Fun at the Mall

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Sevyn and Kati had both just turned eighteen not too long ago, and over the summer after their birthdays they had decided to take a mini vacation out of state so that they could see the campus of the college that they were going to go to and see a couple of other things along the way too.

One of the things they wanted to do was visit one of the malls, as the malls in that city were much cooler than the one they had in their little town.

The first day there was reserved for getting settled at the hotel and just chilling, while the second day of the vacation was reserved for the visit to the campus. The next two days were reserved for their own amusement around the city, and then they would drive back.

The vacation seemed to be a pretty normal and uneventful one until the last day when they finally went to the mall in town.

Kati had been in the shower for a long time, and Sevyn was getting restless to see if the mall really lived up to the hype. He yelled for her to come out and when she did, he was in shock at what she planned on wearing out to the mall.

She came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a tight red crop top that exposed a little bit of underboob and was tight and thin enough that her nipples were really popping out. For the bottoms she wore nothing but tight white shorts that had half of her ass falling out and that were so tight, you could very easily see the outline of her pussy lips.

She threw on her shoes while Sevyn looked at her dumbfounded. “You’re….gonna go out in that…?”

She walked up to him and smiled. “Yea! You don’t have a problem with it, do you?” She then kissed him on the cheek, grabbed her purse on the coat rack next to the door and left the room expecting him to follow, shaking her ass in an exaggerating way all the way to the car.

Once they got to the mall, Sevyn was able to break his attention from Kati just long enough to appreciate the design of the mall, but no longer than that. He couldn’t help but notice something he missed in the hotel room, which was that the shorts were not only extremely tight, but also slightly see-through, meaning that all who looked were greeted to a glimpse of her bright ginger landing strip.

At first they did things any normal teenagers would do in a mall, such as Sevyn looking at the GameStop and Kati looking in the fancy clothing stores. After a while though, Kati decided to have some more fun with him.

They went into a Hot Topic and Kati decided to “browse” everything on the bottom rows of the store near the floor. Every time she looked at something she would very slowly bend down at the waist to look at it and stay there for a minute. Sevyn noticed every guy in the store, even the ones with their own girlfriends, would turn their heads when they saw her do this. It made him aroused to know that other men were staring at his lovely girlfriend’s perfectly outlined pussy lips.

At one point, she noticed a man standing behind her and slightly to the side of her. She again bent down to “browse” the shelves and in doing so pushed her half naked ass up against his jeans, and then proceeded to sway her ass a little to rub up against him. She extended back up briefly and looked at his shocked face, only reacting by saying “Whoops, sorry” in a nonchalant tone.

Sevyn was amazed at how slutty she was acting, but she wasn’t done at all.

They went into Spencer’s next and they skipped the t-shirts and went straight for the back wall, loaded with basic lingerie and toys. She grabbed one of escort bayan gaziantep the dildos and looked at him and asked “Are you going to use one of these on me someday baby?” All he could do was stare dumbfoundedly and nod his head. She then looked around to make sure an employee wasn’t watching as she took the dildo in her mouth and started to suck on it, all while looking at Sevyn. Back and forth in her mouth she moved it and soon began to look like she was moaning, just with no noise coming out.

After that, she took it out of her mouth and very briefly rubbed it on her pussy before turning to the lingerie wall and saying “There are much better places to get lingerie.”

They walked inside Victoria’s secret and Kati was surprised-and excited-to see a male employee in there. She knew just how to keep the games going.

She picked out a couple of choices for her lingerie and they were guided to one of the changing rooms by one of the female employees. As soon as they were in the changing room, Sevyn lunged at her with lust and had his hands all over her. After a brief make out, they separated so Kati could try on her lingerie.

Eventually, after trying on all of her bras, she decided underwear was next. She put her foot on one of the stools to take off her shoes when the stool tipped over on “accident”.

Sevyn asked if she was okay and she said she was okay, and then winked at him. Soon enough there was a knock at the door at the changing room.

“Hey, is everything okay in there? I heard a loud noise from in there.” It was a male voice.

“Yea, everything is fine in here!” Kati stated back, but then got that devilish grin on her face.

“Actually, I am having a bit of trouble deciding what to choose…” She opened the door of the changing room to reveal it was indeed the male employee standing outside. “Do you mind if I get an expert’s opinion…?”

The guy was dumbfounded for a second as he looked at my girlfriend topless, only wearing her shorts and one of her shoes. “Uhh…yeah, I’d be happy to help ma’am.”

She looked pleased and said “Sevyn, this dressing room is too small for three people, I think you will have to wait outside of the dressing room for a minute.”

He couldn’t do anything but look amazed and get out, allowing the other man to get in. After only a few seconds, he heard a giggle and discovered he could peak in through a small crack between the stall and the back wall. She was only now just taking off her shorts revealing nothing on underneath, not even bothering to ask him to turn away. He eyed every inch of her body up and down.

After putting on the prosthetic underwear for safety purposes, she then started trying on the actual lingerie, of course with her tits out the entire time. She kept asking how they looked on her, and he would stammer over his words every time. Eventually she said that all the bending up and down was making her back hurt, and asked if he could take off and put on the next few pairs for her. He happily and dumbfoundedly obliged, and she was getting more and more aroused by her own teasing behavior, as was Sevyn.

Eventually she said she needed to get going, and agreed to buy a few items. She put her shorts and shirt back on-very slowly-and walked out and smiled at her.

Off they were, next to JCPenney, Kati of course looking for hot summer clothes to tease him even more in the dressing room. Kati had found plenty of clothes that she really liked, including a super sexy schoolgirl top. She was sad to find that all of the matching mini skirts were out.

They went into the dressing room and they had their hands all over each other in between changing clothes. At one point, Kati saw that the woman in the changing room next to them had the exact same skirt on her floor as Kati was looking for.

