Fourth Draft of an Autobiography

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Fourth Draft of an Autobiography

I suddenly noticed how cold it was in the car.
We’d been in the parking lot for at least an hour, occupied by each other’s bodies. I reached into the back seat for the rag I kept for wiping the dew off my car in the morning, and cleaned the thick cum from my chest first, and then from Ryan’s.

Even right after we’d had sex, he was bugging me to go again.
I laughed, pulling my body away from his greedy embrace.

“You should be at home by now.”
“I’d rather be here!”
“Don’t be a delinquent.”
“Are you gonna turn me into one?”
I averted my eyes, subduing a grin. “Don’t embarrass me.”

I slid on my basketball shorts. (My boxers had been lost somewhere) Then, climbing into the driver’s seat, I pulled out from the parking lot and onto the road, my still-naked lover in the passenger seat beside me.
That’s where he belongs. Beside me.

“Why am I naked?”

The euphoria from sex had seemed to have worn off, and Ryan squirmed awkwardly, nakedly, in his seat.
He leaned over and lightly kissed my cheek.

“You’re taking me home?”
“Yeah. Your dad’s gonna slaughter us for being late.”
He chuckled. “You’re so sexy. You should stay up all night with me, instead.”
I rolled my eyes, giving him a ‘heh’ in reply.
“I’m telling you, you’re dad is gonna freak.”
“Yes! Yes! You’ve said that a million times!”

He retreated to stare out the window at the white streaks of headlights on the other side of the road……
“Hey, Ben.”
“What kind of people do you think are in those cars, always heading the opposite direction we are?”


He sighed. “Give me a real answer, Ben.” he said, “you think any of them are like us?”

“What? Naked?”
Laughter bubbled up between us.

“No, like…” Ryan sighed again, turning back towards the window.
“I mean…”


“I love you!” He blurted out.
I stared. Even though we’d said it a million times to each other,
this time, he blushed and curled his naked body up against the window.

My heart sank.

“But sometimes, I’m really uncomfortable with thinking that I’m…”
I nodded. “Yeah. I know.”

The conversation ended there. I put in a CD, and we sat in silence, listening to The Strokes all the way to Ryan’s house.


“There aren’t any lights on.”
“Yeah, we can probably sneak in if your parent’s room isn’t open.”
We slid into the garage after a panicked episode in the car where we couldn’t find Ryan’s pants, but we were both fully clothed, now.

“Hey.” I whispered through the dry darkness.
“Wait a second.” I caught his arm in the action of opening the door from the garage to his house, and pulled his body back into mine. I had no idea where I’d suddenly got this urge…

“I’m hungry.”
“For what?”

He chuckled and leaned into me, letting my kiss him.
“We can do this in my room…” He sighed patiently.
“It can’t wait.”

I held his face in my hands as I kissed him and he wrapped his arms around my waist, pressing his chest and crotch onto me.
Our tongues danced as experienced partners, already knowing where the other was headed, conforming gracefully together. He moaned into my mouth as we embraced; our groping and grinding becoming increasingly urgent.
The clothes Ryan had only gaziantep escort kızlar just recovered were soon being removed as I worked my way across his body.

Beneath me, Ryan had slid his warm hands down the front of my shorts, and my stomach did a flip as his fingertips brushed over my stomach and down to my sensitive cockhead. An electric thrill ran through my muscles and we fell to the ground in a sweating heap.

At last, I had exposed him! His slim, muscular body sprawled helplessly beneath me, and my eyes consumed him greedily.
I grinned evilly.

“It’s your turn. Legs up.”

He rested his feet on my shoulders, presenting me with his bare ass. Reaching down his body, Ryan took hold of my cock again, pumping it into rigidness.

“We haven’t had any foreplay. You’re not even wet yet.”
“You wanna wait?” I asked him, backing off a bit.
He chuckled again and flashed me a wicked grin. “You look really sexy, holding me like this.”

