Family Perverts Ch. 02

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Julie was and is proud of her body and its power to turn the men – and women – in her life on, especially her boobs which though they were not the largest the world has ever known, were certainly more than a mouthful for any of the members of her incestuous family who daily made her sex life so exciting and enjoyable. Julie didn’t have favorites, neither, whoever was attending to her tits at any given time was always the best and, right now, she was beside herself with joy from the thorough mauling they were getting from her two horny twin nephews, Michael and Robert.

“I’m pleased you persuaded me to stay, sweetheart,” said Julie, glancing across the room to where her brother Mark, Michael and Robert’s father, was fucking her daughter Jenna with all the force he had at his disposal. He had already fucked his niece once before that evening, back at the marital home Julie shared with her husband David and their daughter, but such was the enthusiasm for hot kinky taboo sex that all of them were able to keep going for hours, indeed until sheer exhaustion finally got the better of them.

Jenna smiled at her mother as she rode happily on her uncle’s thick pole, “I knew you would be, mom,” she replied, “pity dad, gran and gramps aren’t here, too.”

“Yeah,” said Janine, Julie’s niece who was being similarly fucked by her father Paul, Mark and Julie’s brother, “they should have been here.”

“Aren’t we good enough for you then?” laughed Robert, momentarily looking up from munching on his aunt’s tits.

“Don’t be daft,” said Janine who was about to say something else but instead let out a loud scream as her father came in her cunt. At the same time, Robert went back to sucking Julie’s tits while Michael went down on his knees and began to give his undivided attention to Julie’s hot steaming pussy. Julie gasped as Michael’s tongue began its journey up and down the groove between her silky pink cunt lips, having not had the pleasure of his aunt’s pussy for several months.

Paul was milking another of his stupendous orgasms as he flooded his daughter’s cunt with his thick incestuous sperm. “Oh, darling, that was fabulous,” he said, his breathing coming in short irregular gasps as he tried to regain his equilibrium and he pulled himself free from the greasy confines of Janine’s tight juicy hole, “your cunt felt so good round my prick.”

“And your prick felt so good inside it, dad,” smiled Janine, “as it always does.”

Paul rolled over onto his back and lay flat out on the lounge carpet, his big cock deflating before everyone’s eyes. Mark was still giving Jenna’s pussy a thorough going over and she turned expertly without breaking the fuck, lifting a leg over her uncle’s head and falling forward to smother him with her tits. Mark lifted his head and began to suck and lick the erect nipples standing out firm and inviting from Jenna’s dark aureoles while still pounding his prick in and out of her cunt.

“Fuck,” said Robert, watching his father in action out the corner of his eyes with his mouth still wrapped around his aunt’s melons, “that looks fabulous.”

“Yeah,” said Michael, momentarily relinquishing his tongue from Julie’s cunt, “why don’t you go and fuck Janine? She looks like she’s still hungry for cock, even after the thrashing uncle Paul gave her.”

Julie didn’t mind Robert abandoning her tits, not when her pussy was being ravished mardin escort to such a glorious extent from Michael’s tongue. As Robert leaned in to place his stiff rod in his cousin Janine’s pussy, where the creampie her father had given her still languished in dribs and drabs, Julie lay back on the sofa and lifted her legs in the air, signalling Michael to follow.

“Don’t stop now, Michael,” she said, “run that hot tongue of yours round my clit.”

Michael didn’t need any encouragement, the grunting and groaning coming from the fucking across the room helping to spur him on as he placed his head in Julie’s dripping cunthole. He licked up and down her cuntal walls and then, as if discovering it for the first ever time, he located his aunt’s clit and began to kiss every bit of it before encircling it with his superbly experienced tongue.

His uncle Paul, having recovered from his orgasm, sat up and rested back with his elbows of the carpet to get a better view of the action. To the right of him, his daughter Janine was being mercilessly fucked by his nephew Robert’s magnificent hard-on while to the left, his sister Julie was having her cunt brought to the boil by his other nephew Michael’s tongue. And over in the corner, his niece Jenna was still riding the crest of a wave as his brother Mark fucked her and licked her tits simultaneously.

