Father Charles Goes Shopping for Panties

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Author’s note: this story takes place in 1985, when personal computers were too expensive for most, and the convenience of Internet shopping did not exist. All characters are over eighteen years old.


Chapter 1, Father Charles Has a Panty Problem

The middle aged matronly looking woman cast her eyes downward on the handsome young man sitting on the floor in front of her, and smiled warmly at him. She was seated in a comfortable leather lounge chair in his bedroom. The man had been massaging her sore feet for over half an hour, and now she felt quite content and relaxed.

She knew this young man’s secret thoughts, the ones that he was most ashamed of but was powerless to stop thinking, and she knew in detail what he secretly desired and desperately needed, but was too embarrassed and ashamed to ask for. Mrs. Susan Madison, a widow woman and the Saint Joseph’s parish housekeeper knew she could make Father Charles Dodson do anything she wanted.

“That’s the spot Father Charles. Yes, that’s it, Love. It feels so nice when you rub the soles of Auntie’s poor feet. Yes, yes…you’re such a dear boy! You’re my sweet Little Boy. Just a few more minutes Sweetie, and then I shall have a special gift for you.”

The young priest’s eyes were fixed on the woman’s pretty bare feet, and her perfectly pedicured red toenails that he so admired. He enjoyed rubbing Mrs. Madison’s feet. It felt like such a personal thing to do with her, and this excited him. He could feel his penis beginning to stir inside the white cotton panties that Mrs. Madison had given him to wear this week. His position on the floor below her made him feel more submissive to this amazing woman, who was fifteen years older than him. He thought of her as an authority figure, but more importantly, he thought of her as his personal goddess. He had an irresistible urge to worship her feet.

Even though he was her employer and it was expected that he address her as “Mrs. Madison” in front of his parishioners, he much preferred calling her “Auntie”, especially when they were alone together in his bedroom, and she called him her “Little Boy”. This excited and humiliated him at the same time.

“Your feet are so pretty and feminine, and soft, Auntie. It feels so nice…just to rub them, to touch them, to lick the soles, and lick between your toes with my tongue!”

She thought he was being rather silly and laughed at him, which caused his cheeks to turn bright red.

The man turned his gaze upwards towards her, “I can do this as long as you like Auntie. I don’t mind a bit, you know.”

She chuckled, “Yes, I know you don’t mind, my sweet Little Boy. That’s very good of you to offer, Charles, but this afternoon is almost gone, and I’m afraid I still have a great deal of house work to do.”

He wormed his index finger in between her toes, and began sliding it in and out slowly, because he didn’t want to upset her; he knew from experience that this sometimes tickled, and then she would be angry with him.

“You can be done with the housework for today, Auntie. I’m sure the rectory isn’t that dirty, and can certainly tolerate another day without your usual expert attention.”

She gave him a look of disapproval.

“I’m afraid that won’t do Father Charles. You must have noticed that since we’ve become good friends my job performance has suffered greatly. I mean really, Father, there is dust everywhere and the dirty dishes are piling up in the kitchen sink. The bathroom has not been cleaned properly in months.

Father Charles did not want to waste the afternoon by making his housekeeper do housework. He was having too much fun with her, having what they called their “alone time” together.

“Oh Auntie, please don’t be concerned about that. If it will make you feel better, I’d be glad to finish the dusting and wash the dishes after you’ve gone home for the day.”

She smiled warmly at him, “And don’t forget the bathroom, Charles. It’s really disgusting right now.”

He knew he’d convinced her to forgo her duties and continue with their “alone time”, and felt relieved.

“I’ll make the bathroom shine like new. I don’t care how long it takes me to clean it. I want to please you, Auntie.”

She chuckled, “You’re being very kind to me, Charles, and I want to be kind to you as well,” and she winked at him.

With a mischievous look on her face, she moved one hand down to her knees and lifted the hem of her dress three inches above her knees. She was pleased when the young man’s attention moved from her feet to her knees. She opened her large thighs a few inches, knowing he wanted to see up her dress, and her panties. His face was only a foot away from her knees and he was blatantly staring up at her crotch. She knew the effect she was having on him, as he was taking short shallow breaths. His excitement was becoming more obvious with the bulge growing in his trousers.

