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Big Tits

I and my girlfriend patronized nudist beaches regularly. We were going steady and I visited her house often; taking the opportunity to smooch whenever her mother was not at home. Her mother I called Aunty Doris was friendly and a charming lady. I would engage in small talks with her when girlfriend wasn’t in when I arrived. I admired her bringing up my girlfriend as a single parent. Despite our age difference I found her approachable and she looked younger than her age. I felt comfortable talking to her and we got along well. Slowly I began to find her company more enjoyable than with my girlfriend. She was knowledgeable and could talk on most subjects, making her an ideal companion whenever I had issues.

Overtime I drew inspiration talking with her. I found her attractive and gradually I took a fancy on her, mainly attracted by her full figured physique and intellectual. I tried to find opportunities to visit her when I knew my girlfriend was not in. Initially it was a platonic admiration, gradually it grew to infatuation. She was a vivacious woman. Whenever alone with her in the house, I would cast my eyes on her shapely busty full figure, fascinated with her hefty bust which looked like bursting out of her blouse with her nipples sticking visible. I drooled over her bust. I could see them swaying freely under her top and her hard nipples poking through the material as she strutted around quite obviously bra less.

I would gingerly peep down her cleavage on the sly. In a skirt, her slender thighs seemed perfect in every way, sexy matched to a set of perfect length calves that excited me. The length of it hung down high enough that the back of it permitted me to see her fleshy thighs, eyeing higher towards her protruding bums excited my fantasy. I would glance up her knees with tufts of flesh blended almost flawlessly with her pleasant looking thighs. Her skirt along with her other superb traits incited my fantasy. Whenever she caught my eyes ogled up her skirt, she made a feeble attempt to pull down her skirt. But as she shuffled about it crept up higher that I could see her panties.

After being acquainted with me on my numerous visits, she stopped making effort to pull it down and didn’t seems to mind it stayed that up for me, looking at me with her cheery eyes as we chatted. I had a field time sheepishly looking at her bust and turned away trying to be polite when she noticed me eyeing her. Everything about her came together once my fantasy ran wild in my mind. I wanted to reach out to caress her breasts. I wanted to whisper to her how perfect they were, to kiss them, tell her how beautiful they were, and pleasure them by running my hands, my face, any other way she felt she could be pleasured. I was in dream world of my own. How I wished it was reality I could touch her luscious body.

Something I saw in her was extremely alluring. My feeling, or more likely lust, has been simmering and I desired to close up with her. Something about her physique came to my mind so very often as I day dreamed. Her svelte figure mesmerized me and drove my libido high. I played out my fantasy on her in self gratifying masturbation. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. She dominated my thoughts. I felt happier in her company. Soon subconsciously I was redirecting my affection to her. I had a surging desire to see her often. As I became confident we were moving in a comfortable convergence, I ventured into talking about personal preferences.

In her house she would dressed in loose clothing like housecoat. I could see through her silhouette she didn’t wear undergarment. I fantasized she had a voluptuous figure I yearned to touch. I would sit close to her on the couch, touching her legs with mine when we chatted. Sometimes I would extend my hands and purposely brushed her bust. She would smile. No reprimand. I took it as inviting to get intimately knowing me as future son-in-law.

I ventured to introduce nudism to her. Mindful I could offend her, I was prepared to get turn down and chased out of the door. Surprisingly she showed an interest when I told her about her daughter and I frequent nudist beach and the sensation we had basking in the sun and breeze blowing over our naked bodies. At first she blushed when I suggested she went with us. From her reaction I sensed she was keen to try.

Eventually we made arrangement and went threesome on one weekend. Aunty Doris was timid initially with hands covered her private parts but we egged her on and eventually got her to bare all. I realized I was staring for too long, and looking up and down at her sexy body, and she seem to notice. I had my eyes feasting on her voluptuous body. She was indeed beautiful and well endowed than I imagined. She appeared more appealing than I fantasized. I could hardly conceal my erection, however hard I suppressed. My girlfriend rubbed sunscreen on her mother’s body to put her at ease.

After which she held and stroked me while rubbing sun screen over me. Our intimacy caused her much discomfort. Bayan Escort Antep She looked away, shyly avoided eye contact.

It didn’t take long for me to get so aroused and reached the sensation to ejaculate yelling, “Darling… stop… I’m cumming.”

