Finding Himself in Her Ch. 05

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Here, at long last, is another chapter of Jaime and Kara’s story. I hope you all like it as much as the previous chapters! I am so very happy with the reception of those chapters and love to read your comments, both positive and negative (at least if it’s constructive), so please vote and comment!


Jaime woke slowly but kept her eyes closed as she realized that her face was buried between Kara’s big mammaries, embraced completely. She felt her morning wood wedged between their resting bodies and started slowly rubbing it against her lover through the silk of her green slip. Jaime loved the feel of Kara’s big, soft, brown, natural breast against her face as she kissed her way to Kara’s big nipple. She loved her thick, rubbery nipple against her fluttering tongue, could feel every little bump and crease and tried to commit every one of them to her memory. Before she could finish Kara stirred above her and Jaime released her nipple as she tilted her head and smiled as she looked into Kara’s smoldering eyes. Jaime closed her eyes again as Kara leaned her head down and kissed her deeply. As they kissed they rolled over so that Kara was on top. Jaime felt Kara’s hand free her hard-on from its silky confines and rub its head along her wet folds until it found its way into her tight hole. Jaime wrapped her arms around Kara and moaned as she slid deep inside Kara’s tight, wet tunnel. When Jaime felt the tip of her cock kiss Kara’s cervix and her mound rub against her bare pelvis Kara broke their kiss and began gyrating her hips, rubbing her clit against Jamie. The pale brunette looked down over her breasts and flat stomach encased in green silk to where their bodies met, and it looked just like two girls tribbing, there was no hint of her cock. It looked incredibly hot!

Jaime realized that even though they had had sex many times, this was only the third time they actually had intercourse. That first night felt like a lifetime ago, her entire life had changed since then, and so far all for the better. No more a sad, lonely boy in new city, now she was a happy girl with a wonderful lesbian lover. Jaime ran her hands down along Kara’s back and down to her big, round ass; it overflowed her hands and felt so soft and inviting. As they slowly, lovingly, fucked and kissed Jaime found one of her fingers slowly drifting down the valley between Kara’s cheeks until it reached her tight pucker. Kara let out an appreciative moan and started moving a bit faster so Jaime continued massaging the rim, without penetrating.

After a while of this Jaime felt Kara reach for something on the nightstand and then she sat up taller and said, “Give me your hand, sweetie. This will make it easier.” Jaime saw that Kara was holding the lube tube so she held up her fingers for a sizeable dollop. Kara tossed the lube to the side and leaned down to continue kissing Jaime as they kept their slow pace. Jaime’s now slick fingers soon found their way back to Kara’s crack. Jaime rubbed in small circles with the pad of her finger until she felt Kara relax. Her finger slipped in with ease and Kara moaned and tensed up for a second above her. Jaime kept her finger still and let Kara get used to its presence. When Kara started gyrating her hips again Jaime started moving her finger in and out at the same pace. Kara’s ass felt velvety soft against her finger and the rim hugged her tightly as she plunged it slowly in and out.

Kara’s ass was beginning to feel a bit more relaxed around Jaime’s finger so she pulled her index finger out almost all the way and inserted her middle finger as well. Kara moaned and sped up her hips a bit, but still kept it nice and slow. After a few more minutes Kara pulled herself all the way off Jaime’s cock, making Jaime’s fingers slip out of her ass at the same time. Jaime let out a disappointed groan and looked up at Kara questioningly. That look soon turned to one of surprise and excitement as Kara reached down and positioned the head of Jaime’s girl-cock against her slick asshole instead of back in her wet pussy. Jaime felt her cock penetrate that incredibly tight opening and be enveloped in a buttery, velvety softness and moaned loudly just as Kara groaned at Jaime’s thickness. Kara had her eyes closed and a look of concentration on her face as Jaime felt her cock slowly sliding further and further inside until it was balls deep. Kara let out a sigh of satisfaction and smiled down at Jaime before leaning down to kiss her again.

Jaime felt Kara’s hands run along her arms and to her hands where their fingers intertwined. Kara brought their hands to the sides of Jaime’s shoulders and raised herself so that she was supporting herself on Jaime’s hands. Even though taking it anally usually was seen as a submissive act Jaime didn’t feel at all dominant, being ridden by her larger lover, her hands pinned and her body weighed down as Kara began riding her faster and faster. Jaime met Kara’s hips as best she could and could feel Kara’s Bayan Escort Gaziantep wet pussy smack against her lower stomach. Feeling Kara’s tight ass sliding up and down her cock for the first time along with the visual of Kara’s big, beautiful, caramel breasts bouncing was proving too much for Jaime so she closed her eyes and tried to think of anything else to stave off her orgasm.