I spat into my hand and massaged the saliva tenderly into his asshole until he’d relaxed and my fingers slid wetly, hotly into his body. While I used both my hands to support his legs on my shoulders, Ryan reached down again and guided my thick cock to his hole. I pressed lightly, and my head entered without friction, but that was where it stopped.
Slowly, inch by meaty inch, I drove my dick into his asshole with my eyes wide open to witness Ryan, taking my entire length unflinchingly inside of himself.

“Fuck, Ryan. Loosen up.” My eyebrows came together as if in concentration, my face screwed up in pleasure. I felt like I was apart of him.

I fucked him patiently, easing my cock in and out of his body, creating a leisurely pulse. A hand came up to my face, stroking my cheek softly.
I looked down and saw a beautiful boy laying there, under my sweating body, his muscles straining and sweating and stretching as I fucked him. His eyes were clamped tightly, and his damp, disheveled hair covering his red face.

I felt so good. I couldn’t even describe it.
I was as close as I could ever be to him. I wanted to brush the hair away from his face and lean down to kiss him, but he’d probably swat me away. He could barely take it, whenever I fucked him. I could barely concentrate on breathing and thrusting my thick cock in and out of Ryan’s burning ass.

I increased our tempo, pumping myself readily into him, wanting those uncontrollable squeaks and moans that escaped him to grow into groans of pleasure. I fucked him so he would feel good too.

“Hmmm… fuck, Ben.”
“You close?”
Still inside him, I bent down and took the head of his dick into my mouth, mixing his precum and my spit with my tongue. Ryan’s eyes screwed shut, and he had to cover his mouth with a sweaty hand to keep from crying out.

Suddenly, I felt an electric shudder run down his entire body and he impaled himself deeply onto my cock, my balls slapping painfully against him. Ryan came ferociously up, into my mouth, the liquid spilling out over my cheeks, back down over his dick and balls and clenched abs.
As he came, Ryan’s insides spasmed and milked my cock as if trying to pull me deeper into him.
My sensors shut down, and I broke out in a cold sweat; pushing and pushing, harder, deeper into him until I climaxed as well; cum spewing out of my balls and into his gaping ass.

“Holy fuck, Ben.” He panted five minutes later, after our hearts had restarted.
“We’re so fried if your dad has been waiting for us this whole time…”

We had the house from the garage, and were slipping quietly down the hall to the base of the stairs, when, as if from some ill-humored gag, one of the dim lamps clicked on in the living room.

Our hearts fell. I wanted to die right then.

“Come in, boys.”


“We apologize, sir, for being so late getting home. We just completely lost track of…”
“Do you have any idea what was going through our heads, wondering where the two of you were?”
We stood in front of Ryan’s father, eyes at our fixed on our feet beneath his withering glare. “Why didn’t you at least tell us you’d be late?”
We opened our mouths to answer, but he shut us up with a wave of his hand.

“Ryan, go get Ben’s bag of clothes from the other day. He can’t sleep over tonight.” He commanded.
I sighed, closing my eyes in defeat. Ryan shared my expression, biting back an argument and stomping up the stairs to his room, leaving his father and I to wait in silence in the living room.

“You two get along well.” He said, not looking at me. I was nervous. I could never tell when he was angry or not.

“Yes sir, we’re good friends.”

“Just friends?”

That had caught me off guard.

“Uh, wh-what…”
“Do you like each other?”
My stomach flipped and rolled like a lost boat in the sea.
“Y-yeah… Yes sir.”
“Meaning?…” He still was staring at the wall.

I ground my teeth. He must have some idea about us, if he was probing this far…

“We… Ryan and I are g-ga…”
He sighed and moved to sit on the back of the couch. “Yeah. I know.”

The man’s voice suddenly seemed a thousand miles away.
Those three insignificant words had swatted me to the floor as if they were silver bullets.
He had already known!!! What did he think of us, now??

