Forbidden Ch. 01

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Chapter I — The Beginning

Jill Jensen had a nice home at the end of the circle on Maple Street. She lived alone, next door to her best friend, Connie Evans, and her son, Tommy. Standing 5’9″, Jill had sandy brown hair and a body that had all the right curves in all the right places. She was proud of the shape she was in and worked out regularly to stay that way. She and Connie were good friends, frequently getting together for shopping, dinners, and movies. At 33 years of age, Jill was 5 years junior to Connie.

She’d married at the age of twenty-two, but the marriage hadn’t worked out and they’d divorced after three years. Since then she’d concentrated on her job at the advertising agency, rising to the level of senior account executive. She made good money and lived comfortably. She dated occasionally, but there was never anyone special, no one she would change her life for.

At one of her frequent outings with Connie, Jill mentioned that she was planning a backyard project. She’d gotten proposals and quotes from various professional landscapers, but the quotes were ridiculously high. Connie mentioned that Tommy might be willing to do the job for her and would certainly charge less then those other crooks.

Later that evening Connie discussed the idea with Tommy. He agreed, saying he could start the following Saturday.

* * *

It had taken nearly the entire day for Tommy to clean up the back corner of Miss Jensen’s yard, pick up the rocks and shrubs from the garden center, and plant the shrubs. Tomorrow he’d return and arrange the rocks, plant some flowers and clean things up. It looked good and Tommy was definitely pleased.

At eighteen years of age, Tommy stood 6’2” tall and weighed in at a solid 190 pounds. He had curly brown hair and was the reason his mom had married at such a young age.

After his parents divorced, Connie went back to her maiden name while Tommy kept his father’s name, Henderson. After the divorce, his father left town and hadn’t returned. Tommy would get the occasional birthday or Christmas card from him, always from somewhere different, but those only seemed to increase the bad feelings Tommy harbored.

As he was finishing up for the day, Jill popped her head out the back door. “Could I interest you in a Coke or a sandwich, Tommy?”

“I’ll love a Coke, Miss Jensen, but I’ll pass on the sandwich.”

“Coming right up.” Jill nodded and disappeared back inside.

Tommy stared after her dreamily. She may be older, he thought, but you could never tell by looking at her. Hell, with the way she’d been prancing around all day in those blue jean cut-offs and that skimpy yellow top, it was a wonder she didn’t realize the affect she was having on him.

Truth was that Tommy didn’t realize the affect he was having on her.

Jill had known Tommy, through his mother, for almost 7 years. In that time, she’d never viewed him as anything other than Connie’s kid. He was certainly cute, not to mention well built, but he was just 18. He’d only graduated from high school last week.

But today things were somehow different. Today Jill saw a strong, well built young man, toiling in the sun, body glistening in sweat. Seeing him shirtless, muscles rippling, it was almost more than she could handle. But despite feeling odd about her feelings, she’d been unable to avoid finding excuses to watch him work.

She returned shortly with a glass of wine for herself and a Coke for Tommy and joined him at the table on the deck. “You got a lot done today, Tommy. It really looks great.”

“Thanks,” Tommy replied tentatively, finding it difficult to avoid staring at her scantily clad body. The fact was, he was so wound up that he couldn’t stop fidgeting in his seat in an attempt to conceal his growing hard on.

“Do you think you’ll finish up tomorrow?” Jill asked.

Small talk aside, Jill didn’t know what had come over her, but this boy was definitely having an affect on her that she didn’t entirely understand. Sure, she’d noticed Tommy’s apparent uneasiness. But could it really be that this young stud found her, 15 years his senior, attractive?

“Sure, Miss Jensen,” Tommy replied, interrupting her reverie. “I plan on starting around 10:00 AM and should be done by 2:00, if that’s okay.”

“That would be perfect. I plan on being home all day tomorrow. Do you have everything you need?”

“Yep. I’m all set. Well, I should be on my way,” Tommy said as he finished his Coke. After all, if he didn’t leave soon, he was sure he’d burst his shorts open. “See you tomorrow.”

“I’ll walk with you as far as the mailbox,” Jill replied.

Tommy rose uncomfortably, doing everything he could to conceal his hard on.

Following right behind him, Jill stumbled when they reached the gate and fell into Tommy, mashing her tits against his arm and inadvertently brushing her hand between his legs. There was no mistaking his firmness she felt.

