Friends Get Physical

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I rang the doorbell and he came to the door. I smiled when I saw him, and I shrugged off my jacket, draping it over a chair as I came in.

“Hi, Jessie.”

“Hey,” I said.

“I’m glad you decided to come.”

I was at my friend Philip’s house. Under my jacket I was wearing a tight black skirt and a soft white tank top that showed off my golden-tanned shoulders.

I’m pretty short, at about 5’4″, with long blonde hair and greenish-blue eyes. I’m a little too nerdy to be hot, but some people have told me I’m cute. I know Philip thinks so but he’d never tell me. He’s very shy with girls.

He’s also pretty hot, but I don’t think he realizes it. His body is incredibly toned, and he has beautifully sculpted abs, and incredibly soft-looking lips that I’ve wanted to kiss ever since we became friends in high school.

But I had a boyfriend back then, and he’d always been elusive to me. We had developed a strong friendship, though, and talked almost every day. We were both in college now, but home for the summer.

We went in to the living room. “My parents are gone for a couple hours, so we can do whatever we want,” he told me.

“Let’s watch some T.V., okay?”

“Sure,” he said as he sat down on the couch. “‘C’mere,” he said, patting the seat next to him. I sat down right next to him, so close that our sides and legs were touching.

“What are you doing, Jessie?” he chuckled. He moved over a couple inches.

“Just trying to get close to you, silly,” I said. “Do you have anything to drink?”

“Just soda, sorry. What kind do you want?”

“Diet coke if you have it, thanks darling.” He chuckled at that and went to get the sodas.

He came back with two glasses, handed one to me, and sat down. I leaned my head on his shoulder and after a minute he casually put his arm around me so that his fingers trailed over my shoulder.

“Isn’t this nice?” I asked him.

“Sure, I guess.” He turned on the T.V. and we started watching a show on TLC.

There was a rush of cold air from the air conditioner, set on a low temperature because of the summer heat. I shivered, hoping he would get the hint. But after no success with this, I got bored.

“Can we cuddle?” I asked innocently.

He paused for a moment, looking bewildered. “Um, why?”

“Watching T.V. is more fun when you’re cuddling. And I’m cold. Why is your house freezing?”

“My parents like it cold.” he explained.

“Oh, okay. So… how about that cuddling?”

“Fine,” he sighed good-naturedly. He lay down on the couch and gestured for me to join him.

I snuggled up next to him so my head was right under his chin and my back was pressed up against his chest. Then I pulled his arm around so that it was resting on my waist. It felt nice to be so close.

“Jessie!” he exclaimed.

“What, you don’t like cuddling?”

“I mean, sure, I just didn’t think you wanted me to do stuff like this.”

“Well, I do.”

“Fine,” he murmured. “Let’s keep watching.”

We turned our attention back to the show but after a few minutes, I noticed that he was stroking my side with his thumb absentmindedly. He traced circles with his forefinger on my waist that sent shivers up my spine. I sighed with contentment and he pulled me closer to him, pulling my waist against his so that my legs touched his and my hipbones were right against him. I could feel every inch of him touching Dikmen Escort me.

“Philip, I think you’re enjoying this,” I smiled.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

We went back to watching the show, him still touching my waist and holding me close to him.

His hand touching my waist began to slip to the edge of my sweater, slowly, and then started to move under my sweater. The delicate skin of my stomach tingled as he ran his strong, calloused hands over my waist, my stomach, and down to my waistband.

A few minutes later I started feeling something hard pressing against me. As I felt his hard cock on my back, I felt my pussy flood with sudden wetness and desire. I gasped as he slipped his fingers under the waistband of my skirt, but he quickly pulled back.

“No, don’t stop,” I begged.

He flipped me over so I was facing him on the couch, and said, “As you wish.”

He smiled and took my chin in his hands and brought his lips to mine. As his soft, strong lips moved against my lips, I sighed with happiness and pressed into him so that my breasts were pressed up against his chest, and my hips were touching his.

