First Date

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It was our first date. There was so much anticipation leading up to it. By now we had been talking for months and had finally made time to get together. I waited on the porch of my house, letting the hot breeze swirl around my scantily clothed figure. My breasts are covered by the thin cotton tank top. A small stretch of fabric claiming to be a skirt reaches just below the crease where my ass meets my legs. The red of my top makes my brown eyes glow like fire. The black mini-skirt goes perfectly with the leather boots that reach to the tops of my knees.

After waiting outside for only 10 minutes, you pull up to the curb in a borrowed convertible. I open the door of the black Sunfire and slide onto the leather seat. You smile at my appearance, thinking to yourself how lucky you are to have found me. As I lean over to kiss your cheek, you get a full view of my cleavage, my breasts heaving with my hot, heavy breathing. You gain control of yourself and pull away from the curb. We didn’t plan well and the club we were planning to go to had been closed down months before.

“Fuck it; we’re still together,” you said while walking toward me. Standing in the parking lot, you approached me from behind, wrapping your arms around me. You planted a few kisses on my neck before I pulled away from you, grabbing your hand and pulling you back to the car. We both got into the car as you looked over at me, flashing me a look of puzzlement. When we were comfortably seated, I turned to you and smiled. “Drive.”

Although you had no idea where we were going, you did as you were told and slammed down on the gas. The sports car lurched forward before zooming off onto the dark highway that most likely lead to nowhere. We drive for miles, glancing at the ever present billboards along the road.

After an hour of speeding along the newcratos empty road, I lean over to kiss your neck, rubbing my nose against your jaw. My hand slithers its way from the side of your face, down your chest, to your black dress pants. I undo the button with little difficulty and slide the zipper all the way down. Your cock springs to life, presenting itself before my face. You glance down at the sight of my head moving towards your favorite extremity. I stroke your legs before darting my tongue out. My slimy tongue swirls in circles around your cockhead, tasting the flesh I’ve waited so long to have inside me.

You moan as the tip of my tongue runs up and down the underside of your shaft, licking the bulging vein, savoring the taste of your skin. You find my hand reaching beneath your cock, cupping your balls and squeezing gently. I place my lips over your cockhead and let your mushroom slip into my mouth. Your hips rise as I lower my mouth further down onto your pole. I slowly move my lips halfway down and then back up your shaft, teasing you by not letting you very far into my mouth. Again my lips move down your shaft only a few inches before moving back up to once again swirl my tongue around your swollen head. I relentlessly go halfway down and back up again and again, never changing the rhythm, just continuing the motion until you’re exhaling in deep, guttural moans. Mercifully I swirl my tongue around your cock for the last time before taking the head into my mouth and tightly sliding my lips down your shaft until my nose is buried in your pubic hair.

You scream at the tightness of my hot throat squeezing the flesh of your penis. I slowly move my mouth back up to the tip, then rush my mouth back down over your entire length, acquiring a rhythm of bobbing my head up and down your cock from the mushroom newcratos giriş tip to the pubes of your groin. You bite your lip as your breathing quickens to the max. I suck until I hear the familiar whimper that announces the cum about to shoot into my mouth. Your juice hits the back of my throat as I continue to suck gently on your purple tip. Your hand reaches up to my head as I sit up. Stroking my hair, you smile at the sight of me licking the cum from my lips.

“Pull over,” I spit out when I realize there haven’t been any cars around for miles. You obediently respond to the order by slowing down and pulling off to the side of the road to the edge of a clearing. I jump out of the car and run aroudn to your side. Without letting you turn the car off, I pull you up and kiss your mouth. You can still taste remnants of your sweet cum on my tongue. I push you away from the car and lean over the closed down of the convertible. I reach down to the radio and turn on a skank music station.

A low, seductive beat comes on and I flick the volume up a few more decibels. I walk around to where you stand in front of the car. You grab my hand and pull my body up against yours, your mouth clamping down on mine. We engage in a deep kiss, our tongues reaching out to play with one another, dancing around in passion between our mouths. You tilt your head down towards me and slip your tongue into my mouth, licking the roof of my mouth and tasting my sweet saliva. We stand kissing for what seems like an eternity, our hands roaming around each other’s body.

While you keep one hand on my cheek, the other reaches down to cup my breast, squeezing gently through the thin fabric of my tank. My hands run over the sides of your perfect body, pulling you closer against me. Your hands soon move to my waist and grab the hem of my shirt. My arms raise as you slip my top over my head. Your head moves down to my breasts, sucking one nipples while your hand massages the other. You switch positions, sucking the second breast and massaging the first. I moan as I scrape my fingertips against your scalp. You finish with your ministrations to my breasts and reach your hands to the backs of my thighs. You back me into the hood of the car before picking me up and laying me back against the cold metal.

My bare ass presses against the steel as you slide my skirt up to my hips, exposing my unclothed pussy. I reach down to your pants, unhooking the belt, the only thing that still covered you since I hadn’t zipped you up after the car ride. Your pants fall to your ankles, leaving only boxers which I am quick to push off your hips. I pull your hips against mine, slipping your cock inside of me. You moan at the tight fit,; you hadn’t imagined how tight I would be. You rock your hips back and force, forcing your dick inside of me, then pulling out almost to the tip before ramming it back in.

You continue like this, gaining speed as you rhythmically move in and out of me, quick and hard. I moan as you pin my hands to my sides and continue your assault on my tight cunt. My legs wrap around your body and begin to quiver spasmically.

My body trembles and I scream in ecstasy, still gripping the sides of your shirt, holding onto you as you piston into me. You move your mouth over my lips, muffling the screams you are causing me to release. Your tongue darts in and out of my mouth, mimicking the motions your cock has finished with. My breathing abandons the quick breaths of my orgasm and slows back to normal. You remove your still hard cock out from inside of me and pull me onto my feet. Pulling your boxers and pants back up to your hips, you retrieve a t-shirt for me from the car, my tank having gotten throw into the darkness. We both get back into the car and drive on, just waiting for the next clearing to have some more fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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