Friendship Ch. 03

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*This is another instalment of the Friendship series. It doesn’t involve much school, but another of my fantasies. Just a quick disclaimer, I don’t support cheating, and if you don’t either, you may not like this story. I thought it added more depth to the story, but I’d love to know what you think. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! As always, comments are always appreciated!*

3: Public

Anna walked to the bus, feeling the eyes lingering on her body. She was becoming proud of her figure, trimmed by the regular swimming she undertook, and knew the long dark brown ponytail brushing her back above her ass dragged attention to her favourite feature. She was still rounded around the middle, but her breasts and ass were more than satisfactory, and she loved the way she attracted attention, just by swinging her hips just that little bit more.

The doors swung open for her, and the bus driver stared at her as she stepped up on the step. Leaning forward to pass her change to the driver, she was shunted forward as the man behind her pushed at her, complaining that she was taking her time. Her school shirt pressing against the mesh that the driver sat behind; pushing her 34D breasts in front of the wide-eyed driver. Looking over her shoulder, he grinned at the man behind her in thanks.

Rolling her eyes and tossing her hair, Anna dug through her bag to find her purse. Dropping the coins in the driver’s outstretched hand, she ignored his smirk.

Anna walked to the end of the bus, dodging feet and elbows. Wedging herself into a seat between a lady who had abnormally hairy arms, and a business man talking hurriedly into his phone, she sighed, resigning herself for the long, stuffy trip home.

Hanging up his phone, the business man leaned back against the seat, his hand resting next to his thigh. He was of average looks, his body mostly hidden by the suit jacket he wore; although it was clear that he was relatively fit.

Anna opened her school bag, searching through her file for homework she could easily do on the bus.

Feeling increasingly warm between the two people, she shrugged off her thick school ‘Leaver’s’ jacket and revealed the navy polo underneath. Folding her jacket over her long legs, revealed by the tight-fitting beige skirt, she rested her hands in her lap under her jacket and continued working on her English.

Anna could feel the warmth of the business man’s hand on her left thigh, and was suddenly very aware of him, tightly packed together. His shoulder touched hers, his hand connected their legs, their hips only a finger’s breadth apart. Rolling her shoulders to shake out the stress gathered between them, she could feel him, strong and solid next to her.

A part of her relaxed, comfortable with the strength next to her. She knew she was naturally submissive, and had to fight her instincts daily to not give in and submit to the dominant personalities that were around Ankara travesti her. Someone had once told her that to be submissive was ultimately to be dominant, because without the sub’s consent, the Dom had no power at all; but she couldn’t see how she was dominant at all. Her efforts to remain at the top of her social ladder were exhausting, but she saw no other way to be her best than to fake her strength until she had had enough, and crumbled; unwilling to reveal her true colours – a complete nympho.

Only Lauren knew, only she understood what her struggle was.

Slumping a little in her seat, she allowed herself to relax under the presence he gave.

Clearly, he could notice the difference in her demeanour. Chuckling quietly, he shifted an inch away from her, waiting to see what her response would be. Almost immediately, she turned her head and leaned closer to him, only a little, but enough that he could see, and he chuckled again.

His hand moved until he was touching her thigh, his index finger stroking against her leg. Her pen tapped her papers half-heartedly a few times, before she gave up the idea of concentrating on her English. The three ‘there’s’ could wait until she got home, and she rested her book on her lap, on top of her jumper.

Her left hand dropped down until it was touching his thigh, before creeping over and laying her hand palm down on his thigh.

His fingers intensified in their stroking, moving to cover her whole thigh. His hands were large, and she giggled to herself, remembering the childish saying, ‘as big as his hands’. Her hand squeezed his thigh in excitement, and she could feel him jump.

Her confidence gave out as she saw for the first time how big he was – scared as she finally realized what she was doing.

He continued to stroke her legs, his hands stroking higher and higher. Frozen in her seat, Anna tried to hide the fear that was starting to overcome her. His finger brushed against her mound, and she shivered at the feeling of his finger on her shaven skin through the hot pink silk thong she was wearing.

Instinctively Anna shut her legs, trapping his finger between her shapely thighs. Wiggling his finger, he made her gasp as he felt her lips through the silk. Reaching over, he spread her legs apart with his other hand, allowing his finger to slip down. Rubbing her clit, he dipped down to push the fabric against her moist core, gauging how wet she was.

Hairy arm hair lady pushed past the pair as her stop came up, shunting her large weight past their knees and treading on their feet. Using the extra seat to spread out, Anna moved to her right, her left thigh trapped under the man’s wide hand.

Anna felt his thigh becoming warm under her palm, and he released her thigh to move her hand firmly over his bulge. She looked into his eyes, taking in his dark stubble, his lips, moistened by his tongue as he stared Konya travesti at her large breasts and as he felt her warmth.

