Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 02

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Gavin hurried to the office, he wanted to retrieve his missing pants, socks and most importantly Paulas vest and bra. His cock had an appointment with that bra. It would also be a good idea not to leave underwear laying around the office, it tends to beg a few questions.

He entered the outer office.

“Are you going to manage, without Paulas help,” asked Irene.

Gavin new she was talking about the job, but still had an inward giggle, if only Irene knew what she was saying, what she might have heard or seen.

“I’ve done it by myself before, it’s never as good but It’ll do,” he replied, smugly laughing inwardly at his entendre doubling.

He had his back to Irene.

“I’m sure you’re right, a wank is never as good as a full on shag?” she demurely observed.

Gavins jaw did not stop dropping till it hit the floor.

It was a double hit. The first shock was the actual language that she had used. Had she really said what he thought she had said? Irene had never spoken about sex, in his presence, she had never even used a swear word, she had never implied any form of flirtation with him or anyone else that he knew of, could she have just said wank and shag in the same sentence?

Then the big one hit home that she must know about Paula, she must have seen or at least heard something.

“oops,” he said

“I know all about frustrated wanks,” she said flatly. “Do women wank? Or do they masturbate or is it playing that they do?” she continued. “Whatever you call it, it is seldom as good as a getting some good hard cock from a caring lover.” She made a nervous laughing noise.

Gavin turned towards her. As he did so, he thought to himself, “what does she look like?” He simply could not imagine Irene speaking these words.

Irene was staring intently at him, he always thought of her as a quiet person but with an abrupt side, she was an intensely proud and private person. She had a shit time at home so she took it out on people at work. She was forever thinking people were being snide about her when in reality they were just joking with her. No one could imagine how she had ever had two husbands. Her current marriage had produced a son. He was eighteen years old now. Gavin had always believed she was just very uptight and generally fucked up.

“With the partners I’ve had, I know all about the art of solo love, of furtive rubbing.”

She had a look of someone trying to appear carefree but she was nevertheless very conscious of what she was saying, indeed it was obvious that the words were only coming with a courageous effort.

Gavin instantly felt a sort of brotherly pity for her. She is desperate for sex he thought.

That was the last rational thought he had for a while.

His cock saw its chance and following a short coup-de-tat with his brain it took control of the conversation.

“Irene, do you want a shag?” he blurted, “with me, I mean.”

No reply.

“Irene, you obviously know what I was up to with Paula, you also know that we never finished, that is that I never… that is that I… ,” he wasn’t doing well, he hadn’t had time to think or prepare.

“Bugger it, just say what you’re thinking” his cock told him.

“Irene, I need a cunt right now and you’ve got one that needs a cock. How about it?”

Irene looked away as if thinking for a moment.

“It seems to me,” she said, “that I hold all the cards right now.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well, I came to work today to escape from my …TWAT… of a husband,” she practically spat the word out, shaking her head from side to side. “When I got here I was expecting to find you working on the urgent job. Instead I see two cars outside but no one in the factory, I see clothing being thrown around in the office next door, obviously I looked in through the window only to see that whore on her knees with your prick in her mouth with you looking like you’re the cat with the cream.

“I came here to get away from my shit of a husband. He’s has been fucking about with some bitch at his work, giving her what he won’t give me, he’s flaunting the fact that he’s ‘got someone who can really give him what he needs’ , whatever that may mean.

I’ve always respected you for the way you stay loyal to your wife, but today I’ve witnessed you behaving in exactly the way my pig of a man behaves.”

“I see, I’m sorry to have disappointed you, and I’m sorry for what I just suggested, can I say though that I have known Paula for many years and I genuinely do care for her a great deal and I think she feels the same about me.” Gavin was trying to wear his best naughty boy sorry face. Inside he was very angry, what the hell had he and Paula to do with this dried up bitch, but he was also aware that Irene could cause trouble for them both, so he had to watch his words.

“You don’t get it,” Irene exclaimed, “if I’d known you weren’t the loyal husband I thought you to be. I could have been giving you what you want. I have always found Ankara travesti you very attractive and I know you feel the same about me. It could have been me here today not that slutty bitch.”