I shot semen into the air. To my astonishment, Marlene boldly took my still sputtering cock into her mouth. Right in front of her mother Doris. Swallowing the sperm, gulping by mouthful. So much I ejected that some flow from her mouth. I took her by the hands and plugged my mouth on hers. Oblivious her mother was there as if she were transparent to us…

Faintly I heard Aunty Doris moaned softly, “Wow… Ohoooo.” Her hand on her groin.

We were so daring smooching right in her presence leaving no doubt in her mind what we had been doing. I could see her fidgeting and uneasy countenance feeling embarrassed.

Our first nudist venture was a good beginning. I saw Doris’s natural beauty. We had many more enjoyable times. Soon she felt less inhibited and was not abashed that I cast my eyes on her with a full erection. We became openly flaunting our nude bodies in a puritan manner though I tried my utmost to suppress my eroticism. Her daughter was open minded taking it as part of fun, often fondled me to ejaculation in complete view of her.

It was a normal activity going to the beach every weekend for us three. In the buff we enjoyed the serenity of the waves splashing on shore, the sunbath our nude bodies. We lay the mat and towel then proceed to rub sunscreen on each other. We lavished our sights on each other especially for me leering at future mother-in-law Doris.

On one particular outing, Marlene asked me, “My hands are feeling numb, can you please rub sunscreen on my mother?

I knew my desire to touch her but never expected Marlene to help me to accomplish it.

“Oh… No problem if your mother allow me… ” as I glared at her, hoping she say YES.

“I love that. If not I would be roasted in the sun. Please proceed,” she giggling interjected.

I went nuts running my hands over her naked buxom body, feeling extremely aroused. Cock erected fully at attention. She couldn’t have not seen cock in his majestic state.

Doris lay on her front. Bikini lines indicated she went swimming often. In the buff I guessed only recently with us. Bums big and protruding. I rubbed, lingered to feel her flesh. I massaged the sunscreen deep on her bums, ran fingers ran down her bum cheeks. My hand stretched forward towards her groin and touched her pussy.

She shuddered noticeably with a low murmur, “Uuuummmm… “

My fingers lingered awhile stroking her pussy.

She oozed audibly louder, “Ohhhh… Ooooo… ” But didn’t push my hands off.

I knew she was enjoying my stroking and might soon orgasm if I continue to massage her pussy. I stopped, so as not to cause embarrassment and she would not extend her welcome gesture again.

I moved to rub her whole back then back down to her rump. I massaged for a while longer there feeling the tenderness of the flesh. Slowly ran my hands onto her shapely thighs, legs, feet, toes and soles rubbing sun screen all the way.

All this while, Marlene was watching us smilingly. I didn’t understand what went on in her mind but what I knew I was enjoying her mother’s flesh.

My cock was throbbing, blood pressure pumping. I need a pair of hands to fondle my cock. Two naked women so near and yet so far!

But I had an unfinished job on hand. I must accomplished successfully.

I asked, ” Aunty Doris, I finished with your back. Now the front.”

She didn’t utter a word. I turned to look at her. She closed her eyes dozed off. My massage was so soothing I guessed.

Without further ado, I flipped her onto her back. Casting my lusty eyes on her front made my cock stirring stiff. Her full natural breasts, areolas atop nipples, not too slim waist, broad hips. And wow… her hairless pubic area exposed clitoris, labia and pussy the honey pot. I salivated and drooled seeing her natural beautiful body. I froze admiring her nakedness. My hands poured cream on her neck, shoulders, luscious bust. I still had a job to do.

I pushed on massaging the cream on her skin, not distracting by my horniness. Her eyes closed. I started with her face, down the neck, shoulders. Then my focus on her breasts. Both my hands rubbed cream onto them. I wanted to see if they are natural. What a soft feel on her breasts. Not hard, soft to cup and massage. No silicone implant breasts. Natural. Soft, big and firm. My eyes focused without blinking to soak up her marvelous beauty.

Unconsciously I leaned closer, my cock pressed on her thighs, rubbing tenderly. My hands trended down to her belly, rubbing cream as I glided slowly, lingered to feel her softness. Then massaged her waist and hips. All the while my eyes focused on her groin.

Once finished, my hands wandered to her groin, poured more cream and massaged her hairless pubic area. Then excitingly my hands applied cream on her clitoris, labia and pussy surrounding.

