First-Time Cocksucker Outs Himself

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Sometimes the universe conspires to make something happen for you before you realize you need it. Sometimes the universe teaches you a lesson about being sloppy and careless. Both things were true the day I sucked my first cock.

When the day started, I had no idea it would end with the taste of cock and cum in my mouth, nor that I would make a big mistake that would let a group of women I know learn about my first time as a cocksucker. That’s what can happen, though, if you send a revealing email to the wrong woman.

First, some background. I’m 44, living on the West Coast after years on the other side of the country, and divorced. My sex life is good, but there always seemed to be something missing. I consider myself to be typically up for a new adventure, so when a woman from my past texted me to say she was nearby on a work trip and wanted to have coffee, I was thrilled when her visit turned out to include an interesting proposition.

She wanted me to assist her at a Fun Party, those gatherings that are like the old Tupperware parties, except the women are buying dildos and lotions and other sex toys. Stephanie and I had never had sex with each other, but we’d talked about sexual issues openly, and I knew she’d always wanted to do this for a living. I didn’t realize she had started. She was on the West Coast for a series of parties she’d lined up, and the first was only about an hour from where I lived.

Now, I know it’s usually best to start at the beginning of a story, then work your way toward the end, but for you to fully grasp the shock I was in for when I realized I emailed the details of what happened next to the wrong person, thanks to being half-blind, still in a daze from realizing I had sucked cock, and typing the email and sending it from my iPhone, which auto-completed the wrong recipient’s address into the “to” field without me realizing it. So, skipping past the cock-sucking experience for now, I want to show you the revealing email that I thought I had sent to a woman I grew up knowing, the only person I imagined myself confessing my new secret to at this time.

This is the email I sent:


So I guess you knew this day would come, so none of this will surprise you, but … do you remember when you predicted that one day I would suck on a certain something … and how I told you that you were crazy, but you said you’d bet anything I’d not only suck it, but love it? And that you knew how it would happen, that a woman would talk me into it, and watch me do it? Maybe order me to? You were right about everything, but instead of one woman, it was like 12..

It’s late here and I’m in bed typing on my phone after a crazy night, so pardon any typos I might make (plus my contacts are out). I can’t sleep because my mind is racing and my adrenaline is in overdrive after what happened. I thought, I guess I’ll email Marti and tell her she was right. You’ll gloat won’t you? Anyway, the story.

I can tell you later how I ended up there, but a woman invited me to one of those parties where they sell toys, but I had to stay in a back room until they asked me to come in so they could ask a man’s opinion of things. So I did and answered when they asked me if they thought their husbands would be okay with a certain toy or jelly whatever. There were some crazy things there. But there was a surprise for all. Or so I thought. I was the only one who didn’t know what was coming …

She had a stripper come over like he was delivering a package, and after a few minutes of pretend, he started taking off his clothes, eventually only had his bikini briefs on or whatever they’re called. There was music, and he danced, and at one point he was right in front of me, maybe two feet away. The women hollered at me to pull down his bikini briefs. Already I know I was blushing like crazy, but that just made them more determined.

I can’t believe their encouragement Cebeci Escort got to me to where I did, but I pulled them down, and it popped out and up and pointed right at my face, and there was all kinds of sounds in the room. I had never had one that close to my face before, and I got this weird sensation all over, and I could feel myself shaking a little. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. Before I knew it, some of the women yelled for me to touch it, and I did. Then they said to stroke it, and I did. He seemed to like it but also that they were so into ordering me around.

The host brought out some whipped cream from her kitchen, and one of her friends sprayed some on the head, and some down the shaft. And then she told me to lick some of it off him. I hesitated, but they all liked the idea, so I licked some off the tip. They went crazy when it went in my mouth (barely in my mouth, but still), and then said lick up and down the shaft for more of the Cool Whip. Then she put more on the tip, and they said to do it again. And I did, and then someone dold her to put some on his balls and that I should suck and lick the Cool Whip off them, and I did it without even thinking. I was doing anything they told me to do, and they were loving it. My brain wasn’t even thinking any more.

