Fun at the Mall

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Bi Wife

The key slides into the ignition of the purple Ford Ranger as the young man behind the wheel starts the engine. In the driver seat, twenty-four year old TJ revs the engine, feathering the accelerator pedal at his feet. The young man stands six feet tall with reddish blonde hair and deep blue eyes, tattoos cover his arms and his ears are gauged up to an inch. Dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt, he waits patiently for his young eighteen year old girlfriend to get in the vehicle so they can make their way to their local mall on the other side of town. Closing the car door behind her, Kylene buckles her seat belt and looks over at her lover. “I’m ready to be your little slut now.” The young girl says with a lustful tone on her voice.

The young dark haired woman sits in the passenger seat wearing a black skirt, black see through thigh high tights, and a tight white button up shirt. The top hugs her perky breasts tightly, the top three buttons are left undone showing off her cleavage. Her dark eyes gaze over at her boyfriend as she wait for his reply. “Wow babe, you look..,”

“Is your tongue tied baby?” Kylene says biting her lip and twirling her curly shoulder length hair.

“You look so sexy in this outfit” The mesmerized young man replies, struggling to find the right words.

“Good, now lets go show off your slut girlfriend” Kylene orders. The pickup pulls out of the drive way and turns onto the street as the young couple heads to the mall.

Pulling into the parking lot, the two step out of the car and head for the main entrance doors of the building. TJ allows his beautiful girlfriend to walk in front of him allowing him a chance to look upon her gorgeous perky ass covered by the thin black cloth that makes up her skirt. With each step she takes, her hips rock from side to side and the breeze causes the small skirt to float, exposing a glimpse of her cheeks as she walks. Looking back, Kylene gives her boyfriend a playful grin as she knows exactly why he is walking a few steps behind her. As she looks back, she places her right hand on her lower back slightly pulling up the dark fabric, giving him an even better glimpse of her soft tanned ass.

Reaching forward TJ grabs the handle of the glass door in front of them. Opening the door the two step into the food court and make their way to the benches on the other side. Walking by a group of boys, Kylene drops her phone on the ground by their table. “Opps!” She says as she bends over at the hip with her rear end facing the young men. As she reaches down her skirt slides up her ass higher and higher, before they realize it the young woman’s naked ass is in their view. Looking closer they notice that she has no panties on and they can see the puffy pink lips of her vagina between her legs directly under her ass. Grabbing her cell phone, she stands back up and continues to walk next to her boyfriend, grabbing his hand as they walk away.

“You think they liked seeing my ass daddy?!” Kylene asks TJ with and innocent tone.

“They loved it honey! Their jaws hit the floor!” He replies, grabbing her ass quickly before grabbing her hand again.

“I hope their dicks got hard looking at your little slut’s ass and pussy!”

Sitting on the bench, the couple hold hands and people watch gaziantep bayan escort as Kylene sits with her legs spread just enough to let anyone paying attention enough a clear view of her tight vag. TJ sits next to his girlfriend as she rests her right hand in his lap, causing a bulge to become visible in his crotch.

“Well I’m glad I make your dick hard daddy!” The young girl points out as she giggles innocently.

“I love how much of a tease you are! Not only to me but everyone here!”

The scent of wet pussy fills the air around the horny couple, as Kylene becomes more and more aroused her nipples begin to expose themselves through the tight white fabric. TJ moves his left hand towards his girlfriends inner tight and he starts to massage her leg slowly moving higher and higher, causing her pussy to become more wet and the scent of her arousal to become more powerful. The dark haired girl moans softly as a shiver runs down her spine and settles in her crotch.

“Fuck TJ!! You’re making me so wet and I don’t care who can see this!”

“Lets go tease some more guys while you’re this horny.” As the young girl stands up a stream of pussy juice trickles down her thigh and runs down to her foot.

Across the way, sitting in the food court a middle aged man watches as the two young exhibitionists make their way from the bench. Quickly finishing his food, he stands up and jogs to catch up and keep them in his sight. He watches as the young girls rear end bubbles back in forth as she walks through the mall. His dick slowly swells in his pants as he becomes aroused by the beautiful rear end ahead. Completely oblivious to the noticeable erection in his pants he continues to follow them. Kylene turns her head to see if anyone is paying attention to her slutty outfit, as she looks back she notices the middle age man and his bulge following twenty feet behind her and TJ.

“Daddy I’ve gotta pee.” Kylene says winking and motioning her head for TJ to look back. Looking back he also notices the man pursuing them.

“Okay babe!” He replies grinning to himself.

In step behind them, the man follows them as the couple disappears around the corner of the hall to the restrooms. Peeking around the corner he watches as TJ squeezes Kylene’s ass, pulling up the cloth and exposing her naked skin underneath. Testosterone pumps through his veins as he gazes upon the sight of her rear. Without hesitation he enters the hall and continues to follow them to the restrooms. Disappearing around the final corner he loses sight of the young adults, quickening his pace he runs down to peek around the corner only to be grabbed by his jacket and pushed through the Mens bathroom door. Realizing that Kylene had grabbed him, he watches as TJ locks the door behind them. Before he can say a word his back hits the wall forcefully and he feels his erection grabbed by the young woman. “lets see this big dick of yours!” His dick swells even harder as the soft hands play with the bulge in his pants, making him light headed. Looking down he watches as Kylene gets down on her knees and her hands unbutton his tan dress pants.

