Farts of a Married Woman Pt. 01

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All characters are 18+. This story deals with playful cheating, power dynamics, anal, farting, and some light mention of scat.

Actual title:

Tara at the Conference – A Married Mom’s Farts – Part One

Tara showed up to the conference wearing the tightest, bluest yoga pants I have ever seen. We were all staying in a room block in the hotel/convention center in Tampa and our company had a room near the presentation hall to set up shop before everything kicked off the next day. When she showed up, we were all sitting with our computers and coffees working away. She and I had never met in real life. Only over teleconferencing, email, etc. So I couldn’t stop staring as she hugged colleagues and set her suitcase and bags down to get settled in like the rest.

Tara was easily six-feet tall and shaped like a yoga model. Makes sense given her overall demeanor and those tight, perfect yoga pants. She was always so kind and peaceful and never got rankled by work-related problems. Even over the phone I felt at ease with her managing projects. This was way pre-pandemic so I wasn’t all that used to feeling connected to someone I’d never met while only on the phone.

She came over and introduced herself, as if we had never ever even spoken. I stood and shook her hand and then she hugged me. Her embrace was magnificent and the way she pushed her pelvic region against me made my blood rush south. She smelled like lavender. Clean. She’d just gotten off an airplane and she still smelled amazing.

“So what room are you?” she asked me. I found it an odd question, but all the same I answered I was staying is 508.

“No way!” she said. “I’m 510! Neighbors!” She laughed and I laughed and then we went to work.

After we got done, Tara and I rode the elevator up to the fifth floor with some colleagues. Each getting off before us. Soon, Tara and I stood in between our respective doorways.

“I gotta call home, see how Craig and the kids are getting along without me.” Tara said this and fumbled to find her key card. “What are you going to do?”

“I had room service bring me a six-pack of beer so I’ll have a few and….” I paused, realizing I had no other plans, “I might go out for a bit. We don’t have anything tomorrow till nine, right?”

“”Ugh!” she groaned with delight. “I get to sleep in for once!” She giggled devilishly.

She scanned her card and her door clunked open. “Save me a beer?”

Stunned, I said, “I’ll save you two.”

I went into my room and did my normal routine: Get the bathroom set up, ironed my suit, drank a beer in my underwear. Then, at about eight, a knock on my door. I hadn’t forgotten about my beer with Tara, but I still wasn’t sure who it could be. Obviously, it was Tara.

Wearing different white yoga pants and a zip-up hooded sweatshirt, she invited herself in. I gave her a beer and she sat on my bed.

“Cheers. Nice to finally meet you in person. I always knew we’d get along.” (Note: she and I talked a lot before this part, but it is boring in terms of the purposes of this story.)

“What does your husband do?” I asked.

“Oh,” she said, gravely, “I am on vacation. He doesn’t exist till I am back in Denver. Same with the kids. Out of sight out of mind.” She paused to think. “This is the first time I have been away from them in…four years.”

“Wow. Surprised you don’t miss Bayan Eskort them.” To that, she took a long swig. “I mean, you called them, right?”

That comment went ignored. “I am already buzzed a bit.” She stood and walked to my hotel’s window, overlooking a park, and a few miles in the distance, the Tampa skyline. “You know what I used to do when I was younger? I swear, I used to flash the city out my hotel window. For no reason. Can you believe that?”

“You what?!” I asked, playfully.

“Like this,” And with her back and tight butt to me, she unzipped her hoodie and lifted her top and flashed her, what I imagined to be, tiny, perky boobs out the window.

I laughed in wonder and horniness. She laughed, too. “Don’t tell anyone! I am a 43-year-old woman, and in some ways your boss!”

“What happens in 508 stays in 508,” I said.

“Good. Now your turn. Come on. I can have you fired.” I knew she was joking, but I was now in a new world of horny.

I walked to the window next to her and looked at her, like, *Turn around!* When she didn’t, I nervously (but, I like to think, boldly) unbuckled and unzipped and pulled my cock out for all the world to see, especially Tara.

