Fixing Neighbour’s Leak

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Fixing Neighbor’s Leak

It was a reasonably warm summers day, and having a rare day where I wasn’t at work and everyone else was out of the house, I decided to take a deckchair out and sit in the back garden for a while. I was listening to music on my phone, but decided not to put in headphones in case either the landline phone rang, or someone came to the house, so that I would hear them.

I’d been out for a while when I thought I heard a voice. I thought maybe someone had been ringing the doorbell and I hadn’t heard it after all, but then I realized it was coming from my neighbor’s house.

“Danny, can you hear me?” I heard her shout.

It was my neighbour Diana, and she was shouting out my name, although she sounded quite muffled. I leaned forward to pick my phone up from off the floor under the chair where I had put it, and turned the music off.

“Danny, please tell me you can hear me?” she cried out, she almost sounded like she was crying.

“Hey Diana, what’s the problem?” I shouted back.

“Help me please, I’ve just come back home and a pipe is leaking, it’s spraying water across the kitchen!”

“No problem, I can try and help. Is the front door open so I can get in the house to you?” I asked.

“No, but the back door is open if you can get over the fence.”

The fence between our gardens is about 6 feet high, so I quickly got a ladder from my shed and leaned it against one of the concrete posts so that I could scramble over. I went to the back door and twisted the handle, and stepped through into their kitchen. The sight as I stepped inside was both comedic and mesmerizing at the same time.

The leak was up by the ceiling, and was coming from a copper pipe. The comedic part was seeing Diana trying to catch the water in a measuring jug she had quickly picked up when she noticed the leak. Instead of taking a few seconds to pick a little bigger and more useful like the washing up bowl or a large saucepan, she had panicked and picked up the nearest available item.

The mesmerizing part was her outfit. She worked at a university as an administrator, so was dressed quite secretarial in a white blouse, black pencil skirt and black nylons. However, because the measuring jug was missing more leaking water than it was catching, I could already tell she was wearing a white lacy bra also, her now quite wet blouse not doing much to hide it.

“Have you turned the stopcock off?” I asked her.

“No, I’m not sure where it is and I was trying to stop the floor getting soaked” she cried.

I looked up at the leak and said “I’m going to need to stand on the worktops to reach the leak so I can see how bad it is, is that ok?”

“Yes” she said, “Use that towel over there to try to wrap around the pipe if you can.”

I took off my shoes as they were muddy, and climbed up onto the worktop. I had to bend my knees a little as my head was touching the ceiling. and tried putting my hands over the leak. All this did was stop it spraying outwards but instead the water started flowing down my arms. I pulled the pipe a little and there was hopefully enough gap to get the towel between the pipe and the wall, and then wrapped around the split in the pipe and stop it spraying out while we turned the water off. It took a few minutes of maneuvering the pipe while trying to not to make the split worse, but eventually it was wrapped by the towel. I stayed where I was to make Çankaya Escort sure the towel stayed put.

“Open the cupboard doors under the sink, the stopcock is usually somewhere at the back of there” I told Diana.

She opened the door and bent down to have a look in the cupboard. He skirt was quite tight so she had to pull it above her knees. She groaned as she knelt on the cold wet floor.

“I can’t see it; I’m going to have to get a few things out to look properly” she explained.

My mind wandered back to her wet clinging blouse and her lacy bra. I assumed her breasts weren’t what she was talking about getting out. I sighed louder than I wanted, and she asked if I’d said anything. I replied that I hadn’t, and I saw the top half of her body disappear into the cupboard. Only her perfect arse was visible now, the skirt like a second skin, and my thoughts went back to having a much better view of it (see Sunbathing Neighbour)

“Got it” she shouted, “Do I just turn it and it’s off?” she asked.

“Yes, and you’ll have to leave it off until a plumber comes out and mends or replaces the pipe” I answered.

She did so and I could feel the pipe wasn’t spraying anymore, so I twisted the towel to make sure it couldn’t slip down, and turned to look at Diana who had now removed herself from the cupboard and was standing in front of me. Her blouse was that wet now that not only could see her lacy bra, but also her big nipples were sticking out and threating to rip through the fabric.

“Thanks for coming to my rescue” she said, “Are you ok though, you look very red and flustered?”

“Well, I am having my own personal view of a wet t-shirt contest!” I blurted out

She glanced down out herself and gasped, then looked straight at me and said “It’s not too bad a view from here either.”

I took a second to realize she was staring at my crotch. I’d been wearing light grey cotton shorts, and coupled with the water that had run down my arms and body, and thinking about her sunbathing, were doing very little to conceal my semi erect penis.

She broke the slightly awkward silence with a giggle, and said” These are going to need drying even if they can’t be washed” and undid the buttons on her blouse and removed it, dropping it to the floor, and then reaching behind her she undid her bra and threw that onto her blouse. Her 36D breasts swung into view, and my cock very almost tore itself out of my shorts.

“These too” she giggled, and hooking them with both hands pulled down my shorts with one swift movement. Still stood on the worktop my cock almost sprang back and hit her on the face.

She threw my shorts behind her and grabbed hold of my cock. “It looks bigger than I remember, especially considering the cold water!” she laughed.

She started to stroke my cock all the while keeping eye contact with me. I closed my eyes and savored the moment, but just had I had become fully erect she loosened her grip on me. I snapped my eyes open to see her undoing the zip on her skirt, and twisting to face away from me she slid it down her legs, then keeping her legs straight she bent forward to pull the skirt from her ankles. She had been wearing hold up stockings with no suspender belt, and a white thong (No visible lines under the tight skirt then she explained later) but the most noticeable thing was she was wearing a buttplug!

