Fire of Lust II – Ch. 05

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The session with Nikita had succeeded in quenching Reeva’s lust for the time being, but from the moment her mother came back from her sisters, she had been itching for a repeat performance with her sexy sister-in-law. All the time the two of them were around her mother, the most they could do was pass lust filled looks at each other or cope a quick feel when her mother’s back was turned, but did not get a chance to do anything more. As the day wound down Reeva’s need for Nikita need only increased and with the knowledge that soon her mother will be off to bed and the two of them will be free to enjoy themselves only heightened her lust, that’s when she had a shock. Her brother, Raj, decided to surprise everyone and came back home early.

“Raj!!” called out Nikita as she ran into his arms “Why didn’t you tell us you were going to be home early?”

“I wanted to surprise you guys” said Raj as he hugged his sexy wife, immediately getting a hard on as she ground her body into his, something that never failed to arouse him.

“Bhai (brother)!” said Reeva “Its so good to see you.” as she also went forward and hugged her brother.

“It’s good to see you to” said Raj.

Stepping back he looked at his sister and had to admit that his little sister was growing to be a very beautiful and sexy woman, as his eyes raked over her pretty face, full lips, enticing breasts down to her flat stomach and mouth wateringly perfect ass he felt a stirring in his groin that had nothing to do with his wife. As Raj gave Reeva a once over Nikita noticed the bulge in his pants as well as the look in his eyes which was not much different than the one he gave his wife and felt a jolt of jealousy, which passed quickly, as she had been looking at Reeva with the same look since she came home and remembering all that they had done together she could not blame her husband for not being immune to his sister’s abundant charms, charms that she was now intimately aware of.

Reeva meanwhile missed her brother’s lustful looks, due to her distraction at his sudden return and the only recent awareness of her sexuality, while Reeva was happy to see her brother, she could not help but feel angry at him as she would no longer able to visit Nikita in bed that night.

However soon all such thoughts were forgotten as the family sat down to dinner together and the talk moved towards Reeva’s school, family updates and her brother’s most recent work trip. As the talk continued Reeva looked between her brother and sister-in-law and could not help but wonder how he ended up with Nikita. While her brother was average looking Nikita was a goddess who oozed sexual energy and could have gotten any man she wanted. The two of them had met in college and had gotten married soon afterwards, so how her brother managed to land such a sex goddess for a wife had always been a mystery to her.

Eventually it was time to go to bed and after helping them clean up the dinner table Reeva’s mother headed to her bedroom and the haste with which her brother took Nikita to their room, she was sure that at least her sister-in-law was not going to be without sex this night. Meanwhile she was left to take care of her own needs. As she lay in her bed, unable to fall asleep, her sexual arousal not satiated by fingers or dildo, she could not help but think about what her brother and sister-in-law were doing in their bed.

At last Reeva could not wonder any longer and got up from her bed, putting on a long t-shirt over her lush naked body she quietly moved towards her brother’s room. As she got closer to their room, she was surprised to see their door ajar with light streaming out of the door and she could hear the sound of their bed moving and low grunts coming from the room. Moving very carefully she peeked in through the open door and was struck by sight that greeted her.

Raj and Nikta were on the bed, naked, with Raj on top, their bodies joined together at the groin as he thrust into Nikita with a slow even tempo. Their bodies where covered with a fine film of sweat glistening in the light from the bedside lamp.

As she watched, Reeva’s eyes were drawn to Nikita’s body which was responding erotically to her brother’s love making her eyes were drawn to her full breasts with their prominent nipples standing up. Nikita undulated her body sensually under Raj her eyes closed in ecstasy, her lips parted in passion with low moans coming out of her full lips, her long perfect legs drawn up and her feet resting on Raj’s back as she tried to get more of his cock inside her.

Then Reeva looked at her brother and was surprised at what she saw, her brother had always been an active sportsman but he had never been overly concerned with his health, but what she saw now was a complete revelation. While her brother may not be much in the looks department, he had a body that would put most Bollywood actors to shame. Hard with bulging muscles that defined every muscle on his gaziantep escortları frame, now straining as he held himself up on his arms moving his hard butt driving his dick into Nikita. As she watched this erotic tableau Reeva felt her own arousal, her breasts and nipples swelled tenting her t-shirt and she felt the distinctive wetness in her crotch and started leaking. She moved one hand on her breasts massaging the sensitive nipples while her other hand made its way to her leaking cunt.