One of the women got up and took the can of Cool Whip and sprayed a big glob on the head and told me to go down and get it, and clean it all off him in one try. That got them going, and they kind of started clapping a bit, and I put my mouth around it and all of a sudden I could really feel his hardness inside my mouth, and my lips slurped up the Cool Whip as my mouth slid from halfway down his shaft back up until I had removed almost all traces of it, and swallowed it. Pf course he was all glistening now, and it was like everything visual was getting the women reved up, and they repeated it. More whipped cream, more sucking it off. But eventually she put it farther down his shaft and said go get it, but not with a lick on the side, wrap your lips around him and go all the way down on him. And I did! One of the younger women yelled that’s just the startt baby. Do a good job and you’ll get even more cream. And next thing you know, they were saying just keep sucking, and I was! No more Cool Whip, just me sucking on it, and licking, and doing whatever they told me to do. They were really cheering me on, calling me naughty names and saying all kinds of things. Marti, I did not know women had such dirty minds. It was all a rush, and it caught me off guard, but I was really feeding off of it.

Those names you teased me with when you made your prediction? They were saying them, and very aggressively. And it turned me on! And then I was sucking like crazy, like my life depended on it, and really starting to lose focus on them and focus more on what I was doing, and how it felt in my mouth, and the deeper it went in, how to breathe, which started becoming quite a challenge. And when he was deep in, his balls started slapping me in the chin, and that’s when I heard them again, very loudly. That got them all excited, and for some reason me too, and I started licking and sucking his balls, and it’s like I was this crazy hungry animal, and I went at it like there was no tomrrow. Oh my god. When I close my tired eyes right now, I can see it right in front of me, and I can still smell and taste all the smells and tastes. I don’ t know if able to sleep tonight. I’m still all wired, which is why this has turned into a way longer email than I thought it would be.

Marti, how did you know? How did you know I’d do it? And like it? And that it would be a woman who would get me to do it? You were even right about the big finish. And you knew they (or she) would call me names, and the exact names you said, and they even made comments about my lips, the same comments you Çıtır Escort made when you said “You’re a natural. Those lips were made for it. I guarantee.” I thought you were messing with me. That was so long ago, I wonder if you ever wondered if it happened. But how did you know, or were you just teasing me? Maybe you’re like they are, and like the teasing? Marti, those names and things they cheered are in my head right now, and when I hear them it drives me crazy. How did you know? I should have hated hearing those words, but they make me tingle as much as I did when I first saw it staring me in the face before I sucked it.

What was it? You would laugh when I said women would tell me I have very kissable lips. You would say that’s not what they’re made for. Was it just that, or what was it?

OK, this is me obviously admitting you were right. But you have to tell me, Marti, how did you know??

Catch me up. Are you still planning to go to Europe next year? And how’s your family? I was careful not to use words that trigger the people at your job to look into your email, Marti, because I know certain words are flagged by the IT people where you work. I hope this was discreet enough that no one else will see this.

I think I’m goiing to see if I can sleep now.

Sent from my iPhone.


So, I hit Send and fell asleep. And the next day, I woke up late, and I realized I had a dental appointment in less than two hours. I got ready and drove to the dentist’s office. It’s on the same block as my workplace, so I know the whole staff not only from being a regular patient, but also because I see the women who work there on their coffee break at the cafe on the same street.

The woman who greets patients is always on top of the schedule for the day, so she has the list of appointments on her computer and always greets patients by name. On this day, she was especially enthusiastic when she said, “Hi James,” and she had the strangest smile on her face. I wondered what the reason was for that look.

When the hygienist came out to the lobby to get me, it was the same thing: animated greeting, big grin, and even a glance over at the receptionist, as if they shared some inside information together that they were being careful to conceal. “Hiii, James,” she said, “come on back.” And so I followed her to the chair. On any other day, the usual chit-chat would have lasted only about 30 seconds before she started her work, but this time she seemed unusually interested in my life. “Anything exciting going on in your world?” she asked, beaming as if she already knew the answer. I could feel myself starting to get warm, and maybe a bead or two of sweat popping onto my face.

In the next 30 minutes, there was a parade of women who came by to say hello – the other hygienists, a few specialists, interns doing a rotation at the dentist’s office, and even a couple of saleswomen from the dental supply company that serves the dentist. There must have been ten women who poked their head in to say hi, some at me, some at the hygienist, and they all had the same goofy grin on their face.

