Female Dream: A Lasting Erection

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My father died a short while ago. My mother is really broken up over it. She’s planning on selling their house and moving into a retirement community. Right now, to get away, she’s visiting her sister a hundred miles away. She asked me to move everything of my Dad’s out of the house. Give it away, throw it away, whatever, she wants to not ever face it herself. I live in the same town, married with teen agers of my own, and my own business, so it’s easy for me to take off a half day to do as she wants.

I started with the desk and his papers, making sure that I found anything important. Most of it I can take home and sort through later. Dad was never much of a handy man but had some tools, which I’ll take home and also sort through later. In the bedroom, I gathered all his clothes and shoes; these will go to the thrift shop on my way home later. In a side table I found a paperback of the Kama Sutra, which surprised me but then I realized that at one time, Mom and Dad obviously were sexually active. Maybe remained so until the end. I imagine my wife and I will. Then I found this odd zippered container . I opened it and couldn’t figure out what it was — medical equipment, tools, whatever. A brochure was also in there so I opened it and discovered what I had.

It’s a penile pump. It’s used to pump up your cock for intercourse. Used, I assume, when you can’t get it up on your own. It can’t be very new, Viagra’s been around for several years now to fit the same purpose. Odd thing. Everything in fitted foam rubber in a cloth hosing. A clear plastic cylinder, maybe eight or nine inches long. Round at one end and enlarging slightly to an oval shape at the other. There’s a plastic contraption with a little handle that seems to fit the oval end. That’s the pump, obviously. Then a tube of lubricant, used to seal the cylinder to your body as you pump. Also a half dozen rings, or sort of rings, shaped slightly with little side handles, that apparently act as strong rubber bands.You stretch one of the rings onto the small end of the cylinder. You then put lubricant onto that end, insert your cock into the cylinder, press the round end to seal to your body and pump away. When your cock is full of blood, all erect and stiff, you loosen the cylinder and as you pull it away, you slip the ring off so it tightens around the base of your cock, holding the blood in.

The intent is, you have a good erection, capable of fucking. And it lasts until the ring comes off. I guess my Dad and Mom did keep on having sex, even as they got older. I smiled at that, actually liked the whole idea.

Anyway, I got rid of everything I could, then went back to work. I had a number of thoughts that afternoon. I kept thinking of that pump. My wife, Mary, has mentioned after we’ve both cum during sex that it would be nice if my cock would stay stiff so I could keep right on fucking her. It all feels so good, she’s said, that she’d like to just keep it going on and on. But once I’ve cum, I lose my stiffness and it takes a while to get it up again. When we were younger, that meant more sex in a little while. Now, as I’m older, that means we both go to sleep before we ever get around to sex again. But that pump made me think that maybe I could stay stiff and we could just keep fucking on and on. Ought to make her happy. I don’t need the pump to get stiff on my own but perhaps if I used it to lock stiffness in place, she could finally get her wish. There is a time limit, locking the blood in for too long would be dangerous.

When I got home later, I unloaded what I had, in a couple cardboard boxes, in the garage. That evening, after dinner, as we were getting ready for bed, I described the whole thing to my wife and said that maybe, if it still worked, I could get an erection and hold it long enough for us to keep on having sex longer. She told me that she was very happy with things as they are but if I want to try, she’s willing. So I went out and got the contraption and brought it to our bedroom. My wife looked it over and read the brochure and offered to help.

So I’m standing in our bedroom naked. My wife has on a shorty nightgown. I get one of the rings, they’re two colors, some pink and some sort of ivory colored, so I choose a pink one. I don’t really know why. I try and stretch it and get it over the end of the cylinder. Cripes, that’s hard to do. So my wife holds the cylinder and I stretch the ring with all my might and finally get it hooked on one side and then onto the cylinder. I get the pump thing in the other end. I get a dab of the lubricant and put it around the cylinder end. I hold my cock, completely soft, and get it in the cylinder and press the end against my body and start pumping. My cock is in there sort of twitching and bending crooked. My wife is watching and smiling.

“Shit, this isn’t going to work,” I blurt out.

“Dan, honey, press that button and let the vacuum out. O.k., now let me,” she says, after I do as she asks. She pulls the cylinder forward some and gets hold of my cock with her fingers and sort of pulls it out some, straight. “Maybe if we get this headed straight it’ll work.”