The Keçiören Escort thong wasn’t doing much to disguise it, but without breaking pose she pulled the thong to one side and pulled her arse cheeks apart. The plug moved in and out a little and she groaned. When she stopped and stood up, the butt plug was barely visible.

“When did you put that in?” I asked.

“Dinnertime” she answered. “I made sure it couldn’t be seen under my skirt at home first, and decided to take it to work to see if I was brave enough to walk around and act as natural as possible with it in. It turned me on so much feeling it inside me as I walked around and nobody was any the wiser, I decided to leave it in. I’ve been to the toilet 3 times since to bring myself off!”

I was starting to get uncomfortable now so I moved to a sitting position on the work top. Diana moved forward and cupped my balls and rubbed her nipples against my shaft, then lowered her mouth to lick around the head. After a while she took my cock into her mouth, lowering it more and more each time, getting further and further down my shaft like she was desperate to try to fit it all in. Her rhythm got faster and faster, and I tweaked at her nipples until I gasped, I was going to come. I expected her to stop but she didn’t, instead clamping her mouth around my cock and wanking me quickly while licking the head. I erupted and she didn’t spill a drop.

When she knew I’d finished coming, she stepped back and licked around her lips, getting any spare juices and savoring the taste. She pulled down her thong and kicked it off her ankles, then she pulled herself onto the worktop beside me and spread her legs, and hands behind each knee while she leaned back against the wall. I didn’t need a second invitation and I pushed myself off the worktop, spun around and quickly started to lick her clit. She gasped loudly and grabbed the back of my head with one hand. I held her other leg up with my left hand, while using my right to insert a finger into her now dripping pussy. moving it in and out in rhythm with me licking her. She squirmed more and more, gasping very loudly, and put both hands behind her knees to spread herself even more. With a hand spare now I used to move the buttplug in and out of her arse, not enough to remove it but enough that combined with licking her clit and now having 3 fingers sliding in and out of her wetness, she shook violently and noisily as her orgasm ripped through her.

I watched her body tremble as I stepped back behind me and pulled out a dining chair to sit on. I sat gazing at her beautiful body, slightly dumbfounded at what had just happened. 30 minutes ago, I was sitting in my garden letting the day pass me by.

I was so deep in my thoughts I didn’t notice Diana slide off the work top and walk over to me, until I felt a brush of nylon against my thigh. She’d noticed my erection was back and straddled me, planting her feet either side of the chair and with one hand holding the back of the chair to steady herself, she used the other to guide my cock into her. She almost immediately sunk the entire eight inches into her, and then feeling herself so full, leaned forwards and thrust her tongue into my mouth. We kissed energetically as she rode me quicker and quicker, he grabbed at her breasts and played with her nipples some more, and she threw her head back in pleasure. I Etimesgut Escort pulled her breasts up to my mouth and licked each nipple in turn.

After a while Diana moved her hand down and rubbed at her clit, and another orgasm hit her. She clamped down fully on my cock while she convulsed, then when she’d relaxed, she stood up and turned to face the other way, and straddled me again.

She started to ride me again, slower this time, enjoying the feeling of my cock inside her, while I reached around her and played with her breasts. After a while she leaned forward as much as possible, her beautiful arse and that butt plug were now staring at me as she rocked backwards and forwards on me. I started pulling on the buttplug again while she rode me, but I pulled a little too hard and it came out. She groaned as it left her body, and I groaned as I watched her arsehole very slowly start to contract. I realized then that the plug had been in her body for a few hours now. I started to tease her by pushing the plug back into her, but stopping just before it actually went right in. Instead, I dropped the plug on the floor and pushed 2 fingers into her arse. She squealed loudly with pleasure, and started to ride me faster, me holding my hand still so she rode my cock and fingers simultaneously.

She stopped after a while and stood up, my cock glistening in juices as it came out of her pussy. She dropped to the floor on all fours, looked back at me over her shoulder, and said “Fuck my arse”

I barely gave her chance to finish asking as I knelt behind her and lined my cock up with her arsehole. I rubbed the head along the opening, teasing her, and she cried at me to fill her up. I rubbed her pussy with a couple of fingers, and used this to lube her arse. I put my cock back to the opening and pushed forward slowly. Although she’d been plugged for a few hours, her arsehole was still very tight. I pushed into her a couple of times, getting no more than the helmet inside her, each time withdrawing and sticking my cock into her pussy to get my cock as slippy as possible.

At the third time of asking my cock went further into her arse, I stopped at about halfway to gauge her reaction, which was to push back onto me. She enveloped my entire cock and squealed loudly. I settled for a few seconds with my cock in place, then started to thrust in an out, slowly at first but then building up the pace.

I knew I was getting close to coming now, I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer, and told her so. “Come in my arse, I want to know what he feels like” she said between gasps of pleasure. Her hand went down to her clit and as she started rubbing, I could feel her body start to shake again. The start of her orgasm tipped me over the edge and I started to come myself, ribbon after ribbon of my hot semen gushing into and filling her arse. Diana came so hard she collapsed flat to the floor, my cock sliding out of her arse much easier than I expected it to. She lay in front of me spreadeagled face down, her arse and pussy a beautiful mixture of juices, her face contorted with a very happy grin.

After a few minutes of just sitting there and staring at each other in silence, each of us basking in what had just happened, she glanced up at the clock and told me I needed to leave soon before her hubby or kids got home. I got up and grabbed some kitchen towel to clean up a little, and got dressed. I went to go out of the back door but not before Diana gave my cock another playful squeeze through my shorts, kissed me and said “That’s the first time I’ve ever had anal sex. I always wanted too and have experimented with dildos, but hubby doesn’t like the thought of it so refuses. Thanks for coming around to help with the leak.”

“It was absolutely my pleasure” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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