As she stimulated her aroused breasts and cunt her eyes stayed riveted to the scene unfolding on the bed. Even as she watched her brother started to pick up the pace with which he was pushing into Nikita, leading to a higher pitch in her voice as she moaned and grunted in arousal, finally her brother moved his hip backs enough to pull most of his cock out of his wife until only the tip was still in Nikita and Reeva got her first good look at her brother’s endowment and she was stunned at what she saw her brother was at least 8 inch long but more than the length it was his girth that stunned her with his dick being as thick as her wrist if not more.

As her brother continued his renewed assault on Nikita pulling back and slamming the full length of his cock into her, Reeva wondered why something that thick did not rip her apart, but from the sounds coming out of her sister-in-law’s mouth she seemed to be enjoying herself. As the tempo of their lovemaking increased so did the volume of the moans coming from both the lovers, with the sweat glistening and dripping from their bodies.

Suddenly Nikita went rigid “Fuuuccckkk!!” she screamed as her body spasmed in orgasmic delight her arms and legs tightening around Raj’s hard body.

Even as Nikita bucked through her orgasm and went limp Raj continued to pump into her non-stop not waiting for her to recover he quickly put his hands under her body and brought her up against himself while sitting down on the bed so that Nikita was suddenly sitting on his lap with his cock still buried in her, her head lying on his shoulder with her long silky hair falling over her face. As Nikita slowly recovered from her orgasm Raj put his hands on her perfect ass and started raising her up and down on his dick effortlessly. Nikita moaned softly and opened her eyes as the cycle of sex started to pick up again. It was then that she spied Reeva, standing by the door and observing all that was going on just as she had planned when she left the door ajar, knowing that Reeva will not be able to help herself and will make a trip to her room that night.

Reeva was by now on her knees her legs no longer able to support her in her heightened sexual state, her t-shirt pushed above her breasts and she was openly and aggressively massaging her tits and pulling on her nipples while two fingers were buried deeply in her cunt and moving at a high speed. Reeva had been aroused strongly by the scene unfolding in front of her, while she had expected to respond like this to her sister-in-law’s body it was her reaction to her own brother that caught her by surprise, as she was not prepared to find his body to be so sensuous and arousing to her, and seeing his thick cock repeatedly banging into Nikita made her wonder what it would be like to feel a real cock banging into her repeatedly, stretching her vagina.

Seeing Nikita’s reaction to her brothers ministration she was in no doubt that sex with her brother was very satisfying, as she was now eagerly bouncing on his lap rising up until just the tip of cock was buried in her cunt then slamming her body down hard on the iron cock inside, her head thrown back in ecstasy and pushing Raj’s face in her bosom where he was eagerly sucking and biting on her sensitive breasts and nipples, moving from right to left.

Nikita started to shake as a new orgasm overtook her body firmly planting Raj’s cock inside her she grabbed his face and kissed him hard. As she continued to kiss him her orgasm hit her its intensity increased due to the knowledge that Reeva was watching her and she wanted to give her a great show. Her scream of orgasmic bliss was partly muffled by the kiss but when the full force of her orgasm hit her, she broke her kiss and arched her back so much that Raj had to hold her by the back as she went her rigged her cunt muscles tightly clamping around his prick. Finally, her orgasm subsided leaving her limp and ragged.

“Wow!” said Nikita as she came back to reality still sitting on Raj’s lap with his hard prick still inside her.

“Tell me about it.” said Raj falling back on the bed “I haven’t seen you respond like that for a while now.”

“I guess I missed you a lot.” said Nikita spying Reeva from the corner of her eye who was getting on her feet unsteadily after experiencing her own orgasm at the same time as Nikita, and quietly made her way back to her room, no longer wanting to push her luck and being discovered by either Nikita or Raj.

“Oh really!” said Raj in a mocking tone putting his hand behind his head “and it had nothing to do with my sexy little sister, did it?”

“Well…a little maybe.” said Nikita laughing sexily, giving his cock a quick squeeze by tightening her cunt muscles.