My cock stiffens a little. Her handling konuşanlar izle it is getting me a little aroused. “It’s already growing a little,” I say.

“That shouldn’t matter,” she says, “It might even help.” Then she gets her fingers out of the way, just supporting my cock with one finger as she pulls the cylinder back. She slides her finger out of the way and pushes the cylinder against me, into my pubic hair. “Try it now,” she says. I start pumping and my cock grows and grows and gets all sort of red or purple in there. “Oh my,” she says, does that hurt?”

“No,” I tell her and pump a little more. “But it’s starting to feel like I’m as far as I should go.” With that, I press the button that releases the vacuum, start pulling the cylinder away and push the ring off. Boy, it really grabs me. Wham! Now I’m standing there with a definite, big, hard on sticking out.

“I don’t remember it being that red,” she says. She reaches and puts her fingers on it, then grasps it. “But it’s sure erect. We better make use of it while we can,” she adds with a dirty grin and heads for the bed, pulling her night gown up over her head and off. I follow her and start crawling up over her. “Wait,” she says, “That thing of yours may be ready but I’m not.”

Well I know what that means. I slide back a little, still between her legs, and get my head down into her crotch as she moves her legs up, raising her pussy up for me. I get my face in there and give her slit a good lick, bottom to top. I spread her a little with my fingers and get my tongue into her and lick around a little, then move up to her clit. As I lick her clit, I slide two fingers into her and start sliding them around in there as I suck on her clit with my lips. It doesn’t take long and I can feel her whole body sort of jerking and then she says, “I’m ready.” I slide back up over her. She helps aim me into her and I slowly slide into her. I think my cock is as big as ever and certainly stiff and I start fucking away, slowly at first and then as her moans and grunts start coming, I start working faster and harder. I can feel that she has one hand down between us, working on her clit. She always does that when we’re in this position.

Her moans start running together, interspersed with “ughs” as I pound into her each time. Her hand is moving fast down there, I can feel it. It takes a few minutes and she’s moving into orgasm. I can feel it around my cock and I can feel it from her body. She wraps her legs up around me to hold me in as I keep pulling out and pounding back in. Her noises get even more and then I can feel her body relax. Her legs come down off me.

“That was really nice,” she says.

“Roll over,” I tell her, “The idea is to keep on using this thing to get you into more orgasms, like we used to do years ago.” She doesn’t say a thing, just rolls over and sticks her butt up into the air. I get behind her and aimed in again and start fucking away. I’ve always liked this position, it feels good. It also means I can reach around and play with her breasts and her clit, which is what I start doing. I think we last about twice as long as we did the first time and then I can feel that she’s going into orgasm again. After some noise and her pushing back a lot, she finally collapses onto her stomach. I pull out and lay next to her on my back. I reach and take one of her arms and brings it up until I can get her hand to my sticky but very erect cock. “It’s still ready,” I tell her, “Why don’t you straddle me and sit on it some and we can keep this going.

She doesn’t say a word, just looks at me. But she pulls her legs up under her and sits up and get her leg across me, holding on to my cock all the time, gets her butt up a little and sits down on me, swallowing my erection up into her pussy. She sort of grins at me and starts moving her body, rotating a little, back and forth a little, feeling me move inside her. “This really goes back,” she says, “I haven’t ridden you like this in years.” She leans over me a little and I prop myself up as much as I can to get my hand to her breast. I even manage to get my mouth to it and suck on her nipples. She pushes her body forward a little to help me keep licking and sucking her. She also keeps her hips moving. I just don’t have the muscle tone I once did, I can’t stay up in that position. I lay back again but bring a hand to right above where my cock is moving into her and start diddling her clit. She starts moving faster and faster, then actually using her legs to move up and down, really fucking me, riding me.

She never climaxes again. Neither do I. She finally lifts off me and lays next to me, on her back. “I just can’t do it any more,” she says. “My pussy is sore, my clit is sore, I’m winded, really worn out. If we really did all this years ago, I don’t know how I lasted. It’s too much. I’ve been happy with our loving kind of sex for years, I’m willing to leave these gymnastics to the kids now.” Then she reached over and grabbed my cock. “And you’re still hard. Did you ever cum?”

