Feet First Ch. 01

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If I had been the entrepreneurial type I’d probably have a fortune by now. I’d have started one of those web marketing campaigns: “For just $19.99 you too can have my secret of success with women. Never be lonely again! Money back guarantee!!” But initiative has never been one of my strong points and besides, I’d have had to share my profits with business partners. I prefer to work alone. But now I think it’s time to let my secret out. I’ve had my run with it and it’s served its purpose. So if you want to have a stab at it, be my guest.

Like many great discoveries, this one came about by accident. It was near the end of my freshman year at Enormous State University. A group of us were studying in the 9th floor lounge of one of ESU’s many high-rise dorms. It was probably 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning and most of the group had drifted away to their rooms until only Marie and I were left. Marie, who was really smart and a good studier, was doggedly quizzing me on dates, places, King Whosezat and The Treaty of Whatchamacallit. History wasn’t one of my strong points. For that matter, school wasn’t one of my strong points. I’m sure she could have nailed that stuff blindfolded. I couldn’t find the hammer.

We had struck up a friendship over the course of the semester, although even today I can’t see what brought us together. She was smart, studious, cute, with a brilliant smile and raven black hair. If she could have lost that freshman 15 and another 5 or 10 pounds, she would have been a real knockout. She’d be beating guys off with a stick. I, on the other hand, was a sport-loving, Bud-guzzling schlub who was more likely to spend an evening listening to tunes with friends than crack a textbook. Losing that freshman 15 wouldn’t have hurt me either, except I’d had it since I was 12. Still, there was some level at which we just felt comfortable with each other. We didn’t hang out together much, but when we did, it was nice.

Marie was really being a good sport by staying up so late to help me out, and I was truly appreciative. So when I saw her rolling her head around and rubbing her neck, I wanted to help her out. Just a few days earlier I had come across something online about how nerve endings in the feet connect to the rest of the body. It’s called reflexology, I later found out. At the time when I saw the link, I probably thought it sounded vaguely erotic, which is why I checked it out. But after reading a bit, I thought it looked to be more scientific, so I didn’t pursue it. But the reference came back to me as I was sprawled on the floor with my back against the lime green foam rubber core couches that seem to be mandated for dorm furnishings. Marie was sitting with legs outstretched and feet propped up on a big square footrest.

Recalling the brief description in the article about massaging the sole of the foot to relax the rest of the body, I scooted over to the footrest, grabbed one of her feet, and started rubbing away.

“Man, that feels great!” I heard almost immediately.

Marie flopped her head back against the back of the couch, closed her eyes, and sighed.

I just kept after it, rubbing my thumbs up and down along the tendons on the bottom of her feet, sometimes gently spreading her toes this way and that, or kneading the webbing between her toes.

Periodically I’d hear a sigh or a gentle exclamation along the lines of “Ooh, that feels soooo good!”

Whenever I heard something like that, I’d particularly focus on doing what I had just been doing a while longer, since whatever it was, it seemed to be working.

I spent about ten minutes on one foot and was 5 minutes into the other when I began to notice Marie shifting around a bit on the couch, as if she were uncomfortable. I was sitting facing her, although I had focused most of my attention on whichever foot I was working on and wasn’t really looking at her. But as she began to squirm I did look up at her and saw her head leaned back, eyes closed, and a half smile on her contented face, so I didn’t think that I was doing something that she found discomforting. I just kept massaging. After a few seconds, she slightly pulled up the knee of the side I was no longer massaging, reached her hand between her thighs very near her groin and made a wiping motion. When she removed her hand she left her leg partly pulled up, affording me a bit of a view up her skirt. Being the Bayan Escort Gaziantep inquisitive young man that I was, I was curious to see more completely what was up there.

Marie’s eyes were still closed, so, with one hand still massaging her foot, I very slowly lifted her skirt just a bit to get a better look. I won’t say that I’m proud of that particular act, but under the circumstances, I can’t reprimand myself for it too harshly. Besides, resisting temptation has never been one of my strong points.

With a clearer view up her nether regions, I could see that her panties were damp. Actually, they were quite wet and a drop of moisture was forming that was just about to drip down her thigh. Her panties were so wet, in fact, that the fabric had become translucent and I could see the darkness of her pubic hairs and the outlines of her pussy lips. I had an instant hard-on.

Suddenly, her hand lashed out with the speed of a cobra strike as she grabbed my wrist. I was discovered! I reddened with embarrassment and sheepishly looked up to meet her eyes. But I saw no accusatory look, no indignant glare. Marie’s eyes were still closed, her head lolling back, still resting on the couch back. Then, to my utter astonishment, she guided my guilty hand down to her leg and up her thigh to her soaking panties.