She looked and her eyes widened. “This is the first new cock I’ve seen in SO long!”

I wanted to kiss her in that moment, but she was married. So why I said the following makes no sense. “You can touch it.”

“Let me get another beer, first.” Then she glided back over as I stood there with my now pretty hard cock out. “OK. Like this?” She gripped the shaft hard. Her skinny hands and fingers wrapping all the way around. Her wedding ring was off.

She gently squeezed and moves her hand slowing back and forth. “Wow. Is this… OK?” I asked, for two reasons: As always, I wanted consent. And two, she is nearly my boss, though it is a dotted-line scenario. And Two and a half: She is a married mother of two.

“Why would it not be OK?” she asked right before kissing me.

We kissed for only a few seconds and then she let go of my cock and before I could open my eyes, her top was off and she was peeling off her tight yoga pants exposing her long, tanned, toned legs. I stroked my cock as she finally wrestled the pants off. Her perfect butt facing me.

Completely naked she stood next to me and we looked out over the Florida mainland, the ocean not far behind us, but in that room, it got darker. I got naked too and we made out in the window until she pulled away and put her hands on the window and looked over her bony shoulder and said, “Pick a hole, any hole.” She snickered a bit and tossed her hair.

In shock, I asked, “I can put it in your…ass?”

“Sure but be gentle. And also realize… I haven’t showered since four this morning.”

She obviously didn’t know that that was an enticing thought. So I pushed in slowly, feeling her anal ring accept me even while trying to expel me.

Tara looked down, lifted up onto both her tip toes, and said, “Oh. My FUCKing. God.” Soon, I was all the way up her rectum and holding it there. I looked past her and the sky was purple and perfect.

“Oh. Oh. OK. Fuck. OK. Yes.” Tara said, whispering and yelling all at the same time. I slid in and out slowly, her ass gripping me.

“How does it feel?” I asked, grabbing her thin hips and hair.

“Honestly,” she said, Anadolu Yakası Escort breathless, “it feels like all of Tampa is watching me poop.”

As soon as she said that, she recoiled and I slid out as she turned to me, embarrassed. In a storm of movement she pulled the curtains shut and put her hands to her mouth.

“Why are we doing this?” she asked, in a quiet panic, naked.

“I don’t know.” I answered honestly. Not to say I was having a bad time, but this was all surreal. “But it is fun, right?”

“Right?!” she said, “it is so fun to be on my own, anonymous. But, like, I am so out of practice.”

She sat on the bed, one legs crossed over the other. She continued, “I, like, just told one of my subordinates that I was pooping his cock out. What the hell is that about?”

I stood in front of her. There was only one lamp on, so I could barely see her face, but what I did see was a woman who needed a night to do whatever she wanted. With my cock near her face, I said, “You said it, and look how much harder I am now because of it?”

“That didn’t gross you out?” She asked.

“Not in the least. In fact, now I think we’ve come too far to stop. Don’t you agree?” I touched her chin and she looked up at me, her piercing green eyes looked hopeful.

“If I am going to cheat, I might as well do this,” and she took my cock in her hand and then proceeded to suck my filthy cock hard and deep.

“That was just in your butt, you know, where you poop from.” I said this jokingly, but it nearly made me cum. “A yoga fanatic like you, I bet that hole lets out a lot of gas too, huh?”

Without stopping sucking, she gulped saliva and made a “mmHmm” noise. At that point she was still sitting but once I mentioned farts, she took her mouth off my cock, took a deep breath, looked me I the eye and then situated herself in the prone position, with her long legs stretched straight out and her tight bum pointed up. She didn’t say anything and resumed sucking me until a few seconds later, she stopped and grunted and let out a long, bubbly fart.

“Wow,” is all I said. Wow. She giggled but I didn’t. The smell was so strong immediately.

“Sorry,” she said, still giggling, stroking my cock. “I think it is the beer. I swear I came over here fart-free!”

“I am in love with this situation. Are you?” I asked, my body quivering with filthy lust.

“I can’t believe I am doing this. But what happens in 508,” she said, flicking her tongue against my cock’s tip.