This was getting a strange.

Irene was obviously harbouring long felt feelings for him that he never remotely suspected, but worse was the fact that she somehow thought he felt the same way about her. He would have to let her down carefully he did not want her causing trouble.

“Irene, what do you want to happen?”

“Well first we’d better take care of your little problem,” she nodded her head in the rough direction of his crotch, “then we can talk about our future.”

For the first time in two hours his ‘little problem’ had actually deflated, he had not noticed, but Irene tended to have that effect on him. Did she say “our future?” He must have been insane suggesting a shag with her.

In the moments he had been contemplating his soft cock and their “future,” Irene stood up and crossed the room to stand a couple of feet from him. He looked up at her, she looked different somehow, what was it? The glasses, she normally wore glasses, they had come off, he had to admit she did look a lot softer and more vulnerable without them. Now she was this close he could smell her perfume which was quite intoxicating.

“I don’t think we should do this Irene,” he said.

“Do what? We haven’t done anything.”

“I really don’t need your help anymore, the problem has gone away,” he said looking towards his own crotch, “and our future doesn’t involve any personal stuff between us.”

“Then your future involves explaining to your wife how I got hold of your pants and Paulas bra.”

“Don’t be such a fucking bitch,” he snapped. “What gives you the right to interfere in any of our lives?”

Irene reached behind her back and produced his grey boxers. “These,” she said. With that she brought his underwear to her nose and inhaled deeply. “Nice,” she whispered.

“Fucking hell!” were the words in his mind.

Twenty-one years of fidelity to his wife and now in the space of 2 hours he had two women he had known for years were throwing themselves at him. One of them a sex goddess in his eyes, the other a mouse of a woman who had suddenly become a raving bunny boiler sniffing the crotch of his sweaty boxer shorts. He new which he preferred.

“Irene, I don’t fancy you. I’ve never thought about you in that way.”

“She looked genuinely hurt. I don’t believe you. Not that it matters, I’ve had years of having sex with men I couldn’t even stand let alone fancy,” she glared at him. “Now I’m calling the shots and you’re going to do as I tell you.”

“It’s a bit different, a man can force a woman, but not the other way around, if a man’s not up for it then nothing’s going to happen.”

“If it were up to his brain then that might be true but it’s not, it’s up to his prick, and I’m an expert at getting their attention. I know I’m no oil painting but when you can’t do it with looks you have to do it with skill.” With that she discarded his boxers and started to undo the buttons of her crisp white blouse, working from top to bottom carefully and precisely.

“I’ve had years of that abusive bastard at home giving me instructions on how he wants it, I know what a man likes. I just want someone to take care of my needs for a change, Surely it wouldn’t be so bad?” She popped the last little pearly white button and gently pulled her blouse from the waistband of her pleated green tartan skirt.

Her voice was becoming softer and softer, by the end of her little speech she was whispering and Gavin was sure her lips were trembling, was that a tear? He was concentrating on her face and had hardly noticed the fact that she had been undressing.

He looked at the opening in her blouse he could make out the centre portion of a black lace bra with a front opening clasp, her tummy was in shadow but he could make out a few silvery stretch marks, she looked vulnerable. At that moment Gavin felt sorry for her, he wanted to hug her and reassure her. He was getting very confused.

Irene put her hands behind her back and undid something on her skirt. Gavin looked on as the skirt slid to the floor. As she stepped out of the tartan circle of material he notice her black shiny high heeled shoes containing her dainty little feet, her legs were covered with black nylon tights, he had to admit she did have very nice legs. His eyes travelled up towards her thighs but her white blouse was long enough to cover them. He was becoming mesmerised by this silent striptease that his uptight business partner was doing for him.

Irene turned to face him full on, she brought her closed fists to rest on her hips, she pulled her shoulders back and her chest out, her hands and arms were holding back the white material of here blouse, revealing to him for the first time her thighs and abdomen.

“Irene, you’re wearing stockings.” Gavin was wondering why he had Antalya travesti said that, he was pretty sure that she already knew what she was wearing.

“I always wear stockings, don’t you like them?”

Gavin liked stockings, his wife hardly ever wore them, besides she didn’t have the legs for it, he made a mental note….Paula…..stockings…yes please.