Suddenly Kara’s moans changed pitch and Jaime felt her ass contracting around her dick and couldn’t hold back anymore. She opened her eyes and watched as Kara flung her head back, her black hair a halo in the morning sun, and screamed as she came and Jaime let out a loud moan as her load spurted deep in Kara’s ass. Kara fell forward onto Jaime again and was breathing heavily as she kissed her all over her face.


After a quick shower to wash off the sex Jaime and Kara walked hand in hand through the hallways of the building to Jaime’s apartment. Jaime opened the door and peeked her head in to see if her father was decent. He was standing in her kitchen making coffee He must have heard her open the door because he turned and smiled at her and said, “Good morning, sweetheart!”

Being called sweetheart by her dad would have been so weird a week ago but now it felt natural, a sign that he was accepting her as his daughter. Jaime smiled widely back at him and said, “Morning, Dad! Hope you’re making enough for all of us,” and entered the flat with Kara.

“I am. Good morning to you too, Kara.”

“Good morning! The coffee smells delicious.”

“Yeah, it really does, I don’t really wake up until that first cup.”

As they waited for the coffee to percolate Jaime began making omelets for breakfast and Kara and Henri sat down on the bar stools on the other side of the kitchen counter so that they could all talk. After some small talk the coffee was ready and after Jaime’s dad had his first sip he cleared his throat and said, “Listen Jaime, there was a reason I came over to talk to you in person yesterday but it kind of was pushed back by everything else.”

“Yeah, I can understand that.” Jaime smiled but was a bit apprehensive as she asked, “What was it?”

“Well, you know I’ve been dating a bit for the last year or so?”

Jaime nodded and her dad continued, “I didn’t want to introduce you to anyone until I knew if it was serious, but now it is. Her name is Caroline, she is a bit younger than me, she’s 35. We’ve been dating for a few months and I think I want to ask her to move in with me.”

Jaime felt a twinge of anger that her dad was cheating on her mom but she knew that it had been over four years and that he was right to move on. She smiled at him and said, “That’s great dad, I’m so happy for you! Tell me about her.”

“Well, she was working out at my gym and dropped a weight on her foot. She cursed out in French and I asked her in French how badly she was hurt as I helped her over to a bench and checked her foot. Her foot was in a bad way so I drove her to the hospital and we got to know each other on the way. She’s a biologist over here from Paris for work.”

They talked more about Henri’s new girlfriend, Jaime’s future, and their respective plans for the day as they ate. After breakfast Henri wished them good luck with Jaime’s boss and headed home. After the door had closed behind her dad Jaime turned to Kara and asked, “So, what do you want to do today? We have a few hours to kill before I have to start with dinner for tonight.”

“How about Yoga? There is a class I sometimes take on Wednesdays when work is slow. It should start in about thirty minutes.”

“Umm, okay, but I won’t have to change there, right? Standing in a room full of half-naked women with my, um, equipment, tucked away might be a problem.”

“Ha-ha, I can see that. No, we can change here and then shower at my place.”

Jaime nodded and blushed a bit. She hadn’t even thought of showering afterwards but the thought of being in a roomful of naked, wet women was definitely something.

Kara went over to her apartment to change while Jaime stayed behind. Jaime stripped down to nothing and then put on some grey spandex short-shorts to keep everything contained. She then put on a matching grey sports bra, a purple stretchy top, and a pair of grey sweat pants that hugged her ass. Kara had told her that they would be barefoot during yoga so Jaime put on her wedge sandals to get some practice walking in heels and walked out the door with her new purse over her shoulder and mat under her arm.


The girls arrived at the downtown gym just as the class was about to start. The class was only women, mostly young professionals squeezing in a workout on their lunch break, and a few housewives trying to stay fit while the kids were at school. At first it was hard to keep her eyes to herself but after the instructor came in and introduced herself and welcomed them to advanced yoga Jaime had to focus totally on keeping up with all the different poses.

