Fat Bottomed Girl

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Even through her dress, slip and panties, I could see the dimples on her large round ass.

Being stuck having to attend a wedding on a summer weekend afternoon, the least I could do was enjoy myself. Admiring the large fat ass that seemed almost out of place on the thin, pale redhead who was dancing with other unattached ladies, I could see her obvious panty line. I stuck my hand in my pocket and straightened out my hardening cock.

Ever since I could remember, I loved big assed women. Hell, sit on my face. If I can hear the stereo, then your ass ain’t big enough. Think about it. Cher, as sexy as she may be, she doesn’t have enough ass to keep your balls from dragging on the sheet if you fucked her.

I studied her face. Not too bad. Freckles? You bet. Can’t keep em off a redhead. But she was not so beautiful as to attract too many men. Let’s call her pretty. Her titties were on the smaller size. But I kept going back to that ass. That fabulous ass.

This is not to say I like obese women. Not a fucking chance at that. I mean some bitches are so fat, you’d go broke trying to keep them in donuts and panties.

Big asses. That’s it man. I like big asses. I like to kiss them, slobber over them, spank them, rub my cock between the cheeks and cum their back. No anal for me. I’m not sticking my cock in that shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I like pussy. I love blow jobs too. Big asses get it started for me though.

The song ended and I watched her walk over to the bar to get a drink. I swear I could hear the music from jaws as I approached her.

I’m not a smoothie mind you. I’m almost too shy to break the ice most times. But for the chance to see that big ass, I could find my courage.

“Excuse me. I couldn’t help but admire your dancing. I’m John and I’d like to buy you that drink.”

“Of course you would big spender. They’re free.” She smiled at her own joke. A pleasant smile, showing nice white teeth. Her green eyes crinkled a bit when she smiled. I liked that.

We shook hands and she told me her name was Sheila. “As Irish as they come.”

We walked back to her table and I held her chair for her to sit. I’m not overly chivalrous, I just wanted to see that ass. It filled the seat. My cock grew completely hard.

She told me she was single and was an old college friend of the bride. She lived about 35 miles away in Baltimore, MD which isn’t too far from my Bethesda MD high rise condo.

So far, so good.

I pressed her for more info, like where did she work, what was her degree in, was she involved. Things like that. I was in full pursuit.

She sensed my attraction and mentioned it to me. “You move right on in. Don’t you?”

I was caught. Maybe a little over anxious for that fat ass. Maybe. But like a good trooper I continued my march. “I know what I like” I smiled. “And I like what I see.”

“Maybe I do too. Tell me about John. Who is he? Where is he from? Where is he going?”

Straight out of Casablanca. This woman was smooth.

Her straight forward attitude was a pleasant surprise. I liked women who were sure of themselves. I could tell right away Sheila was one of those.

So I told her all about me. How I helped support my mother and siblings after running off my abusive drunk step-father when I was 14. I told her of my 4 years in the service and how I went out to California to go to school on the GI bill.

After a few drinks and small talk, I asked her to dance a slow one with me.

As I held her, I purposely let my hand creep from the small of her back down to her ass. That ass was calling me. Getting no initial resistance, I bravely cupped her bottom. I was sure she could feel my hard cock throb.

Sheila pulled back a little, looked at me with raised eyes and they actually twinkled. I swear they did.

Pulling my hand back up, she smiled and said there would be time for that later, if I behaved now.

I was all in.

We continued to dance, Sheila ground her pussy against my erection and whispered, “someone likes to dance.”

“Oh”, said kiddingly condescending. “I have to behave but you don’t?”

“You don’t know what bad behavior is big boy.” Sheila gave me a wicked grin and put her head back on my shoulder. “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Back at the table, we continued our suggestive prodding of each other. Sheila reached under the table cloth and found my hard-on. “Is this for me?” She asked with feigned innocence.

Man, I thought I was bold. Sheila had me stammering.

More small talk. More teasing. A few drinks and dances later, the reception was breaking up.

We made a date for the next day and I was to meet her in Baltimore around noon.

I found her North Charles Street apartment with no problem. Knocking on her door, I heard Sheila call out, John?”

“It’s me”, I yelled back through the closed door.

“It’s open. Come in.”

As I entered, Sheila told me she was almost ready and to make myself at home.

I looked around at her apartment. There were lots İstanbul Escort of candles and a few lamps with colored scarves over the lamp shades. One wall was leopard print wall papered. The other two, deep red.

