Family Matters

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Donna sat back in the couch sipping another glass of wine. She wasn’t much of a drinker but the events of this week were easier ponder with the help of the alcohol.

A few days earlier she had stumbled across a bookmark on her husbands computer that took her to an armature porn website’s contributors page and—much to her dismay—there was a set of six pictures of her completely naked.

The pictures were taken by her husband on vacation with their new digital camera and she had assumed that they had been deleted. She had no idea that her husband would dare post them for all the world to see.

Donna was a very attractive “Filippina”, born in the Philippines but having grown up in the United States after immigrating with her parents at the age of five. She had married very young, but even at 40 years of age and with two fully grown children she was very desirable. She was short—standing only 5’3″ and petite, but she had stayed in fantastic shape. She had medium length brown hair and brown eyes, naturally tan skin and firm 32-A breasts that looked larger on her tiny frame.

Donna was proud of her looks, and perhaps would not have minded the pictures being posted had her husband blurred her face and asked her permission. But there she was, the mother of two, a decent church going women who served on the League of Women Voters and worked with the PTA. She would be mortified if anyone saw these photos.

Donna confronted her husband, only to learn that he could not have them removed. She cut him off sexually as punishment, which perhaps was worse for Donna than for her husband. He had to leave for a few days of training and Donna missed him, even if she would not admit it.

Now here she was alone, wearing nothing but her silk robe and with a bottle of wine to console her. At least she had her 7-inch vibrating friend in the nightstand next to her bed to play with later on.

Donna continued to sip on her wine, drinking beyond her normal amount and eventually passed out on the couch and was sound asleep and did not hear the front door open.

Edward, her 20-year-old son entered with his girl-friend Loreli and his 18-year-old sister Vivian. The trio had gone out to see a movie and had been talking about Donna during the car ride back home.

Edward was a muscular 5′ 8″ light skinned attractive man who took after his American father with the exception of his brown hair and eyes. His sister, Vivian was a beautiful young woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. She was very petite, like her mother, with small breasts and a perfect ass.

Edward and Vivian had been telling Edward’s girl-friend, Loreli all about the pictures that Edward had found bookmarked on the family computer. Loreli was surprised by the news. The beautiful blond would have never believed that Donna would do such a thing and she admitted that she really wanted to see the pictures.

When they found Donna asleep on the couch Edward said, “There’s the slut now. Imagine if Dad found out.”

Ignoring her further they went to the den where Edward brought up the post with his mother’s pictures.

Loreli looked at the beautiful mother of her boyfriend. She had always thought Donna to be attractive but was surprised at how well she looked naked. Loreli was a good looking girl too. She was in great shape with full 34-c breasts that many mistook for a D-cup on her slender frame.

She was even more surprised when she saw that her boyfriend’s mom shaved her pussy: It was completely bald except for a thin landing strip above her pussy. Loreli, unlike most of the girls her age, maintained a full—though well trimmed—bush of light brown hair.

“I can’t believe she posted those.” Vivian said of her mother.

“I’m sure she was looking to get fucked while dad’s away.” Edward accused.

“Who do you think took the pictures?” Loreli asked.

“Probably someone she cheated with.” Edward spat.

Loreli returned to the picture showing Donna spread legged on a couch. “Do you think she’s still shaved?”

“How should I know?” Edward answered.

“Well, let’s go find out.” Loreli said as she turned to leave the room.

The blond girl led her boyfriend and his sister back to the living room where Donna still slept on the couch. Without hesitation she untied the robe and opened it, exposing Donna’s naked body to them.

“Damn, she looks better in real life than in the pictures.” Loreli said.

Loreli kept no secrets as to her desire for other women. She found women attractive and had experimented with other girls before. She even once put on a show for Edward, telling him that he owed her something in return. Perhaps tonight she would call in that debt.

Loreli liked Donna, but she was still a little upset with her after the way the older woman had berated her after Vivian’s 18th birthday two weeks earlier. When Loreli had learned that one of the colleges Vivian had been accepted to was an all-girl school Loreli had bought her a gag gift: A special curved two-ended dildo called kayseri escort a ‘feeldo’ that could be used by one girl to fuck another and get both off. Loreli said that she might need it to stay happy at an all-girl school.