“Yes… yes I do.” The fact was that Gavin was actually having difficulty concentrating, He did not only like stockings, he loved them, they should be compulsory as far as he was concerned. He was drinking in the strange woman in front of him. She was in the full black suspender belt, knickers, bra getup, her Knickers he noted were over the top of her suspender belt.

“Fucking perfect… gorgeous,” he thought to himself.

“Thank you.” Irene said.

Shit he was speaking his thoughts, he was really losing it.

Irene stepped forward, she reached a hand out and rubbed the palm of her hand across the front of his jeans.

“Your cock seems to have changed its mind,” she said with a small satisfied smile on her lips. Gavin became aware that his cock was quickly hardening once again.

“Am I so bad, would it be such a hardship?” she pouted, giving the tip of his cock a little squeeze and looking up at him with a puppy dog look.

Gavin was lost, his cock had made up its mind.

He knew that there was no way he could leave the room without fucking something. He just had to cum, and this coincided with an older woman dressed in ‘fuck of your life’ underwear, rubbing his cock and demanding that he shag her.

His conscience was nagging him about his wife and he needed to sort out those feelings soon and what about Paula, would this class as being unfaithful her? or would she understand, a true good fuck buddy may even approve, they hadn’t sorted out any ground rules yet, so perhaps it didn’t count, besides, Irene had been threatening to expose their earlier actions so he would doing it to protect them both……..”yeah right, very noble,” he muttered under his breath. He knew his cock would come up with a good logical reason to find it’s way into his business partners genitals, this was all a done deal.

His wife on the other hand would mind, he was pretty sure she would mind a lot.

He had convinced himself that if his wife knew of his true deep feelings for both her and Paula then she would understand and it would be alright. But fucking Irene who he had always professed to dislike a little would be a betrayal, this would be true adultery so he needed this to be a one off, never to be repeated or mentioned event.

This was of course all backwards. His wife would be upset but eventually forgiving of a lustful mercy shag but horrified at sharing her husband with a long term second love of his life.

Gavin decided to negotiate. He took a hold of her wrist and pulled her hand from his denim entombed penis.

“Irene, right now I know what it’s like to be frustrated, and I know we can help each other out, but you have to know that this can only be a one off. And any talk of telling Elaine ends right here and now. We’re supposed to be friends.”

Irene slowly nodded her head. “I know,” she started, “I wouldn’t really have told Elaine about you and that bitch but you don’t understand how long I’ve wanted you and how much I need loving. When I saw that slut all over you I just got so jealous I could have screamed,” she spoke softly and quietly but the words bitch and slut had real venom in them.

Gavin was relieved to hear a more rational tone coming from her at last. He did not like the way she was speaking about Paula though. He wanted to defend his new love but thought better of going overboard, Irene was obviously very jealous of her. “Paula’s not a slut or a bitch, she’s just in need of attention like you,” he said.

“How can you liken her to me? She’s been ridden more times than an old bicycle. She’s had loads of men on the side. She doesn’t care about you the way I do.”

“Time to change the subject,” he thought.

“Well she’s not here now, and you are,” he said.

It occurred to him that he was the one to actively give sexual pleasure in his house, his wife was usually just a passenger. Irene claimed that she was the one who had to do all the work in her marriage. So they were not so different after all, and perhaps they could actually do each other a lot of good here.

Gavin had decided, he was going to do Irene, this one time, he would keep it a secret from Paula and his wife (obviously).

He expected that Irene would be a lot more amenable once he had given her what she needed.

“OK”‘ his cock said, “forget all that diplomatic feelings crap, let me get to work.”

Gavin was an idiot.

He looked down at Irenes flushed face, she was near to tears, Gavin was not entirely sure why.

He leant in to kiss the oldest, ugliest woman he had ever kissed.

Irene speared out her tongue into his İstanbul travesti mouth with a hunger that took him by surprise. Round and round it swirled in his mouth.

“Different,” he thought to himself, not unpleasant but definitely different. What he did not especially like was her breath, Irene still smoked and he had given up, she did taste like an ashtray, but frankly he was already getting used to it.

