First Bi-male Experience

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Alexa Pearl

I’m a 53yo bi guy in the UK. About 4 yrs ago I arranged my first MMF meet with a couple, Lesley & Adrian from Birmingham. She was lovely, looked like a mum you’d see at the school gate, dark hair, gorgeous brown eyes and nice legs, cuddly figure but not fat. They lived in a small terraced house in the suburbs and I loved turning up there on a Saturday morning, neighbors out & about, me knowing we were going to be having sex. On my arrival she was wearing a soft black leather dress, heels and her legs bare & smooth. She had an ankle tattoo of Tinkerbelle that I found a huge turn-on. Adrian was nice, slim same height as me and he took the lead in conversation, as Lesley was clearly a bit nervous. I should say at this point that they did not advertise any bi-content to their play and I wasn’t expecting anything to occur in that regard. That said, I knew that if the issue cropped up I would be keen to try something – I was bi-curious and had been for a long time, which is I why I wanted to see a M/F couple.

After chatting for 20mins in their lounge to get to know each other, Lesley took me upstairs to their bedroom and asked Ade to come up when he was ready. She and I undressed and started playing on their bed, and by the time I was going down on her to lick her wet pussy she was fully into it and crying out in pleasure. Ade came into the room, stripped quickly and joined us on the bed to offer his hard cock for Lesley to suck. So here I was, in bed with my first couple and my first sight of a cock in close quarters. It felt completely natural and I found it difficult to keep my eyes off Ade, he had a lovely lean body and a gorgeous cock but I assumed he was straight and we got on with the business of giving Lesley a good hard seeing to. I found it amazing to be next to them while they were fucking, Lesley in missionary, me stroking her breasts and thigh nearest me while Ade slid his slick erection in and out of her cunt. Nearing his climax he pulled out and ejaculated powerfully in a straight Bayan Escort Gaziantep line from her pussy, up over her tummy and chest and onto her chin – I was mesmerized.

Once she had been cleaned up (with a wet-wipe sadly), she and I got into a 69 with her on top. We were at this for a quite a while and both getting very horny while Ade lay next to us and wanked himself back to hardness. Then he changed position, got behind Lesley’s upturned bum and eased his cock into her vagina. God James, I’ll never forget that image of Ade’s hard penis so close to my face and the clean fragrant smell of his body as he slid in and out of his wife. His balls were grazing my forehead and the couple’s wet union was just an inch or two from my face. I tentatively started to lick his shaft as well her clit as he reamed her slowly and again, it seemed completely natural. I was nervous though, wondering if Ade would catch on and take offence.

Then came the moment of truth – was he bi or not? He withdrew from her, I knew he hadn’t cum inside her and wondered if this was his silent invitation for me to slip my mouth over his cock. Nothing was said and in a split second I decided to go for it and slipped my warm lips over his knob. He slid his cock back & forth into my mouth before transferring it to his wife’s pussy again. My head was in quite a spin and I wondered if he’d do it again. I knew I’d enjoyed it and would repeat it if he wanted me to. Thankfully he did and pulled out again after a few thrusts and slipped back into my mouth. After we’d repeated the cycle several times I felt bold enough to put my hands on his bum to draw him into my mouth more fully. He was clearly enjoying it as much as me. But strangely it didn’t go beyond that and nothing was said by any of us, I even wondered if Lesley was aware of what us two guys had been doing. As we cooled down I do remember holding his cock as she sank her mouth onto him but again, no-one drew any attention to it.

I went away very happy that I’d enjoyed my first bi experience and it made me want more. The next couple I met, Sue & Steve, were totally open about it and Steve made a big deal out of sucking my cock. I’d never been sucked like it before, he did it for ages, and Sue his partner would share my cock with him orally, which was mind-blowing. Then she came and sat on my face while he brought me to an orgasm, which he then snowballed with her ……. amazing to watch them enjoy my seed like that! A few months later I met a 3rd couple, Suzy & Ray, again in Birmingham and over a year or so met with them several times, each time taking my bi-experiments further.

On our third date Suzy asked if I’d like Ray to pop my cherry, explaining that he loved anal sex but that she found it too painful so he didn’t often get the chance. She reassured me that she’d supervise and make sure I was ready. I agreed and the whole experience was really lovely. She bathed me and made sure I was clean, then lubed me and used a toy or two to warm me up, then snogged & cuddled with me while Ray entered me slowly & gently. I was so well prepared that the pain was no-where near what I feared it would be but he was increasing the length inside me very gradually, I was thankfully in the hands of experts. I remember asking him how far in he was as I felt very full of him – he replied with a groan and the reply “you’ve got my whole length inside you, fuck you feel lovely, good boy”. Soon he was sliding his full length in and out of me doggy style, still gentle but very firm.

Suzy got Ray to pull out slowly, encouraged me to roll over onto my back and bring my legs right back over Ray’s shoulders, explaining that this would probably be more comfortable. It was, I felt so open and gaping and he re-entered me balls deep and carried on fucking me until he came and filled the condom. I was amazed at how lovely it felt, but I think Suzy really got off on the imagery of it, as she was talking dirty throughout this phase (“oh Tim, I love seeing my hubby fucking you”).

The last time I met them, Suzy enjoyed sitting back off the bed in a chair and watching Ray & me perform oral sex on each other and indulge in mutual wanking & kissing, which turned her on greatly. Since being with them I’ve seen quite a few other couples and enjoyed some pretty intense bi-MMF play. Only recently have I been able to pluck up courage to have another man’s cum in my mouth, firstly by eating creampies, but most recently by sucking cock and receiving an ejaculation directly. I’ve broadened my experiences through experimenting by meeting with a gay guy on one or two occasions and also a couple of TVs.

The most recent cock I had was earlier this year, with a gorgeous pre-op TS. May was half Thai, half English, had gorgeous eyes and a lovely figure. I was blown away by her, OK I don’t have a lot of experience with T-girls but I found her utterly convincing, feminine and without any hint of anything male, mentally or physically….. until I started playing in her panties that is. We chatted easily on her sofa and slowly got closer, kissing & cuddling ever more passionately. I led my hand wander up her thigh, over her soft tights and could feel the hardness in her crotch.

When we retired to the bedroom I experienced some of the most intense sex ever. I really enjoyed the best of both worlds, so to speak. Being bisexual meant I had no hang-ups at all, and for me the sensations of being taken deep and hard on my back by a lovely smooth soft-skinned creature of (almost) complete femininity just blew my brains out.

I’ve come to the conclusion that what I enjoy most is MMF play where the guy is bi, for three reasons: I love all 3 of us to be equally involved, I really get off on seeing a woman being used and pleasured by me and the other guy, and I love seeing her being turned on by guy-on-guy action. The only thing I haven’t done is to fuck a guy, most men are a bit put off by my girth, and to be honest it doesn’t bother me – I don’t actually enjoy having my cock tightly constrained in a small hole, and also I prefer to be passive when with a guy.

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