For Her Viewing Pleasure

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Big Cock

I tie your hands and feet to the bed and place three pillows under your head so that it’s propped up to watch me.

I take off all my clothes and then I straddle your chest. Next I take the scented oil and pour it all over my semierect cock and balls, then over your bare chest and nipples.

Now I take my cock in my hand and rub the oil all over it so that it glistens in the candle light. As my fingers slide all over it, I watch your eyes as they devour what I’m doing.

I rise up a bit off you so that my balls are just on your oiled skin and I rub my balls all over your breasts. Your whimpering just makes me hotter.

Now I push my very hard cock down close to your face and ask if you want it. You growl at me and call me all sorts of nasty names for teasing you like this and vow to get even… soon.

I smile and sit back Bahçelievler escort bayan and begin my stroking.

Slowly at first with long slides up and down the shaft, my wrist twisting my fist as it covers and uncovers the fat head.

“Oh yeah, you like that don’t you baby”

After a bit I stop at the base and squeeze very very tight, then I pull my fist slowly to the top and stop just below the head.

Just then a pearly drop of precum appears at the tip. I push my cock down and wipe that drop on your lower lip as your head rises to meet me.

You lick that drop like it’s the sweetest of ambrosia and strain against your bounds seeking release.

Now I begin to truly fuck my fist for your pleasure.

My fingers slide up and down the rigid shaft, stopping occasionally Escort Bahçeşehir to pay closer attention to the sensitive underside of the head.

It feels soo good.

I watch your eyes as I stoke and they are mesmerized by the sight of my cock as my fist slides up and down its oily length. I become transfixed by your hunger and my hand begins moving faster.

As I feel my cum welling up deep inside, I see you watching my face now, seeing it contort in sweet agony.

With my free hand I reach back and slide my slick finger over your swollen clit and you arch your back lifting me higher.

Our eyes meet as one hand pumps my cock and the other caresses your swollen throbbing clit. I feel my cum approach and I slow down so I can catch you up.

You start to moan and beg me once more Bakırköy escort to free you, but I don’t care, as I just want to watch your face as I caress your clit. Up one side and down the other my middle finger travels, stopping occasionally to flick on the tip.

Soon I can tell my finger is getting to you, because your eyes are beginning to glaze over and your breath quickens.

Now I resume pumping my cock in earnest as I feel my own orgasm returning.

Soon your body begins to spasm and that’s all my cock needs as I feel my cum start to rise.

With my fingers very tight around my cock and pumping so hard my fist makes a slapping sound as it hits the base, my mouth opens in a silent scream as my orgasm begins.

Just then a long, thin, white rope of cum shoots out and across your cheek, landing in your hair and on the head board behind.

Then another…..and another….

This triggers your own cum as your back arches while my finger presses directly against your clit as the sensations surge through you. Wave after wave of intense pleasures engulf us…..

…until at last I collapse atop you.

Spent and satisfied!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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