“Stays in room 508,” I said. I grabbed her brown, straight-as-a-pin hair and pulled her to me, feeling my cock go down her throat by an inch or so.

I released her with a primal grunt and she flipped over onto her back, as she was panting like a dog. A cute dog.

Her scent still hung I the room. I laid down, sweaty, next to her.

“Well,” she said, “I guess this is the rest of our night. Me trying to get everything out of my system till tomorrow when the real work begins.”

“Anything you really want?” I asked

“Farting for a guy as his dick is in my mouth was not on my bingo card, but I am glad I did it. Weirdly.” She laughed a bit. “No idea why.”

“OK what IS on the bingo card then?”

“I’ve never. Um, rimmed a guy.” She brought her hand to her face, embarrassed. “It wasn’t cool when I was young and single!”

“You Pendik Escort really want to?” I asked, looking over at her gorgeous, sculpted face. she bit her lip and nodded.

As soon as I saw her cute face nod I got onto all fours on the bed next to her.

“You mean now?” she asked. “Well… OK since I already tasted my poop on your cock, why not?”

I had never been in such a vulnerable position before, ever. In that moment, I got why it is tough for women so often.

“So, like this?” she asked for the second time in an hour. I soon felt the lightest flick against my anus. Then her lips spread out over it and her tongue pushed in. I groaned. It was my first time, too. With a superior, no less.

Soon, she stopped. “This is boring.”

I rolled onto my back and said, “Well at lest you can say you have licked a guy’s ass. Right?”

She high-fived me playfully and we laid back down side-by-side, naked. My cock raging.

“You know,” I said, “I *am* going to need to…like, cum at some point.”

“Oh yeah?” she said, comically, “*You* need to cum?” She laughed. I laughed. How ridiculous and sexist I was.

“How do you like to cum when at home during sex?” I asked. She shook her head.

“Alone, when everyone thinks mommy is taking a bath.”

I was confused. “But, you let me fuck your ass… like, you don’t have kinky sex always?”

“Oh, wow. No. Never actually. I used to do anal in college when I was drunk enough and feeling lonely, but nowadays sex is not even a thing.”

“But you farted for me, as you sucked your own ass off my cock…” I said and I was legitimately wondering.

“I had to fart! And you seemed OK with it. After all, I was literally sucking my filth off your cock.”

“Fair point. Well I did love it.” I leaned over onto one arm and kissed her, slowly making my way down to her pussy with my free hand. I spread her pussy lips and felt her warmth and wetness and she moaned and pulled me close.

She moved her left leg up and let out a silent fart as we embraced, our tongues mixing. We smelled it and instead of laughing at its crudeness, we ended up going full passion mode, my cock sliding into her tiny, kegel’d pussy almost automatically.

“MM” she groaned, “Yes. Fuck me now. Fuck me.” And I did.

First in missionary, then she pushed me off and got on her knees and elbows, her stinky ass spread at me. I got off the bed, and standing I pumped her pussy for five minutes. Hard, like a feral animal and she kept saying lowly, “Fuck that pussy. Fuck that pussy.” She said she wasn’t kinky. But I disagreed.

She came hard and we stopped momentarily so she could catch her breath. I was a stud, I decided. I also decided I should not get cocky.

“I want you to cum now,” she said, looking back over her shoulder again.

Without asking, a thing I try never to do, I shoved my cock deep up into her ass again.

“Tell me where my cock is.” I demanded, fucking her shitter hard and raw. I had seen this said in pornos, but I thought it was apt.

“My. Ugh. My ass.” I was throttling her. My balls so thick with cum.

“What do you do with that butt when I am not fucking it?” I growled, grabbing her hair so I could hear her response.

“I poop from there!” She moaned in rhythm. “And fart. I love to fart for you.”

Then, I pulled her hips all the way to me and began unloading a massive load of cum deep up her shit hole. It lasted about a minutes, me pulsating, her breathing heavily.

I pulled out and we fell onto the bed.

“You fuck like a beast,” she said.

“And you fart like an angel.”

End of Part one.

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