She regained her feet and smiled sheepishly at her friend’s son. Ankara travesti From there they made their way silently to the mailbox and parted ways.

Tommy couldn’t wait to reach his bedroom. He needed some major relief, and fast.

He entered his house and started for his room when he stopped suddenly. “Damn, I forgot my wallet and car keys.” He certainly couldn’t leave them, but he didn’t really think he was up to facing Miss Jensen again. “Well, I can always sneak in the back gate and get them without bothering her,” he said out loud.

He quickly retraced his steps, quietly entered the back gate and made his way to the table where he’d left his stuff. He was just turning to leave when he heard some noises. It almost sounded like someone screaming and it seemed to be coming from the house. Worried for Jill’s safety, Tommy eased quietly to a partly opened window and peered inside.

What he saw was the most amazing sight he’d seen in his young life. There, right before his very eyes, lay Miss Jensen, sprawled out on her bed, fully naked with one hand massaging the most gorgeous tits he’d ever seen and the other frantically working her clit.

Tommy controlled his first reaction, which was to scream and make a run for it. One quick look around reassured him that, in the privacy of Miss Jensen’s back yard, no one would see him. Without a second thought, he dropped his shorts and went to work on his massive boner, unable to divert his eyes from the heavenly body laid open before him.

He stroked himself as she massaged first one tit, then the other, as she spread her legs wide to accommodate both her hands, and as she thrust her hips skyward to meet her fingers as they dug deeply into her womanhood. He shot his cum on the side of the house as he heard her scream his name, and watched as she bucked wildly on the bed before letting out a final gasp and collapsing. He nearly collapsed himself.

Quickly regaining his composure, he took one last look inside at the goddess lying limp upon the bed before him, gathered up his shorts and took off for home.

* * *

That night, Tommy lay in bed reliving the afternoon’s events. It occurred to him that, for some reason, he had been responsible for Miss Jensen’s arousal. That he had been the object of her sexual fantasy seemed obvious. Something about him, or something he had done, had sent her racing for sexual release immediately after he’d left.

He wondered, would it happen again? Could it happen again? He made up his mind then and there that, if the opportunity arose again, things would unfold differently for both of them.

* * *

While dressing the next morning, it crossed Tommy’s mind that he should be nervous, uncomfortable with what he’d seen, with how he felt, with what he hoped to do.

He wasn’t.

While he’d been with girls his own age before, women were another story altogether. Still, he felt in control of his emotions and was confident that, given the chance, he could handle Miss Jensen. If this day brought a repeat of yesterday’s extra-curricular activity, he fully intended to seize the moment.

* * *

The next morning Jill woke with a rush of emotions. She knew yesterday’s emotional roller-coaster ride was wrong. She was way too old to be harboring such feelings toward Tommy. He was her best friend’s son for Christ’s sake! And fresh out of high school to boot! It just wasn’t right! Now if she could just get her body to behave itself.

* * *

Tommy arrived at precisely 10 o’clock, let himself in the back gate and went right to work.

“Good morning, Tommy,” he heard Jill shout a few minutes later. He stopped what he was doing, turned and spotted her on the deck. She was dressed in the same blue jean cut-offs as yesterday, only today she had on a short, gray T-shirt, not quite covering her stomach, with no bra. Not much in the way of modesty, he thought, as he remembered her spread-eagled on her bed, her fingers crammed up her twat while she called out his name.

“Good morning, Jill. You’re looking good this morning.”

“Why thank you, Tommy. Is there anything I can get for you?”

“Not at the moment, thanks. Maybe later, though.”

“Okay. Just shout if you need anything.”

Jill disappeared inside the back door. Funny, she thought to herself, but he’d never called her by her first name before. Nor had he ever complimented her on her looks. She smiled to herself as she felt that familiar tingling sensation building in her loins. “Stop it,” she said out loud. “I’m not going down that road again.”

She tried to get her feelings under control as she went about her household chores, but she kept finding herself at the window staring at him, or out back doing one non-important task or another, stealing a glance his way whenever she thought he wasn’t looking. She was beginning to feel like a high school girl with a crush, for Christ’s sake.

Tommy had everything finished and cleaned up by 2:30. He went to the back door and Konya travesti looked inside. “All done Jill. Do you want to take a look?”

“I’ll be right there,” she responded.