“Yeah, well I don’t blame you. She is one hot piece of ass. Did you see the way her ass moves when she walks, I nearly grabbed it when she was walking in front of me. I swear if she wasn’t my sister the things I would do.” said Raj.

“Yeah I know, she is the most delicious thing I have seen for a while.” agreed Nikita as she slowly started to move her hips around on the still erect cock in her, a small smile on her face as she recalled all that she had done to her sister-in-law earlier in the day. The memory giving a nice little boost to her lust.

Noticing the smile on her face Raj grew suspicious “What are you smiling about?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing just thinking about Reeva and her delicious body.” replied Nikita.

“I knew it.” said Raj “You have already had a taste haven’t you? you slut. I saw the looks the two of you have been giving each other since I got back. That was fast. Tell me everything you have been doing with your new playmate.”

So, while sitting on Raj’s cock Nikita started to replay all that had happened between her and Reeva since she had arrived. As she continued telling the story in exquisite detail leaving nothing out, describing the look feel and taste to Reeva’s body she could feel Raj getting excited as he started to run his hands over her body, squeezing her breasts and pulling her nipples. Nikita herself was also getting more and more aroused and started to move faster on Raj’s lap. When she got to the part where the two of them had used a dildo to fuck each other into a stupor Raj went still.

“Where the hell did she get something like that?” he asked in surprise.

“Your little sister is not as innocent as you think.” replied Nikita “Infact I think she is now quite the slut, who knows what and with whom she has been busy in that school of hers.”

“Man, my little sister getting drilled by some hot and sweaty girl at school, that is incredibly hot, maybe it’s that hotty Sonali, wouldn’t that be something.” said Raj “Though we shouldn’t be surprised, with a body like that she has to be hot for sex all the time…so tell me what did the two of you do with that dildo of hers?” asked Raj with a glint in his eyes.

Nikita told him everything that she and Reeva did during the day, making sure to leave nothing out. Raj’s eyes grew wide in astonishment when she told him about Reeva fingering her asshole. It was something he had always wanted to try but Nikita had been too scared fearing that Raj’s cock would cause permanent damage, but hearing her speak about how good it felt he promised himself that he would renew his effort to have anal sex with Nikita, and giving Nikita’s recent experience she might be more receptive to things now. No longer able to take the slow fucking with Nikita, and the erotic tale of her tryst with Reeva having raised his lust to new heights, Raj finally gave into his overriding need to fuck his beautiful wife’s brains out.

With his cock feeling enormous inside Nikita, her breasts tipped with rock hard nipples that were elongated with desire. He cupped her brests and buried his mouth against her right breast, stuffing as much of the flesh into his mouth as possible. As he sucked her right tit, he used his other hand to pinch and tug at her erect left nipple. Trapping her right nipple between his teeth and letting his tongue flicker over it repeatedly sent Nikita into an orgasmic state and she began cumming from her pent-up desire.

“Ooooo…Ooooooo!…Oooo!!” she squealed with utter delight. “Oooooooooo, MY GOD!!” Trying to keep her going, he switched to her left nipple while pinching and tugging on the wet nipple he just sucked. She held his head tightly to her tit as he sucked and she came repeatedly from the attention he was giving her sweet orbs while enthusiastically bouncing on his cock. Then Raj held both of her breasts together in his hands and sucked both of her hot nipples into his mouth at the same time. This sent her over the top again as she screamed out her release. “OOOOOOOOOO, MY GOD!! DON’T STOP!!” as he feasted on her tits.

Finally, she collapsed with Raj putting her on her back on the bed, while keeping his cock firmly jammed in her cunt. Her tits rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath. Raj started thrusting and ramming his thick cock inside her tightly packed cunt. He began to really start to lay the pipe to her as he stroked into her gripping cunt. Nikita felt her pussy being stretching. She was in heaven as her labia gripped his huge cock as he tried to force more and more of his thick meant inside her.

“Oohhhhh yeaaaah! Oh yeaaaah! Oh God! Oh God!” she cried as Raj started fucking her faster and harder. “Oh, you’re so big, so fuckin’ big!” Raj pulled her legs over his shoulders as he pushed balls deep into her sopping wet channel. Their thighs were now slapping together and her heaving tits were literally leaping out from her chest and slapping together with each powerful thrust. “AHHHHHH!” she cried as Raj continued ramming her harder and deeper. His thick cock was giving her an incredible amount of pleasure as it stretched her cunt with his plunging width, his cockhead banged into her cervix.

