Fishing Club Ch. 01

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The Fishing Club – 1

I walked into the backyard after returning home from work. My sister Jill sat at the picnic table with her boyfriend Mark, and Hank, a mutual friend. I walked over and said, “Hi.”

“Hey, Josh, how was work today?” my sister said.

“It was okay. We started working on a new house today,” I replied.

I worked for my father’s construction company. When I graduated from high school two years ago, my dad put me to work. The work was enjoyable, and I was learning how to do many things.

“How was school?” I asked.

“Same as always. I can’t wait until I graduate this spring,” Jill said.

“Are you still planning to work for your dad?” Mark said.

“Yes, Dad said I would work in the office with my mom. Personally, I would rather work in the field. Office work sounds boring,” Jill said.

“Maybe after you start working for your dad, you can put in a good word for Hank and me. Working at the factory sucks,” Mark said.

When I sat at the picnic table across from Mark and Jill, Hank reached under the table and handed me a beer. I popped the top, took a swig, and thanked Hank.

Mark and Hank were best friends. They were twenty-one, three years older than my sister. Jill went to school with Mark’s sister, Amy, and met Mark when she went to a party at Hank’s house. Jill and Mark began dating and had been together for about six months.

“I can talk to my dad for you guys. Things get busy in the spring,” I said.

“Thanks, but Hank and I don’t know anything about construction,” Mark said.

Nodding, I said, “You can learn as you go. Dad will need laborers for the projects. He provided on-the-job training. When I started, I didn’t know shit,” I said.

Hugging Mark’s arm, Jill said, “You should try, sweetie. If you get a job with Dad, you won’t have to work the afternoon shift. We would be able to go out more often.”

“I’m in as long as I can make as much as we make at the factory. I have a boat payment I have to make every month,” Hank said.

“I think Dad starts laborers at eighteen dollars an hour, plus benefits,” I said. “As you learn, you make more money. We have to work ten-hour days and on Saturday once in a while.”

Mark and Hank looked at each other and smiled. “Getting a job with your dad would be great. We’d make a lot more than we do at the factory,” Mark said.

We talked for a little longer. I explained what the laborers did on the job. Mark and Hank said they were interested. Mark said he and Hank had to leave and go to work.

While we ate dinner, I brought up Mark and Hank’s idea of working for the construction company. Jill told Dad she would appreciate it if he would consider hiring them.

“I’ll think about it. You know how I feel about hiring friends,” Dad said.

“What if you and Mark break up? Wouldn’t it cause problems?” Mom asked my sister.

“No, I don’t think it would cause any problems, Mom. We’re not little kids,” Jill said.

“As I said, I’ll think about it. We do need more workers. I just landed a contract for one-hundred-forty houses in a new subdivision,” Dad said.

After dinner, Jill and I cleared the table. We put the dishes in the dishwasher, and I washed the pans while my sister dried.

“Thanks for asking Dad about jobs for Mark and Hank,” Jill said.

“No problem, Jill. I like Mark and Hank. I hope Mark treats you well,” I said.

Chuckling, Jill said, “Does he ever.”

I laughed and said, “As long as you’re happy, I’m good with it.”

We finished the pans and put them away. My sister hugged me, pressing her full breasts against my chest. She kissed my cheek and said, “You’re the best big brother ever.”

Jill and I joined our parents in the family room to watch television. After an hour, my sister left the room, returning in a pair of terrycloth shorts and a tank-top. As she walked into the room, I watched her breasts wobble. She leaned over to grab a throw from the bottom of the coffee table, pointing her butt at me when she did. I decided it was a good time to leave and went to shower and change.

We watched the news to see what the weather was going to be like the next day. Dad always checked so he would have an idea of what to expect. Rain could put a damper on construction.

After the news, we all went to bed. I had to get up at six to be at work by seven o’clock. Lying in bed, I thought about offering to talk to my dad about jobs for Mark and Hank. While I didn’t think so, it could be an issue if Jill and Mark had a falling out.

Two days later, Dad visited the job site where I was working. He took me aside and told me to have Mark and Hank apply for jobs. I nodded and thanked him.

When I arrived home, I went into the house. Jill and Mark were on the couch, making out. When I cleared my throat, my sister pulled her top down, concealing her breasts. She grabbed her bra from the floor and sat on it.

“Oops, we didn’t hear you come in,” Jill said as she smirked.

“I talked to Dad today. He told me to have you and Hank stop at the office and altıparmak escort fill out applications,” I said to an embarrassed Mark.

