Fore Anyone?

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The starter told me, when I checked in, that I would be playing with a new member, this morning. He told me his name was Jenkins, Sam and he would meet me on the first tee. I nodded and went into the clubhouse to change. I noticed a man in the locker room that I had never seen before but didn’t pay too much attention to him as I tied my shoes and headed out to the practice area. After warming up, I picked up my bag and with about 5 minutes to spare, arrived on the first tee. The man that I had seen in the locker room was already there and came over and introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Sam Jenkins,” he said, extending his hand. I took it and introduced myself. “Beautiful day for golf, isn’t it,” he continued. “This is my first time playing here and I hope you’ll give me some help in managing the course.” “There are some tricky areas,” I said. “I’ll let you know about them when we get to them.”

We teed off and headed down the first fairway. We talked as we walked to our balls to hit our second shots. He was new in town and had just joined the club, mainly for business reasons but also because he loved the game and played it whenever he could. By the fifth hole, I pretty well knew his whole life story as he didn’t stop talking between shots. I was getting a little upset as his continuous chatter and by the ninth hole, I was ready to pack it in. As we waited on the tenth tee for the group ahead of us to get out of range, Sam turned to me and offered me a challenge.

He looked around to see if anyone could hear him and then, because we were standing off to the side of the tee, he seemed satisfied that no one would hear him. Still in almost a whisper, he said, “Since it looks like we’re fairly evenly matched, how about a wager for the back nine?” I looked at him and thought, I’d get my chance to maybe stifle his chatter, once and for all. “Sure, what did you have in mind?” I asked. “Well,” he started, quickly looking around again, “How about if we play suck your cock?”

I had played golf for many years and had never heard of this game. “How does that one go?” I asked him hesitantly. “It’s easy,’ he said. “We play for each other’s cock. If you beat me by more than two holes, I have to suck your cock. If I beat you by the same margin, then you have to suck mine. If it’s three holes of more, the winner gets to fuck the other.”

I was taken back by this but I also had a feeling in my groin that I hadn’t had for a while. My cock started to rise and when he looked at me, waiting for my answer, he looked down at my crotch. “You don’t have to say a thing,” he said. “I can see that you’re ready.” I must have blushed as he laughed a little and gave my arm a quick squeeze. “Ok, let’s play,” he said, heading for the tee. I watched him tee off and then it was my turn. I hit a terrible shot and he laughed again. “This should be an interesting nine,’ he said, after watching my ball disappear into the trees.

I lost the first hole but won the next two. I noticed his chatter had stopped and he was really focusing on his game as the holes went by. By the 18th, I was two down to him and I didn’t want to lose the third. I needed to win the last hole and I concentrated on hitting what I thought were good shots. It was to no avail as I lost the final hole and as we were walking back to the locker room, he asked me, “When would you like to get together?” My head was spinning and I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. “Maybe later in the week,” I answered.

“Ok, here’s my number,” he said as he handed me his business card. “Call me and let me know when you want to meet.” I just nodded and quickly changed and left the club. My mind was spinning as bursa sınırsız escort I drove home. I was wondering if I could go through with it or not. The more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself that I would, so a few days later I called Sam. “Hey Sam, its Dean. How are you doing?” “Good Dean, ready to meet?” “I think so,” I quickly said. “I’m not sure if I can go through with this but I will meet you and we can discuss it.” “Sure,” he said, “I know how you feel. I remember the first time I did it and I wasn’t sure I could go through with it either. Let’s meet tomorrow for a drink at my place and we’ll talk about it.” “Sounds good to me,’’ I said quickly. “What’s the address?”

After writing down the information, I hung up the phone. I tried to make myself busy to keep my mind off tomorrow for the rest of the day. The next morning, I got up, had my usual breakfast and shower and headed over to Sam’s about 1:30.