His hands at this point were actually holding her shoulders.

“What to grope first?” He thought.

Irene gave a muffled grunt and redoubled the airtight seal that her lips had formed on his. Her tongue went noticeably deeper into his mouth.

“She’s trying to climb inside me,” he thought.

Her desperate tongue was nevertheless turning him on. He had always been an eyes shut kisser, but he wanted to see her, he just could not visualise what a sexually rampant Irene could possibly look like.

He opened his eyes, she was already there. They stared unblinkingly at each other for what seemed like an age, Gavin felt uncomfortable with it, but if he shut his eyes now he thought he would be handing over dominance of the situation to her, in fact he did not feel like he should even blink before her. Irene was making snuffling noises with her nose as if struggling for air. This was stupid he thought, “I’m getting into a staring, breath holding contest with an old slapper clamped to my face.”

He shut his eyes.

Irene gave a muffled grunt of approval (victory?). She also eased up the pressure on his mouth. Gavin moved his hands to the collar of her blouse. Save for a brief glimpse through her open blouse he had yet to see or feel her tits, he did not want to just grope them he wanted to look first. This woman was in full fantasy lingerie; to grope about inside without appreciating the packaging would be like spoiling Christmas.

Gavin eased the blouse back and down her shoulders, Irene dropped her arms and the garment slid to the floor. Gavin sought to break the everlasting kiss, frankly his jaw was beginning to ache and he wanted to get to the heavier stuff. As he moved his head away she in turn followed it with her own, she was like a feeding animal reluctant to let go of their mothers teat. Gavin again grasped her by the shoulders and pushed her away.

“Irene… Irene darling, slow down. I want to see you.”

Holding her at arms length he looked down at the black lacy bra covering what would probably turn out to be quite small, saggy tits. He thought to himself “I bet her nipples are brown, I hope her nipples are brown.”

Gavin liked deep red/brown nipples, or he thought he did, he had never actually got his hands on any. He silently made another wish to the nipple fairy and moved his gaze further down. Her belly was streaked with silvery stretch marks, but it was flat and her belly button looked quite cute and he felt the need to stroke it with his fingers. Her suspenders were of the non-frilly kind they were flat and utilitarian and passed under her black cotton knickers. The front of her knickers appeared to protrude slightly from where he imagined her mound to be. “She does not shave her pubes,” he thought.

It was true she was not facially attractive but this was hardly going to be a chore. He was a kid in a candy store and the shopkeeper was not looking. Gently he turned her around, he wanted to see all of the package. Her arse was surprisingly pert, not soft, saggy or bony, he patted her on the bum. Irene bent forward, raising her bottom towards him and began to wiggle it. He brought both hands to rest on the trembling cheeks. His fingers probing the very top of her inner thighs. After a few moments Gavin took a small step forward while running his hands up her bony spine he came to rest with his crotch pressing into her arse crack. Irene let out a small gasp and pushed back into him. Again she wriggled her bum cheeks, but this time on his covered stem, his cock pulsed its approval.

“Mmmm… that would be soooo good,” she whispered.

Doing her doggy style right now appealed to him but he wanted her to say it.

“What would be sooo good?”

“I’ve had two husbands and they both refused to fuck my arse.”

Gavins heart had left his body, it was doing a lap of honour with his cock.

His silence spoke volumes to her, “I’m sorry, I’ve shocked you, I know it’s dirty but lots of people do it.”

“Irene, if it’s what you want then I’m prepared to try. I promise I won’t think any worse of you.” Gavin tried not to laugh but there was a definite tremble in his voice. It came across as though he was preparing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

“That’s very sweet, thank you but perhaps we’ll save that for another time,” she conceded.

Gavin thought “OK. So maybe the one off thing was a bit premature, a shag now and an anal extravaganza will be the second and last time.” His cock was definitely doing the thinking now.

Irene stood up still wriggling her bum against his rigid dick. Gavin brought his arms up under hers and grasped her breasts. Irene was fifty-five years old and had spent forty of them doing exercises simply so that when he made a grab for her tits and bum he would say, “Christ they’re bloody firm.”

“Christ they’re bloody firm,” he said.

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