TJ walks towards his lover and the new stranger as Kylene unzips his pants and jerks them down to his knees followed by his briefs. His 8in cock snaps up right and bounces in front of her face, Kylene gasps and instantly her mouth engulfs his member and a wave of pleasure flows through his body. Kylene bobs her head vigorously as she sucks the stranger’s dick, her saliva coats his shaft making his dick shine. “Oh fuck” The man moans. Reaching over to her right her hand finds the leg of her boyfriend and she ferociously grabs the waist of his pants and pulls him over. Without breaking her rhythm she removes her mouth from the stranger’s cock and replaces it with her left hand and begins to jerk him off, while her right hand unbuttons and removes TJ’s pants. TJ’s 9in cock throbs in front of her face as her mouth moves in and begins sucking on it just as passionately as she sucked the stranger’s dick. Her right hand then closes around the base as she pulls her mouth from her lover’s prick and begins to give him a hand job and she looks up at the faces of the two men she is jerking off.

Moaning fills the restroom as Kylene takes turns sucking and deep throating the two large cocks in front of her. She stands up and starts kissing the stranger while both her hands continue to masturbate the men, after a few seconds she moves to start kissing her boyfriend. TJ reaches over and grabs the hand of the stranger and moves it towards his girlfriend’s crotch. The stranger’s hand feels the heat radiating from the young slut’s pussy as it moves closer and without any resistance he feels his index and middle finger slide deep inside her tight cunt. Kylene moans loudly as she feels the fingers slide deep inside her, suddenly she feels her man’s hand slip passed her ass cheeks and the pressure as his index finger enters her asshole.

Kylene begins to cry out in pleasure as both her asshole and pussy are invaded with penetrating fingers. The stranger squats down and moves his face in between the girl’s legs, and begins to suck on her clit causing her to scream with excitement. TJ then steps around behind Kylene and places the swollen head of his cock in between his girlfriend’s ass cheeks. Kylene struggles to catch her breath as she feels the member press against her anus, then she feels TJ push her forward slightly causing her to bend over allowing for a better alignment. Her asshole begins to tingle as the excitement send electricity to her anus and the pressure becomes greater as TJ’s prick enters her ass and stretches her to the brink.

“FUCK!!” Kylene cries out at the top of her lungs.

“Oh daddy fuck your little girl’s ass while this man eats her pussy!” Kylene moans out. Kylene’s ass ripples as she is fucked by her boyfriend and her legs quiver as the stranger sucks her clit. TJ’s balls smack against Kylene’s pussy lips as he plows into her ass. As quickly as the fucking began, TJ stops and pulls his engorged cock out of her ass and grabs Kylene’s shoulders and turns her around placing her ass in front of the stranger. Without even thinking she engulfs TJ’s member, deep throating her lover only to feel the pressure as the stranger enters her rear. A muffled moan tries to escape her mouth as TJ thrusts himself deeper in her mouth. A smacking sound echoes trough the room as the stranger’s ball sack slaps against Kylene’s dripping wet slit. The scent of sex and the sound of moaning fills the air as the three fuck each other in the public restroom.

TJ then steps away and picks up his girlfriend’s bag from off the floor, while the stranger continues to pump his throbbing cock into his girl. He pulls out a small blanket and spreads it out on the bathroom floor and lays down on his back and watches as Kylene’s tits bounce as the man fucks her senseless. Her hair sways with the motion and rhythm of the man’s thrusts. Her hand reaches back and begins to rub her own clit, her fingers circling around the small bulb apove her cunt opening. Soon a violent wave crashes through her body as Kylene erupts in an orgasm, her legs become week and her asshole clenches even tighter around the man’s big cock.

Kylene steps forward, pulling away from the penetrating hardon and places her feet on either side of TJ. Squatting down she feels his dick head be swallowed by her pussy sending a euphoric sensation through her body. She leans into kiss her loving boyfriend as he begins to slam his big dick into her tight wet hole. The stranger watches as the couple fuck on the floor, noticing the pussy juice as it runs down TJ’s ball sack from Kylene’s soaking snatch. Looking up slightly he notices her asshole is in the perfect position.

The man grabs Kylene’s hips and crams his cock back into her ass again and begins to fuck like a rabbit. While inside her pussy, TJ can feel the stranger’s dick through the wall separating her vagina from her rectum rubbing against each other sending a new and incredible feeling through the bodies of both men. Kylene’s body is completely full and she screams out in ecstasy as both men pump their cocks vigorously in and out of her two holes.

“Fuck my tight ass! Fuck my wet pussy!!” Kylene yells between breaths at the two men.

The stranger feels his balls begin to tighten and his cock swell even more as his orgasm barrels through his body and he begins to quiver as his cum erupts into the waiting asshole of the young girl. She can feel the hot fluid shoot inside her as it hit’s the walls of her anus and her moaning becomes more intense as her body milks his jizz out of his prick. The stranger grunts and twitches violently as he grasps Kylene’s hips making her yelp in pleasure. As the stranger erupts inside, TJ fucks his girl harder and faster intensifying the man’s orgasm. So much cum pumps into Kylene that it begins to ooze out around the strangers dick, dribbling down on the TJ’s pumping member. The added lubrication from the man’s cum allows TJ to fuck Kylene faster.

Within a few seconds after the man cums he feels TJ’s cock engorge as he erupts a fountain of jizz into the slut’s hungry pussy. His cock throbs as spurt after spurt of cum flows from his dick head. Kylene feels the hot sticky fluid flowing inside her twat. His body convulses as his seed floods her pussy, oozing out and dribbling down his balls, mixing with the stranger’s cum. Both men pull their pricks from the girls cum drenched holes and stand along the wall where it all started. Before they know it Kylene is at it, switching of sucking their cocks, licking up every drop of cum and pussy/ass juices from their members.

The two men then pull up their pants and the stranger makes his way to the door and unlatches the lock. The unknown middle aged man disappears down the hall leaving the couple alone in the bathroom.

“I love you TJ!” Kylene says as she kisses him on the cheek.

To Be Continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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