I was imagining the impossibilities as I reached onto her clitoris, kneaded with thumb and index finger. It erected hard and what a protruding piece of flesh. I wanted to place my mouth onto the clitoris but stopped short just in time. Marlene was watching. I continued to rubbed cream on her labia, glided to thighs, legs, feet and soles without so much as lifting my leering eyes on her pussy.

Finally I completed the job, leaned close to her ear saying, “Aunty Doris, I finished rubbing the sunscreen on your body.”

She opened her eyes looking at me smiling, “Thank Dick. So smoothing I fell asleep.”

Before I could get up she said, “Marlene couldn’t rub sunscreen onto you. You want me this old lady to do so?”

“Yes. I couldn’t ask for more. Besides you are not an old lady! You look so young, mistaken you’re Marlene’s sister if I didn’t know you. You can put many younger ladies to shame with your alluring body.” I abruptly stopped realizing I misspoke and I leaked out I was leering at her nakedness!

“Ohhh My Goodness… Oh… Oh… How to face her,” in my heart.

“Ok Man. Lie down. Let me pamper you.”

“Like this position?”

“Make yourself comfortable.”

I lay prone and she sprayed cream over my neck, shoulders and back slowly ran her hands massaging into the skin. Went on to my hips and buttocks. Then onward to my thighs, legs, feet and soles.

“OK. Done. Now face up.”

I already had a full erection and shy she would be embarrassed.

“Wait awhile for the cream to soak in.” I held for time so cock could stood down. But all in vain. I was so aroused; tempted by a naked voluptuous woman so near yet so far out of my reach or rather I dare not reach. What an unfortunate situation.

As she sensed my cock was erected, she naughtily said, ” We are in a nudist beach remember? If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Don’t be ashamed. Look around you. Men flaunt their poles without a damn worry!”

“Aunty Doris, you’ve got me there I must admit! Go ahead rub me the way I rubbed you.”

She put me at ease, then pushed me over. My cock stood upright. I could see her beaming as if she had proved a point. I was taken aback by her frankness. Marlene was listening to our dialogue and felt ticklish, smiling in approval.

I sheepishly leered at her and my cock got even harder.

“Oh my goodness. What will Marlene think of me leering at her dear mother?” I talked to myself.

“Ready here I pour the cream starting onto your neck, shoulders.”

I glanced at her. As she rubbed me, I noticed she kept my erected cock in her line of sight. She dribbled her creamy hands on my chest, waist, belly button, slowly but surely descending to my thick pubic hair.

“Now to your most private parts. Don’t be shy I rub cream on him.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I looked at her and Marlene. Both were giggling. Surprising me!

Indeed she wasn’t shy to rub cream on my erected cock. I almost cummed but I managed to control.

“Holy mackerel. I survive.” I thought to myself as she uttered, “Job done.”

It was an unbelieving experience. My future mother-in-law so daring rubbed my cock in front of her daughter. I thought she was a conservative woman. Maybe we were in a nudist beach and soon we become a family. Like she mentioned “Seen one, see all.”

After I went through that episode, I still remained respectful and maintained a decorum in approaching her.

Marlene was listless and I said, “I rubbed sunscreen on you darling.”

I reached for the cream and started to apply onto her body. I was still horny and I couldn’t wait to release my pent up semen in the scrotum. After finishing sunscreen on her, I brushed my cock on her thighs.

She moved her finger up and down between her pussy lips. As I stared closely, I watched it become covered by the slippery lubrication. Then she fingered her clitoris poking out from the glistening folds of skin surrounding it. I stroked her clitoris gently. It hardened to a size like her nipple. I slowly rubbed my thumb and index finger across the top of her clit. My kneading on her clitoris gave her increased pleasure. I held her between my thumb and finger and stroked it up and down, gave her a jerk off.

“Now I want you to kiss my pussy.”

I looked at her groin. She looked down the length of her naked body at me and nodded encouragingly.

“You’ll love it” she told me and placed her hand on the back of my head, pushed me down to bury my face between her spread legs.

“Mmm… yes.” I kissed the outside of her pussy and then her hand made it clear she wanted more. My tongue came out and I started licking her there. Then between those labia tasting her juices. Slipping my tongue up and down her slit.

She held my head, moved me down. I thrust my tongue into her pussy. Tongue fucking her.

She gasped and shook, “Ooooo… OhhhOhhh… Uuummmh”

Then she released her hold on me slightly “My clit… suck my clit… ” I kissed her clitoris, used my tongue to lick it.

