First BJ at ABS Ch. 01

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This is a true story, as of 1 year later I have just sucked a guy off 1 more time.

I am 35 6 foot and 235 lbs. I was dressed in khakis, Superman boxers, and a dress shirt as I just came from a meeting. I smoked some weed just as I got there to relax. After i paid the clerk in the front I walked back to the video booths. I skipped the front booths and went further back to a private booth with no buddy window. I barely noticed a younger guy as i went back and started some lesbian porn and stroked. I left the curtain open in hopes someone would watch me and offer me head.

After a few minutes I heard someone talking on a cellphone briefly and then he came over to watch me. I mostly watched the video as I stroked my cock. He was about 20 and thin. He was wearing sweats and I watched as he stroked some and then pulled out a thick 9 inch cock. Without either one of us talking I ignored him as he moved closer to me. He pushed my leg some to get closer and I found myself watching him more and more. He Escort bayan was shaved and hard and I had never seen a cock that close.

I started to get scared because I was sitting at the same level as his cock as he was inching closer to my face. Each time I looked at the screen he moved closer, not saying a word, until he was touching my face and chin with his cock. I stopped stroking myself and looked up at him. I knew he wanted sucked so bad but instead I reached up and touched him. First his shaved balls and legs and then using my hand to stroke him. The whole time looking up at him or his cock. The booth turned off and i hoped I could leave but he seemed so annoyed I put 4 more tickets in and started stroking again.

Finally, he whispered, “Kiss It”. I hesitated and he said it again. I wet my lips, at first I kissed just the sides and stroked him. Then I licked my lips and kissed and then sucked just the head of his cock. He says, “nice baby” as I feel his head swell Escort in my hot mouth. I take more in and start stroking him as I suck. I take too much as he fills my mouth and a gag. I take a break and stroke him while catching my breath. He strokes some and keeps hitting my face. I look up at him as I kiss and lick up and down his thick cock. He gasps as I go lower so I start licking and sucking his balls as I stroke him. He says, “Good baby, more.” as I suck his salty balls.

I lick his entire underside of his cock as I move to his head and start sucking again. I am so hard at this point that I keep taking more and gagging. After I stay down once he moves one of my hands to his firm ass and he puts his hand on my shoulder. As i slowly take it all and gag some he holds my head and starts slowly fucking my mouth. He calls me ‘babygirl” as he starts teaching me what to do. He goes faster and deeper, sometimes holding his cock in my throat. I panic and push against him with my hand and he Bayan escort lets me take a break.

“Thats’s a good girl” as I stroke him and then slide one hand to his hard ass as i start sucking him again. He takes my other hand immediately to his other cheek and puts one hand behind my head. As I taste his precum and gag on his cock he places the other hand behind my neck. I pull back but he puts my hands back on his ass as he says “Suck it slut.” I gag as he starts fucking my throat hard. We are moving a lot and he has gotten louder but no one is around. I struggle to breath as he keeps going as he calls me babygirl and slut and tells me ” you love Daddy Dick.” I am desperately trying to get him off as the door chime goes off. He quits and steps out and is talking to someone else as he comes in.

I cum so fast watching the video. I watch a hot blond sucking a black cock. I cum all over my hand and though I never taste my own cum, I decide to clean off my hand. He is watching again as I clean off my fingers. I stand and buckle up. He pulls out his cock as I move towards him. He says “No faggot, you’re going to finish what you started.” Shocked, I could barely breath. I knelt down on that dirty floor and said, “Yes sir.”

Continued in Part 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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