Sam met me at the door, dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. “Hey Dean, come on in.” He held the door open for me and then led me down the hall to a closed door. He opened it and led the way into the room. It was a cozy den, filled with sift, plush couches and a hidden bar. He opened the bar and offered me a drink. He told me to sit down and came over with my drink. “Now, what did you want to talk about?” he asked. I looked at him and thought what a pompous ass he was, asking what I wanted to talk about, as if he didn’t know. I took a sip of the drink and started. “Our wager,” I said. “I’ve never been with a man before and have never had any feeling to be with one either,” I said. “That’s ok, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just like I did the first time.” He continued to talk about the wager and finally said, “Look, if you don’t want to go through with it, I understand, but lets go for a soak in the sauna first and then you can make up your mind how far you want to go with it.” I agreed and he led me to the sauna, gave me a big towel and started to strip. I waited as I watched him and when he turned around, I couldn’t help by look down at his cock. It wasn’t overly huge but it was long and had a nice head. His balls were thick and round, hanging down between his legs. He looked at me and smiled when he noticed me checking him out. “Come on,” he insisted, “Get undressed and join me inside. I started to take my clothes off as he entered the sauna. My cock was semi hard and I didn’t want him to see that I was getting excited so I turned my back to him and finished undressing. I quickly wrapped the big towel around my waist and entered the sauna.

He was sitting on the bench and I took a seat beside him. We talked and as we did, my cock got harder and harder. After about ten minutes, I felt his hand on my thigh. My cock stood straight up at his touch and he noticed it immediately. “Now what was this about not wanting to do it with a man?” he asked, as his hand slide further up my leg. “It looks to me that you really do want to do it and by the state of your cock, you look like you’re ready too.” He slowly lifted the end of my towel and unwrapped it from around my waist. He moaned a little when he saw my 9” cock standing at full attention. He reached over and grabbed my cock in his hand. “I’m going to enjoy sucking you,” he said as he started slowly rubbing his hand up and down my length. “How does that feel?” he asked as he continued. I couldn’t answer him as my mind was between my legs and the erotic feeling of his hand rubbing my cock.

Without looking at me, he quickly got to his knees between my legs and I felt his tongue on my head. I looked down and watched him slowly and gently, lick my head and all around bursa üniversiteli escort it, pressing his tongue into my slit. I leaned back on the bench and spread my legs a little more. He now engulfed my cock and was bobbing up and down on it, sucking it deep into his mouth. It didn’t take long for me to come and just before I did, I told him I was coming. Without lifting his head, he continued to suck me and when I came in his mouth, he swallowed all of it. He continued sucking me as I spurted my seed into him and when I was finished, he raised his head slowly, letting my cock out of his mouth.

“Wow,” he said with a grin. “It’s been a while since you shot your load, hasn’t it?” “Yeah,” I grinned, “It has been a while.” He stood up and slowly unwrapped the towel around his waist. His cock was standing straight out from his groin and he moved closer to me, aiming it at my mouth. I still didn’t know if I wanted to go through with this but as his cock got closer to my face, I could smell him and I decided that I wanted to suck him. I opened my mouth and took the first cock I had ever sucked into my mouth. The head was soft and liable while the shaft was hard and rigid. He pushed his hips forward and his cock plunged deep into my mouth. “That feels so good,” he exclaimed. “Suck me like a popsicle,” he said. “Run your tongue up and down it length as I fuck your mouth.” He started to thrust his hips back and forth as I continued to suck him. “Keep sucking, man,” he said. “It feels so good.” He was groaning and moaning as he started thrusting in and out faster. “”I’m going to fill your throat with my come,” he excitedly yelled. “I’m going to fill your throat until you can’t swallow it all.” Suddenly, his cock twitched in my mouth and he started to spurt his come into the back of my throat. It came so fast that I started to gag but I held off and tried to swallow as fast as I could. He was groaning loudly now as he emptied himself into my mouth.

When he finished spurting, his cock started to soften. I let it fall out of my mouth and because I couldn’t swallow all of his come, it came out with his cock. He leaned forward quickly and licked the come off my lips with his tongue. He then kissed me, sticking his tongue into my mouth. This was a first for me too and I started to suck on his tongue as he swirled it around inside my mouth. We kissed for several minutes before he backed up.

