was almost painful…not a bad pain, actually a great pain, she thought. She let herself be led over to the bed falling back, her legs open for the boy.

Tom kissed his way up her inner thighs, pleasantly happy she was shaved. He’d assumed she would have a full bush but apparently, she’d prepared. He saw her labia were swollen and opened like flower petals. The sight of her pale pink insides made his cock throb angrily against his jeans.

Sarah jerked and gasped as she felt the boy’s tongue slide up her virgin pussy to the unbelievably sensitive clit. She wanted to stop him, wanted him to keep going. Her head was in turmoil as he probed, penetrated, and teased. His fingers found her nipples and she lost control of her body. Her pelvis was rocking up against his face, her legs opening wider than she thought possible and her back was arching as jolts of burning electricity shot through her body.

Tom’s face was smeared with the girl’s cum as she cried out and ground her pussy against him. He knew she was going to cum soon…hoped she’d cum soon as his cock felt like it was going to break trying to rip through his pants.

Sarah felt it…felt what Megan had told her was addicting. Her aching throbbing in her womb was rapidly rising and as it came to an agonizing peak, stars covered her vision and she cried out.

Tom sucked on the girl’s clit as her ass lifted off the bed grinding her pussy into his face. He was worried his brothers would hear her, but then hoping they would as he had a reputation for being too much of a nerd.

Sarah almost passed out from her first orgasm. She lay on the bed, her body limper than she’d ever been thinking about how she had şahinbey escort bayan to tell Megan how incredible it felt. No wonder Megan’s grades never seemed as important as pursuing orgasms. She roused herself realizing she still had never seen nor touched a cock. She sat up and smiled at the boy who was wiping his face on his shirt. “My turn,” she said. “Pull out your cock. I need to see it.”

Tom smiled, “Gee. Do I have to?” he asked. But he stood in front of the girl who was now sitting up. The eager look on the girl’s face sent a rush through him as he unbuttoned his jeans. His cock had barely popped out before both Sarah’s hands gripped it.

This was bigger than most of the cocks Megan showed her. Maybe she chose those so she wouldn’t be intimidated, but this wasn’t intimidating. Her two hands couldn’t wrap around the pulsating shaft and she wondered how long it was. Megan told her to expect 6″ and 7″ if she’s lucky but length is secondary to girth.

Even Meagan’s toy she’d named Leroy for some reason, was skinnier than Tom’s cock and Megan warned her not to expect any guy to be this well-endowed. She licked the underside of the shaft as Megan taught her before opening her mouth. She didn’t remember having to strain her jaw when taking the toy into her mouth, but after what Tom did you her, she owed him. She was able to relax her jaw muscles and pick up a rhythm while licking the underside. He seemed to like it when his cock hit the back of her throat and he was soon grunting with each bob of her head. Megan warned her that she might not like it if he cums in her mouth but she wanted to experience the entire thing. She liked how he cupped and squeezed her breast. She wondered if he was getting close as she was swallowing more and more precum.

Tom moaned he was cumming knowing girls hate it if he came in their mouths, but Sarah kept sucking, actually sucking him deeper into her throat. “Oh, God!” he grunted as he felt the boiling in his balls peak and explode. He found as he thrust into her mouth his balls were slapping on her chin yet she wasn’t gagging.

Sarah liked the tangy taste and liked making the boy happy. She swallowed rapidly and when he finished and staggered back, she grinned at him as he flopped onto the bed. “Did I do it right?” she asked.

Tom nodded, “it felt great, though I’ve never had a girl do more than lick me…you know, to get me hard,” he sighed.

They didn’t leave the room until 8 AM the next day as Sarah had class at 9. She again found herself walking on air. She felt her whole body tingling after nine orgasms. ‘Megan will be so proud of me,’ she thought.

“Nine? Nine fucking orgasms?” the girl spat. “I hate you. Were there really nine?” she asked again. “I’ve never had more than three in a night and you had nine???”

Sarah nodded, feeling pleased. She must have done things right. “Three times when he went down on me, six while we were making love. You’re right about how great it feels, I even passed out once from one. Oh, I took a picture of his cock. He said it was ok, but then again I just gave him a blowjob,” Sarah grinned. “Boys sure seem to like blowjobs.”

Megan’s jaw dropped seeing the picture of Tom’s cock with Sarah’s forearm next to it.

“I know, he was getting soft. We just made love,” Sarah sighed.

“No, that’s…” she jumped up, grabbed a ruler, and made Sarah hold up her arm. “10 and 1/2 inches…getting soft?” the girl moaned, “and he went down on you three times? Fuck me! I’ve been searching for the perfect fuck and you stumble into the guy without even trying?” she sputtered, “and please quit saying made love. With this,” she held up Sarah’s phone, “you were getting fucked and I mean that in the best possible way.” She looked at her friend, “I am so happy for you…you both. You hit the fucking jackpot,” she said as she hugged the young blonde.

