Footwear Fantasies Ch. 02

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James was three months into his new job. As the sole IT guy in the office and the mountain of spares and cables he ended up with a nice little office with a good view out the window and he could see who was coming past with the offices all having clear glass walls. They were frosted in the middle because apparently people were walking into the window instead of through the door!

James would get in the office nice and early, usually before anyone else. It would give him time to see to any requested jobs to change monitors or keyboards and things before the requesters got in. It also meant he could be sat at his desk in good time for when the boss lady arrived. She had her own office at the end of the hall and would pass James’ office on her way.

With his freshly made coffee on his desk, he began flicking through his emails to check if there were any new job requests. Checking his watch he realised it was nearly time Lisa, his boss, would arrive. “I wonder what shoes she will have on today,” James thought to himself, “weathers getting warmer but it is chilly today. Boots?” He pondered. Just as his mind drifted away to array of footwear Lisa had come to work in he heard some voices. Sounded like some of the other staff had arrived. The peace was shattered!

Within five minutes he heard the unmistakable sound of a shoe heel tapping down the floor as somebody walked. Straightening up in his chair he redied himself. The horny feeling he got from the anticipation of this brief encounter with a woman in heels reached its peak. James saw Lisa strutting down the office with confidence, the sound of her heels on the floor was music to his ears. The anticipation peaked as Lisa’s leading foot came into view. “Oh I’ve not seen these before,” James uttered to himself as he looked on at Lisa’s black leather stilettos. With a pointed toe, bow detail and a D’Orsay design they were amazing. They really went with the knee length pencil skirt and white fitted blouse she had on. The outfit showed off her sexy curvy figure.

His eyes followed Lisa’s shoes as he got as much of a look at them as he could. The fact he could see the sexy arch of her foot nearly tipped him over the edge. As quick as she appreared she was gone. James’ mind was going wild over those shoes. He couldn’t stop thinking about them. He got his phone out and started searching their features on the internet to try and find where they came from. It brought back a slight bit of the feeling he got from seeing them being worn. Before he knew it, 20 minutes had past since he started searching. Looking up at his computer he had new emails, all work! “Suppose I should do some work,” he thought to himself.

Reading his emails, he added them to his list on his pad of paper. Standing Bayan Escort Gaziantep up to go search for a wire someone was after another email came through, from Lisa. “Hmm I’ll look at this first,” he said aloud. Opening the email and scanning it his heart started pounding. She was having problem with her printer, it wasn’t connecting. Immediately James headed to her office. It was at the end of the corridor, the only office with blinds.

Approaching her office James could see through the open blinds, Lisa was walking about as she was on the phone. He got split seconds views of the shoes.

Approaching the door he knocked and waited. Within a few seconds the door opened and Lisa smiled at him gesturing him to come in. “Ok, the IT guy is here, I’ll call you back later. Bye,” she said as she headed back to her desk. “Sorry about that.”

“No problem,” James said with a smile. “Issue with your printer?”

“Yes, it just won’t connect, I’ve tried all sorts,” she said as she sat her desk, her bottom half concealed by the panel on the back of the desk. Blocking James’ view of Lisa’s sexy shoes.

“Ok, let’s take a look,” he said approaching her desk to get access to her laptop. “I know you said you’ve checked them but honestly the amount of times it seems to be plugged in and it isn’t. Start with the simple things!”

“You’re the expert,” she said with a smile as she slid her chair out of the way so James could check her laptop.

“Well that’s in fine,” he said as he checked her network cable. Managing to sneak a sideways glance at her shoes in the process. They were even better up close.

“Ok, next thing. The printer,” he said standing up and going round to the printer. “Hmm, you know it’s not turned on don’t you?”

“Yes! I’ll take a little credit,” Lisa replied laughing.

“Not that then!” James laughed. “Ah heres the problem. Network cable isn’t quite in properly.” There was an auditable click as it seated properly. “Try that,” he said as he headed round to stand next to Lisa as she had slid towards her laptop again.

A few clicks and suddenly the printer jumped into life. “Ah! you star! Thank you James!”

“No problem, anytime.” James said with a smile as he walked towards the door.

“Oh wait a minute, this doesn’t look right,” Lisa said as James reached for the door handle.

Turning around, “what’s the problem, run out of ink?”

“Not sure it kind of looks like a big smudge!”

“That doesn’t sound good,” James said laughing. Taking one look at the printing, “ah yeah. Seen this a few times with these older printers. I think I have a spare, newer one in my office if you want me to install it?”

“That would be amazing thank you. I need to print these and get them in the post as soon as I can.”

“I’ll go fetch it now.” James said as he turned round. “In fact I’ll take this one out now if that’s ok?”

“Yeah go for it.”

