Fucked Up Family Pt. 03

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Eight more pages of perversion! You should probably read Parts One and Two before this one, but just in case you need a quick refresher…

Last time: While on a family camping trip, the Campbells took some energy pills with some strange and memorable side effects: uncontrollable pissing followed by uncontrollable fucking. Mom with son. Dad with daughter. Brother with sister. After a full day of debauchery, the family thought that they finally had things under control. The next morning, however, they went right back at it. Worse, this time strangers caught the horny household in the act.

Can the Campbells escape their raging desires before things get even worse? Spoiler Alert: No. No, they cannot.

James, his wife Christine, and their three children — eldest daughter Lexi, middle son Austin, and youngest daughter Molly — tore down their lakeside campsite like there was a hurricane headed their way. They rolled up the sleeping bags, took down the tents, and stuffed their bags, haphazardly shoving everything into the back of their SUV. No one said a word. No one even dared to look at each other. As if even that small act would pose a significant risk to their safety. The sad part was, it probably did.

I really believed we had this under control, James thought to himself. But then another voice came into his head. No you didn’t, you just wanted to believe that so you could fuck Molly again. It’s hard to win an argument with your inner monologue, but James tried his best as he foldedthe tentpoles down from long sticks to short, folded piles.

James was clearly conflicted, at war with himself in a way that could only end with both sides losing. On the one hand, he was horrified with himself. With what he’d done. What they’d all done. On the other hand, Molly.

His blonde baby girl with tremendous breasts and fuck-ready hips was rolling up a sleeping bag next to him, putting her tremendous ass on display. James groaned despite himself. His daughter was made for sex and for her Daddy’s cock, in particular. It took all of James’ effort to focus on tearing down another tent instead of tearing off his daughter’s clothes, throwing her to the ground, and filling her with his fuckstick. Filling. Well that was one thing they hadn’t done, at least.

James wasn’t that far gone at least. He still felt relief rather than regret at the fact that he’d managed to not inseminate his youngest daughter’s unprotected womb. But even thinking about it… Well, maybe he did regret it. He just knew better than to satisfy that urge.

James risked a glance over at his wife, Christine. The skinny blonde woman was frantically throwing their piss-soaked clothes in the car, not even bothering to repack them. Christine was almost the exact opposite of their youngest daughter. Almost wiry with muscle, at thirty-nine James’ wife was in the best shape of her life. It was something that her son, Austin, clearly hadn’t missed.

James saw their only boy was eyeing his mother in that very moment, in fact. James knew that Austin had been with Christine, had seen it with his own eyes. Now he wondered if it had happened again. Mother and son had gone together to the camp showers. What went on while they were there? Something had occurred, for certain, to make Christine and Austin run back to the camp and demand that the family leave so suddenly.

James felt anger, jealousy. Then shame. He was getting used to that cycle, too. After all, if he couldn’t stop fucking Molly, why was it fair for him to judge his wife for being with Austin? In fact, it worked out perfectly since it gave James license to keep sticking it in…

No. James wasn’t going to let himself think that way. He turned and looked to the far side and his eyes caught on his oldest daughter, Lexi, as she took down the third and final tent. The girl was a perfect mix of her parents: she had Christine’s tight body, deep green eyes, and small breasts. But she had her father’s height and dark hair. James had been with Lexi, too. He wasn’t proud of it, knowing what it looked like when both his little girls reached their ultimate, illicit peak. But he couldn’t stop picturing it either.

Lexi looked back at her father, shyly. Something spun precariously behind those verdant eyes. James knew that Lexi had fucked her brother as well as her Dad. And then there was what had happened at the lake. They’d gone there to wash up. To cool down. To prove to themselves that they could be in control of these insane urges.

They’d met a group of college kids in the water. But instead of slowing things down further, the young group seemed to make the situation even worse. James ended up fucking Molly right in front of one girl. And Lexi had been with a strange boy and girl over on the lake shore. That’s what had set this off, this mad dash to clear the campsite. Bad enough to be doing what they did — a whole family fucking each other in a crazed orgy — worse now that the world might know Betturkey what was going on.

And just like that, James knew any hope of having a normal life was over. There was nothing left to do but run for help and hope that someone could fix him. Fix his family. Oh God we’re so fucked up, James thought.