For the rest of their senior years, Tom and Sarah fucked daily and Sarah found she dreamt about sucking his cock as much as getting off on his tongue or cock inside her. There was something about feeling the fleshy hot shaft in her mouth that was addicting.

* * *

She met Tom’s parents in person just before the wedding and she was welcomed with open arms. While not shy, Tom was accused of being ’emotionally unavailable,’ and his parents worried he’d never find the right girl. Marsha, Tom’s mom embraced her as if she were the best thing ever to happen to her son. Tim, Tom’s father was like his son, brilliant with an almost off-the-charts IQ. He’d made shrewd investments, invented various things, escort bayan şahinbey and started up his own company.

The wedding was a quiet affair as neither had a lot of friends, but those they had were very close and thrilled for the couple. Sarah had lost her parents at a young age and was in the system until she aged out, so there was no family from her side. Megan was the Maid of Honor and managed to make her dress look slutty. Every guy there wanted to dance with the two girls, the short blonde in the tight dress with her huge breasts bulging out and the tall redhead with long slender legs.

Megan came up to Sarah as she was coming out of the restroom, “You realize every guy here wants to fuck you,” she smiled. “I mean it, even the priest. When you watch the video of the ceremony check out how little time he spent looking away from these,” she said palming her friend’s tits.

“Get me a refill of whatever drink that was you had the bartender make me and I’ll consider it. You can keep Tom occupied for me?”

Megan laughed, “I’d get you more than a drink if you give me an hour with that studly husband of yours,” she suddenly giggled, “husband! Wow! I am so thrilled for you!” she cried before hugging her best friend.

There were plenty of hugs and tears as the couple drove off to their honeymoon in Italy. Where else would a couple both knowing Italian go on their honeymoon?

After graduation, both Tom and Sarah moved into a house just a block north of his parent’s house and both were hired on in Tim’s company. His parents covered the extremely low-interest loan, otherwise, they’d have been living in an apartment somewhere. Tom joined the R met with developers and inventors; and traveled to other events all over the world. Sarah had never been out of the country and had to get a passport. It was soon filled with stamps.

Every time she came home, jet-lagged or not she and Tom fucked multiple times trying to make up for lost time. Tom had zero complaints and Sarah didn’t care that she was often exhausted. She gave herself totally to her husband and was able to rest in between sessions.

Marsha was doing the books and looked at her husband. “How’s Sarah working out?” It had been three months and everything seemed to be working out great, but she was thinking about some things.

“Brilliantly,” Tim smiled, “she’s on top of everything. She never has to look at her tablet and knows with whom I have meetings, at the exact time and place. Plus, she seems to read my mind keeping me on task,” he smiled. “That’s just the EA part. She’s been incredible when I’ve been working out problems. I lay it out, she seems to ask the right question every time and did you know, she speaks German, Italian, Spanish, and French?” He shook his head, “How did our boy get so damn lucky?” he asked.

“OK. I thought as much. I was thinking, and we need to check with Tom and Sarah, but we could save hundreds per trip if you booked one room with two beds,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Wouldn’t that look strange checking into a hotel with a girl half my age?” He asked. “I have no issue sharing a room, I just worry what people would think.”

‘I know. Just a suggestion, but last year Merideth’s hotel rooms came to almost $30,000.” Marsha sighed. “Just thinking of ways to save money.”

Neither Sarah nor Tom had any objection and it was decided that Sarah would just be Tim’s daughter as a check of IDs would show the same last name. Tim had never been anything but a faithful husband and Sarah wasn’t a cheating wife so it was settled.

“There’s just one thing,” Tim said at dinner, “Perhaps you shouldn’t call me, ‘sir,'” he said, “Dad? Father?” he suggested.

“Ok, dad…no, that’s not right, daddy?” she giggled.

Tom shook his head, “You make it sound like you left off the word sugar,” he chuckled.

Sarah nodded, “Dad it is, at least when we’re traveling. I’ll stick with ‘sir’ at the office.”

They found there was no need for subterfuge as no one questioned an older man checking into a hotel and sharing a room with a woman half his age. They established a routine where Sarah would go into the bathroom in the evening and get ready for bed. Then she’d come out in her robe.

The business was thriving as more and more products were added. Sarah and Tim spent as much time together as she did with her husband all 100% professional. They bounced ideas off each other and in the next year, Sarah’s name was attached to a few dozen patents owned by Tim. Tom never felt any jealousy as he was deeply involved in the backend development and he also used Sarah as a sounding board.

Tim and Sarah were in Montreal having spent time touring one of the newer robotic tooling sites in North America. Sarah came out in her robe with just her panties on under it. This was normal as she preferred sleeping in the nude, making a concession that she’d at least wear panties if she inadvertently exposed herself to her father-in-law.

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