I traced patterns with my fingers up and down his back as he ran his fingers through my hair. This was all I wanted from the day we first met, to kiss him, to feel his arms around me.

We broke apart from the kiss and I reached up to his ear and nibbled on his earlobe. I took his earlobe in my mouth and started to slowly suck and softly bite it.

He moaned and pulled me closer to him, burying his face in my neck and beginning to draw his teeth over the sensitive skin, stopping occasionally to suck passionately on my neck, leaving what must be some pretty big marks.

My cunt was drenched with juices by this point, and I felt his rock-hard member straining in his jeans, pressing against my belly. As we kissed, he thrust his tongue into my mouth, parting my lips and claiming me as his own.

Our tongues wrestled as we explored each other’s mouths, our hands wandering all over each other’s bodies. I reached down to put my hand inside one of his pockets, finding his cock through the rough denim and stroking it. I moaned and murmured against his mouth as he kissed me.

He lifted up my shirt and slipped both hands underneath, pushing my bra out of the way and taking my breasts in his large but gentle hands. A squeal escaped my lips as he found my nipples with the tips of his fingers. He pinched them, sending me into a wave of excitement.

He continued to stroke my breasts and pull on my nipples, enjoying every moan and sigh he could elicit from me.

I started to take off his belt when all of a sudden he pulled away. “I think I hear my parents’ car. They must be home early! We’ve got to get out of here.”

I stood up, slightly dazed, and pulled my shirt down. He stood up looking flushed. “Let’s take the back door. I know where we can go. Come on!”

We hurried out through the back door and into the woods behind his house. We ran for a few minutes before arriving at a secluded area in the middle of the forest.

As we caught our breath, I looked around. There were no houses in sight, and the setting sun sent beautiful rays of golden light through the canopy of leaves.

“I come here sometimes when I need privacy, or just quiet thinking time,” he said Eryaman Escort to me.

“I’m not really interested in either of those right now, honestly,” I blushed.

“Me either. Now, where were we?” he said, grinning. He pushed me back against a big oak tree as he pressed his mouth to mine. His hips pinned my body to the tree, and his hands have taken both of mine and pushed them against the rough bark above my head.

I had no control, no way to escape, but I know that he would never hurt me… not more than I wanted him to, anyway.

Even though it was approaching evening, it was warm outside, and our skin was glistening with sweat and want and need.

We pulled off each other’s shirts and as our torsos pressed against each other’s, I felt his hard ab muscles tenderly kissing my soft stomach.

He quickly unhooked my bra, throwing it behind him into the forest. My boobs are C-cups and nicely soft and perky. He took one nipple in his mouth and bit down on it.

My hands went to his hair to stroke his head as I tilted my head back in ecstasy. He continued to stroke that nipple while moving on to bite and suck on the other.

Hot, wet desire began to pool deep inside of me, down below my stomach. I felt this urgent need to satisfy him, and to be satisfied by him.

I lifted his head up from his tender ministrations and brought his mouth to mine. He began to slide my skirt down over my ass while our tongues clashed against each other.

I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans, pulling them down to the ground. His black boxers did little to disguise his enormous hard-on. He stepped out of his jeans as I slid my skirt off, revealing my lacy white panties.

“You still have some clothing on, Jess. That might be a problem,” he smirked. He knelt down, holding my gaze, taking my panties in his teeth and slowly pulling them down my legs.

Luckily I had just shaved the night before, so only a strip of light brown hair remained on my pale white pussy. He tossed my soaked panties to the side and focused his attention on my eager body. He trailed kisses across my smooth waist, rubbing his hands up and down my legs, then slowly inching up my thighs towards my cunt.

Spreading my lips apart with his hands, he began to lightly lick up and down my moist slit. I moaned as intense shivers began to race through my veins.