“OH GOD, YOU’RE SO DEEP, SOOOOOOO DEEEEP,” she screamed at his cockhead hitting her cervix triggered an orgasm. Wave after wave of orgasm spread from her pussy throughout her body as her cunt convulsed and shook around his thrusting rod. The way her cunt was pulling and gripping his thick shaft, he felt like she was going to squeeze the cum right out of him as he thrust his member into her creaming cunt. His hips were rising and falling, drilling his meat into her stretched pussy. “Take my cock! FUCK MY COCK!” he wheezed into her ear as he drove more and more of thick cock into her snatch.

“GIVE IT TO ME!! OH GOD…GIVE ME ALL YOUR COCK!!” she screamed as the thick blunt end of his cock banged into her cervix on each thrust. The walls of her cunt were stretched so tightly around his thick meaty shaft, she could feel it pulse as it plowed deep inside her. He fucked her tight snatch faster and faster. He was slamming her so hard she was lifted up off the bed on each thrust, and his cock was a blur of motion sliding in and out of her juicing cunt.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD!!” she screamed as another orgasm seized her cunt and exploded throughout her body. Her juices poured from her dripping wet gash in a fast-flowing stream that covered Raj’s cock coating everything including his swing balls.

Nikita’s pussy completely surrendered to his vicious assault and she kept cumming and cumming and cumming until it seemed that it would never stop. Still Raj plowed on as he kept thrusting his long, thick tool deep into Nikita’s churning tight cunt. Her climax never seemed to stop as his invading monster pushed her over the top again. He pushed her legs farther over until her large tits were crushed by her knees. She felt like a pretzel being twisted up as Raj drilled his massive manhood deep inside her wet womb. The sound of their body hitting against each other filled the room with the sound of slapping flesh.

“OH FUCK! OH GOD! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MMMMEEEEEE!” she cried as Raj continued filling her pussy with his surging staff. Her pussy was stretched around his cock like a glove and she could feel his thick shaft throbbing as he bore inside her. She sensed that he was about to cum, so wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders she began to match his thrusts. She felt his big cum filled balls slapping her ass as he slammed his prick into her cunt.

“GIVE IT TO ME!” Nikita begged. Suddenly, his orgasm was there as the first blast came shooting out of the tip, and deep into her vibrating womb. Thick rope after rope of hot cum shot out of his spewing cock coating her vagina with a paste of white cum as he continued to thrust into her clutching cunt. His hot cum sent her over the top once again. Cumming, screaming and her hips churning, Nikita’s cunt pulled and gripped at his plunging cock trying to suck his cock dry. He continued to fire into her hot tunnel as she bucked and jumped beneath him while her constricted channel pulled at his cock. Finally, he stopped shooting into her cunt, and her hips quit their bucking and they collapsed into each other arms completely spent.

After the both of them had recovered their breath Nikita whispered in Raj’s ear “That, may have been the best fuck we have ever had.”

“Can’t argue with that, I don’t think we have ever done this so well before.” agreed Raj “Must be all that talk of Reeva.”

“If I had known that getting Reeva would get me such great sex, I would have seduced her long ago.” Nikita replied, smiling impishly at Raj.

Reeva had missed the conversation between her brother and sister-in-law, if she had heard them talking so frankly about her, she would have been surprised with the naked lust the two of them showed not only towards each other but also towards her. It would also have answered her question about how Raj ended up with Nikita. Both Raj and Nikita were highly sexual beings however they had both had trouble finding partners whose sexual tastes and needs matched their own.

In college where they met for the first time, they had discovered in each other their perfect sexual match. For Raj, Nikita other than her obvious physical charms was also the first woman he met whose sexual appetites exceeded his own, all his previous sexual partners either did not have the stamina or the will to experiment and enjoy sex out of some misplaced sense of guilt or shame. Nikita also did not mind Raj sleeping around, as long as he did not hide any of his sexual escapades from her and involved her whenever possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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