He withdrew his hand, a moan following, disliking the loss of his questing fingers. Anna could tell he thought she was upset with him, as though she didn’t enjoy and want to reciprocate the feelings he created in her. Giving in to temptation, she grinned at him and began to rub him. Clearly surprised at the change in attitude, he groaned quietly, lifting his hips closer to her hand. She giggled as she saw the reaction her hand was having on him, and he began to rub her faster.

Moving his fingers between her skin and her panties, he slid his finger in a figure 8, running around her clit and her bare lips. Anna mimicked him, thrusting her hips towards his hands.

He opened his pants one handed, and slipped her hand under his boxers to grasp him fully. Anna loved the feel of holding him in her hand, and she started to rub the head of him with her fingers. Precum formed a bead on his head and Anna smoothed it over the length of him.

Rubbing his cock, Anna grinned at him, wriggling her hips to that his fingers slipped and brushed her hole. Anna’s right hand lifted, grabbing at her breasts through her bra. She managed to push her bra cup down, so it was effectively lifting her breasts up, and pinched them through her thin polo shirt.

Dropping her head onto the back of the seat, Anna struggled to keep her silence at the feelings he was inciting in her. She started to rub his length fully, listening to his breathing change and feeling his hips rise to meet her hand.

His phone rang, buzzing in his pocket against her hand and adding more stimulation to her movements. He answered, his voice deep and authoritative.

“Tom speaking, what’s up?”

A female voice responded, clearly irritated.

“Babe, you forgot to drop of that package this morning. What happened?”

He groaned, both in response to her question and to Anna’s seeking hand, stroking lightly against his balls.

“Shit babe, I’m so sorry. I’m a little caught up at the moment,” his fingers twisted in her, curling slightly against her ridge inside and causing her to arch her back so her nipples were within easier reach for her fingers, “but I’ll be home in about 20, I’ll drop it off tomorrow?”

A deep sigh was heard on the other end, before she grudgingly accepted.

“Tom, you’ve just gotta start to commit. It’s not good enough, you doing God know’s what, and me being the only one who is willng to make this commitment work. What more do you need from me?”

Anna giggled, and shifted her leg a little wider, allowing his thumb to creep lower and press against her ass. Her English book dropped from her lap, and she quickly slid off her seat to collect it.

Seating herself nearer to Tom when she reclaimed her seat, she pumped his erection faster and faster, İzmir travesti her hand well lubricated by the precum that was flowing quickly now.

“Mmm, babe, I can’t really talk about this right now, we can talk when we get home, ok?”

“Whatever! Honestly, Tom, I don’t know why I bother! I think we should have a talk when we get home – about a lot more than just this fucking package!”

A string of curses followed, before the irritating beep of the terminated call. Tom shrugged and looked down at Anna, a little worried.

“You don’t mind?” He asked, his eyes still dark with lust.

“Well, even if I did, it looks like you’ll be single soon, so I guess it’s not as big a deal as it could be. But no, I don’t mind, we’re not committing, it’s all good fun.” She replied quietly, eyes trained on her hand as it continued to move over his length.

Smiling at her, he doubled his efforts, and watched as Anna’s face changed with the feelings he was inciting within her. Anna reciprocated the favour, and Tom could feel his knees trembling.

Suddenly, Tom’s hand fell on Anna’s, holding her still. Her blue eyes found his, not understanding. His other hand lifted to smooth her furrowed brow, and whispered, “that man’s looking.”

Eyes widening in understanding, Anna held still until the curious man’s eyes travelled somewhere else. Looking around her, she realized she was about to come to her stop.

“I have to go,” she murmured, unwilling to see this come to an end. Looking frustrated, he withdrew his fingers from her skirt, but not after quickly pumping them within her hurriedly.

Stumbling as she rose, Anna had to rest her hand on his shoulder to steady herself. She looked down, seeing his raging length standing proudly past the pushed down boxers, and grinned. Looking at her, just before she stepped off the bus, he rubbed his cock with the fingers that were soaked with her juices, showing her the wetness on him.

Taking in a deep breath, she stepped off, wishing she could have stayed on for just a little longer. The heavy feeling between her legs was increasing, and she didn’t want to lose the impending orgasm. Ducking into a side street, she smiled as she ran to the construction site at the end of the road.

Leaning against a pile of bricks, away from sight, Anna pushed her skirt to her feet, followed by her panties. Thrusting two fingers deep inside, she pinched her nipples with the other hand.

Her jerky, urgent movements helped, but she wished for Tom’s thicker digits penetrating her, and closed her eyes to fantasize about one particular appendage.

A deep moan burst from her as she found her climax, her knees trembling and lips bitten in the efforts to stay quiet.

Anna giggled as she quickly redressed, running away from the building site and towards her home.


A sharp cry could be heard from the roof, as the tiler’s death hold on the ridge slipped, his sweaty palms a symptom of the blood that had raced from his brain to another area, the moment he saw the young teen drop her clothes.

Shrugging, he muttered to himself about youth and the joys of life, picking up the next tile with a grin glued to his face.

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