For Kara however, it was a different story. She knew the routine almost by heart and when the pose allowed it, she couldn’t take her eyes of Jaime. Her petite girlfriend was graceful and flexible in a way that seemed totally effortless. Kara had seen a bit of that grace when they were dancing two nights ago, but she was struck by it much more now and it turned her on incredibly. It didn’t help that Jaime’s tight ass was on full display in those sweatpants, making her worry about soaking through the fabric of her own sweats.

After the class was done they were heading down the hallway to the exit when Kara saw a supply closet and decided she couldn’t wait. She pulled Jaime inside pushed her so he back was against the door. Kara grabbed Jaime’s perky ass and kissed her fiercely as she groped her. She licked her way up to Jaime’s ear and whispered, “I just couldn’t wait, your ass turns me on so much! Turn around, spread your legs and arch your back, keep your hands pressed against the door. Try to keep quiet, I don’t want to be banned from this gym.”

Jaime turned and stuck her butt out as far as she could and Kara kissed her petite lover on her cheek and whispered, “Good girl!” She kissed her way down along Jaime’s bare shoulders, down along her arched spine, tasting her salty sweat, as her hands ran from the sides of Jaime’s tits, along her ribcage and down to her hips. Kara got down on her knees and slowly pulled Jaime’s sweats and panties down over her bubble butt. Because Jaime had her legs spread they couldn’t get much lower than her upper thighs and to Kara it almost looked like Jaime’s round ass was a dessert on a tray. Kara was hungry for that dessert and spread the cheeks with both hands before diving in. Jaime’s crack was sweaty from the workout but Kara loved it, she felt so dirty with her face buried in a sexy girl’s sweaty ass.

After a minute Kara felt Jaime’s ass relaxing around her tongue and she pushed it as far inside as she could. She swirled and thrust for a while, making Jaime moan stifled moans, then sat back on her heels and reached inside her trusty handbag. She pulled out her Feeldoe More and a small bottle of lube. Kara stood up and got her pants down to her knees, she didn’t have time to take them all the way off, she needed to fuck her girl now! With a grunt she swiftly pushed the bulbous part of the bright red dildo inside herself. She squeezed out a generous dollop of lube on her cock and spread it with her hand before she spread Jaime’s cheeks with her other hand and pushed the head of the dildo inside, making Jaime squeal. Kara felt like being aggressive and she knew Jaime’s ass could handle it, so she moved one hand to Jaime’s mouth to muffle her and then slammed the dildo all the way inside. Her hips slapped against Jaime’s ass again and again as she thrust hard. With each thrust the ribbed part of the dildo rubbed her clit and the part inside her massaged her g-spot.

Jaime groaned from the pleasure and pain. There was so little preparation this time that it hurt almost as much as when she took the gigantic strap-on the first time, and there was little she could do but stand there, keep quiet and take it. She felt so incredibly exposed and dominated like this, forced to hold her position, afraid to get caught, to be ridiculed for being a boy looking like a girl, for getting fucked, and it turned her on so much! She angled her hips so that the strap-on pounding her ass hit her prostate just right and tried to hold back her moans as her pleasure built and built. Her cock was bent up against the door, hard as a rock, and the sensitive underside of the head, slick with precum, rubbed against the door with each of Kara’s hard thrusts.

The fast pace was bringing Kara close to cumming in record speed. She felt very powerful as she fucked her little girlfriend, controlling her so easily. She felt that fire building deep in her belly and then, as she buried the Feeldoe deep and muffled her scream with Jaime’s neck, she came hard and fast. She squeezed Jaime tightly as she came and felt her legs tremble and almost give out. After a few deep, calming breaths Kara reached down between them and grabbed the dildo, got up on her toes so that the side inside her slipped out with a wet slurp and then grabbed Jaime’s shoulders and turned her around. She got down on her knees and eagerly swallowed Jaime’s sizeable tool as she reached between Jaime’s legs and grabbed hold of the Feeldoe still in Jaime’s ass.

Jaime felt Kara hug her tightly as she buried the dildo deep inside her, then squeal, tremble and relax against her back for a while, and Jaime understood that she had just cummed. Suddenly she was spun around and her girly cock was being enveloped in the warm wetness of Kara’s mouth as her ass continued getting fucked. Kara’s other hand joined her mouth on Jaime’s cock and Jaime experienced a wet, sloppy blowjob that made her toes curl in her sandals. There was no way Jaime could hold out against this barrage of pleasure. She brought one hand to her mouth to muffle her moan and the other to her tit to pull hard on the nipple of her breast form. The sharp pinch and pull on her real nipple pushed her over the edge and she started shooting jet after jet of cum into Kara’s waiting mouth, which Kara eagerly swallowed.


