first time anal_(1)

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Back in my bi- curious days, I had this one friend by the name of Francisco. Now, Francisco was a well- built, gorgeous, Latino boy from head to toe. On the weekends, my father would take me over to his house, so I could hang with him and his younger brother, Steven. They were one year apart in age, but I was younger than the both of them. Francisco, who was 15 at the time, was always nice to me. He would always let me play first on video games, and he spent more time with me, than with his brother. One day, Steven, Francisco, and myself were sitting in the living room of their father’s two story apartment. We were watching Snakes On A Plane, a popular movie at the time. Me and Francisco shared one of the two couches, while Steven had his own. About halfway through the movie, Francisco began to nudge my leg with his foot. Naturally, I gazed over, and he had a huge smile on his face. I politely gave him half a smile, and turned my focus back to the screen. The nudging started again, this time on my lower thigh, and once again, I looked over. He was smiling again, except this time he was more seductive. His gaze held my attention. With his eyes, he signaled to his crotch, as if he wanted me to look down. I did. Through his black basketball shorts, I saw the outline of his Puerto Rican baby-maker. I tried not to look too anxious, so I smiled nonchalantly, and again watched the movie.
On his third attempt, Francisco was playing with my feet, trying to catch my attention. He did again. He signaled to his dick again, and to my amazement he was rock hard. He mouthed the words “Touch it”. Sex hikayeleri In response, I shook my head no. But he was relentless. I stared at him while rubbed his thick cock, and while he made his thick dick jump. The trap had snapped. He knew I was interested. He jumped up from the couch, and said to me and his brother, “I’m going upstairs to play the game”, in his heavy Puerto Rican accent.
A few minutes later, I made my way upstairs, to find Francisco standing In the middle of his bedroom. Our eyes met, and instantly pulled down his shorts. He was sporting a violent red, throbbing erection! I was dripping with angst. Again, he told me to touch it, this time with sound. I acted as though I didn’t want to touch it, but every inch of my body was telling me to touch it. “Reluctantly”, I walked a few steps to word him and held out my held to grab for hit. When I made contact with his dick, it made my hand hot. I pushed down his foreskin to the base of his shaft, and he bit his lip. Begging me to proceed. He said, ” Suck it”. Again, I said no, but I slowly made my way to my knees, and stared at this huge piece of man meat in front of my face.
At the tip, precum was oozing out of his dick, like a baby drools on his bib. I began to lick the tip, and he tilted his head back, and let out a groan that was barely audible. I put my lips on his red knob and worked my way down. I had sucked a dick before, and knew what I was doing. I made my way down, and let his pubes tickle my nose. I grabbed his hips, and pulled them closer toward me, to make his warm, thick cock to dive Sikiş hikayeleri deeper into my throat. He moaned louder this time, and he slowly began to fuck my mouth. He grabbed to back of my head tightly. He grabbed with such force, pain came to my head, and the suction of his dick stopped. I held the both of his hands, so I would be in control once again. I started to make the muscles in my throat contract, which made him wriggle with pleasure. He cried out, “I’m gonna bust!” I pulled away, and his warm, salty baby batter soiled my face, along with the front of my shirt.
We retreated to the bathroom to clean ourselves up. We took hand towels, and started to clean his sticky essence from off of us. When we returned to the bedroom, and he still had a stiffy. He had never gone soft! He was ready for round two already. I retired to my knees once again, and began to suck violently, for lubrication. I returned to my feet, unsure of what to do next, but Francisco guided me along. He told me to lie on my back on the bed, but I said no. I wanted to stand up and do doggy. I felt like it would hurt less. So I pulled my jeans around my ankles, and leaned forward. I felt his warm, sweaty palms grip my ass. I was really anxious and scared, because it was my first time having a teenage boy ram his cock into my virgin hole. He licked his hand, and lubricated his massive 8 inches. He slapped his dick on my ass, then he made circular motion with it around my tight hole. I whimpered a little as he allowed a tenth of an inch to slide inside of me. I said through short gasps, ” Go slow”. Erotik hikaye In response, he thrust every inch he had inside of me. I could feel his thick pubes tickling the crack of my ass. Instantaneously, I pushed him out of me, and darted for the bathroom. I sat on the toilet for a moment, because I felt as though I needed to take a shit. Nothing came. The pain was so severe, but I had no desire to stop. I went back into the bedroom where he was waiting for me. He was stroking his shiny, red dick. He explained to me that the only reason he did that was to loosen me up. I told him that I didn’t care and I was ready for more. I bent over in front of him yet again. This time, I held on to the frame of the bed, expecting the worse. He entered inside of me. I winced at the pain, but it wasn’t as intense as the first time. Slower this time, Francisco inched his way inside of me. This time, he was gentle, so he wouldn’t intentionally cause me any more pain. The pain was still present, but fainter and fainter on every stroke.
The pleasure came gradually. With each breathtaking stroke, he dove deeper and deeper into my prostate. With each stroke, I could feel my cock twinge with angst. His fucking was more rhythmic now, and I started to throw it back, and with each pitch, he caught it effortlessly. I felt his body shake. ( I soon realized he did this when he was about to have a very intense orgasm.) He pulled out quickly, and let his warm cum explode all over my back. He grunted like a wild boar, and we breathed with short gasps, unable to draw in full breaths. Once again, we cleaned up and we played video games as we usually did, as if nothing had happened.
But every weekend I returned to his apartment, we shared the most erotic of adventures. Once, even five times in one day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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