I sat in her over stuffed couch and sank in the comfortable seat, waiting for her.

I was not disappointed. Sheila emerged from her boudoir looking magnificent. She was wearing tight white shorts that hugged that ass. Her top was a red, spaghetti strapped pull over. Her shoes were platform sandals that did their best to push that ass out.

But what surprised me the most were her long legs. The dress she wore to the wedding and reception hid them. They were long and nicely shaped. Definitely an asset.

I got up and we hugged our hello. I tried to keep her from noticing my cock which was once again getting hard.

“What are you up for today?” She asked.

“How about lunch at Fell’s Point?” I wanted her to know that I was familiar with Baltimore.

“Sounds like a plan. Let’s do it.”

We cabbed it down to the water front and took a water taxi to Fell’s Point. We ate crabs and drank beer, gabbed and people watched.

“Do you like her? Do you think that one is sexy? Sheila wanted to know where my tastes ran.

“I like that one” I said pointing out a woman with a, you guessed it, big ass.

“Why her?” Sheila was giving me that evil grim of hers. Certainly she knew why. She wanted to hear me say it.

“Okay, I like her ass.” There. It was out in the open.

Sheila being who she is said, “you call that an ass?” With that, she rose, turned her back to me and bent over, sticking her large round ass in my face. “This is an ass.”

What could I do? I gave it a spank and agreed with her. “Amen, Sheila. It sure is.”

“Ouch” she teased. Still bent over Sheila told me to kiss it to make it feel better. She was clearly emboldened by the beer.

Right there in the crab house, I leaned forward and planted a kiss on her big right buttock.

Sheila turned and looked at me like she was seeing me for the first time. “You’re a dirty boy aren’t you John? You’re a dirty, bad boy. Bad boys need punished. Can I punish you John. Shall we go back to my place and I give you the punishment bad boys deserve?”

Standing, I couldn’t care less who saw my erection poking out the front of my chinos.

We hopped a cab back to her place. We exchanged no words on the return trip. Sheila was thinking, studying me.

Entering her apartment, Sheila locked the door and turned to face me. With that evil grin she asked of I was ready to be punished.

Not sure what I was getting into, but excited by the prospect, I said, “yes ma’am.”

“Oooh, a bad boy with manners. I like that. So what do you think John? How should I punish my bad boy? Perhaps a spanking is in order. What do you think John? Should you be spanked?”

I’d played D&s games before and knew that they were usually a prelude to sex. “Yes ma’am. You should spank me.” I said with my head down.

“Take em off bad boy.”

I looked at her questioningly.

“Strip John. Remove all your clothes.”

As I stripped down, Sheila went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of white wine.

I was standing there in all my glory naked when she returned. “Not bad” she said, eyeing my hard cock.

Sheila went over to the couch and sat, crossing her long legs and just looked at me. “Turn around John. Let me see your ass.”

I turned and showed her my butt. “It’s not as nice as your cock but it will do.”

“When do you give me my spanking?”

“Who said I was going to spank you? You need to spank yourself.”

“What?” I was incredulous. “You want me to spank my ass?”

“No. no silly. Spank your monkey. Sit there where I can watch you spank your cock. You know, jack off for me.”

My cock began to shrink. I’d never done that for anyone. sure I masturbated, but I am alone when I do that.

“That’s not a good start is it?” Sheila asked seeing my shrinkage. “Maybe this will help you.”

With that she rose off the couch and placed her glass on the end table. Then she unbuttoned her shorts and skinned out of them. Turning around, Sheila showed me her big ass in a thong. “You like this John? You like my big round ass?”

I could only stare at the object of my fetish.

“Use your words bad boy. You like my ass? Would you like to kiss it? Make love to it? Worship with your mouth?”

It worked. My cock sprung into action. I fell to my knees behind her attempting to plant my face in her ass, but she wasn’t having that. “Playtime is for after you’re punished.”

Sheila returned to her drink and couch. I knelt before her, my cock as hard as Chinese arithmetic. She put her feet up on the edge of the couch and spread her thighs. I could smell her arousal from 4 feet away. Her thong was buried in between her labia, the big lips swallowing all trace of it below her wispy, red pubic hair.

I swallowed and took hold of my cock. Locking Kadıköy Escort eyes with my tormentor, I slowly jacked off while she watched me.