At one point, the hygienist put a device in my mouth to stretch it wide so she could do some work in hard-to-reach places, and she apologized for having to leave it there for so long. “But,” she said, “this will also show you that you can open your mouth wider than you think, so you can relax anytime you have to open up nice and big, and not worry about whether your mouth is big enough or not.”

Okay, I know I blushed like crazy at that point, and she made eye contact with me, and for a few seconds, I felt a rush go through my body, and then she smiled and said, “Didn’t you tell me you always thought your mouth was kind of small, like the last time I did work on you? And I told you that it’s bigger than average? Remember? I even told you Demetevler Escort that your tongue is bigger than most, and of course … wait, did I mention your lips? Nice, full lips. But yeah, James, your mouth is big enough and then some. Don’t worry. Relax. I’m going to keep it in there a little longer than normal, just so you realize how big you’re capable of opening that mouth when you really need … or WANT to!”

This time my face was burning from the heat of my blush. Something’s going on here, I thought. It’s like they’re all in on it. No, they couldn’t be. It’s all coincidence, I told myself. You’re just embarrassed and feeling guilty about last night. They don’t know. How could they? Calm down, James.

“Your chart says you have a lot of anxiety about this,” she said. “That’s why Dr. Lawrence wants me to work with you on this, so you won’t have so much trouble and you’ll stop worrying when you have to open wide. I can tell it causes you stress.”

When it was time for the dentist to come in, I had seen every woman who worked there, and each left the impression that she somehow knew. I know you’ll think I was projecting a bit, given that I didn’t know what was to happen next, but it just seemed too much to be coincidence. So when the dentist came in, wearing the biggest grin of all, I nearly lost it, tilted back in the chair and feeling more vulnerable than I’d ever felt in it.

“Oooh, look at that mouth stretched open nice and big,” she said. “Sarah is going to get you trained yet, James. See how big your mouth can be when necessary? She told you, didn’t she?”

The rest is a blur. What she may have done or side while checking my teeth, I don’t remember, because it’s what happened after that that’s stayed with me ever since. She got up and started making notes in her chart, but instead of telling me I could sit up and rinse, she kept me reclined while she scribbled and talked to me.

“Everything looks good, James,” she said. “I’m tempted to say we don’t need you back here for another six months, but I think to get through that psychological barrier you have, I’d like to have Sarah open that mouth of yours up again and really show you how you can stretch it wide. You’ll get over your anxieties, which I know you’ve had for some time. It’s in your previous charts. Let’s get you back in here in a couple of weeks and see if Sarah can get you to open even wider, and for even longer. You’d be amazed at how your mouth can do what you never imagined it could do, James. Once you realize that, you’ll relax and not worry, and it’ll make all the difference. Will you trust us?”

I said yes, but I could feel myself trembling. From the moment I walked into that office, it felt like something was up, and this was more of the same.

Then, she came over to the chair, leaned in a bit and whispered softly, “You’ve got an amazing mouth, James, and it’s just going to get more amazing from now on, and not just for you.”

She looked at me, studying my reaction. She knew I was having trouble comprehending what was going on.

“Send that email to Marti again, James,” she said. “But this time, make sure it goes to Marti.”

She smiled. And I blushed, as a look of horror quickly spread across my face.

“She deserves to know, after all,” Dr. Lawrence said. “She called it, didn’t she?”

I was still shaken. “But …”

“Oh,” the dentist said. “You don’t remember my first name, do you. It’s Maria. Really very close to Marti, wouldn’t you say?”

And she smiled the biggest smile of the day.

“It’s okay, James,” she said. “The best part of my day was reading that email with my coffee. I even called my husband and read it to him. And I’m pretty sure Amy up front liked it. You know she reads all my email before deciding whether any of it needs forwarding it to me, right?”

I was speechless. But she wasn’t finished.

“Oh, and I don’t think you’re going to have trouble finding another eager audience for next time, if you need one,” she said, glancing out into the hallway and then looking back at me.

“Oh, can I guess one of the words?”

And then she mouthed “cocksucker” so quietly I could hear my heart pounding.

“See you in a few weeks, James. Don’t forget to rinse.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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