“That was great, man,” he said. “For a first timer, you did a great job. You could be a natural at this.” He grinned and sat down beside me. As we sat, not talking, I reached over and fondled his cock. He did the same and soon we had each other hard again. “I have your cock again,” he rasped. Quickly, he was on his knees and had my cock deep inside his mouth again. After a few minutes, he raised his head. “I want you to fuck me with this giant,” he said. “I want to feel it deep inside my ass and I want you to fuck me as hard as you can.” He quickly got down on the floor on his hands and knees. “Come on, Dean, fuck me with that huge tool.” I moved between his legs and aimed my cock at his pucker hole. I pushed against him as he pushed back and entered him in one thrust. He yelped a little, as I entered him but didn’t tell me to stop. “Come on, Dean, fuck me.” “Fuck me hard.” I started to move my hips back and forth, feeling his canal contracting around my cock as I pushed it deep inside him. “Oh yes, that feels so good. Fuck me and fill my ass with your come,” he yelled. I started moving in and out faster and was slapping my balls against his ass as I plunged into him. “Fuck me, fuck me,” he yelled. bursa anal yapan escort “Fill me with that huge cock. Fuck me hard.”

I started really pounding in and out of him, making he yell even louder. Soon, I could feel my come building up and exploded inside him. He yelled when he felt my hot come spurt out of my cock deep inside him. “Fill me up,” he yelled. I held myself against his ass as I emptied my come into him, spurt after spurt. I finally finished and just stayed inside him, wanting to enjoy the feeling of him as long as I could. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay hard for very long and slowly, I pulled out of him. My come started running down his leg as I pulled my cock out of his ass. “Lick me,” he said. “Lick all your come off me.” I leaned forward and started to lick my come off his legs. He was still groaning loudly and I shoved two fingers back into his ass as I cleaned up my come. He grunted as I pulled my fingers out of him.

He turned around and I noticed his cock was hard and ready. He grinned at me. “Wow again, Dean,” he said. “That was incredible. I could feel your cock all the way inside me and I haven’t been fucked like that for a long time.”

Now it was my turn. I wanted to feel what it was like to get fucked and I wanted it now. I quickly turned around, bent over the end of the bench and stuck my ass up in the air. It didn’t take long for him to move between my legs and I felt his hard cock at my hole. He pushed against me and I felt his cock enter me. I didn’t expect the pain that came with it and yelled out. He told me to relax and push back against him as he continued to shove his hard cock up my bowel. The pain was intense but after stopping several times, he finally was fully inside me.

He leaned over me and whispered in my ear, “I’m going to fuck you hard, Dean and you’re going to love it. You’ll be asking for more by the time I’m done with you, I promise.” He waited, holding his cock inside me as I felt the pressure and pain of having him deep up my canal. After a few minutes, the pain subsided and he pulled his cock slowly out of me. I felt the head, leave my ass and then he thrust it into me again. This time the pain wasn’t as great and I pushed back against him to try to get him further inside me. He started to slowly thrust in and out of me as I felt the pain completely subside.

He moved up over my ass and started plunging his cock in and out of me faster and harder. Now I was the one yelling. “Fuck me, Sam.” “Fuck me harder.” He started to really pound in and out of me. “Fuck me harder,” I yelled. “Fill me with your hot come. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” He spurted again and again, filling my canal with his come. “Oh yeah,” II yelled at him. “Fill me up, you stud.” He finished and held himself against my ass, letting me finish enjoying his cock deep inside me. He slowly pulled his softening cock out of me and I felt his come running down my legs. His tongue quickly licked my legs clean as he shoved two fingers back up inside me as he licked me clean.

We both were panting heavily now and I sat back down on the bench. My ass was a little sore but I felt terrific. I had been fucked and had sucked my first cock and I enjoyed it all. I knew I would be back and wanted more. For the rest of the day, we talked, fucked and sucked until I couldn’t take it any more. My ass was too sore. We both got dressed and I left, driving slowly home, remembering all that had taken place that afternoon. I could hardly wait until I could do it again and a few days later, I saw Sam at the club again.

“Ready for another game?” he asked. “Only if you are,’ I responded. We played again and I lost again but this time I didn’t mind, as I knew what was in store for me and was looking forward to it. Sam and I have played many times and even though I lose every time, we both get fucked and sucked. We have found some other members who like to wager too and we have a plan in mind to try to get them included in our wagers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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