Mrs. Madison found herself becoming excited as well. She could feel some dampness Bayan Escort Gaziantep inside her panty gusset. She liked being in control and having power over the young cleric. She knew he was God’s servant, but she preferred to think of him as her servant. It made her feel so alive! She knew what he needed before he was even aware of it.

She opened her legs fully and looked him in the eye, “Take my panties off, Charlie, and lick Auntie’s wet cunt!”

He moaned weakly, got up on his knees and reached out with his hands. He was too excited to be casual with her, and forcefully yanked her underwear down to her ankles. He held her panties up over his face with the crotch hanging down over his nose, deeply inhaling Mrs. Madison’s womanly scent for a few seconds, before tossing them in the far corner of the room.

He took a bit more time to stare at her hairy minge, admiring her puckered pussy lips. Susan reached down with both hands and splayed her labia for him. Again he stared at her, mesmerized by the shiny pinkness inside of her. He leaned forward, took a second to inhale her musky scent, and then, starting from below he worked the flat surface of his tongue up the inside of her vagina, drinking in her juices and savoring her womanly taste and smell. He was over the moon!

Father Charles was in a trance and felt powerless to control himself. His animal instincts were in control of him now; but before he could begin his assault on her clit, Mrs. Madison broke his mood by pulling hard on his hair.

She whispered in an urgent tone of voice, “Lick my bottom, Little Boy!”

He looked up at her to judge her demeanor, and he could see she was serious. He just nodded his head compliantly.

“Your bottom, Auntie? You mean up your bum?”

She laughed, “That’s right Charles; all the way inside… lick all of it, Charles!”

He knew he couldn’t refuse her request and nodded his head.

Mrs. Madison closed her eyes and relaxed her muscles, allowing the priest to move her body around as needed to position her appropriately. She felt the warm tip of his tongue touch her skin, probing for her secret spot. When he’d found it he made endless circles around it with his tongue, driving her wild with an irresistible desire to cum. She thrummed her clit desperately with her middle finger.

Fifteen minutes and two orgasms later, Mrs. Madison was sorting herself out, arranging her clothing and hair. She did not put her panties back on. They both knew that her used panties were for Father Charles to enjoy as he saw fit until the next laundry day.

“Are you ready for your gift, Charles?”

He smiled sheepishly back at her.

“I was afraid you’d forgotten, Susan.”

She giggled, “Don’t be a silly goose. You’ve been massaging my feet so nicely, and being kind to me, so you’ve certainly earned a gift. It’s only fair that I be kind to you as well.”

With a mischievous look in her eye she said, “Lie down on the floor, on your back, and face me.”

After he was positioned correctly she said, “That’s right. Now I want you to unzip your trousers, Charles.”

The priest quickly complied. He was fully erect again, and his penis was jutting out nicely from the white cotton panties that Mrs. Madison had given him to wear.

“Move closer to me Sweetie, so I can rub your little soldier with my feet.”

Again he nodded his head, and scooted towards the lounge chair on his bottom until his hips were next to her feet.

“Take your panties off, Charles.”

He squeaked his reply, “Yes, Auntie Susan.”

She leaned forward in the chair and extended her hands.

“Give me your feet, Charles.”

He lifted his legs and extended his feet towards her, and then Mrs. Madison placed his feet on the armrests of the chair so his crotch was fully exposed to her when she looked down on him.

Father Charles was over the moon with his excitement, and the thought of her touching his genitals with her beautiful feet was almost too much for him to bear. He was afraid that he might accidentally cum the second she touched him.

Mrs. Madison placed the sole of her right foot onto his testicles and began to gently rub them in a circular motion, and a few seconds later used her left foot to rub up and down the length of his shaft. Father Charles closed his eyes and grinned, savoring the sensations he was feeling.

“Do you like what I’m doing to you, Charles? Is Auntie being nice to her Little Boy?”

He could only groan, “Oh Auntie, please don’t stop.”

“I know what you want to do with my feet Charles, and Auntie is going to let you do it. Go on Sweetie. Auntie wants it as well.”

He opened his eyes and looked at her with tears in his eyes. He felt so grateful to this very kind and amazing woman. He never dreamed his secret desire could actually come true.

