Fun at Work Pt. 06

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Author’s Note — This is a continuation from previous chapters, so you may enjoy it more if you read the others. I encourage feedback as it helps me improve the stories for you all.


I woke up the next morning in Emma’s bed, nice and warm with smooth naked body pressed up against me. The room was nice and warm, and that made me suddenly sit up in surprise. I looked over at my phone to see that I had forgotten to set an alarm, and without quickly sorting myself out I would be late for work.

Emma started a bit later than I did, so just groaned sleepily as I rushed around gathering my clothes, getting dressed and leaving the room. I jumped in my car and headed off to work, making it just in time to grab a coffee before my first meeting. Two meetings later, I finally got to sit in my own office, back in front of my computer.

In the rush of the morning, I hadn’t even had a chance to check my phone. I pulled it out and glanced down at the screen.

6 Text Messages from Maddy

1 Text Message from Emma

I realized that since I had slept at Emma’s I hadn’t even had a chance to get Maddy up to speed. I opened up the message from Emma first — since there was only one of them.

Last night was incredible Ben! Thanks so much xx

Can’t wait to cum with you again ;p See you at work later xx

I quickly typed out my response.

Incredible for sure! Can’t wait for that too…see you at lunch xx

I tapped on Maddy’s messages, and as the group cascaded open I saw that one of them had a photo attachment. I looked up and quickly pushed my office door shut for privacy before I opened them up.

Text 1: Really looking forward to an update on tonight’s session! Xx

Text 2: I’m so fucking horny Ben. I’m already touching myself thinking of you fucking her. I’m naked and wet and wishing you were here.

Text 3: God I hope you’re fucking the shit out of her! I’ve been playing with my toy that’s like your cock…wishing it was you. You’ve already made me cum like 3 times…fuck I miss your cock!

Text 4: Oh fuck Ben I’ve literally been cumming all night thinking of you fucking Emma with your thick cock. I’ve squirted so much thinking about you…my bed is soaked…I’m covered! So fucking hot. Please! Cum all over my tits and face! I want it so bad!

Accompanying that message was a selfie of her lying naked on her bed, her tits exposed and her tongue out. I could see her torso was wet from what I assumed was her own pussy juices. It was a hot pic following up that text.

Text 5: Night Ben xx look forward to hearing from you tomorrow xx PS — miss your cock ;p

Text 6: Guess you stayed over at Emma’s huh? I’m off to uni now but text me when you can xx

I was glad that I had closed my office door as I was now sporting a half mast, and a noticeable tent in my pants. I settled myself back in my chair and started texting back a response.

Well, the sex itself was incredible…like multiple orgasm incredible. But wait until you hear what happened after that…

I proceeded to tell Maddy the details of Emma’s fantasies. It was quite a long message and by the time I’d finished describing everything I was at full mast. My cock was bulging in my pants, and even though I tried to adjust them there was no relief. After a few minutes of waiting for a reply, I put my phone to the side and focused on some work.

After lunch I got back to my office and checked my phone to see a text from Maddy.

Holy fuck! That’s hot! Open this next message alone.

I glanced up to make sure that my door was still closed and turned the phone away from the window as another message popped up. It looked like a picture message, but as I pressed on the icon to open the message, I realized it was a video message.

‘Fuck Ben I’m so fucking horny!’ she whispered, ‘I’ve had to sneak off to the bathroom…I need to cum so bad!’

The video was a bit shaky as she got herself settled into a cubicle. It panned down to show that she had already pulled down her pants and exposed her small black panties. Her fingers inched down underneath the fabric, tenting her panties as she stroked her wet slit. She withdrew her fingers and showed them to the camera, glistening with her juices.

‘Fuck my clit is throbbing like crazy…I’ve been dripping since I read your text’

Her fingers were back down inside her panties and I could see her fingers rubbing her clit. She suddenly pulled her panties down and spread her legs wide, showing me her soaking wet pussy lips.

‘I’m so fucking close already,’ she whispered, ‘so hard to stay quiet!’

Her fingers were a blur over her clit, before she plunged them between her slippery lips every so often. I could see her juices soaking her mound as her quiet panting betrayed the pleasure coursing through her. She spread her legs wide and leaned back, propping them up against the door as she furiously fingered her sopping cunt.

‘Fuck I’m cumming, oh fuck!’ She whispered.

I büyükesat escort heard the door opening and the chatter of at least 2 women just as Maddy’s body convulsed with pleasure. The tiniest little whimper escaped her, and she exploded, her pussy juices spraying from her pussy lips and splashing against the door and onto the floor. She stayed mostly silent as her body shook violently with her orgasm, jet after jet of her girl cum splashing all over the cubicle. I could hear the other women still chatting away, oblivious to the violently squirting girl hidden in a nearby cubicle.

She panned the camera down to the soaked floor and while she’d put her pants out of the way, her panties were definitely completely soaked. The video ended as she looked at the camera with wide eyes and mouthed ‘Oh my God’.

By the time the video shut down I was staring in amazement at the screen, already missing the sexy sight. My cock was rock hard and uncomfortably confined in my pants, being held down as it throbbed in pleasure. I desperately wanted to stroke my throbbing shaft until I shot ropes of cum for Maddy. However, with only a few minutes free before my next meeting, I knew I needed time to control myself.

Instead, I just had to settle for sending back a quick text.