Austin threw the last of the tents into the back of the SUV. The car looked like it had been stuffed full by a deranged, blind person, but it was finally, completely packed. James sprinted to the car and climbed in. He heard the rest of his family do the same. He didn’t even look to check that they were all there. He just jammed the keys into the ignition and fired up the engine.

The car roared to life and with it, James felt a strange sense of relief. He was taking action, finally. The A/C blew cold on his face. James hadn’t realized how much he’d been sweating. He felt his chest loosen like he’d been holding his breath for hours. Maybe he had been. He looked over to the passenger seat to share that sense of relief with his wife. Only Christine wasn’t in her usual spot.

Instead of his wife’s short, straight blonde hair and green eyes, James saw a cascade of golden ringlets and pale, almost gray, blue eyes. Molly. The beautiful blonde grinned at her father in a way that made him think she was either about to cry or jump his bones.

James glanced to the backseat and saw Christine, holder of eternal shotgun privileges, had ended up perched in the middle between Lexi and Austin. In the chaos of their escape from the campsite, the Campbells had chosen quite the nontraditional seating arrangement.

Christine seemed to catch James’ confused eye and she smiled. A bit pained, but still affectionate.

“It’s OK, hon,” Christine said, as if reading her husband’s mind, “Everyone’s here and we’re headed to safety. That’s all that counts.”

James nodded solemnly. He did his best to bite back his angry response. Easy for her to say that everything was ‘OK.’ This had all been Christine’s fault, after all. She’d insisted on the pills. And when everyone had gone screwy for screwing, she’d been the one who asserted that it was simply a matter of mental strength rather than medical need. Just because she’d finally reached the conclusion that this wasn’t something that they could control didn’t make up for all she’d caused in the meantime.

Except you’re not exactly innocent either, the traitor in James’ head said. He looked over at his youngest daughter. Still grinning at him with that innocent look that made him feel all the more guilty.

“James, honey?” Christine again. James looked up and realized they were still sitting there in the running car, going nowhere.

“Sorry,” James said, “Sorry, sorry, sorry.” He took his foot off the brake and he felt the car pull forward. The whole family seemed to relax as they rolled down the dirt road and headed for home. Finally, escaping to what they assumed was safety.


They drove for miles, but James still couldn’t find his way out of his own head. It was early morning and the highway was a long, gray stretch of emptiness leading to a muddled horizon. It seemed too much like a metaphor for his own life: no exits, no endings, just infinite nothing.

James took so much pride in his ability to roll with the punches. Even when he’d gotten Christine pregnant back in high school, James didn’t remember feeling so lost. Now he had an amazing family, an incredible career, all because when things went wrong, he knew the right thing to do. He’d built his whole life around the idea that success was simply a matter of working hard and following the rules. But now…

James knew that none of what had happened was his fault. But it had happened, and the results were catastrophic. What if his story didn’t have a happily ever after? What if his life was a tragedy and there was nothing he could do to change it?

James looked over at the passenger seat, to his wife, searching for reassurance. Again, though, it was his sexpot daughter staring back at him. God, if that wasn’t a metaphor for everything right there.

“Are you OK, Daddy?” Molly asked. Her face screwed up with genuine concern. James was so wrapped up in Molly the sex-idol he’d almost erased the idea of his daughter, the human being.

His baby girl was probably the smartest one of them all, the prettiest, the one most likely to succeed. Yet Molly was also the one who seemed to have the least confidence in herself. She had this frustrating knack for finding the dark clouds on a sunny day. Molly could cure world hunger and cry herself to sleep because she didn’t also create world peace.

And yet, Molly was also the sweetest, kindest person he knew. When Molly asked, ‘how are you?’ in the morning, she actually meant it — she legitimately wanted to know how you were doing. For all that she beat up herself, Molly was always smiling. Sunny. She had a way of making the people Betturkey Giriş around her happy just by being herself. What was all this doing to her?

James straightened up in his seat. He was so busy throwing himself a pity party, he’d forgotten that the rest of his family was falling apart, too. He resolved to be stronger for them.

“Yes honey, I’m fine,” James said, reaching over to squeeze Molly’s shoulder, “Sorry. I’m just a little, you know, on edge.”

Molly nodded and beamed. She reached over and stroked the back of her father’s head.