Donna had thought the gift inappropriate and—even though she had experimented with lesbianism in her younger days—did not want anyone to encourage Vivian to do any such thing.

As the trio stood there staring down at Donna’s exposed body Loreli rubbed her hand between her boyfriend’s legs.

“Oh my god, you have a hard on.” She announced.

Edward backed away from his girlfriend’s hand. He had not realized it but it was true, he had become aroused looking at his naked mother. She was very attractive for a woman twice his age, but he had never really thought of her in that way.

“You should fuck her.” Loreli suggested.

“What?” Edward asked in shock.

“Well, she obviously is looking for cock so why don’t you give her what she wants. Besides, this will make us even for me getting Cynthia to have sex with me for you. And besides, you obviously are horny for her.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Vivian said at the notion of her brother having sex with her mom.

“Go for it, she’ll never know and it will be your way of getting back at her for what she is doing to your dad.” Loreli continued, “And you can fuck her without a condom.”

Edward looked down at his mother’s nude body. He was horny and she was very desirable. He remembered some of his old high school friends talking about how hot she was. And it was true that he wanted her to be punished for trying to cheat on his dad by advertising on the internet. Why shouldn’t he take advantage of this situation, besides, it would really turn his girlfriend on to watch this.

The fact that he could fuck her without a rubber sealed the deal. Edward had fucked several girls and enjoyed a very regular sex life with Loreli, but other than blow jobs, everything else had to be done with a rubber. He always wanted to feel a pussy wrapped around his hard cock without anything to lessen the sensation. Now here was a pussy just waiting to be fucked.

“You’re not really going to fuck her are you?” Vivian asked.

“Why not?” Edward replied as he began undoing his pants.

“Oh my god.” Vivian remarked as she watched her brother disrobe in front of her. His stiff cock was ready as he got down on his knees and spread his mother’s legs apart. He pushed his finger into her twat then bent down to lick her pussy in order to get it wet enough for his cock.

Donna lay there oblivious to what was happening. But as her son’s tongue began licking her pussy she began to dream of being pleasured.

“Go ahead and fuck her.” Loreli said, wanting to see Edward bury his cock into his mother before he changed his mind.

At Loreli’s urging Edward rose up and pushed his hard cock between his mother’s pussy lips and gradually began to push inside of her. He could not believe that he was actually going through with this, but the deeper he pressed in the more excited he became.

Donna’s pussy felt wonderful around his bare cock. Never before had Edward felt pussy in this way and soon he was slamming his cock into his mother not caring that his sister was watching.

Loreli lifted her skirt and slid her thong down her shapely legs so that she could finger her swollen clit as she watched Edward fuck his mother. “Viv, go grab the camera.”

Vivian, looking for any excuse to take her eyes off the scene before her did as instructed and brought the digital camera back to Loreli, who took it and with her free hand began to take pictures of Edward fucking Donna.

Vivian knew that she should be appalled by what was happening, but in truth she too was wet and could feel her pussy burning with desire as she watched the forbidden lustful action that was happening on the couch.

Donna was dreaming of getting fucked. But this felt better than any dream she had experienced before. As her mind began to slowly awaken she could feel her desire growing. She was on the verge of climax. Then her mind told her that this was no dream. She was indeed getting fucked.

She opened her eyes to find Edward’s face in front of her. “What the fuck!” She exclaimed as she felt and saw her son fucking her with Vivian stood off to the side and Loreli took pictures of the act, with one hand hurriedly rubbing her clit.

“Edward, stop it!” She demanded.

“Don’t you dare stop.” Loreli yelled back.

Edward did not need his girlfriend’s instructions, for he was too into it now to ever consider stopping. This may be wrong, but it felt too fucking great to quit. And the fact that his mother was now awake made it even more exciting.

“You wanted to get fucked, mom, so now you’re getting fucked.”

Donna was speechless, never had she believed such a thing as this could happen to her. She had been faithful to her husband for their entire marriage and now here she was getting fucked by her kıbrıs escort son. And worse, she was so near to orgasm that she could not stop her body from enjoying it.

“Please stop.” She mumbled as Edward’s cock continued slamming into her, rubbing her clit sensually with every thrust.

“Oh no.” She moaned as she began to climax.