“Spank it John. Spank that monkey for me.” Her hand trailed to her own sex and Sheila ran a finger along the length of her cunt, teasing herself.

Her thighs parted, I could see the edge of her gorgeous ass. I held my balls in my left hand and jacked my cock staring at her pussy.

Sheila took a long drink, finishing the last of her white wine. Then she leaned forward and placed the glass at the head of my cock. “Cum in this John. Don’t you dare make a mess on my floor.”

I gritted my teeth and came. Through squinted eyes, I could see Sheila smile as I pumped my load into her wine glass.

As I came down from my embarrassing orgasm, Sheila smiled and told me, “I can’t believe it. I didn’t think you’d do it. We’re going to have fun, you bad boy.”

Handing me the wine glass, Sheila told me I knew what to do. “No way. I’m not doing that?”

“Doing what?”

“Drinking my cum.”

“Is that the way you think? You’re naughtier than I thought. I was going to have you clean it out in the kitchen but now I have another idea.”

You like my ass John? Do you really want to kiss my ass?”

“May I?”

“You may. Hand me the glass back.”

Sheila dipped a finger in my cum. Then, turning to face away from me, she knelt on the couch with her big ass looking so sexy. Then she did something I never saw. She drew a shiny, clear “X” on her ass cheek with my cum.

She actually removed her thong and using my cum, marked a spot where she wanted me to kiss.

“X marks the spot John. If you want to kiss my bottom, x marks the spot.”

What could I do? I wanted to face plant that ass since I first saw it. I leaned in and tasted myself on her. It wasn’t bad and it was over quickly. I covered both ass cheeks with kisses and licks.

Sheila approved of my ass worship. She reached back and parted her cheeks. Now, normally I confine my love of big asses to the buttocks but I was unable to resist. I licked from deep down near her pussy as I could, sliding my tongue up the crease in her ass, ending with me lightly tonguing her rose bud.

Thankfully Sheila kept herself clean. I wallowed in her fleshy ass. What can I say? She had the most prefect ass I’d ever seen on a woman and her little games had me.

Tiring of my ass worship, Sheila turned around and presented me with her puss.

It took a nano second for me to plant my face in her gaping maw. Her juices were tangy, flavorful.

Sheila grabbed my head and pulled me in deeply. I licked deep in her sex, tasting her, enjoying my place at her feet, sucking her cunt.

My efforts were paying off. Sheila began to grind her cunt into my face and I could almost hear what she was saying. Finally she arched her cunt forward and came in long wet spurts into my mouth and on my face. Sheila was a squirter.

She pushed me away and lay her head back on the couch. I stayed kneeling at her crotch, my face frosted with her cum, smelling her sex and feeling proud of myself for getting her off.

It took her 15 minutes to collect herself before she could, or would speak to me. “You’re a keeper.” was all she said.

She was different than any other woman I’d been with and I thought the same to myself, “she’s a keeper.”

Little did I know that the ride Sheila took me on was the first in a kinky, sometimes twisted affair that kept me wanting more.

We showered and dressed, and left to go to little Italy for dinner. My clothes were the same as I had on. when I got there. Sheila had changed to a little black mini-skirt, white button down blouse, and sandals.

Over dinner, Sheila told me how excited it was for her that I actually stripped and beat off while she watched. “Are you familiar with CFNM John?”

I had to admit that I was not.

“Did you like being naked while I remained clothed?”

I had to think about that. When she told me I had to “spank” myself I was taken aback. Then, I realized that I did in fact, felt aroused being nude for her. I told her that I did like it.

“You’re my first John. I’ve been trying to find some like-minded man who could trust me to care for him and to let me explore his boundaries. Are you that man? Would you like me to push your buttons? Would you let me take you on a journey, like you’ve never been on before, John?” Will you let me take you on a sensual, erotic odyssey?”

This was all new to me. I was used to being the one who led. Now Sheila was asking me to give up the lead and follow her. I had to think. What harm could come from this I wondered? I can either call a halt or walk away if I was uncomfortable.

I took her hand and told her I’d love to take that journey, if I could be with her.

As we talked, it became clear to me that I was in for quite a ride.

“I’ve read where some women keep their men naked around the house John. It’s called clothed females, nude males, Ataşehir Escort or CFNM. Have you heard of it?”

“I may have some place but haven’t given it any thought.” I knew where this was going.

“Well, I have thought about it. It excites me. The thought of having a naked male around me at home is kinda weird, but exciting. You dropped trou so quickly, I thought you might be interested in trying that with me.”