Father Charles pulled his feet down, rolled to his side, and then got up on his knees so he was facing the lounge chair. Mrs. Madison placed her feet together on the floor and smiled at him. Then she placed her middle finger on her clit and began rubbing it gently in a circular motion.

“Do it now, Charles. I want to watch.”

He nodded again, and then wrapped his right hand tightly around his rock hard cock, and began stroking up and down. The head turned a nice deep purple color with all the blood being forced into it. As he slowly stroked downwards, the little slit at the tip opened into the shape of an “O”, and a drop of clear shiny pre cum dripped out and landed on top of Susan’s right foot.

“I like that Charlie. Now stand up and do it on my feet!”

Father Charles stood up and wrapped his fingers around his shaft. Mrs. Madison lifted her legs so her feet were directly under the head of his cock. He started stroking himself in earnest, and in no time at all was wanking so furiously that his hand was a blur.

Father Charles looked up at the ceiling and screamed, “Fuck yes! Oh my God! Fuck…yesss!!”

A six-inch strand of white cream spurted onto the top of Mrs. Madison’s feet, followed quickly and by three smaller spurts of Father Charles’ warm sticky spunk.

Mrs. Madison watched closely and felt very pleased with herself.

“You did well, Father Charles. I want you to know that you pleased me greatly.”

The young priest felt mortified by what he’d done, and so it took a bit of time for him to regain his composure, and to arrange his clothing properly. He didn’t look at her or speak, and appeared to be distracted. When he was settled Mrs. Madison spoke, “Don’t forget my panties in the corner, Father.”

Normally it pleased the young man when she offered him her underwear, but this time he didn’t respond as usual.

“Is something wrong, Charles?”

When he heard his name it brought his attention back to her.

“No, Susan. Nothing is wrong. Thank you for giving me your panties.”

She looked at him closely. She knew him so well, and could tell he was holding something back.

“Tell me what’s wrong, Charles. You know you can tell me anything.”

He thought for a few seconds before responding.

“I love your white cotton panties Susan, but I really want to wear panties that are more feminine.”

“What do you mean, Love? My panties are very sensible and sturdy, and really, they’re very comfortable.”

“I don’t want to wear sensible panties. I want to wear panties that are pretty, in very feminine colors like red or pink, with pretty lace trim, and nylon fabrics that feel so smooth and nice on my skin. I wanted to tell you a long time ago, but I was afraid you’d be offended, Susan.”

She laughed at him, “You silly boy. I’m not offended at all. I care about you Charles, and I want you to be happy. Tomorrow I want you to go shopping, and buy yourself the prettiest panties you can find.”

She expected this to please him, but she could see from the look on his face that this was not the case.

“I can’t just go to any clothing store in town and buy women’s underwear. Everyone knows me, and that I’m the priest at St. Joseph’s church. It would be a horrendous scandal if my parishioners discovered their priest wears women’s underwear.”

She looked back at him and smiled, “You’re a smart man, Father Charles. I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

Chapter 2, Father Charles Tries to Shop

The following morning after breakfast, Father Charles retrieved the phone book from his desk drawer, opened it to the Yellow Pages, and quickly found what he was searching for in the “L” section.

In the “lingerie” subsection he found six women’s clothing stores in the local area. Five entries were for big department stores like Macy’s and JC Penny. The sixth entry listed a smaller boutique store that caught his eye, called Camouflage. There was an ad at the bottom of the page, and under the name of the store was a statement; “A discreet store for the modern woman”. Beneath this line was a picture of a beautiful self-confident looking woman with the body of a goddess, shoulder length hair in a flattering style, and flawless makeup. She was dressed in sexy black clothing consisting of a snug fitting leather bustier (which unabashedly displayed her cleavage), semi transparent lace bikini panties that showed a hint of her vagina, dark stockings attached to a garter belt, and leather pumps with three inch heels. Her head was cocked to one side, and she had a confident look on her face. Her hands were placed loosely on her hips, with one foot resting on top of a footstool, with her legs spread apart. Above her head was a thought balloon with the words, “Make him notice you!” Beneath the woman’s picture was a list of items that the store carried. What caught Father Charles’ eye was this item: “a huge selection of sexy panties that will make you feel deliciously naughty.”