“Mmm yes. That’s it. That’s what I desire.”

I licked all around and flicked my tongue over the end of her hard clitoris. Then her hand on my head pressed me firmly into her crotch and I felt her lifting her hips to my mouth.

“Suck it.”

I sucked on her clit, clamping my lips tightly around it, I sucked as hard as I could, grazing the rough surface of my tongue across it at the same time. She moaned.

“Oh… Oooo… Mymy… Mmm… .a natural born cunt sucker”

Her hand held me tight, lifted her legs and rested them over my shoulders, brought them together. Her thighs locked onto my head and I was again under her control. As her hips bucked up and down, I struggled to keep my mouth on her clit. She held me tight and the clit came and slipped from my mouth. I realized she wanted this. She was fucking my mouth. I grasped the outside of her trembling thighs as she continued humping herself into my mouth. Sliding my palms up and then under her bums. Gripping a cheek in each hand.

She began shuddering. Her thighs felt like they would crush my head. She was cumming screaming “Mmmm… Ooooo… Ummm… Woooo.”

I made her cummed with my mouth and juices were flowing from her dripping wet pussy. I sucked them into my mouth and swallowed. Loving the taste. Relishing the intimacy of the act. My cheeks and chin were covered and still she shook and shuddered under me. She relaxed a little and I was able to lick and suck her whole pussy.

My tongue on her labia, from her cunt all the way up to her clitoris and back down and pushing my tongue into her cunt.

She twitched a few times and whimpered and said “Such sweet feeling.” muttering encouraging words and then finally I felt her body relaxed and she opened her legs again and tugged me back up to her so our faces were level once more.

She oozed, “Ummm… Hohoho… Ooooo… Want to get into my pussy?”

She was aroused I could see. I slide my legs between her thighs, lifted her legs resting over my shoulders. My erect cock aimed at her pussy and thrust in. We copulated without a care anyone including mother saw us. Mother had her back facing us.

She didn’t see us fucking but upon hearing Marlene yelled, “Uuuummm… Wowowo… Ooooo… ” and heaving breathing she turned around, saw us fucking like rabbits. She must be embarrassed, then ran to the sea and dipped in.

As I was already strung up, shortly cock sputtered out sperm into her pussy.

She yelled, “Yahhh… Good… Ouuuu… Oooo.” My mouth on hers to muffle her scream. I wanted to look for mother, I hurriedly slipped cock out and held Marlene’s hand ran to the water. We were worried when we couldn’t see mother. We shouted for her. Then she popped her head out of the water. We were relieved she seemed alright. We held her hands, one on one side and led her to shore.

We looked at mother and asked sorely, “Sorry we behaved so rashly.”

She laughed, “Only natural behaviour when in love. I expected that. Not offended.”

We settled down at ease. My eyes hovered at mother and lusty thoughts flashed in my mind. She looked so desirable. In my mind, “How I wish I can make love to her.” My cock stirred and erected in no time. I wasn’t shy any more that I showed her my erection.

I had my hand on Marlene’s waist and snuggled close. She fondled my cock, bent to suck him. Mother saw but didn’t show discomfort. In such a short time she had get use to our romancing since we were a couple in her eyes and intimacy was part of a relationship.

I went berserk on the beach mainly by my fantasy of mother’s luscious naked body being so near and yet so far.

In the nude beach I was glad future mother-in-law and I moved to a comfortable relationship having flaunted in the nude.

I drifted into a fantasy world imagining her and I were petting. Slowly but surely I was shifting my feeling for her mother. It was a natural progression as she fitted my dream of an ideal woman with beauty plus brains. I made up my mind to pursue her earnestly. But how to I handle my girlfriend?

My infatuation morphed to a desire to get close to her. I was charmed by her natural beauty. My attention unknowingly shifted to her since I saw her full glory while frolicking on the beach. I craved to get physical with her, to touch her, to hug her. I had a tingling feeling growing intensely for her.

From that day on the beach, I went to her house more frequent, took the opportunities to close up with her. On few occasions, Marlene would excused herself and left the house leaving us alone. It happened so often that her mother seemed concern our relationship might be on the rock.

My girlfriend Marlene wasn’t in when I went visiting one day. Things got to my head while we sat on the couch watching TV. She asked me, “You both doesn’t seem to like being together anymore? Romance petered out? Or I was too muddled thinking?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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