Fun at the Shoestore

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Working at a full service high end shoe store in the mall during the week can be a lesson in loneliness. It gets so slow during the day, hours seem like days, and it seems like forever until you get to go home.

Having a foot fetish, I thought I could do two things at once; make money, and get my fill of woman’s feet. Summer is the best time of the year because just about everyone is in open shoes and flip flops, showing off their pedicures, but more important, their gorgeous feet, succulent toes, high arches, and smooth heels. Just seeing some of them make my cock throb. Not all of them, but those certain ones from women that you can see are well taken care of; smooth skin, well dressed, with freshly manicured nails, and feet that to me, have been so neglected that it should be against the law.

I can usually tell a lot about a woman’s feet by, believe it or not, looking at their hands. Most of the time, I’m usually in the ballpark…

Then there was this one woman…

During one particularly slow day, a woman that I would say was in her early sixties came into the store wearing a jogging suit, looking for a new pair of sneakers. You could see, despite her age, that she was in really good shape and took good care of herself.

Of course, my first thought when I’m assisting a woman I find attractive is how I can’t wait to have those feet in my hands! So I make sure my tie was straight, and casually asked her if there was anything she wanted to try on, and she replied “not yet, but if I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.” Feeling like I wasn’t going to see those feet of hers, I started to turn to walk back to the counter when she said “On second thought, I’d like to see a pair of these in size Escort Bayan Antep six, please.” Hearing that, I proceeded to run, err, walk to the back of the store to retrieve the sneakers she wanted to try on. When I came out with them (thanking the powers that be that we had her size in stock!) I asked her to have a seat, and I would assist her trying them on.

I went and got an ottoman for her to rest her calves on, allowing her feet to hang off the edge of the ottoman, I then proceeded to unlace her left sneaker. After it was sufficiently loose, I slipped her sneaker off. What I saw was a silhouette of the most perfect foot I have ever seen. It was a good thing I was sitting, because seeing that perfectly formed foot went from my eyes, and traveled down my spine and landed right on the head of my cock, making it throb.

Thinking quickly, I suggested she try these sneakers on with new socks, as the ones she was wearing were moist with sweat. She agreed. Doing my best to disguise the bulge that was developing in my trousers, I went to the rack to get her a pair of footy socks, then taking my index finger, I slipped it into her sweaty sock, making sure I ran the tip of my finger over the sole of her foot, starting at her heel, and running my finger up to her toes, which resulted in her sock coming off her foot, and onto my index finger.

As her sock came off, she reacted to my finger rubbing her sole by spreading her toes, which made my cock jump. At this point, I’m hoping she doesn’t need anything that would require me walking anywhere, as my cock was just about fully erect.

After removing her right sneaker, I removed her other sock the same way I did the first, and got the same reaction of her spreading her toes. This time though, when she spread them, I noticed her hips moved a little, and I heard her make a noise which sounded to me like a stifled moan. I asked her if she was ok, as she seemed somewhat flustered. She looked at me, and you could see in her eyes that she liked what I did, so I asked her if I should do it again, and she instantly replied a very seductive “yes!” This time I did both of them together, and the toes on both of her feet spread wider, and she let out a moan.

At this point, it was easy to see that my full on erection and her reaction to what I did made it clear to each of us that we both were approving what was happening. With that, she asked “is there someplace we can go to explore this further?” She didn’t have to ask me twice. I limped over to the front door, and locked it. There wasn’t time to put a sign up, so I took her hand and we both disappeared into the back of the store.

The second the curtain closed from being walked through, she was grabbing at my crotch, cupping her soft, palm around my hardness. She proceeded to drop to her knees, and loosened my belt, and in one motion, pulled my trousers and underwear to my ankles, making my now pulsating cock to spring out to attention, with its head just inches from her face.

Without saying a word, she looked up at me. I could feel her hot breath on my cock, then without warning she eagerly stuffed my throbbing cock into her hungry mouth and started sucking.

My first thought (aside from ecstasy) was not only was she deep throating my cock to my balls, but I have a perfect view of her sexy soles, which drove me even crazier.

Not being able to take it any longer, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, and with one swipe of my hand cleared everything off the desk, and I told her to lay down on the desk, then it was my turn to pull her sweat pants and thong off in one motion. Sensing where this was going, she spread her legs as far as she could and reached down and spread her pussy lips open, and said those three words I wanted to hear: “Eat my pussy!” I pulled her to the edge of the desk, still spread open, and I pushed my tongue deep into her wet pussy. My tongue danced on her erect clitoris which made her hips rise to meet my tongue as she came right on my tongue. I lapped up all the sweet nectar her pussy squirted, then told her to turn over and to hang her feet off the end of the desk.

It was my turn with those feet! I went to my knees and proceeded to run my tongue all over her soles, in-between her spread toes, and lapped her soles which made her cum again. I then put her feet together, soles up, and put my throbbing cock on her soles, pumping my cock across her hot soles. She could see that my excitement was building, so she looked back at me and moaned to me “I want you to shoot your cum all over my feet!” With that, I took my hard cock in my hand and started to stroke it. I kept stroking it until my excitement could no longer be contained which led me to ejaculate my hot cum all over her feet and soles as I screamed in ecstasy. When I was finished her feet were covered with my seed. Then without saying anything, she put her socks on, right over all my cum, then put her thong and sweat pants back on, then her sneakers.

She gave me a long, deep kiss, and told me that she would be back to try on other shoes. I pulled my trousers up, walked her to the front of the store, unlocked the door, and she stepped out and went down the hallway.

I can’t wait until next time!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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