He whispered, “I have to see this for myself. I’ll go right after Sunday mass.” He hastily scribbled down the address on a scrap of paper.

Father Charles was well aware that as a Catholic priest he’s a respected figure in his small town, so he cannot be seen shopping at Camouflage. He’s a good man, conscientiously doing God’s work, and many of his parishioners believe he’s destined to be bishop some day. His face has been seen on television many times, as he has frequently given interviews to the local news people, especially the women reporters, because he’s young, handsome and photogenic; plus, he has a relaxed speaking style that women find appealing. With his penetratingly deep blue eyes and boyish good looks, he’s been told that he looks like “a young Paul Newman.”

He decided to disguise himself by wearing ordinary clothing instead of his usual cleric’s attire, with a non descript baseball cap and sunglasses.

When he arrived at the store he stood outside on the sidewalk and pretended to be studying a street map, but every few seconds he would divert his eyes to look into the store display window. He was excited by what he saw. There were three female mannequins on display. One was wearing the classic French maid’s uniform, with the hemline half way up the thighs and revealing the tops of her black fishnet stockings. The second mannequin was dressed in a sassy cherry red evening gown with a slit up the front extending to her red panty covered vulva. The neckline plunged between her D cup sized breasts down to three inches below her navel. The third mannequin wore a neon pink panty and push up bra set, trimmed in black lace.

Father Charles examined each mannequin closely, and realized he loved all three! He’d been standing outside the shop for about fifteen minutes, and he knew he needed to make a decision whether to enter the shop and start his search for sexy panties, or go home. He thought about Mrs. Madison, and how he was averse to disappointing her. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself, but then a middle-aged woman stuck her head out the door, looked him in the eye and smiled at him.

“Sir, would you like to come inside?”

She’d taken him by surprise, and he had no idea how to answer this nice lady. He just looked at her, smiling sheepishly.

She made a “come here” motion with her hand, and after he started walking towards her she turned around and walked back inside the store, with Father Charles following two steps behind.

When they were inside he took a quick look around the room. Camouflage wasn’t a big store, approximately fifty feet wide and a hundred feet long, but it did have a very interesting selection of merchandise. There were several racks with various types of women’s clothing and lingerie hanging from them. Along the walls were shelves and drawers, which held smaller items like warming lotions and jewelry, along with some novelty items like fur lined handcuffs and nipple clamps. On the far wall there were two doorways, one of which led to a back storeroom area, and the other doorway had a sign above it that said “adults only” and led to a smaller shopping area that contained sexually explicit items, like erotic videos, educational books and a large assortment of sex toys.

Father Charles took a few seconds to study the woman in front of him. She looked to be about fifty years of age, with short brunette hair and attractive features. She had a nice womanly figure that the priest found appealing. She was dressed in a navy pencil skirt with a long sleeve satin white blouse that complemented her voluptuous bosom. He could see she was wearing an unlined bra as the outline of her nipples showed through the thin fabric. He noticed her name tag pinned above her left breast that said, “Emily Evergood, Proprietress.”

She smiled at him, “Were you looking for anything in particular, Mister…?”

Father Charles blurted, “Smith! My name is… John Smith! Um…I don’t really know. I’ve never been in a store like this before. You see…I need…a gift…I mean a gift for my wife!”

She looked back at him and studied his demeanor. She could see his nervousness, and decided it would be to her advantage to try to ease his worries.

“Well, that’s lovely John. I’m sure you’re a very good husband and you’d like to find something special for your wife, and I’d be happy to assist you.”

“Well…I mean… thank you, Emily. I’d really appreciate your help. I honestly have no idea where to begin. You see, I’m looking for sexy underwear for my wife, Claire. She likes really pretty panties.”

It was becoming clear to her what John’s real intentions were. From her many years in business she knew all about men who had a fetish for women’s panties.

“I see. Well John, you’ve come to the right place. We have loads of panties in all shapes and colors and styles. Let me show you some of the more exotic ones.”

He grinned back at her, “Thank you Emily. You’re a life saver!”

She led him to the underwear section and picked up a string bikini panty with a red front panel and black polka dots, a black lace bottom, with a simple white cotton panel sewn into the crotch for hygienic purposes.

“Do you think Claire would like something like this John?”

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