Family Vacation Ch. 03

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Sunday was once again a bright, clear, warm day. One that had both Abby and Ted wondering what would take place. After the unexpected sex of yesterday, Ted wondered if things could possibly continue to be so great. Abby knew that they would. In fact, she had plans to escalate things.

But then the bad news – their grandparents were coming up to the cabin. Not really bad news. They were great. But it would certainly change Abby’s plans. She couldn’t do anything with their grandparents there.

They arrived pretty early. They were only there for one day, and maybe it was good. It gave Abby and Ted some time to cool off, to think about what they had done. Since there were only two bedrooms in the cabin, the “kids” had to use the living room to sleep in. So after a whole day of nothing sexual between them, the night would be exactly the same. Neither of them would even think of the slightest playing around when their parents or grandparents could suddenly open a door and instantly see what they were doing, so it was back to being an ordinary brother and sister again.

After everyone went to bed that night, Abby could not get her mind off sex. She thought she might do exactly that this week, but then she seduced her brother and suddenly she thought about nothing but sex with him. Even intercourse. After seeing his meat, she just had to feel that inside her. But that would have to wait. Nothing could happen today, or tonight. But she couldn’t sleep for thinking about it. She decided a short walk in the crisp fresh air might ease her tension.

She had walked slowly most of the way around the cabin when she saw a light coming from her grandparents’ room. It was a flickering light that she soon realized was the TV. She was walking close to the cabin but still in complete darkness, and the television lit up their room almost like the sun.

Abby watched as her grandparents lay in bed, cuddling. She thought that was cute. Here they were – what? about 60 years old? – and they still liked to cuddle in bed. Yes, they were kissing, too. She hoped that someday she would find a man who she could care about that much for over 40 years. Something she found very difficult to imagine except while watching her grandparents lying in bed cuddling and kissing, altyazılı porno obviously enjoying each other.

Abby was shocked when her grandmother suddenly pulled the sheet off their bodies and revealed that they were naked! Grandpa, lying on his back, was sporting an erection which stuck straight up into the air. Grandma wrapped her hand around it, pumping up and down slowly. Abby watched as she shifted on the bed and moved her head towards the cock, taking it into her mouth.

Abby’s mouth was agape as she watched wide-eyed at her grandparents having oral sex. She really couldn’t have had a better view without being in the same room with them, yet she was in such darkness that she couldn’t be seen at all. She leaned forward as she watched Grandma giving her husband obvious pleasure, slowly and steadily sucking his cock. Abby winced when she thought of the word ‘cock.’ Somehow that didn’t seem to apply to her 60 year old grandfather’s penis. No, ‘penis’ was no better. If the thought of her parents having sex was strange, watching her grandparents do it was downright weird.

She thought they were done when her grandmother lifted her head up away from his lap. She saw a nice sized erection sticking up, but it was soon hidden. Two hands wrapped around the shaft and began pumping fast. One stroked over the head, then began to lightly hit the shaft. She bent it back and forth while stroking it and continuing to slap it. It seemed that Grandpap liked a little rough play. Abby felt her pussy getting wet.

Her grandmother then rose up and straddled her husband’s lap. First leaning down to kiss him, she then reached between them to hold his penis, aiming it at her crotch. Pussy!, Abby thought. Yes, even her Grandmother has a pussy. And she watched as she lowered herself, impaling herself on her Grandfather’s cock.

Abby was still in shock at what she was witnessing, but she nearly laughed at herself for these thoughts of her grandparents having sex and what their ‘equipment’ was called. Even while watching, her mind was having trouble thinking that these were her 60 year old grandparents, acting and being like other people. Okay, being like younger people. Maybe their age was the biggest thing on her mind. Well, amatör porno that, and watching two people fucking.

Her Grandmother raised her hips up, then fell on that cock, over and over, Meanwhile, her Grandfather was working on her tits, with his hands and with his mouth. Abby was surprised that her Grandmother’s boobs were actually in very good shape. Sure, they had some sag, but they were still shapely and nice looking. She wouldn’t have thought that they would look so good at her age.

Abby was brought out of her deep thoughts about her Grandmother’s tits when suddenly her Grandmother rose up higher and stayed there for a moment. Then again. She finally realized that she was held up there by her Grandfather, who was in the throes of his orgasm. She had no idea how much or how strongly he came, nor did she really want to know, but it seemed just as intense as for anyone else. As her Grandmother rolled off, Abby wondered if she had had an orgasm or if that was something she no longer did. Or wanted. Or… She didn’t know what else, but had little time to think about it.

Now it was her Grandfather who rolled over, his mouth quickly finding a tit to lick and suck on, while his hand stroked up and down her body. One hand replaced his mouth as he raised up, kissing her mouth and then traveling to her neck and ears, licking and kissing everywhere he went, while his other hand settled between her legs.

She spread her legs wide as his hand worked on her pussy. He moved up and down the length of it, pausing at the top, rubbing her clit, Abby guessed. Then he seemed to find her hole, pushing a finger or two inside. Her Grandmother was moving sensuously, her hips getting into a rhythm with his hand. She must not have cum yet, but she was not being left out. She looked like she was getting closer and closer, her hips moving more, moving higher, her legs stiffening, her hands grabbing him, then grabbing a handful of sheet. Her body rose, convulsing, as there was no mistake that she was having her orgasm.

As she calmed down a bit, her body rose again and convulsed, wracked with another orgasm. Still, the hand between her legs would not quit. She reached down to grab hold of it. Abby couldn’t tell if she wanted anal porno it harder or wanted it to stop, but for a third time her body convulsed, this time rolling over and pulling the hand away from her pussy. Evidently, she had cum as much as she could and needed to stop. Abby knew that feeling, though it didn’t happen often enough. She was suddenly jealous of her Grandmother, but then thought that they surely didn’t carry on like this very often. Not at their age.

But what did she know? An hour ago she could be easily convinced that her grandparents never had sex, and now she knew that they did. And evidently enjoyed it very much!

Abby sat there in the dark as her grandparents settled down in the bed, finally ready for sleep. But Abby realized that watching them had turned her on. She reached down between her legs and felt a very wet pussy. Oh, Geez, she thought, she was watching her grandparents as if watching a porn movie, with the same results. She felt terrible being so turned on from watching her grandparents, but it was a passing thought because she was beyond such rational thought.

Settling on the ground and leaning against the tree she had been standing beside, she slipped two fingers inside her pussy, her other hand rubbing at her clit. Her fingers shoved hard, in and out, as deeply as she could reach, and in just a few minutes she was cumming as hard as she had in months. For the next few minutes she sat there, head back, eyes closed, one hand on her clit and the other pulling her nipples. Several times shocks rippled through her body as small orgasms continued to thrill her. Soon able to think straight, she again was feeling very guilty for spying, especially on her grandparents, for getting so turned on, but she still felt she was missing something. Her pussy felt empty. She knew that she needed a cock to fill her up. Even her strong orgasms didn’t take the place of getting her pussy filled with cock. Ironically, she felt as if she needed it now more than she had before.

As she went back into the house, there was no noise. Everyone seemed to be asleep. She knew her brother was, as he lay on the couch snoring. She walked over to him, reaching into his boxers and fishing his long, limp dick out. No, she couldn’t play with it now, someone may wake up and catch her. Besides, that would just make her want cock even more. She laid down on the recliner, staring at her brother’s penis hanging out of his underwear, while slowly rubbing her clit and pussy. She eased off to sleep dreaming of having that dick inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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