She met him out by the garden. “It looks great, Tommy. You sure did a good job. Have a seat on the deck I run inside and get your money. Could I interest you in a coke or something?”

You could interest me in something, he thought, but answered “A coke would be great, if you have one.”

He took a seat at the table and waited. “I hope you don’t mind a check” she said as she returned from the house. She handed him his check and the coke, then disappeared back inside the house. She reappeared moments later with a glass of wine and sat down across from him. They talked for a while about nothing in particular, but Tommy found it difficult to concentrate as his gaze kept returning to the slow, rhythmic rising of her T-shirt, and the nipples that showed through unmistakably.

After he finished his coke, Tommy rose from his chair. “Well, I’ve got to run now. Thanks again for the job, Jill. If there’s anything else you need done in the future, just let me know.” With that, he collected his things, except for his car keys and wallet, which he conveniently forgot, and headed out the gate.

The moment Tommy left Jill was through the back door and headed for the bedroom. Her top was off before she was two steps inside the house, discarded on the living room floor. The next thing she knew, she was lying face up on her bed, her right hand squeezing her breasts, her left hand shoved down her shorts.

Part of her was trying to figure out what was going on with her. She couldn’t explain how he could have this effect on her. Maybe it was because she hadn’t been with anyone for the last year. Maybe it was some strange hormonal imbalance. Whatever it was, it was beyond her control. It had taken all her willpower not to jump his bones earlier. She damn sure wasn’t going to be denied her release now.

Reluctantly, she removed her hands from her their current pleasure and sent them to free her entrapped womanhood. Quickly, the snap on her shorts was released and the zipper lowered. Placing her thumbs inside her shorts and panties, she quickly removed the final obstacles, kicking them across the room. Then she closed her eyes and returned her hands to their previous positions, moving gentler now, slower, enjoying the sexual fire building within her.

Slowly, but with certainty, her fingers moved to ensnare her clitoris. Her right hand reluctantly relented in its attack on her bosom, and redirected its attention to the depths of her inflamed pussy. With one hand now on her button and one attacking her cunt, she moved swiftly and decisively towards what was certain to be a massive orgasm.

Still mostly in dreamland, she eased her eyes open, only to find Tommy hovering above the bed. She screamed out his name and moved to cover herself. But before she could her body betrayed her and exploded in orgasm.

“Oh, shit! I’m coming, I’m coming,” she screamed, closing her eyes. Her hands shot instantly back to her cunt, renewing their effort with a relentless attack. She kept up her attack as her hips thrust skyward to meet her hands. “Oh, Tommy,” she screamed as wave after wave engulfed her, carrying her swiftly and deliberately to Nirvana.

With her orgasm finally subsiding, she slowly started to regain her composure. When she finally realized where she was, and what had just happened, she opened her eyes.

But where was Tommy?

No longer was he towering over her. Had it all been just been a dream? Had it all been just a fabulous, naughty dream?

Then she felt him. She arched her neck and looked between her legs, and there he was. “Oh, Tommy,” she sighed. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s come over me. I’m so ashamed, Tommy.”

She tried to sit up just as Tommy’s tongue began licking the juices off of her inner thighs, but she sank back to to bed with a sigh of resignation as his soft, tender kisses began moving slowly toward the heart of her womanhood.

She tried again to sit up, but Tommy gently pushed her back down. Simply put, she was powerless to resist him as his tongue continued its march towards her center, kissing her right thigh, gently nibbling her left, until finally reaching its goal.

“Tommy, what are you doing? Please stop, Tommy. Tommy?”

His tongue dove deep into her pussy, lapping up the juices that had only recently stopped flowing from her body. And she felt the fires of lust re-igniting.

“Tommy? Ohhhhhhh yes! Ohhhhhh yes, Tommy! Oh please, Tommy, don’t stop. Eat me Tommy! Eat my pussy! Oh, yes.” She couldn’t believe what was happening. She couldn’t believe it was her telling him to eat her pussy. But god, it felt so good.

Tommy moved slightly upwards and began sucking Jill’s love button, sending shivers through her entire body. She clutched madly at her breasts, mashing them into her body, screaming out Tommy’s name. He inserted İzmir travesti a finger into her juicy, wet cunt. Then two fingers, then three. She bucked her hips wildly as her body neared another orgasm.