“Really? That’s great. Hank and I will go tomorrow morning,” Mark said.

Jill jumped up, put her arms around my neck, and said, “Thanks, Josh.”

“Hey, I only asked. Now it’s up to Mark and Hank. My dad requires hard work from his employees,” I said.

“He’ll get it from me,” Mark said. “I know Hank will work hard too. Thanks a million, Josh.”

Glancing at the couch, I saw my sister’s bra. I chuckled and said, “You might want to put your bra away before Mom and Dad get home.”

Laughing, Jill released me, grabbed her bra, and headed for the bathroom. She returned a few minutes later and smiled at me.

I went upstairs to shower and change. While washing, I thought about seeing my sister’s full breasts. Jill had never been a modest girl. I had seen her in her underwear many times. In the summer, she wore skimpy bikinis when she was out by our pool.

While the sight of a girl’s breasts should have excited me, seeing my sister’s tits didn’t. For the past few years, I’d struggled with my sexuality. I dated a few girls and wasn’t a virgin, but I never became overly excited either.

When I was still in high school, a friend and I masturbated together. We had fun jacking each other off but never took it any further. I often wondered if I would have given the opportunity. Bob moved away, ending my male on male activities. When I started dating, the girls I went out with kept my libido in check. My last girlfriend loved sex and was willing to do almost anything. We were getting serious until she left for college in another state. Sally and I kept in touch, but she told me she had a boyfriend the last time she was home. It didn’t stop us from getting together for one last fling.

The last time I saw Sally was almost two years ago. Since then, I went out on a couple of casual dates, but nothing sexual ever developed.

Two weeks later, Hank and Mark started working for Dad. They were on a different job site, learning the ins and outs. The night after their first day of work, they stopped by to thank me. I told them I didn’t do anything other than mention them to my dad.

By the end of April, Dad told me Hank and Mark were doing well. He said they worked hard, didn’t complain, and showed up on time every day.

“Hey, Josh, Hank is having a party this Saturday. Would you like to go?” Jill said as we washed the evening dishes.

“Sure, it’s not as if I have anything else to do,” I said. “How many people are going to be there?”

“Mark said there would be about ten or fifteen people there. It’s a group of their friends,” Jill said.

“How many of them do you know?” I said.

“I know a few of their friends. Hank’s sister, Amy, is a friend of mine from school. She introduced me to Mark,” Jill said, and then she smiled. “There will be beer. Hank’s parents are in Florida for the winter.”

“We should take a cab if we’re going to drink,” I said.

Shaking her head, Jill said, “Hank’s house is only three blocks away. We can walk.”

After we ate on Saturday night, Jill told me it was time to leave. When I asked her why we were going so early, she said she agreed to help get things set up. My sister and I went upstairs to our rooms. I took a shower and then dressed in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. As I was tying my shoes, Jill came into my room.

Looking up, I noticed my sister was wearing her underwear. She took a look at me, smiled, and said, “Cool, I wanted to make sure you didn’t wear something lame.”

“I like your outfit. Do you think it may be a little chilly?” I said.

“I haven’t finished getting dressed, dickhead,” Jill said as she left my room.

Jill came downstairs wearing a pair of yoga pants and a tight sweater. She smiled at me and said, “Is this better?”

“No, it’s not better, but I think you’ll be warmer,” I said.

Jill nudged me and laughed. “You’re such a pervert.”

“What can I say. I like seeing sexy girls in their undies,” I replied.

“If you don’t want Josh to see your underwear, put on a robe,” Mom said.

“Look at the pot calling the kettle black. You’re no better than your daughter,” Dad said.

“That’s enough out of you, Dave,” Mom said, and then she laughed.

“Hey, if the shoe fits, Marge,” Dad said.

Like my sister, my parents weren’t concerned with modesty. It wasn’t uncommon to see Mom in her underwear or Dad in his boxers. I was comfortable walking around the house in my boxer briefs. I guess when it’s something you see all the time, it becomes natural.

Jill and I grabbed jackets and left for the party. As we walked, she talked about her plans to work for our dad. When Jill said, she would rather work in the field than the office. I said she would have to talk to Dad.

When we arrived at Hank’s house, Jill walked in without knocking. We found Mark and Hank in the kitchen, putting munchies into plastic bowls. My sister grabbed bursa anal yapan escort my arm, led me to a girl sitting at the table, and introduced me.

“Amy, this is my brother, Josh. Josh, this is Amy, Hank’s sister,” Jill said.

“Hi, Amy, nice to meet you,” I said.