Janine and Jenna grunted and groaned as they surrendered their pussies completely to their menfolk’s pricks. Mark glanced across to smile at Robert, getting an unobstructed view of his son’s sexy bare ass cheeks rising and falling while Janine pushed back to meet every thrust of her cousin’s prick. Julie squealed too as Michael continued to expertly demonstrate his cunt-licking skills and glanced over his shoulder to smile at her brother and daughter. Jenna’s graciously-curved ass cheeks were bouncing up and down as her uncle Mark went in for the deep penetration which he knew from past experience his niece both loved and expected …


“It sure is a shame David and his parents aren’t here,” mused Julie, echoing silently to herself Jenna’s words of a short time earlier, “my hubby would be bowled over by all this hot action.”

Julie needn’t have worried since, at the same time as the gangbang was taking place in Mark’s house, David was enjoying a hot sleazy threesome with his parents Jack and Shirley. After fucking his father for fifteen minutes or more, as a reward for the fucking Jack had given him, David had shot another load of his rich cream all over his dad’s ass cheeks as his mother watched, having been an enthusiastic audience throughout the proceedings as she waited patiently for her husband and son to fuck both her holes simultaneously, just like they’d done years ago before David had married Julie.

Shirley had been beside herself with pride as she watched her son discharging his spunk over her husband’s backside. If anything, it proved the insidious view of many that sex is just for the young to be nothing but a myth since even David was not exactly in the first bloom of youth anymore while Jack and Shirley’s love of passionate sex was just as strong now in their old age as it had been when they were first married and before their son had even been born.

Julie could imagine the scene back home as she placed her hands on Michael’s head and drew him closer to her, the better for his nevşehir escort tongue to gain even deeper access to her pussy. As he plowed it into her sweaty depths and Paul moved round to get a closer look, ten miles away Shirley had slowly impaled herself on her son’s prick, fresh from his father’s ass, while her husband moved in to slide his rod into his wife’s asshole. Mother, father and son rocked together as they once again demonstrated their love for each other, rolling back the years as if they were just starting out on the taboo relationship which had lasted for a quarter of a century now and had served their sexual needs so well.

Julie closed her mind to what David, Jack and Shirley were doing as Michael hauled his aunt to her feet and stood in front of her with his hard cock throbbing in his hand. “Now it’s my turn, aunt Julie,” he said, “get on your knees and suck my prick.”

“Say please,” said Paul, giggling and now fully recovered.

“Please,” said Michael, mimicking a little-boy-lost voice as Julie went down on her knees and quickly took her nephew into her mouth. Mark now had a great view of not only Robert’s ass but Michael’s too and his pride in his sons swelled accordingly as he felt his balls start to contract as his orgasm approached. Nobody would ever be in doubt about Mark’s stamina, nor Jenna’s neither, they’d been fucking like mad for over twenty minutes, non-stop while Robert and Janine ran them a close second, as the cousins fucked, squealed and groaned to the music of all the other hot action taking place around them.

“I’m there!” cried Mark at the top of his voice and immediately shot his load into his niece. His sons spun their heads over their shoulders to watch their father cum while Jenna gave herself a round of orgasms within seconds of taking her uncle’s spunk.

Julie stopped sucking Michael’s cock to watch her daughter as Jenna reached her climax. Michael moved over to his father and cousin and began masturbating in front of them. Paul didn’t waste a second, now fully back on the horn again, and jumped up quickly to take his nephew’s place in Julie’s mouth. As Paul’s sister began to suck hard on his rigid tool, Robert suddenly signified he was about to cum and let out a shout of triumph as he spewed out one ribbon of spunk after another in Janine’s cunt, his sperm mingling with the remains of his uncle Paul’s which Janine’s father had deposited earlier.

