From the Tent Ch. 02

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After our first night together you sleep for twelve hours exhausted, content.

You find me outside in the sun and hover by the tent flaps, wrapped in a throw, too self conscious to step outside although we are alone. Your face is a whirlpool of discontent,

“Good afternoon, Kitten. Have you slept well?”

You close your eyes, take a deep breath. Your hands shake as you pull the sheet tight across you.

“Let the sheet fall, Kitten. I want to see what’s mine.” And you do, without hesitation, “So fucking beautiful, “I say half to myself.

I hold out my hand and you run to me, falling to your knees and grasp me tight as you press your face to my lap rubbing against me like a cat. I stroke your hair, waiting for you to calm down. Eventually you’re able to speak,

“I was so frightened, Mistress.”

“Why?” although I know.

You cling to me and whisper into my lap already soaked with your tears,

“Thought you’d left me…gone…”

“That will never happen. I am always here. You are my responsibility and my delight. Climb up. I want to kiss you.”

A deep sigh and you settle across my thighs, bending your head into the crook of my neck. I tease your nipples as I speak, ignoring your squirming although, in days to come you will learn soon enough that behaviour like this will be followed by severe punishment. I haven’t told you the rules yet so I say nothing and pull you close. I turn your head, gaze lovingly into your bottomless eyes and part your lips with my tongue. You gasp and shift in my arms as our swollen lips search each other. I pull away.

“Your first lesson, concubine, is that whenever I kiss you will always kiss me back with all your being. Open your Demetevler Escort mouth to me – give yourself for this is how we are joined, through our breath. If, however, I command you to keep still, you are not permitted to kiss any part of me, including my lips without express permission. I am your Mistress – soon enough you will come to know what I expect of you without words.”

“How will I know?” You gaze at me adoringly, your eyes beg for me to kiss you again.

“It will be your vocation to find that out. All you will think about is me and my pleasure. I am your Mistress.”

I take a pastry from the table, break a piece, hold it between my lips then lean in to your mouth so you can take it. You giggle as a crumb falls to your pert breasts. I resist the temptation to remove it with my tongue and instead I break off another piece. This time your mouth is open, ready for me to feed you.

“I am everything to you.” I state as I hand you a cup of juice. I slide my hands across your breast again as you drink, listening to you gulp watching your tiny feet twitch as I speak. So much to learn. I will revel in your training.

“Hold the last mouthful.” I say. I take the glass away and pull your mouth to me again, drinking from you, sucking on your fruity flesh, pulling relentlessly until I hear a loud moan.

I remove my lips; take a deep breath, “Did I hurt you?”

Your eyes are downcast and I marvel at your pretty lashes as they blink away the tears.

“I want you, am I allowed to want you?”

I turn you further towards me.

“Hook your legs, either side of me,” I guide one leg across so that you are balanced facing me. “I need to check.”

I Otele Gelen Escort push my fingers into a dish of butter, softened even in the shade and use this as a lubricant to work them around your tight little opening. At this angle I can see your mark clearly, I breathe across it as I work one finger into a very wet pussy.

“I can feel you want me. Good girl.” You rock your hips rhythmically as I explore you with gentle movements. “If you want to please me you must learn that you are not allowed to move when I touch you.” You freeze. “Good girl, “I say, working you a little more firmly, “Keep absolutely still. Yes like that. You will learn that the more control I have over you, the deeper your pleasure. And if you disobey…” you stop breathing, “I will punish you.” I feel a flood around my hand.

“Punish me?”

“Yes, my darling.” And I kiss you again as I stroke your eager, innocent little pussy, so gently, teasing, drawing out every moment and sensation. I sense you muscles relax and then begin to spasm around my finger. You’ve kept so still, I know you won’t ask so I reward you efforts, “I’ll allow you to move, concubine, you’ve been so obedient that I will indulge you – come for me.”

“Oh… Mistress! Thank you…” You whimper throwing your head back, gripping my shoulders, “Please Mistress, I want to come…oh…let me!” I still my hand, wanting the emotion and closeness alone to tip you over the edge,

“I need you to really ask.” My voice is low, close to your ear, “Ask me again.” You are covered in perspiration, gasping for air, eyes closed as you concentrate on the heat where our bodies join. “Be still and ask me again.” Your cunt throbs – you are so Balgat Escort close.

“I beg you Mistress! I want you…I’ll die…oh, God…please…”

“Yes, come for me.” You hold perfectly still even as you orgasm; impressed with your devotion to my control I move inside you again, drawing out your pleasure and when I say, “I love you, my darling concubine, so strong, so willing, wriggle for me my darling, I give you permission.” You come again with great gasps, calling my name over and over as if I was your very breath.

Neither of us speak for a long time. You are limp around me; you don’t even have the strength to clasp your hands and I support your weight effortlessly. I whisper endearments into your neck as I stroke your arms; I tell you how loved you are. How lucky I am. I explain how I will protect you and train you while you weep against the hollow of my throat.

“So frightened…” you sniff. I wipe your face tenderly with the back of my hand.

“Tell me.”

“Don’t want you to leave me. I’d die. I need you.” You search my face, “Mistress?”

“You worry about me leaving you and I worry about you being hurt. It’s inevitable. It’s the price we pay.” I kiss your eyelids, tasting the salt. I sigh as I am overwhelmed with love and pride. “I will train you – teach you how to feel fear and pain. You will wade through these with your head held high – to me, always to me. You are safe. I am your protector, your Mistress and you belong to me.”

“When, Mistress? I want to learn to please you.” And my heart lurches when you smile and suddenly find the strength to wrap your arms around my neck. I have managed to detach myself from the heat in my cunt until now but suddenly I feel an animal need to fuck you. I glance towards the tent, “When can we start my training?” you whisper into my ear.

“Now my darling, my kitten.”

And we enter the tent arms wrapped around each other for the moment of transition when I will claim that last part of you.

To Be Continued…

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