“No, I didn’t,” I tell her. “Truth is, I’m glad you’ve said what you did. Because this thing is kulüp izle sort of like it isn’t me. I mean I can feel what’s happening but it just doesn’t get to me the way it does normally. And I think we could go on for an hour and I’d never cum. It’s definitely not the same. I guess if I couldn’t get it up normally, this would be better than nothing but I’m willing to let the experiment end, too.” I grabbed the ring thing and pulled it hard to each side and moved it up and off my cock. It pulls on my pubic hair. I think I might end up with a bruise on the head, that thing pulled so much. It’s really tight. Guess it has to be to work right.

We both washed ourselves a little, put on our sleeping clothes and get back into bed. I hug her and kiss her and we tell each other we love each other and go to sleep. The next morning, I rinse everything off, put it back into it’s fitted container and take it out to the garage and put it in one of the boxes with the other stuff.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My Dad went and cleaned out a lot of stuff from Grandma’s place and some of it is sitting in boxes in the garage. My Mom tells me, after I come home from school, to look in the boxes and see if there’s anything I want. So, I poke around in one box and it’s all junk and then go to the other box. There’s a zipped container on top of the pile of stuff, so I open it to find out what it is. Neat. This contraption, from what I can tell from the brochure, is a penis pump, a way to get a guy’s cock hard. I have no idea what to do about it but I take it back to my bedroom to study and figure out.

I’m eighteen, will graduate high school in two weeks. My boy friend and I have been fucking for two months, ever since my eighteenth birthday. In fact our first time was on my birthday. I love it. There can’t be anything better in the world. I love it when he plays with my breasts. I love to play with his cock. It’s so sexy. I love it’s feel, it’s taste. I’ve sucked him off a half dozen times now. Two nights ago, he licked me for the first time. That may be as good as actually fucking. Well, maybe not. I guess they’re both so great I can’t say one is better than the other. I love it all. In fact, I’d like more than I’m getting.

I’ve told him that once we actually get around to fucking, with both him and me managing to cum, I end up so turned on that I want to keep on doing it forever, never stop. Well, obviously stop sometime but not as soon as we do. But he can’t. His cock goes limp on me. I can get it up again but by then I’m not as hot as I was. I haven’t brought it up with him yet but I’ve thought that it might be great to have a second guy around, to take over when he’s done so that I can keep on fucking. Then when the second guys is done, then maybe Rob will be ready again and we can still keep on fucking. I dream about that at night, about fucking for hours. Orgasm after orgasm.

So, when I read everything about this machine, well, it makes me think that maybe he could stay hard and we could keep on, like I want to. So I take it to school with me in my back pack. When I see Rob I ask him if we can meet at his house right after school. He has two older sisters; one is married and gone, the other is in college. Both his parents work, so we can be alone for a couple hours or more right after school. He readily agrees. I think he’s drooling at the prospect.

I have the whole thing in mind. So, once we’re naked in his bedroom and we hold one another and kiss. I tell him, “Rob, I really loved what you did to me last time, licking me down there. Will you please do it again?”

“Mandy, you have the sexiest body possible. I wanted to do that from the first time we were together but didn’t know what to do. Then I finally got up the nerve to try it because I knew it wouldn’t bother you if I did anything wrong. I’d love to do that again, I really loved it.’

“Well, so did I and I’m awful glad you finally tried it. You were terrific.” So I lay back and he climbed over me and started kissing all over, licking my breasts and sucking on them. He keeps telling me how much he loves my body. When he finally gets down there, I bring my knees way up, getting my pussy up where he can get at it. He really starts attacking with his mouth. I can hear him slurping. “Lick up a little to my clit,” I tell him and he does. Fuck, this is so good, I love it. He licks down into me again and then back up to my clit. “Slide a couple fingers into me and finger fuck me while you suck on my clit,” I tell him. He does. Fuck, I’m not going to last at all. Here it cums. This is really a good one. I grab his head and hold him into me and get my legs down on either side of his head. I can hear myself sort of yelling and then it’s over and I lay back and let go of him. He lifts his head up and looks at me grinning.