It took me a few seconds to recover from my astonishment, but I’m not totally dense. After all, it’s not often that this kind of opportunity would come to a guy like me. I began to fondle her through her panties, which immediately brought some appreciative sighs from Marie. I pulled down the front of her panties and tried to part her pussy lips. She aided me by parting her legs a little more. I eventually worked my fingers into her well lubricated pussy and started rubbing. After a few minutes, she guided my fingers up to her clit, which I massaged in tandem with with her foot, which I was still somewhat distractedly trying to rub with my free hand. It wasn’t long before her breathing audibly quickened and some quiet moans escaped her lips. She gyrated her hips as her breathing came in short gasps, finally arching her back in climax.

I was so horny I was about to pop. But I calmly restored her panties to their proper position and returned my full attention to massaging her foot. I patted her legs when I decided she’d had enough (and when I had calmed down some too) and said as casually as I could, “Well, thanks again for all the study tips.”

She didn’t even open her eyes, but just half whispered, half mouthed, “Thank you!” and smiled.

I got up and gathered my books and notes. “You gonna be OK?”

She just nodded and said, “Oh yeah,” and made a dismissive gesture with her hands. Her eyes were still closed.

I made my way back to my room, both perplexed and aroused. What was that all about? I wondered. I fell asleep to the sound of my roommate’s deep breathing with the image of Marie’s smile in my mind.

The test was at 3 the next afternoon. Marie was already seated near the front when I came in to find a seat. Throughout the test I kept looking at her, but her back was to me so I couldn’t make eye contact. She finished her test long before I did, of course, and just managed a nervous smile as she walked past me.

When I left the classroom after finally laboring through my test, I found Marie waiting for me outside.

She flashed me a big smile. “Wanna grab some beers to celebrate?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied, somewhat uncertainly. I still wasn’t sure what last night’s events meant for us.

We went to the local campus liquor store where they’d sell it to you if you could see over the counter. I grabbed for a six of Bud, but Marie already had a six of Michelob. Boy, that girl was all class!

“Your roommate going to be there tonight?” she asked as we walked into the dorm. “Can’t seem to get rid of mine.”

“Nah, he’s going home for the weekend, as usual.”

“Well, what are we waiting for?” she asked as she punched the button for my floor in the dorm elevator.

My roommate was already gone when we got back to my room. I twisted open a couple of bottles and handed one to Marie. She plopped down on the chair in front of my desk, which was at the foot of my bed. It was the only seating apart from the bed in my half of the small room. Throwing off her flip-flops, she leaned back in the chair and propped her feet against the foot of the bed.

“Here’s to academic success!” she said, raising her bottle.

I half-heartedly raised my bottle. I was feeling less than brilliant after my first 1 1/2 semesters of college and this last test did little to alter that impression. If it weren’t for Marie’s help, I probably would have failed the test. As it was, I would be lucky to get a C.

“Oh come on now!” she exclaimed. “Rome wasn’t built in a day. You’ll get it eventually.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” I replied. “I’m just not a brain.”

“Well, even if that’s true, you have compensating talents,”she said, giving me a sidelong smile and raising her eyebrows.

I felt my face flush with a mixture of embarrassment and hope, but she didn’t pursue the subject and I was too insecure to probe any further.

The conversation drifted and we settled into the easy banter that had come to characterize our friendship. A couple of beers later, I remembered that I had a few joints stashed away in my drawer. I got up and pulled one out, holding it in the air in offering.

“Want a toke?” I offered.

“What the heck, it’s Friday!” she replied.

I lit the joint and we were soon happily sharing it back and forth as we sat shoulder to should on my bed, leaning against the wall.

Not long into the joint, she surprised me by leaning her head against my shoulder.

“You know, I never did properly thank you for last night,” she said.

I tried to make a joke of it.

“Aw shucks ma’am. Twarn’t nuthin’. Just a fellow doin’ his duty.”

She leaned into me a little bit more.

“Really, I mean it. I don’t want to appear ungrateful.”

Before I could say anything in reply, she was nuzzling my neck and rubbing her hand along my thigh. I figured that at this point anything I could say would be more likely to harm than help, so I just kept my mouth shut. I did find the courage to lift her chin and give her a long, deep kiss, which she returned enthusiastically. Soon I felt her hand fondling my crotch. She broke the kiss and slid down to her knees in front of me on the bed. Undoing my belt and trouser buttons, she carefully extracted my cock, which was pumping in excitement.

Marie didn’t hesitate. She began kissing and licking my hard-on, then took it fully in her mouth. I’m not long, but I do have a nice thick one and I could feel it fill her mouth. For the studious type, Marie certainly seemed to know what she was doing when she had a cock in her mouth. It was just a few minutes before I could feel the pressure start to build and I knew I would blow soon. I started groaning, maybe a little more than I needed to, to let her know that I was about to come. At this she intensified her efforts and I just exploded into her mouth. I was too overcome with lust and pleasure to even be pleasantly surprised that she slurped it all down.