My fingers knotted in his hair, pulling it, holding onto it as an anchor as my pleasure increased. He then inserted one finger inside me. It slipped in easily and I gasped at the newness of the feeling.

With his other hand rubbing my clitoris gently, he slowly added a second finger, doubling the sensation. I was aching with want for him to fill me completely, as no man had ever done before. His tongue flicked against my swollen pink clitoris. Adding his third finger was almost more than I could bear.

“Philip… please…. I want you to be inside me and make me cum.”

He looked up. “Are you sure? I’ve never… done it before.”

“Me either. And I want you to be my first.”

“I think I can arrange that,” he said, his grey-blue eyes alight with energy and lust. He stood up, taking his fingers from my slit and holding them up to me.

I seized his hand and, acting on some strange instinct, began to lick his fingers clean, one by one, and then sucking on them Esat Escort slowly. He started to moan. “Jess… you have no idea what you do to me… ” he said desperately, eyes closed in pleasure.

He smiled, opening his eyes, and pushed a strand of hair behind my ear, and, using my hands, slipped his boxers off. I marveled at his penis, which must have been eight inches of solid steel wrapped in silk. I slowly wrapped my hand around it; the skin felt soft and delicate, but I could feel the hard passion coursing through underneath the skin.

I got to my knees and kissed the very tip. Slowly swirling my tongue around it, I took more of it into my mouth, wetting it as I would soon do with my pussy.

I got about five inches into my mouth when I felt the tip hit the back of my throat. I bobbed my head up and down, taking in most of it, and using my hand to stroke the rest, from the base up to where my lips would stop. I tightened my lips around his cock and pulled his hips closer to me. He started moving back and forth slowly, like he was fucking my mouth. After awhile I was out of breath.

“I can’t wait any longer,” I breathed as I gave his cock one last lick. “I need you buried inside of me.”

He pulled me to my feet, giving me a passionate kiss, and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him as he held me by my hips. He backed me up so I was against the tree once more. The bark was rough on my bare skin, but I hardly noticed it scratching me, because just then, he began to push his penis into me.

First he just put the tip in, but I was so wet at that point that it was difficult for me to keep from sliding all the way onto it. We eased our way into it, my cunt taking in inch after inch of his hard, pulsating cock, squeezing it as it went deeper and deeper.

Finally, he was completely inside of me. I was supported by the tree and by him holding me, but I could still bounce up and down slowly on his dick, feeling my pussy tighten around it every time I would sink down onto it again. I had never felt so full, so complete before.

I didn’t know that anything could be so deep inside me and cause such sweet, intense pleasure radiating up from my pussy to my nipples.

As Philip began thrusting, the bark of the tree started digging into my skin. It hurt, but strangely, I liked it. The pain from my back just seemed to intensify the feeling of a big cock sliding in and out of my tight slit.

He pulled my hair back, hard, tilting my head up. I cried out in pain and pulled my fingernails across his back, leaving red scratches behind.

“More,” I demanded. He thrust into me harder and faster, in rhythm with our fast breaths and moans. We kissed violently, tongues crashing against teeth, fingernails digging into skin, biting each other’s neck, leaving trails of fresh marks.

Thoughts running through my mind found no place to take hold, and were replaced by pure ecstacy, pure blindness as I lost myself in his movements, his smell, his touch.

“I think I’m going to cum,” he groaned. My cunt tightened around his throbbing member when I heard that, and in a few moments he gasped. He moaned a deep, animalistic groan as his cum came spurting into me. As he climaxed, my pleasure reached its peak and I came with him, screaming and impaling myself on his cock.

As we both came down from our orgasms, he jerked a few times and pulled out, leaving a path of sticky white cum down my legs. We looked at each other, breathless.

Finding a patch of soft green grass, we lay down on it together, me in his arms, our legs intertwining in a sticky mess of cum and sweat. He brushed my hair back, stroking my face, kissing my lips gently. We gazed into each others’ eyes, feeling nothing but warm content and satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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