“Oh fuck, she’s cumming!” Loreli cried out as she watched Donna begin to thrash about. She had to pull her hand, wet fingers and all, away from her pussy to make sure to get some good pictures of this.

Donna was mortified at the thought that she was climaxing for her son. But she could not stop the orgasm that flooded her body. And still Edward continued to fuck her.

“Oh god, yes!” Edward yelled as he felt his own orgasm beginning.

“Edward, no! For god’s sake don’t cum in me!” Donna pleaded as she felt her son’s thrust pick up pace in what she knew to be the final act before spewing his semen into her. “Stop!” She cried one last time.

Edward couldn’t stop if he wanted to. He came in his mother’s pussy, unleashing a torrent of cum as he thrust as deep as possible into her cunt.

Edward finished cumming and pulled out of his mother’s pussy. He looked down with satisfaction as he watched cum dribbling out of her pussy and running down along her ass.

“What in the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Donna demanded as she began to get up.

Loreli wasted no time in handing the camera to Edward and grabbing Donna before she got her balance. The blond girl fell back onto the couch, her legs spread and pulling Donna’s face between her legs. “Now get me off!”

Donna did not know what was happening until she felt her face rubbing against Loreli’s wet pussy. The younger woman held her hair tightly in her fists as she pulled Donna’s face between her legs.

“Yea, mom, lick her pussy!”

Donna was not sure of what else to do. She was humiliated about what had just happened, but now her son wanted to watch her eat his girlfriend’s cunt. Feeling that there was little that she could do to resist she stuck out her tongue and complied.

“Oh yes, your mom is licking my pussy.” Loreli said as she felt Donna’s tongue begin to massage her clit. She needed to cum after watching Edward fucking Donna and what better way than to have her boyfriend’s mother get her off with her mouth.

Donna could hear Edward’s crude comments but could see nothing more than the full bush of light brown pubic hair that her nose was buried in as she continued licking Loreli. She could only imagine the sight she must be presenting as she pleasured her son’s girlfriend.

“Yes, make me cum!” Loreli cried out as Donna’s tongue brought her to climax.

Donna could feel the younger woman’s juices spilling out onto her chin as she spasmed with delight. Loreli’s legs squeezed against Donna’s sides as she moaned in ecstasy while forcing this older woman to get her off.

Donna’s hair was finally released and she squatted back onto the floor, wiping Loreli’s juice from her face.

“Your turn, Viv.” Edward said to his sister.

“I can’t.” Vivian replied.

“Come on, I know you have to be horny too.” Loreli added.

Vivian was indeed turned on and it did not take much prompting before she too was sliding her panties off and depositing her petite frame onto the couch before her mother.

“No, don’t make me do this.” Donna said as she looked at her daughter’s spread pussy in front of her.

“Get her off too.” Loreli ordered, pushing Donna’s head forward between Vivian’s legs.

Donna closed her eyes and began licking her daughter’s pussy. She could hear Loreli taking the camera from Edward so that she could get pictures of this latest round of humiliation.

“She licks pussy good, doesn’t she?” Lorelie commented.

“Yes.” Vivian said between moans as her mother’s tongue lapped at her wet box. Vivian had boyfriends go down on her before, but she had never experienced oral sex with another woman. She did not know if she was just so turned on or if her mother was just that good, but no matter what the reason, this felt absolutely wonderful.

“Finger her!” Edward demanded.

Donna raised her right hand and slid one finger into Vivian’s pussy. Her daughter began thrusting her hips up and down as Donna fucked her with her finger while licking her clit.

“Fuck this feels so goooood.” Vivian moaned just as she began climaxing on her mother’s face.

Once her daughter’s hips stopped bouncing around Donna withdrew her finger from Vivian’s tight box and pulled back away. She looked at the three of them. Vivian lay panting on the couch, Donna stood there holding the camera with a wicked smile on her face, and Edward stroked his hard cock.

“Look at what you did, mom.” Edward said as he held his cock before her. “You made me all stiff again. I think you need to kiss it and make it better.”

“Suck his cock!” Loreli agreed.

Edward sat on the chair and ordered his mother to crawl konya escort over between his legs. Donna, her will long gone, did as instructed and knelt obediently before her son. She opened her mouth and took his cock between her lips.