I squirmed in my chair, thinking about this afternoon and if I’d like to be naked all the time. If the sex we had today was any indication of what was in store, I figured what the hell. I could always get dressed if I was not comfortable. Right?

“I’ll tell you what Sheila. I’ll try it with you. If I like it, I’m good. If I don’t… well, I can always get dressed.”

“You need to know a few things about me John. I like sex. I enjoy playing games. I like to make the rules regarding sex play. I’ve been too much for most of the guys I’ve been with. I like you. I hope I’m not too much for you.”

I asked her what sort of games she liked to play, besides the CFNM.

“I like to tease men John. I like to show off a little, you know, flash. I don’t let anything come from it unless I want him to hit on me. But I enjoy men staring at my partially exposed body. Let me show you.”

At that, Sheila turned sideways in her chair and crossed her legs, ankle over her other knee. “That man is looking up my dress John. He can see my panties.

I looked to where she was aimed and saw a fellow at the table, one over from ours, look away when he saw me.

My cock got hard. “Sheila, you little minx. Let’s get out of here. I want to fuck.”

She smiled and we left.

Again, back at her place, we wasted no time in removing each others clothes. Sheila sucked my cock like it was the last one on earth. I for one, ate her to climax before spreading her thighs and plunging my cock deep in her pussy. We fucked for 20 minutes, cumming together in a heated, sweaty mutual orgasm.

Afterwards, I let myself go and ate her cum filled cunt, bringing her to two more orgasms.

You know what they say? A man can do more tricks on new pussy than a monkey can on 50 feet of grape vine. I gave her my best.

I invited her to my place the next Friday after work. We made a date for 8:00, giving her time to get off work, change, and drive down to Bethesda.

The week passed slowly for me. I worked on software contracts by day and cleaned my Condo during the evenings. I shopped for groceries, planning to prepare a meal that would knock Sheila’s socks off.

Finally Friday came and after work, I made the usual DC commute, taking the Red Line Metro to Bethesda.

One last check of the place, a clean set of sheets and I began to prepare our dinner.

I already knew Sheila like crab and Italian food so I’d decided on shrimp Fra’ Diavolo. I de-veined the shrimp and set them in the fridge. Then I started the sauce. Olive oil to sauté’ the garlic. Add San Marino tomatoes, tomato paste, red pepper flakes, a touch of Basil and Oregano and let it simmer.

Now the wait. It was only 7 PM and I had another hour before Sheila arrived. I set the table and watched PTI which I’d DVR’ed.

At about 7:45 Sheila called me on her cell phone. “I’m almost there, John. Shouldn’t be more than 20 minutes.”

I was a little nervous, hoping she’d like the dinner I made, but I was also horny, and excited to see her again.

Quick, turn off the TV and put on a mood setting CD.

The door bell. Sheila’s here.

I opened the door and we greeted each other with a warm embrace and a long tongue kiss.

“Nice place you got here John. A little masculine, but why not? Something smells good. Are you cooking?”

Yes ma’am. I knew you liked Italian. Tonight I made shrimp Fra Diavolo. All I need to do is put the pasta on.”

“You’re dressed.”


“You’re dressed. You have clothes on. I thought you might welcome me naked.”

“You mean now? Right now? Here?” I was at a loss for words.

Sheila made an exaggerated frowny face and said, “please.”

“Whatever the lady wants.” I said and went to my bedroom.

Sheila had made herself at home when I returned, totally naked. “Do you have anything to drink, John?”

“What would you like ma’am.”

“Any red wine?”

“Coming right up.” My cock grew heavy and swung back and forth as I padded across the living room to the kitchen. “This isn’t too bad”, I thought to myself as I poured us both a glass of Chianti.

Sheila made no pretense. She eyed my cock the whole time as I brought her the glass of vino. She took the glass with a “thank you.” I could see she was liking what she saw.

I went to the kitchen and put the pasta on boil, and added the shrimp to the sauce.

Rejoining Sheila in the living room, I sat in my recliner across from her. I’d been so busy and nervous waiting for her, I realized I hadn’t noticed what she was wearing. Sheila had on black slacks, open toed sandals, and a white top.

“Pretty” I thought. “Very pretty.”

Sheila and I discussed our week and how it seemed to drag by slowly for each of us. She made no mention of my nakedness. Our conversation was normal in all respects, except that I was nude.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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