When love birds returned to Kara’s place they jumped in the shower together and washed each other’s bodies. Kara was still very hot so she tried to get a rise out of Jaime’s cock but it was still too soon so she got Jaime to go down on her, which she gladly did. Jaime licked her clit and introduced first one, then two, then three fingers to her sopping hole. Jaime licked her clit and lips and fingered Kara’s g-spot until she came, and came, and came, until she couldn’t stand it anymore and wrestled Jaime away to hug and kiss her in gratitude.

When they stepped out of the shower and were putting on clothes again Jaime saw the time and realized it was only two hours until her future boss and her wife would come over to Kara’s for dinner. She knew Kara didn’t have nearly enough in her kitchen to make anything presentable so she headed over to her place while Kara stayed behind to set the table and get dressed and fix her make-up.

Jaime prepared a fillet of beef on a bed of root vegetables and potatoes, red wine gravy and a salad. While the deep dish was in the oven Jaime changed out of her workout clothes and threw on some green hipster panties, her new jeans, the ones that made her ass look so damn delectable, a lacy green bra and a black plunge-neck halter top. When she stood in front of her mirror and was about to put on her makeup a wave of panic and fear suddenly washed over her at the thought of revealing this new self to her boss, and her girlfriend’s best friends. It soon passed, she remembered how well her father took it and that had been much scarier, this was child’s play in comparison.

She tried to keep the makeup and hairstyle subtle and natural; it was a weekday after all and only a dinner party, no big event. Just as she finished up the kitchen timer rang and Jaime hurried to get the fillet and root vegetables out of the oven. She transferred it all to an oven proof dish and took it along with the salad and gravy on a big tray and headed through the hallways to Kara’s place. When she turned the last corner she saw that Melissa, her boss, and Maria were knocking on Kara’s door. Damn, they were early! Jaime took a deep breath, put a big smile on her face and steeled herself, then walked up to them just as the door opened and said, “Hi Maria, and you must be Melissa.”

Both of them turned in surprise and then Maria smiled and said, “Hi, Jaime! It’s good to see you again.” Maria saw her wife’s questioning look and continued, “I met Kara and Jaime this Sunday in the restaurant. I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you.”

“Hi there, here, let me help you with that tray, it looks heavy.” Melissa grabbed the tray and walked it over to the table to set it down, saying hello to Kara on the way and then returned to the hallway. Kara hugged and greeted both of them, and Jaime got hugs as well now that her arms were free. As they were all taking off their shoes Jaime noticed that Melissa was looking at her intently. As they headed towards the dining table she said, “Have we met before? Jaime, was it?” A look of realization, then disbelief ran over Melissa’s face as she continued, “Wait, it couldn’t be, could it? You do look a lot like him… are you …?”

Jaime got a bit of a ‘deer caught in the headlights’ look on her face but quickly pulled herself together, she knew this was coming after all, and answered in her lower voice, “Yeah, it’s me, Melissa. I hope you’re okay? Maybe you should sit.”

Melissa didn’t say anything but sat down on a dining table chair. Maria couldn’t take the tension and suddenly burst out, “Can somebody please tell me what the hell I’m missing?”

Kara answered, “Well, you know I met Jaime this weekend? She was moving in to an apartment in this building, because she’s starting her first job next week, working for Melissa.”

“I guess that would be a bit surprising but not…” Said Maria, “Wait, Lissa, didn’t you say you hired some young guy from… Ohhh! Well, that would be a shock.”

Melissa nodded and took a deep breath, then turned to Jaime and said, “You make a beautiful woman Jaime, I would never have guessed if I didn’t know you before. How long has this been going on?”

“Well, it feels like much longer but it’s just since Monday, well, Sunday if you count, um, underwear.” Jaime blushed deeply but continued, “As soon as I saw myself like this I knew this is who I really am.”

“And you met Kara just by chance and I can see you’re head over heels for each other, what a coincidence. Jesus.” Melissa smiled and continued, “I guess I’ll have to fix your paperwork tomorrow, so you can be a woman at work, if that is what you want?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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