Donna loved giving blow jobs. She would suck her husband off anytime she had the chance. It was probably her favorite thing to do. But this was different; this was her son’s cock that she was sucking.

Edward rose up as his mother began working his rod with her mouth. He knew at once that she was well experienced in this. He had enjoyed several blow jobs, but this was becoming the best ever.

Loreli approached Vivian, “Do you still have that feeldo I gave you?”

“Yes.” Vivian replied, unable to pull her eyes away from watching her mother’s face bobbing up and down on her brother’s cock.

“Go get it.”

Vivian raced to her bedroom and returned with the curved rubber dildlo. Loreli snatched it out of Vivian’s hands and applied the lubricant then slid it into her pussy. Vivian looked at the blond girl standing in front of her with what amounted to a large black rubber cock sticking out from her body.

Lorelie could not believe how well the other end stayed stuffed inside of her as she knelt behind Donna, placing the toy cock up to her pussy.

Donna gasped as she felt the invading instrument entering her, but Edward just grabbed her hair and pulled her face back down until his cock hit the back of her throat.

Loreli began fucking Donna from behind. As she fucked the woman the feeldo rubbed her clit and the bulb inside rubbed her g-spot and the girl knew that this would make her cum too. With that in mind she began slamming the dildo into Donna.

Donna bounced back and forth as she was fucked from behind by her son’s girlfriend but never once stopped working her son’s cock with her mouth.

Edward could feel his balls tightening as his mother’s mouth worked to milk him of another load of cum. Watching Loreli fucking her only quickened his desire for release and sooner than expected he was bucking his hips and filling Donna’s mouth with cum.

Donna felt her son climaxing in her mouth and began swallowing every drop of his cum, continuing to work his cock. If she had to suck him off then he was going to get the best fucking blowjob he had ever experienced. Even when he was finished she continued sucking him, causing Edward to shift about from side to side as his mother’s mouth and tongue caressed his overly-sensitive glands at the head of his cock until he had to push her head away.

Loreli continued fucking Donna from behind, feeling the toy inside of her bringing her closer and closer to orgasm at Donna’s expense. Donna leaned forward, taking every thrust of the rubber cock until she heard Donna cry out with delight.

“Viv, you have got to try this.” Donna said as she pulled the used toy out of Donna’s pussy.

“I don’t know.” Vivian replied.

“Come on, let’s make her ride you.” Edward said.

Vivian came over and took the feeldo from Loreli. She cautiously inserted it into her pussy and lay on the floor as Edward and Loreli lifted Donna and dropped her onto her knees over the dildo. Loreli guided the thing into Donna’s twat as Edward pushed his mother down onto it.

“Now, fuck your daughter.” Loreli ordered as she once again grabbed the camera.

Donna began bouncing up and down on the dildo. As she did so Edward’s cock began growing hard again. Feeling turned on once more he knelt behind his mother and rubbed his cock against her asshole.

Donna did not mind anal sex, but her husband very rarely complied with that request. So instead Donna’s slender vibrator was all that she ever felt up her ass. But now Edward was shoving his hard cock up inside her butt while her pussy was filled with the thick, long dildo.

Cock met toy with just a thin layer of skin between them inside of her as Donna immediately climaxed from the duel fucking. She drooled all over Loreli’s face as she was fucked in both holes and unable to stop the powerful orgasm she was experiencing, all while Loreli took more pictures.

Edward fucked his mother’s asshole causing her to bounce up and down onto the feeldo and soon he could hear his sister’s cries intermingling with his mother’s as both women climaxed together.

Vivian did not think that she could take the multiple orgasms but was unable to stop them from occurring as her mom, driven by the force of Edward’s cock, continued to ride her.

If Vivian was having a time with the multiple orgasms then Donna was going insane from them. What started as a series of multiple orgasms was becoming one continuous climax that had her entire body shaking from head to toe. She was covered in sweat and could do nothing but pant and drool. She was unable to use her arms to hold herself up and lay atop her daughter as the twin invaders continued to fuck her.

Edward pounded his mother’s asshole, desiring nothing more than to unleash inside of her once more. Finally he was ready and he cried out as he came inside of his mother’s ass.

He fell back and rested against the chair as his cock went flaccid. Donna rolled off of Vivian and lay as still as she could while Vivian just looked up at the ceiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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