Far Too Long Ch. 3

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Elena stood before Alan in her livingroom. He sat still as she stripped him of his button-down, gray shirt. She loosened his belt, then unbuttoned his pants. She slid them off of his pale legs. His hair was dark against his skin. His penis jutted toward her. The purple head bobbed as he adjusted himself in the chair. As promised with her earlier description, she put her mouth to the engorged penis. It slid into her mouth easily. It was the perfect size for sucking. She could feel it nudge slightly at the back of her mouth, but it wasn’t jammed down her throat. She lapped at it eagerly. His fingers twined in her hair. He moaned softly. The dampness between her legs increased. She put her hand on his scrotum. She lifted each ball in her hand. She pulled away from his cock momentarily. She put her finger in her mouth. She made sure it was wet, then put her mouth back to his cock. He strained against her, and she put her hand to his perineum. The sensitive flesh tensed as she slid right along, down to his anus.

Her wet finger circled the hole. She nudged it into his anus. She pulled out as gaziantep escortları her mouth slid to the tip of his penis. As her mouth came down on his cock, she pushed her finger in a little deeper. She repeated the process. Soon, her finger thrusted in and out of the hole, completely, and in perfect rhythm with the work her mouth performed on his dick.

She felt his asshole begin to tense and release. She pulled away from him, and walked away from him. He stood and followed her to the bedroom.

She pulled down her pants. She stripped off her shirt. He came up behind her and grabbed her breasts. He pinched lightly at her nipples. He lifted each breast in his hand. His extremely hard cock pressed into her panties. He pulled his hands away from her as she hooked the sides of the panties with her thumbs and slid them down her legs. As she was bent, he pressed his penis into the cleft between her cheeks. She arched back to meet him. She rocked her hips so that his penis slid over the length of her ass. He backed up and next she felt his tongue press into her labia. His tongue circled and circled her sex. Her pussy dripped with her excitement. She let out a low moan. He put a finger into her vagina. She clenched the small probe, and he licked up her ass. He circled her anus with his tongue. He put his tongue at the entrance of her asshole anus and slowly licked at it with the tip of his tongue.

“Oh, you’re so good. Please… don’t stop, yet,” she pleaded.

She could feel just how wet she was everytime his finger glided into her pussy. She turned around, and pulled his lips up to her own. She put her tongue deep into his mouth and lapped at his mouth. His own tongue picked up the rhythm and the kiss drowned out the world around them.

She looked at him as they broke away, and said, coyly, “I want you to fuck me now.”

With a smile, he replied, “As you command.” He gave a short laugh.

She laid prone on the bed before him. Her legs were over the side of the bed. He stood over her, and guided his penis into the crevice of her sex. She rocked her hips in time to his thrusts. His cock plunged into her, then glided right back to the edge of the head. He thrust back into her, and slid out with a little more power. Over and over, his rhythmic jabs pierced her. She began to moan in time to it. She got a little louder as her ecstasy blossomed into uncontained pleasure.

The rapture fixed her in waves, as he fucked her harder and faster. She felt the knot in her sex unfurl. Her orgasm crested with the intense thrusts.

At the end of her orgasm, she watched him slowly slip into a trance-like state. He moaned. As he came, he exclaimed, “Yes, yes, yes!”

She scooched up on the bed properly. He kneeled at the side of the bed. He touched her softly. He stroked her breasts, her belly, and her legs. He reached up and kissed her body all over. His hands massaged her as his tongue cleaned her. He climbed up to the bed beside her and held her.

He curled up beside her. He smiled shyly. Then he said, “Thank you. That was simply amazing. After three years, you’d think anything would be amazing, but that was better than anything I’ve ever had.”

“The pleasure was all mine,” she giggled.

He pinched her nipple, that he was fondling. She yelped. They laughed, and started to relax before their next round began.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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