“Cool. Ta,” James said as he approached Lisa’s desk again. Heading round to where she was sat James looked at her shoes quickly again. “I’ll need to go under the desk when I’ve unplugged everything.”

“No problem,” Lisa responded, sliding her chair back under her desk as James started to unplug the wires in the back of the printer on the desk.

“I’ll be as quick as I can,” James said as he walked around the desk and knelt down beside Lisa. She slid her chair backwards so James could get under the desk.

Lisa had took her shoes off and they were exactly where James needed to be. He didn’t know where to look, or what to do!

“Erm. Can I move your shoes, I need to open that panel there,” he said pointing.

“Sorry. Yes, feel free to move them,” Lisa responded with a sexy glint in her eye.

James hand moved towards the shoes. His finger tips felt like they got a little shock when they came into contact with the leather of the shoe. Slipping his index finger into one and his middle into the other, placing his thumb over the back he picked them up. He had a semi on by this point. With all his being he wanted to smell them. He turned to put them next to Lisa. As he put them down she placed her warm foot on his forearm. He looked at her perfectly manicured foot and then to her eyes. They’re eyes locked and Lisa ran her foot up James’ arm. He ran his hand from her calf to her ankle and brought her foot his face. He marvelled at her red nail polish before kissing her foot.

“Suck my toe,” Lisa demanded.

Without a second thought James sucked Lisa’s big toe. He was strangely turned on. Not having a thing for feet it didn’t usually do anything for him but since it was being demanded it got his dick hard. He began kissing her foot again.

“Shit someone is coming, get under the desk!” Lisa demanded.

James shifted to sit under the desk. He stretched his legs out and Lisa put her feet of his crotch. The visitor knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Lisa shouted.

The person entered her office. Lisa rubbed her foot firmly on James’ hard cock. He was trying not to make a noise. Looking round he saw her shoes. “Fuck it,” he thought to himself as he reached over to grab them.

“Did you get your printer sorted?” The visitor asked.

“I’m just in the process of getting it sorted, trying not to rub the IT guy up the wrong way!” Lisa joked.

Meanwhile James was in a world of his own under the desk. Looking at the shoes in his hands he raised them to his face. He took a deep, quiet, intake of breath through his nose to smell the inner sole of the shoe. He could smell the leather and the scent of Lisa’s foot. His cock was like a tap with the amount of pre cum he was producing.

“Ha, yeah he seems a good person to stay on the right side of,” replied the visitor. Completely unaware of the fact the ‘IT guy’ was currently under the bosses desk getting a foot job of sorts. “Do you want me to print anything for you?” They continued.

“Erm, no thanks. Think he’s gone looking for a spare.” Lisa said with a smile.

“Oh ok. Well I best go dial into this meeting, I’ll speak to you on that,” the visitor said as they headed for the door.

“Ok, speak to you soon,” Lisa replied with a smile.

James meanwhile was still smelling Lisa’s shoe and had his hand on the top of her foot, applying pressure whilst she rubbed her foot over his cock as it bulged through his trousers.

“Right you, where were we,” she said without moving her chair. “Where are my shoes?”

“I’ve got them here,” James said with a sheepish tone.

“Good. Now I suggest point your cock into the toe of my shoe,” Lisa said in a sexy tone.

James didn’t know what to say. Instead he just quickly unzipped his trousers and pulled his hard cock from his boxers. Taking one of her shoes he did as he was told and pointed his cock into the toe of the shoe. Lisa proceeded to rub her foot on his cock. James could feel the soft leather on his cock and the softness of Lisa’s foot at the same time.

“Shit,” he mumbled as his eyes rolled back. “I’m gonna. Fuck,” he said as he pulled the other shoe to his nose and began inhaling. Seconds later his cock exploded cum into her shoe. “Ooh!” James moaned as he filled her shoe.

Lisa rubbed her foot on his softening cock. “Clean my foot please,” She said moving her foot up. James could see pre cum and cum glistening on her foot, without a hesitation he licked it all off.

Sliding her chair back to allow James to come out, “thank you. Now pass my shoe please.” James was still knelt down in front of Lisa and grabbed her shoe to pass it. “Now, if I didn’t have this call to be on, you’d be finishing me off right now, but we don’t have time, so rain check!” As she finished her sentence she brought her shoe to her mouth and tilted it to get the cum to run out into her mouth. James watched with his mouth agape.

Once she had it all in her mouth she put her shoe back on her foot and grabbed James by the chest of his shirt and pulled him towards her. She kissed him deeply and their tongues collided, James warm cum moving between their mouths as they kissed.

Lisa pulled away, “That was hot! Until next time.”

Still speechless James blurted out, “I’ll go get your printer!” And immediately regretted that being his first sentence!

Lisa burst into laughter, she knew she had blown his mind!

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