Once she had me cleaned up, she politely tucked everything back into place and took her place next to me leaning against the wall.

“Looks like you didn’t find that too onerous,” she said with a teasing smile.

I wasn’t all too sure what “onerous” meant, but I wasn’t very interested in linguistics at that moment, so I just nodded as I tried to let my heart rate return to normal.

“Is that joint gone?” Marie inquired.

I mumbled something as I relit the extinguished joint and handed it to her.

After a while, I had regained my wits enough to put a few words together.

“So Marie, about last night. When I was rubbing your feet, was that, um, like, a turn on?”

“Well,” she said, “it wasn’t like it was erotic just on its own. But it was like it was sooo relaxing and after a while, after a not very long while, it was just like some knots came untied that let me get really, really horny. It’s been kind of a while, you know.”

I didn’t know, but I was ready now to pursue my opportunity.

“So if I were to rub your feet the same way now, would you have the same reaction?”

“I honestly don’t know,” she said. “I don’t know if that was just a one-time thing, or what.”

“Do you want to find out?” I ventured.

She looked at me for a few seconds with a thoughtful expression, then said, “Sure.”

I hopped up and positioned a couple of pillows at the head of the bed where Marie could lean back comfortably. She stretched out and I positioned myself at the foot of the bed and started working on her feet by rubbing my thumbs along the soles while getting leverage by bracing my fingertips alongside the tops. I paid particular attention to her reactions this time and noted two or three spots that seemed especially pleasing to her, judging by the little sighs and moans my efforts elicited. By the time I was just a few minutes into her other foot she was oohing and aahing and starting to squirm around noticeably.

Abruptly, she leaned forward and pulled off her blouse, then grabbed me and pulled me forward to give me a deep kiss with plenty of tongue. I could feel her hands pulling at my t-shirt, so I raised my hands over my head to help her whisk it off. We both fumbled at each other’s belts and buttons and squirmed out of our pants. Just in our underwear now, Marie pushed me back on the bed, straddled me on hands and knees and gave me a wet urgent kiss. As she leaned over me I took the opportunity to unhook her bra strap, releasing her magnificent tits. I had often fantasized about those tits. Marie was not a racy dresser, but even her modest habits couldn’t disguise the fact that she had a voluptuous pair. But I never thought I’d actually get to see them. Yet here they were, dangling alluringly before me. I admired them with my hands and tongue, and as I licked and suckled I could feel her nipples harden and see her large, pale aureoles wrinkle and contract with excitement.

Marie wriggled out of her panties and sat back to pull off mine. Despite having come not half-an-hour earlier I was rock hard. Marie gave my cock a few little licks and one nice long suck, then leaned forward a little more to lick my stomach while swinging her lovely tits against my hard-on. My heart was about to thump out of my chest. She inched forward, rubbing her tits against my skin along the way. When our hips met she began to slowly grind against my throbbing cock, then drew herself up on her knees straddling me and reached behind her to guide my cock into her pussy. She was so well lubricated I slid in easily. I just let her take control. Since I had come so recently, I felt confident of my stamina and I could focus on massaging her sensuous tits and just enjoying the ride.

It wasn’t long before she was bouncing up and down on me, tits flying this way and that, panting and moaning. I could feel her pussy start to contract and suddenly I knew there was going to be no holding back for me anymore. I could feel my anus and balls contract as the pressure grew inside of me, all the while her pussy was squeezing around me tighter and tighter.

She collapsed on me, moaning “oh yeah, oh, oh yeah,” as I thrust deeply into her shooting my load.

As she lay atop me panting, I savored the feel of her slick skin on mine, the smell of her perspiration, the heat of her breath. For an overweight schlub like me, that was pretty damned amazing sex. Might not ever get anything like that again, I thought. As it turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Marie ended up spending the night, and quite a few more over the remaining weeks of the term. We didn’t always include foot massage in our foreplay, but when we did, Marie seemed to come pretty intensely and pretty quickly, too. She always treated me great, called me sweet names and rubbed my shoulders, but she never offered to massage my feet for some reason. I didn’t really care, to be honest. The sex was great and I had nothing to complain about.

When the term came to its end we had to part. I needed to spend the summer at home working to save bucks for the next year and Marie had to do the same. Since our families lived pretty much on opposite ends of the state, it wasn’t too likely we’d be able to see each other. We kept in touch emailing and sometimes talking by phone, but that became less common as the summer wore on and our conversations increasingly had awkward gaps where we just seemed to run out of things to say to each other.

When we finally saw each other back at school the following fall, we both knew the magic was gone. We dated a few more times, but we always ended our evenings with a relatively chaste kiss at Marie’s door. It wasn’t long before we officially broke up.

I looked back wistfully on the incredible nights we spent together for those few weeks in the spring, but I can’t say I was heartbroken over our breakup. We had both moved on for whatever reason and we were still able to remain friends.

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