“It’s going to be OK,” Molly said. And just like that, James felt better. Words were meaningless — Christine had told him that many times. But maybe, sometimes, words were enough. Even words that were clearly a lie, it still felt better to hear someone say them.

James glanced to the backseat and saw the rest of his family had settled in. Lexi and Austin were both staring out the window, distracted. Christine gave him a wispy grin, then pointed him back to the road with her chin.

James wanted to say something to her, but Molly was still stroking his head and her light, affectionate touch was very distracting. The way she ran her fingers through his still-thick, only slightly silvery hair — it was hard to form a complete thought. Then she kept going, tracing her thin, pink fingers behind his ear. Down his neck. Nails tickling at his arm. God, when had the silly little kid gone away and this succubus shown up?

James felt a stirring in his pants. It was all too familiar now. James didn’t even have the heart to fight it anymore. He looked at his daughter, almost pleading. Molly glowed back. The blonde girl ran her hands lower. Over her father’s trim stomach than down to his khaki shorts.

“Oh!” she said as her hand touched his hardness. Her voice was a mixture of delighted surprise and genuine excitement. James started to raise his hand, to push Molly back. To be strong like he’d swore he would be a moment before. Didn’t he owe it to his girl to at least try for propriety? To attempt to protect his sweet, innocent (ok, maybe not so much anymore) daughter? James heard a gasp come from the back of the car.

Instinctively, he looked in his rearview mirror. Had someone caught him and Molly? Had they seen that her hand was now massaging his aching cock through his shorts? Then the family patriarch saw what was going on and he let out a gasp of his own.

Where, before, the family had appeared like perfectly normal passengers, a very different sight now greeted him. His wife of twenty-one years — a serious, proper woman who’d never been with anyone besides her husband before that weekend — was luxuriating in the middle seat, completely topless. Her children, Lexi and Austin, were both leaning over her from either side. Suckling at her tiny teats like they were newborns all over again.

In return, the athletic blonde woman had a hand in each of her kids’ crotches. Pumping up and down on Austin’s exposed erection. Stroking back and forth in Lexi’s bare snatch. James watched, transfixed, as his family strained and groaned like some singular, sexual creature.

James felt his zipper slide down and his focus ripped back to the front of the car. Molly reached into her father’s pants and pulled out his penis. She smiled and almost clapped, like she’d unwrapped her dream Christmas present. The curvy blonde leaned over and lowered her mouth over James’ dick. The warm wetness of Molly’s mouth surrounded his cock as she engulfed him.

James gripped the steering wheel like holding on for dear life as his whole body fell under the thrall of his daughter’s thick lips and pink, little tongue. If he’d had any thoughts of stopping his daughter before, they were abandoned far behind them on the blacktop.

Despite her complete control over her Daddy, Molly was not an expert at oral. She was slobbery, and combined not enough suction with way too much teeth. But it didn’t matter because James’ baby girl sucked his cock like she needed it. Like this was worship and her Daddy’s cock was her god. All the skill in the world couldn’t compensate for that.

“That’s so good, sweetie,” James said.

“Mmmhmmm,” Molly said, her lips smacking lewdly. She looked so sexy with that cocksucker’s double chin.

Behind him, James could hear that the backseat had escalated as well.

“Oh, baby, that’s so good!” Christine cried, “That’s it, lick Mommy’s pussy. Oh, that’s a good girl.”

“Mom, Lexi isn’t rubbing me off anymore,” Austin said.

“Well, she’s a little busy helping me right now,” Christine said.

“I know,” Austin said, pouty. “It’s just…”

“It’s OK, baby. Lexi’s taking care of me so I can take care of you.”

“Oh ffffffFUCK that’s nice,” Austin said, his mother clearly had reached over and taken hold of her son’s cock.

“Awwww, now who will take care of me?” Lexi asked.

“The two of Betturkey Güncel Giriş you, I swear, I have to do everything,” Christine said. “Here, turn yourself over — no no, keep your mouth on Mommy’s pussy — that’s a girl. Now bend back so your brother can reach over.”

“Mmmmmmm,” Lexi sighed as Austin’s hand made contact.

“Good,” Christine said, “but don’t get distracted or I’ll take him away, understood?”

“Yes Mom,” Lexi said.

“Doesn’t your big sister taste good, Austin?” Christine asked.