When Amy stood up, I noticed she was built a lot like Jill. Her hips were wide, her waist narrow, and her breasts looked large. Amy wore her black hair long, where Jill’s brown hair was shoulder length.

“Are you ready for a beer?” Hank said.

“Sure, where are they?” I replied.

“We have a keg on the patio. Come outside, and I’ll get you one,” Hank said.

The three of us went outside and walked to the keg. Mark filled three red plastic cups, handing one to me.

“How do you like working for my dad?” I said.

“I love it. It’s the best job I’ve ever had,” Hank said. “I want to thank you again.”

Mark repeated what Hank said, telling me he was learning a lot of new things. I tried to be humble, nodding as they spoke.

I saw a boat on a trailer parked near the garage. Pointing, I said, “Is that your boat, Hank?”

“Yup, it sure is. Want to see it?” Hank said.

I said I did. We went over to the boat, and Hank and Mark removed the cover.

“She’s a twenty-foot Lund. We have it rigged for walleye fishing,” Hank said.

As we walked around the boat, Mark and Hank pointed out the rod lockers, fish holds, and the electronics. Hank said he didn’t have the tackle or rods in it yet.

“She has a one-hundred horsepower main motor and a nine and a half horsepower kicker. We use the kicker for trolling,” Hank said.

“Where do you go fishing?” I said.

“My Uncle Ted has a cabin on a lake up north. The lake is chock full of walleye, pike, bass, and panfish. We like to fish for walleye because of how good they are to eat. We fish for bass and pike for fun,” Hank said.

“Do you fish, Josh?” Mark asked me.

Shaking my head, I said, “I’ve never been fishing. It sounds like fun.”

“You should come with us. Mark and I plan to go up for the walleye opener in two weeks,” Hank said.

“I don’t know anything about fishing, and I don’t have any tackle,” I said.

“Two weeks ago, I knew nothing about construction. Today, I helped set trusses for a roof. Just like our jobs, we learn by doing. As far as tackle, Hank and I have everything we need,” Mark said.

“Thanks, I’ll think about it,” I said.

“We plan to ask our foreman if we can leave at noon on Friday. It takes about three hours to get there, and we like to get things set up before dark,” Hank said.

Several people arrived and were getting cups of beer. Mark and Hank put the cover on the boat, and then we went to greet the guests. When we reached the keg, Mark filled my plastic cup.

I found a chair on the edge of the patio and sat down. Sipping my beer, I thought about the invitation to go fishing. It sounded like fun and something I’d like to try.

My sister came over and sat next to me. She smiled and said, “How are you doing?”

“Good, Jill. Hank and Mark are trying to talk me into going on a fishing trip,” I said.

“Are you going?” Jill said.

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I don’t know yet. It does sound fun.”

“You should go, Josh. Mark and Hank like you and said they’d like to get to know you better,” Jill said. “It wouldn’t hurt for you to make new friends.”

“I’m fine. Are you sure you wouldn’t mind if I went fishing with your boyfriend?” I said.

“No, not at all. Look, Josh, Mark is my boyfriend, but we’re not heading for the church. We have common interests and get along,” Jill said.

Nudging my sister, I said, “I remember seeing you two sharing one of your common interests.”

Giggling, Jill said, “If you had come home twenty minutes later, you’d have seen a lot more.”

“What I saw was amazing,” I said.

“My pervert brother liked seeing my tits?” Jill said.

“Who wouldn’t?” I laughed and said, “You don’t think I’m a pervert, do you?”

“No. Do you want to know how big my tits are?” Jill said.

“You wear a thirty-four D bra,” I said with a grin.

“Maybe you are a pervert. Have you been checking my bras?” Jill said.

“I saw one hanging on the doorknob of the bathroom and checked the tag,” I confessed.

After we stopped laughing, Jill said, “You should talk to Amy. She said she thinks you’re cute.”

“Thanks for the heads up,” I replied.

We went to get more beer. I looked around and saw Amy talking to her brother. When I started walking toward them, Mark waved me over.

“I have to go check on the other guests. I’ll be back in a few minutes,” Mark said.

“This is a pretty good party,” Amy said.

“Yes, it’s nice to have a few beers with friends. Although, I don’t know many of these people,” I said.

Amy and I stood near each other, listening to the music and sipping our beers. A girl came over and started talking to Amy. I watched the two girls whispering bursa bayan escort back and forth for a moment, then Amy excused herself.