Mark clapped and cheered as he watched Robert emptying himself into Janine’s pussy, his love for his sons knowing no bounds. Paul’s love for his daughter rose to new dizzy heights as she came as well, her body wracking with pleasure as her orgasms overwhelmed her.

Meanwhile, back at Julie’s house, her husband David was shooting yet another load into his mother Shirley’s pussy while his father Jack came in his wife’s asshole …


Michael slowed down the pace of his wanking as Robert and Janine rolled over together and folded themselves into each other’s arms where they languished on the carpet the very same spot Paul had rested earlier. Julie was still hungrily sucking her brother’s cock as Jenna lifted herself off Mark’s prick and went to sit in an armchair to recover from a whole evening’s worth of truly amazing incestuous fucking.

“Thanks, uncle Mark,” Jenna said, as she lowered her ass into the chair, “my pussy feels niğde escort like it has been completely destroyed by that wonderful fucking you gave me.”

“I hope not, ” murmured Mark, still getting his breath back, “I’m sure some of the others will want to fuck you too, if you play your cards right.” He glanced up at Michael whose cock was still standing out at an acute angle from his body though he was no longer masturbating. “Aren’t you gonna cum, son?”

“Not yet, dad,” he said. “I want to fuck aunt Julie and I was also hoping mom and aunt Cathy would be back by now.”

Julie suddenly stopped sucking Paul’s prick and stood up. “Perhaps we ought to get going,” she said. “I don’t think your wives will take too kindly if they get back and find Jenna and I here.”

“Oh for crying out loud, sis,” said Paul, “Sandra and Cathy aren’t ogres. I think you should stay and we can clear it all up once and for all.”

“Yeah, aunt Julie,” said Michael, “it’s all so silly. The last thing a family like ours needs is a feud, for fuck sake.”

“Too right,” said Mark. “Why don’t you stay until they get home?”

“Just think,” said Robert, still wrapped in Janine’s arms, “if you ladies start to get on with each other, then we can not only have you and Jenna over from time to time but uncle David and his mom and dad, too.”

“Yeah,” said Janine, “and think what a great family gangbang that will be.”

“Too fucking right,” said Mark. “Your dad and I both treated Shirley to a double penetration earlier this evening, the old girl didn’t want us to stop.”

“I wouldn’t mind giving her one, too, dad,” said Robert, “I’ve never fucked a lady of that age before and she does still have a great body, at least she did the last time I remember seeing her.”

Julie couldn’t help smiling, even though she tried to suppress it. “Oh, she’s still beautiful, all right,” she said, “I only hope I’m still as sexy as her and want sex as much as she still does when I’m her age.”

“I can’t think any of us will ever lose our love of sex, sis,” said Mark, “it’s in our genes and it’s what this family is all about.”

“Please, mom,” said Jenna, flashing her eyes at her mother and hoping her powers of persuasion would work again as they had when they were in the car and she had got Julie to agree to not going home straightaway.”

“Well, I’ll think about it,” replied Julie, “but right now, if Michael wants to fuck me, my cunt is all his.”

Michael smiled at his aunt and walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the lips as the rest of the family drew round to watch. “How d’you like it, my dear aunt?” he said, when he had broken the snog, “doggie-style?”

“Yeah, mom,” said Jenna, “let’s see Michael fuck you with you on your hands and knees.”

“Go for it, son,” Mark said, “give my slutty sister the full benefit of that lovely rod of yours. Then you can fuck me later, too.”

Michael smiled at his father; having bided his time most of the evening, he was now raring to go and was looking forward to fucking any of his family who wanted it. But right now, it was his aunt Julie who was going to feel the thrill of her nephew’s prick in her pussy and as Julie got into the requisite position, the others moved in even closer to watch the penetration. Michael greased his prick with some KY and smeared some onto his fingers which he then used to lubricate Julie’s cunt, enjoying the feel of his fingers in her fanny.

Then, with his family’s mouths drooling with anticipation, he slid his stiff rod into his aunt’s tight greasy canal, Julie’s groans muffling the sound of a key being turned in the lock of the front door …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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