“Oh yeah,” Austin said.

“I’m sure you’d rather have your cock inside her, but this will have to do for now.”

“That’s OK, Mom,” Austin said, “Your hand feels fucking great.”

“Remember to warn me before you cum,” Christine said.

“Yes Mom,” the siblings chorused.

Molly wrapped her father’s cock in her fist and James found his attention forced back to his youngest daughter. She moved her head and hand in concert, pumping him into her mouth. Grunting and choking. It felt, God, really fucking good.

James did his best to stare forward and soak in all of it. The wet sounds of pussies being rubbed, mixed with the percussion of cocks being stroked. Sighs and groans. Ecstatic cries. A veritable orchestra of orgy filled the car as the family drove each other to their orgasmic ends. James remembered hearing a story in college about a bunch of students who’d gone on a road trip and ending up all fucking in the car, up and down the interstate. Weird how life made mirrors of itself.

Molly lifted off her father’s cock — a thin trail of drool hung from her mouth to his member. James looked over at her, nervous. Had his baby girl finally had a moment of conscience? And, if so, couldn’t it wait till after he came? But James’ blonde little girl grinned at him innocently and lifted her top right off, exposing her amazing breasts. Then she knelt down and swallowed her father’s hardness right down to the root.

James kept one hand on the wheel, knuckles white. With the other, he reached down and started to fondle his daughter’s massive tits. He pinched her pink nipples and hefted her breasts. Every squeeze seemed to make Molly accelerate. Slurping and sucking with abandon. Her excess saliva drooling over his balls.

“Give it to me, Daddy,” Molly said, words slurring over his shaft, “Cum for me. I want it on my tongue. In my tummy. Oh, I need your cum so bad.”

In the backseat, the rest of the family was racing towards the same precipice. Austin was the first to turn his unintelligible moans into actual words. “Oh fuck. Mom I’m… Please I’m so close and I need…”

“Yes, baby,” Christine said, “That’s a good boy. Give me and your sister your seed. It’s OK.”

Austin let out a long low groan. The two women in the backseat gasped in delight. Lexi started to giggle.

“Oh Mom, my baby brother. His cum. It’s splashing on my little titties.”

“I know baby,” Christine said, “You look so hot splattered in your brother’s sperm.”

“Oh, it’s so good and I… Oh God,” Lexi said, her voice low and cracking, “He’s rubbing my clitty and I think I’m gonna. Gonna go, too!”

“N-no… Not yet…” Christine groaned, “Come on, Lexi. You can’t… You have to get me there. Get Mommy there first and then you can… OH! Oh you’re eating me so good don’t stop don’t stop don’t… DON’T STOP!”

Christine’s whole body trembled. She bucked forward like she was trying to leap right through the windshield. James knew her sounds and signs by heart, like they were one of his favorite songs. The grunts and groans. The little strangled cry. And then James heard the love of his life get pushed over the edge by someone other than himself. By their own daughter.

Christine fell back into the seat, blown. Her oh-so-perfect hair wild against the leather seat. Her deep green eyes practically glowing in post-orgasm satisfaction.

“M… Mom I… I can’t…” Lexi’s whole body was bright red. Her face was tomato red and contorted in what looked like intense concentration or even extreme pain.

“It’s OK, baby. You did good. You can…”

“Oh fucking… Fuck YES!” Lexi couldn’t even wait for her mother to finish her sentence, “Oh thank you. Thank you, Mommy!”

James wanted to watch his oldest daughter cum, but he couldn’t focus on her anymore. The sounds of pleasure from the back had sent Molly into sucking overdrive. With her fist tight on the base of his cock and her mouth wrapped around the head, James couldn’t help but remember the year Molly’d taken trumpet lessons. He was never going to be able to look at those high school pictures the same way again.

The blonde girl was totally absorbed in sucking her Daddy’s dick. In extracting his salty seed. She pumped and whined, bobbing up and down, going after it like nothing he’d ever seen. Finally, James felt the edge of his pleasure race forward. His daughter’s mouth milked him to his release. The sounds of the car drifted back to a dull roar. The road faded in front of him. Any moment now…

The roaring in James’ ears turned to wails. Sirens. He forced his eyes to focus. Blue and red flashing lights filled the car. James looked up at his rearview and then,

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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