“Oh, Tommy, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh, Tommy. Oh fuck, I’m cumming, Tommy.” And a moment later she was thrashing on the bed as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her.

Finally, it was over. She opened her eyes slowly, dreamily, fresh from the most intense climax she could ever remember having. Tommy lay beside her now, her pussy juices smeared all over his face. He smiled at her, but said nothing.

She looked deeply into his eyes. “Oh, Tommy, this is so wrong.” She pushed him gently onto his back and laid her head on his shoulder. Her fingers wandered slowly, aimlessly over his chest. She lifted her head, looked at him closely, bent over and kissed him lightly on the lips. She kissed him again, this time opening her mouth, seeking out his tongue with hers, and finding it. She tasted herself on him, and liked what she tasted. Slowly her hand wandered down to his crotch, still encased in his work shorts.

Having regained some of her strength, Jill swung her legs off the side of the bed and dropped to her knees on the floor. She took his hands and pulled him to his feet in front of her. No resistance was offered.

She couldn’t believe what was happening, couldn’t believe she was actually about to take Tommy’s cock into her mouth. But she knew that she would. Somehow, she knew that she must. And without further hesitation, she reached for his shorts and very slowly slid them over his hips.

Free at last, Tommy’s cock sprang to attention, now standing straight and proud before her. Truthfully, it was more than she’d hoped for. More, even, than she’d dreamed of.

She discarded his shorts without a second thought and raised her hands to encase her trophy. She cupped his balls gently in her left hand, then, tenderly, stroked his rigid length in her right.

Slowly, gently, she rubbed him. She leaned in, kissed it lightly on the head, then took him briefly into her mouth. She circled the eye with her tongue, clearly enjoying the feast before her.

Gently, Tommy stroked her hair. “Do you like it?”

“Oh, yes,” she purred quietly.

“Do you want it?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Then take it,” he urged. “Take it like you mean it. Take it hard! Take it all!”

Not one to deny a lover, she grabbed Tommy’s ass, one cheek in each hand, and pulled him into her, just like he’d demanded. She took him deep, allowing her tongue to milk his cock as she took it in, over and over, in and out, until finally he could take it no more.

“I’m coming,” he gasped. “Oh, Christ, here it comes.” And with that, young Tommy began pumping his sperm into her mouth.

She took what she could, spurt after spurt, but he just kept coming. Finally, as the last few spurts trickled out of the edges of her mouth, his stream subsided.

She released his organ from her mouth and lifted her eyes to his, seeking his approval. He smiled at her, then gently lifted her to her feet, taking her in his arms and rocking her gently. Then he brushed the hair from her face and kissed her tenderly as she melted into his arms and they tumbled back onto the bed.

Jill came to rest atop Tommy, her legs straddling his right leg, her right breast pressed against his chest. She supported her weight on her elbows as she stared into his eyes.

“I don’t know what’s come over me, Tommy. Part of me is ashamed of how I’ve been feeling, but I just can’t help it,” she began. “I’ve never behaved like this before. Never have I had such powerful feelings about any man. Never have I felt the animal passion that I felt today with you.”

Again she hesitated. “I liked it, Tommy. I liked it and I want it again. Can you understand that?”

“You have nothing to be ashamed of, Jill, and nothing to explain. What just happened between us was a beautiful, erotic experience. It’s a memory I’ll cherish as long as I live. And I, too, want it to happen again.”

There was silence as Tommy reached up to stroke some stray hair from her face. God, she was beautiful, he thought as he felt that familiar urge beginning to build in his dick.

Jill felt it, also. She brushed his face with her right hand and leaned in to kiss him. Their lips met and opened to engulf each other. Their tongues danced crazily, while their hands began to explore each other’s body. Tommy rolled her onto her back, released his lips from hers, and sent them to attack her large, excited nipples.

Jill moaned in pleasure as he bit lightly first on one nipple, then the other. She raked her fingernails across his back as he pressed her mounds together, taking both nipples in his mouth together. She bucked her hips madly into his as he kissed her belly, moving slowly, but deftly towards her screaming pussy.

“Oh, no you don’t,” she gasped, rolling him onto his back.

He looked into her eyes. Never before had he imagined that someone could experience the level of pure animal lust that was so apparent in her eyes as she rose to her knees and straddled him, her pussy already dripping and crying out for release. She needed him, that much was certain, and she needed him now.

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