I was cheating him!
Cheating him out of a daughter-in-law! Out of grandkids! Family reunions and birthday parties and ballgames and uncles and cousins! A whole branch of the family tree would never exist if Ryan and I were together.
Ryan will never be able to truly continue this generation without a wife.
I’d cheated him out of a son! A real son of his own flesh and blood to raise from birth and to teach sports and cheesy pickup lines and wrestle with.
Out of a real daughter who would be his little girl to protect from the world and to love and to hold…


It was me who wanted these things. These people. This family.
I was losing these things.

We sat to each other silently; me with horror painted on my face, and him, looking into the air and thinking God-knows-what about me….


“Y-yes sir?”

“It’s alright.”

His voice was still far-off, and he was looking into space as if something beautiful was there in the distance.
I looked too, and for a moment, I thought I saw it.

We were looking at the future.

It was unspeakably radiant and beautiful, like a warm rain on a sunny day, scattering diamonds across the planet.
It moved slowly and gracefully like a comet tracing pleasing arcs across the sky.


As that light reflected back to us,
I saw my future.

“A man should follow his heart. That’s what separates us humans from pigs and dogs. We can’t help but to love our own kind, whether it’s a man or woman or a mystery.”
He smiled a little at his own joke, and then turned to look at me.
I jumped, startled to be suddenly under his gaze.

“I’d rather you boys be content than feel you need to conform.”

“T—thank you, s—”
“BUT…” He cut me off. He seemed to struggle with himself.
“But, I don’t think it’s healthy to keep that sort of a secret. If you’re gay, I think you should come out.”

Another moment of horror:
As the words left his father’s lips, Ryan plodded back down the stairs, and had overheard us talking at the table.

The momentum was too great.
The words hung in the air like a threat.
Like Death, slinking into a room.
Like the moment you finally lean over the edge and you can never recover.
He’d heard everything he needed to.

Ryan stared at us, speechless.

With each passing moment, the room became more drenched with the silence until it was so saturated, I could barely breathe.


“Ryan…. Ryan! Let me in!”
When I tried the handle, I found the door was unlocked and I let myself into his bedroom. I found him sitting rigidly at his desk, staring at a blank computer screen.

“Ryan, what’s—“
He suddenly turned to me,
“What the fuck is your problem, Ben? Why the hell would you be calling me gay in front of my dad?”

My face screwed up in anger, “What are you talking about? You’re not exactly the straightest arrow in the bunch! Who was the one that was just moaning from being fucked in the ass just a moment ago? Hmm?”

“Me? You’re the cocksucker! Fag! You don’t have any right to talk about me without my permission!”

“I was the one who didn’t want to say anything! You must’ve been acting like a queer at home, ‘cuz your dad was the one who brought it up!”

“Don’t bring him into this! This is about you being a douche bag, telling everyone our secrets, and for turning me into a fag!”

“ME turning you into a fag?? Bastard! You were drunk and horny and you did it yourself!”

“You’re the fucking bastard! Get out!” He rose from the chair, coming towards me, stretching up to his full height. “GET OUT!!!”

“Fuck you, Ryan!”
“Shut the hell up! Get out!”

Before I knew what was happening, a fist came rocketing out of nowhere, smashing squarely into my face, knocking me backwards to the ground.
I landed heavily and stayed there, flat on my back, completely in shock.
He’d punched me!

I tried to look up at him, but I could only open one eye.
He was staring down at me in horror, fists still clenched, face still flushed with anger.

“You’d better go.” He said in barely more than a whisper. “You’d better go.”


I lay in my worn-out bed, in my broken down house.

It was the first time I’d slept by my self in two weeks.
It was really cold.
It was really quiet.
The pain in my eye was blinding, but I didn’t have the energy to put ice on it.
Ryan’s dad had driven me home.
He’d bring my car in the morning.

I buried my face in my pillow.

I had only one good eye, but the tears came just the same.



Only one more chapter to go. I hope you have enjoyed reading the ‘Autobiography’ series, and will look forward to my other writings! Please feel free to contact me through PM or a comment, and remember to keep supporting me!!

Your friend,
The Young Author

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