“Hey, excuse me, miss,” Kati started to say. “But I was looking for that exact skirt and I was wondering if you’d let me borrow it to try on,” she said through the stalls.

“Uhh…yea, sure! Come and grab it quick.” Kati, while completely naked, opened the stall door and knocked on the other one. She was let in and Sevyn saw her hand grab the skirt off the floor from their changing room.

“Say, do you mind coming back to my stall with me? I’m sure I could use another woman’s opinion on it.”

She smiled and happily agreed. “I hope you don’t mind, but my boyfriend is with me,” Kati said.

“Oh, not at all!” Kati led her to her and Sevyn’s changing room and Sevyn watched as they both walked in completely naked. The hot blonde had a pair of pussy lips hotter than any he had ever seen on a porn star, only coming in second to his girlfriend’s, and her tits were nothing to scoff at either.

Kati put the skirt on with the woman directly behind her, pressing her body against the back of Kati’s.

“Mmm…I think it looks great on you…” she said, before taking Kati’s tits in her hands and kissing her neck.

After a few seconds of enjoying this, Kati turned around and plunged her tongue right into the mouth of the blonde, as they both reached around each other’s bodies to cup their ass. Sevyn could barely control himself at the sight of this. Eventually, the girl left and Kati got dressed to leave and purchase the schoolgirl set.

Before they went back to the hotel, they decided to go to a movie theater, as they had never been to a movie theater mall before. Kati told Sevyn to buy the tickets and find the seats as she went to the bathroom.

The movie was some indie film Sevyn had never heard of, and only three guys all sitting next to each other were in the theater.

Kati eventually came into the theater, only instead of her shorts and red crop top, she was now wearing the schoolgirl set up, with the white tied crop top exposing a good amount of cleavage and the plaid skirt barely going past her ass, and Sevyn knew she wasn’t wearing anything under the skirt.

Kati’s eyes met Sevyn’s after she had spotted the three guys, and then she winked at him and proceeded to sit closer to them than to him. She sat with her legs slightly spread so that one guy below her could get a great view of her pussy whenever he turned to look. One of the guys moved closer to sit next to her, and she had no reaction. He whispered something innocent in her ear, and from the way she innocently smiled and whispered back, it was likely a name exchange.

Another guy had the courage to sit on the other side of her and also exchanged names. It didn’t take long before they slyly started to rub her thighs and shoulders. A couple of times their hands would graze her tits slightly, still unsure about her intentions. Eventually, she claimed she was getting hot and took off her top. The two guys wasted no time in ravaging her tits with their mouths and their hands.

Eventually, their hands drifted up her skirt and she made no effort to stop them. They took turns slowly rubbing her pussy, to which she moaned satisfyingly. The third guy in the row in front of them moved their hands out of the way and plunged two fingers deep into Kati’s pussy, to which she yelped loudly. Her hips gyrated as foreign hands explored her tits and pumped her pussy.

She then adjusted so that she was arching her back above the edge of the seat, her skirt now dangling in a way that completely exposed her pussy. The guy in front took this as cue and began to violently lick and suck her wet cunt, using his hands to squeeze her ass for support, while the other two continued what they were doing.

Eventually, Kati pushed all hands away and unbuckled one of the guy’s belts and took his cock right in her mouth. They both moaned in excited pleasure as she sucked him off with great expertise.

As she moved on to the next guy’s dick, she felt a set of fingers at her pussy again and spread her kneeling knees to allow greater access as she sucked the second guy off.

She then moved onto the third guy, and after pleasuring him more ravenously than the other, she smiled at him and got onto his lap, straddling him, slowly teasing his cock with her pussy. He took matters into his own hand and thrust her downward onto his dick, causing a gasp to escape her mouth. Slowly but surely, she began to ride him fast and hard.

Eventually it got too much and he came inside of her wet cunt, making her orgasm and shake with pleasure. It took her a while, but eventually she got to the second guy and fucked him the same, only somehow faster and harder. The first guy got up and moved to a higher row so that he could fuck her mouth as she sat up and rode the other guy. At once the second guy came in her, causing her to orgasm again and forget to keep sucking on the first guy’s dick.

She got around to the third and final man and rode him as well, with the first guy readjusting so that she could continue to suck his dick. After a while of the same fucking, the second guy got the courage and walked behind Kati and shoved his dick into her ass.

She about fainted from excitement, and now having all three holes filled, she was in such a state of ecstasy that she could no longer suck herself, instead needing the guy to fuck her mouth.

It was about two to three minutes of pure bliss before they all came at once, filling every hole in her body with warm cum, giving her the best and most earth-shattering orgasm she had ever had. In the midst of the five minute long orgasm, the guys got up and left, having been satisfied, but she didn’t care. She convulsed still for three minutes after that, and when the end credits came on and the lights buzzed, there she lay naked, cum dripping out of every hole.

Sevyn came to her side and knew she would need help to get to the car and that he would have to drive back to the hotel.

Once they got to the hotel, Kati hopped in the shower after brushing her teeth to clean off.

Sevyn was surprised when she exited the room and dropped her towel to reveal that she was naked.

“All that teasing and fun was for you today baby…” she said. “All I want is you…”

Kati climbed on top of Sevyn and they kissed. Sevyn knew that he was not going to fuck her like those guys in the movie theater, but instead make love to her the way that a lover would.

They had slow, but intense and passionate sex, ending in Kati immediately having her record broken for best orgasm ever, experiencing one that, while less mind-numbingly intense, was much more pleasuring and filled her with the perfect combination of both lust and deep love.

They fell asleep after their climax wrapped in each other’s arms, and didn’t say anything about what had happened the next morning when they left the hotel for home.

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