I went into the house to get something to eat. While munching on snacks, I noticed Mark and my sister standing in a dark hallway, making out. After a moment, Hank came out of the bathroom and stood behind my sister. She looked back, smiled, and started kissing Mark again. Hank put his arms around Jill and began rubbing her breasts. I was a bit shocked when my sister turned her head and kissed Hank.

When they separated, I walked away so they wouldn’t know I saw them. Jill, Mark, and Hank were laughing and heading outside. I stood in the kitchen, trying to sort out what I witnessed. My mind wandered as I thought the relationship between my sister, Mark, and Hank wasn’t as I thought it was. Until then, I felt Jill and Mark were a couple. Now I wasn’t sure.

Jill smiled as she walked past me and headed outside. Mark and Hank came over, stood near me, and started talking about fishing. By the time we went out to get more beer, I had agreed to go fishing with them.

I watched my drinking and didn’t get drunk. Sitting outside, I watched the interactions between the couples at the party. Amy walked over, sat down, and smiled at me.

“You should ask me out one of these days,” Amy said.

Amy’s boldness surprised me. I’d never been asked out by a girl before. “I’d like to, Amy. What do you like to do?”

“I like many things, Josh. I enjoy going to the show, having dinner, taking walks, dancing, you know, the usual things two people do on a date,” Amy said.

“Those things sound fun, but I’m not much of a dancer,” I said.

Amy and I talked for about a half-hour. The more we shared, the more I liked her. The girls I’d dated in the past were slimmer but shallow. Amy was curvey, smart, and funny.

The party began breaking up at one in the morning. I told Amy I would call her and we’d go out. She shocked me with a tender kiss. I found Jill with Mark. When I asked if she was ready to go, she said she was. We walked around, telling everyone we knew goodbye before leaving.

As my sister and I walked home, I said, “So, what’s the deal with you, Mark, and Hank?”

Jill had more to drink than me and was on the verge of being drunk. She bumped against my side and giggled.

“The three of us are good friends.” Jill giggled again. “I saw you watching us earlier.”

Nodding, I said, “Yeah, so, what’s the deal? Are you and Mark a couple?”

“Yes, but not exclusively.”

“What do you mean, Jill?” I asked.

“Let’s just say the three of us are very good friends.” Jill stopped walking and turned to me. “Josh, I’m eighteen and old enough to decide what I want to do. When I met Mark and Hank, I went out with each of them a few times. I realized I was starting to come between them, so I suggested we all go out together. We did, and the three of us have been together since then.”

We started walking again. I thought about what Jill said and wondered about the relationship between the three of them.

Jill put her arm around my waist, giggled, and said, “I know what you’re thinking, Josh. Listen, I’m not a slut, but I like Mark and Hank equally. After the first time the three of us got together, we all decided we were okay with it. We decided Mark would be my boyfriend in public. We didn’t want anyone to think we were weird because of our relationship.”

“If you’re happy, I’m cool with the relationship you three have.” I laughed. “It must be hard for you to keep two guys happy.”

Shaking her head and giggling, Jill said, “Not at all, Josh. I can’t believe I’m talking about my sex life with my big brother. Sometimes I go out with Mark, sometimes I go out with Hank, and sometimes the three of us get together. None of us get jealous or pissed off. If you ask me, our relationship is perfect.”

“Do you date any other guys?” I asked.

Laughing, Jill shook her head. “No, when would I have time? Mark and Hank aren’t dating anyone else either.” Bumping against my side, Jill said, “I keep them happy if you know what I mean.”

“Do Mom or Dad know?” I said.

“Mom does. She caught Hank and me fooling around once. When she asked, I told Mom the truth,” Jill said.

“What did she say?”

“Mom said it was a good thing I was on the pill. She told me it was up to me who I dated and what I did with them,” Jill said.

When we got home, I opened the door for my sister. We were quiet as we went up to our rooms. After saying goodnight, we went into our bedrooms. I stripped, got into bed, and thought about the conversation I had with my sister. The fact she was dating two guys, and the two men were best friends, was a bit weird. Her honesty wasn’t.

On the Friday we were to leave for the fishing trip, I left work at eleven. Over the past few days, I’d packed my clothes and bought a few things Mark and Hank suggested. At shortly after noon, Hank pulled in front of my house. I tossed my backpack and jacket in the back of the truck and got into the backseat. The three of us shook hands, and we were off.

On the way north, Mark and Hank explained how we’d be fishing for walleyes. We stopped and grabbed a sandwich and went shopping for food. Mark bought two cases of beer and a bottle of whiskey. We also went to a sporting goods store so I could buy a fishing license.

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