“Rob, you’re a great lover. That was perfect. Now let me do you.” I get him on his back and kiss him and kiss down onto his shoulder and then his breast. I even lick his nipples a little. Meanwhile I have one hand wrapped around his cock. A nice, big, stiff, delicious cock. I kiss down over his stomach and belly lady voyeur izle button and finally move to the side and lean down and lick up and down his cock. I grin and look back up at him. He has his head and shoulders lifted a little to watch me. So I go for it. I get my mouth over the head and start licking and sucking. I push my face down and get more and more of him into my mouth. I wonder if I can get it all? I try to get it into my throat and I sort of gag. I pull back a little and move up over him more to get a different angle to my throat and try again. It’s still awkward and doesn’t feel great but I can get more of him in there. I decide to really work on him so I lift back some and use my hand to jerk him off and hold his balls with my other hand. Then I grip him tight with my lips and start moving my head up and down, my lips right behind my hand that’s working on him. It takes a little while but I can feel his cock sort of grow a little, stiffen even a little more and then here comes his load. I’ve got used to it now, actually sort of like it. it’s sexy. Sort of gooey and slimy in a way but sort of sexy, too. I swallow and swallow, then pull my head back and look at him and grin and then take him back into my mouth to clean him up and get the last drops out.

Then I’m back up on top of him, kissing him. “Now,” I tell him, “I want to fuck and fuck and not stop for as long as we can.”

“Well, it’ll take a couple minutes to get me up again, you pretty much drained me. I loved it and please do it some more some time but it means I’m not ready.”

I’ve got this pump,” I tell him. “It belonged to my grandfather. I can pump you up and in no time you’ll be as hard as a rock and ready to go.”

“A pump? Gee, I don’t know.”

“Oh, c’mon Rob. It won’t hurt you and it’ll let us fuck away for as long as we want.” I get it out of my back back. I come back and open it and show it to him . I also play with his cock a little and sort of stick one breast in his face, which he sucks on.

“How does it work? What do I need to do?”

“Take this thing and stretch it and put it right on here, at the end of this cylinder.” I gave him one of the pink ring-like things. He tries and then has to sit up and concentrate on it but he gets it on. “O.k.,” I say, “Now stand up here in front of me.” I put the pump part in its end. I had practiced this at home, which is how I knew I needed him to stretch that ring out to fit. I put a little lubricant around the end of the cylinder. I take his cock with a couple fingers. I sort of play with it a little and pull on it and then get it aimed into the cylinder. I push the cylinder up against his body, tight, and then start pumping the end with one hand. I can see his cock twitching and moving. The cylinder steams up a little on the inside but I can still see. I keep pumping. Cripes, maybe he’s going to fill this all the way up.

He’s looking down, watching. “It really does pump it up, doesn’t it?” He says and then, just as I began wondering how I would know when to stop, he says, “It’s beginning to feel funny. I think it’s up about as far as it can go.” It’s really big in there, sort of purplish. It always has some color to it, it’s full of blood when it’s up but this is even more color. I pump twice more and can hear him draw a breath. I get my one hand to the ring, press a button on the pump to let the vacuum go, and as I pull the cylinder loose, I push the ring off. Whap, I can hear it grab him. “Oof,” he says and then we both just stare at it. There’s this big, dark red or purple thing sticking out there. I put my hand on it and feel it, wrap my fingers around it.

“Well, let’s make use of that,” I tell him and lay back on the bed and spread my legs. I finger myself a little and rub my clit as Rob moves over me. Then he’s shoving it into me. Cripes, this is great. I think he’s even a little bigger than normal. He tells me how tight I am and pretty soon he’s all the way in and he starts pumping in and out and I start shoving my hips at him and we’re really going at it. I love this. He’s really into it, really going fast and hard. Perfect. We must go on for several minutes and then I can feel I’m going to orgasm again. I haven’t even been rubbing my clit, which I usually do in this position . I just got so caught up in fucking that I forgot. But here it comes anyway. I can hear myself yelling sort of and I wrap my legs up around him and hold him tight and cum and cum.

This is when it usually ends. But he hasn’t cum. “Let me move,” I tell him. He pulls back a little and I roll over and move back so he’s between my legs again, then I move onto my knees and stick my rear up at him. “Get back in there and do me some more,” I tell him. And he does. Glorious. I can feel his whole body slapping against my butt as he really pounds into me. He reaches down around and gets both hands on my breasts as he continues to move in and out of me. Fuck, this is so great. Then he lets go and puts his hands on my hips and just bangs into me, hard, over and over. I get one hand back to my clit and push it around as he fucks me. This lasts a little longer than the first one but eventually I can feel it coming, another orgasm. It;s just so great. I hope the neighbors aren’t home because I can hear myself and I’m loud. After I cum, I just collapse for a moment. He pulls back and lays down next to me, on his back. I look at him and grin and then reach and grab his cock. It’s still big and hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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