Fiona puts on a show – Chapter 6

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Fiona loves dogs and loves a show which amazes her bosses.

Fronting up to the office was a jolt to the system after my adventures with dogs. It kept me grounded. I even welcomed the friendship of Teena who I knew wanted to make out with me. A possibility that was becoming more attractive. I decided to flirt a little bit to see what happened. Of course my other interest, being a K9 bitch, I had to keep secret. Teena was hard at work and I came up to her. “How was your weekend honey” I asked. Teena was surprised and just said “it was ok”. “Did you visit your bar at all?” I then asked. “Oh it isn’t much fun going alone” Teena replied. “Well maybe I could join you one night this week” I said. Teena was surprised and delighted “sure Fiona, that would be nice” she said.

The rest of the week whizzed by. Me and Teena had a drink on Thursday night and Teena got a little bit tipsy. She kissed me and then apologised. “Oh don’t apologise Teena. It was nice” said I and kissed her back. “Perhaps we better stop now” I said “I am feeling excited and I think maybe we should just think about it. Friday Teena came to work late, still looking a little worse for wear. At lunch she cornered me. “I am so embarrassed Fiona” she said “I got drunk and we both said things we didn’t mean. “Did we? I said and smiled. Teena was even more confused.

Saturday I got the bus to the dog farm. I had noticed that Claire seemed rather down in the dumps. This day was a complete opposite. “Hi Fiona” she called out as I walked to the front door. She was in the garden. “Isn’t it a lovely day” she added. “Hi Claire” I said “you sound happy today”. “I am” she said “we got a couple of dogs from a breeding farm that has gone bust. They are trained, if you know what I mean. That now makes 5 dogs for your show today”. I smiled broadly “good dogs are they?” I asked. “Yes honey. Very good. I have already tested them. You will love them. We have arranged a special show today”. My pussy tingled. It was going to be epic.

“No time for escort bursa coffee today Fiona. You must get ready as one lot of clients are booked for half an hour from now” she said. “It doesn’t take look Claire” I replied “I will be ready”. “Adrian’s already in the barn” she called out as I headed off. I walked into the barn to find Adrian just makes the final checks. “Big day today Fiona” he said “five dogs ready to go. Are YOU ready to go?” I chuckled “you know I am Adrian” and I meant it. I slipped into the back room and got undressed. Got my mask and put it on. I checked myself in the mirror. My nipples were already hard. The thought of five dogs had my pussy buzzing. I heard voices and then Adrian knocked on the door.

I walked out into the barn to see a man and woman together and two women also together. Adrian did his usual talk. “This is our resident bitch ladies and gentleman. She will demonstrate that these dogs are highly trained and ready to serve you ladies as they serve our bitch. The first dog is a Black Labrador. He is a beautiful dog and well equipped to satisfy”. Claire led the dog into the barn and took off his leash. “Come on boy” I said clapping my hands together “come to me”. He trotted over and I patted his head. I spread my legs and he pushed his nose into my crotch. I moaned as I felt his tongue lick my pussy. “Oh yes. Good boy. You like pussy don’t you” I said as looked at the clients. They were a picture of shock as they watch him lick away.

I knelt down and Adrian said “now it is time to mate with this bitch. Watch how fast he humps her” and he wasn’t wrong. A couple of misfires and then he thrust into me. I squealed as I felt him inside me, his cock growing with each thrust. “Oh yes you sweet doggy” I cried as he attempted and then succeeded to jam his knot into my pussy and tie us together. I continued to moan as he slowed and then stopped fucking me. 4 or 5 minutes later he succeeded in pulling out and his cum oozed out. There was just time to take a breath gorukle escort when Adrian said “this dog is our star performer. He is a Great Dane and really only suitable for an experienced dog lover. You will see why later”.

My favourite dog mounted me and found my soaked pussy quickly. He began pounding me and his cock grew and grew. “Oh yes my darling. Fuck your bitch. Show me how much you love me” I moaned as he ravaged me. His knot always stretched to my limit. “Oh God you are so big” I groaned as he successfully tied with me, sealing me tight. There were a few murmurs but loud yelps when he finally pulled out. “Look at his cock” someone yelled “it is so big” said another “how did she take all that” said another. Adrian pipped up “I told you that you would be amazed. Only an experienced dog lover could accommodate him.

Just then another couple arrived. “You missed it Ray” I heard someone say “you should have seen the size of the Great Dane’s equipment. “Claire bring his back” said Adrian. She led him back but of course his cock had slid back in his sheath. “Oh you missed it” someone said. I decided to take action. I squatted down and began to run my hand over the sheath. Slowly at first and quickly his cock grew until the full length was visible. Adrian said “for our late comers you can see our bitch has revealed why she loves this dog. His equipment is huge. Thank you my dear”. I stared at that huge cock and started to stroke it. I then pushed him over on to his back and began to lick and suck that huge cock. Adrian was speechless and our audience was silent. After a couple of minutes I looked over at them and said “as you can see he is a big softy who loves having his cock sucked. Suddenly the two women started clapping and the others joined in. “Well wasn’t that something” said Adrian.

I took the other three dogs, one after another included the stray that Claire had found. When I finished I walked back into the side room. Cum was literally flowing down my thighs. I grabbed bursa sınırsız escort bayan a towel and wiped myself. I heard Adrian tell everyone to see Claire in the house if they wanted to purchase any of the dogs. I took my mask off and was about to have a shower when Adrian walked in. “My God Fiona that was amazing. I have never seen someone suck a dog live before. You had that audience spellbound. You had Claire shocked and me horny wishing you were sucking me”. “All you have to do is ask nicely Adrian” I said. He looked to see if I laughed. If I was making a joke. “Ask nicely Adrian” I said. “Would you please suck my cock like you sucked that dog sweetheart?”

I walked up and unhooked his belt, undid his pants and pulled them and his underpants down to his knees. His cock was a nice size, both length and girth. “Claire must be happy with that” I said and started to stroke it. “Please darling, suck it. I want you to suck my cock”. I squatted down and proceeded to give him a blow job. He moaned and groaned as he began to face fuck me. “Oh God Fiona that is so good” he mumbled “yes honey I want to cum. Make me cum” and a couple of minutes later I took his full load. “Oh shit you are amazing” he said gasping. “Yes” I said “I am your bitch and I fuck and suck dogs and naughty old men”. “I am not old and I am not naughty” he said and then corrected himself “just mature”. I laughed and headed for the shower.

Later I walked into the house to collect my pay. “You really got them going today honey” she said “poor Adrian couldn’t wait for you to suck his cock”. I was gobsmacked. Had he told her? Surely not. “You are wondering how I know” she said “I have a camera hidden in the barn and in that side room. I watched you suck him off. I also saw you with Lois (Mrs Walden). Next Saturday I will expect you to service me”. I smiled “I thought you would never ask and I kissed her. “Don’t tell Adrian you know about him” I suggested “let him catch us and see what he does”. She laughed “You are evil darling and I love it”. I got home and told mum the day was excellent. I was in charge of 5 dogs now. “Oh that is so good. The owners must be pleased” I said “they are overjoyed”. Not as overjoyed as I will be next Saturday.

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