Holy fuck! Incredible Maddy! You literally have my cock throbbing for you at my desk!

Her text back arrived during the meeting.

Wish I was under your desk with that hard cock in my mouth! I’m still so fucking horny for you…you have to let me watch you fuck Emma tonight! Just get her so worked up she’ll agree to anything to cum!

My cock throbbed again reading it and I could feel the blood flowing to my cock and starting to make it hard again. My mind raced with the possibilities of fucking Emma whilst Maddy watched on cam and I knew that while I had to tread lightly, that was something I definitely wanted to try.

I couldn’t wait for work to finish as I was already planning to head over to Emma’s place to play out some of her fantasies.


I pulled up outside Emma’s and I could already feel my cock growing hard in my pants. I’d been out for a quick after work drink or two with a work colleague, but my mind had been focused on the fun night planned ahead — including how to incorporate Maddy’s request into it. Emma had told me her fantasy the night before about being dominated, made to be a naughty slut, and how much it turned her on. Tonight was the night I would play out some of those fantasies for her…

I knocked gently on her door and could hear her approaching behind it. She was still partially in her work clothes, still wearing her navy-blue shirt that was quite form fitting and was stretched tightly over her large breasts. Having only been able to see her briefly at work during the day, I was all but sure she wasn’t wearing the pair of short and comfy jean shorts she now had on.

‘Thank god you’ve finally got h-…’ Emma started to speak, before I stepped forward and kissed her.

I felt her stiffen in surprise and then relax against me as she began to kiss me back, our tongues entwining and dancing together. I slowly pushed her inside her house, shutting the door behind me with my foot, while our mouths stayed locked together.

I turned her and pressed her up against the wall, kissing her with more urgency. I could feel my cock was already hard in my pants, straining against the fabric. I stepped closer to her, pressing my body against hers, and feeling the soft flesh of her breasts squished up against my chest. I ran my hands down her arms, until I could grab a hand in each of mine. I put both of her hands behind her back, encircling both of her wrists in one of my hands, pinning them behind her.

Emma gasped, pulling away from the kiss and looked into my eyes.

‘Tonight I’m making you mine…you told me what you want…I’m going to make you my naughty little slut!’ I whispered into her ear, leaning forward so she could feel my breath tickling her.

She whimpered at that statement, and I could feel a shudder pass through her body as my statement made her tremble. I moved my lips down from her ear, kissing her neck softly, drawing little gasps of pleasure from her. I started nibbling softly on her neck, working my way lower down until I was planting soft kisses along the line of her collar bone.

One of my hands still held her wrists back behind her, while my other one started running softly over the round mounds of her encased breasts. I moved my fingers over to the buttons of her shirt, working with them to start the release. Suddenly I gripped her shirt with my hand and pulled violently, feeling the buttons give way and hearing the tinkle of plastic hitting the ground as I ripped the buttons off her shirt.

‘Oh fuck!’ Emma moaned softly, as her shirt fell open, exposing her large breasts confined by a sexy navy bra.

With my face so close cebeci escort to her, I could see the goosebumps rising on her soft skin as her body trembled gently. I could tell she was turned on by the way I was acting with her, even if there was a tiny bit of apprehension in her body language. I wanted to fuck her hard…I wanted to hear her whimper and moan as I teased her…I wanted her to beg for me to let her cum…to tip her over the edge to her release. Tonight, I was making her mine.

I kissed down her body until my mouth was on the upper swell of her breasts. I kissed and nibbled and teased her fleshy mounds until she was gasping out short, soft breaths. My chin had pushed her bra cups down a bit, and I could see the top of her dark areola just poking out of the top of her bra. I pulled her bra cups down under her tits, freeing them from the confines of the material, but also pushing them firmly and invitingly up towards me.

Emma whimpered softly as her dark nipples, which were already stiff, puckered up even more after being exposed to the air. I kissed softly down towards her nipples, allowing my lips to play lightly over the outer edges of her areola. I swirled my tongue around the outside of her areola, teasing her as she trembled and tried to move her body to get her nipples in my mouth.

‘Oh God Ben you tease!’ Emma gasped out, ‘Please suck my nipples!’

Instead of acquiescing, I blew softly onto her dark little nubs that were now rock hard. I continued to tease her by refusing to make contact with her erect nipples as she softly gasped and whimpered, writhing in my grip. With her hands pinned behind her back she had nothing to grab me and pull my mouth onto her.

My cock was rock hard and throbbing in my pants, and Emma moaned as I pressed it up against her short-clad pussy. I finally gave in to her desperate whimpers, and latched my mouth onto her stiff nipple, sucking it between my lips and rolling it around with my tongue. Emma gasped in pleasure as she finally got a mini release from the tension that had built up.

My free hand reached down and I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, allowing them to drop to the ground, before pushing my boxers down and wriggling my legs slightly until they also dropped down. I carefully stepped out of them, leaving my bottom half naked with my hard throbbing cock sticking straight out from under the hem of my t-shirt.

Emma was gasping and moaning as I continued my sucking and tonguing of her hard nipples. She was completely focused on her pleasure with her eyes closed and her head tilted back against the wall. With my pants off I moved my free hand to her shorts — again releasing the button and undoing the zip. As I pulled her shorts down, I realized that she had no panties on underneath — a naughty girl for me and a sure sign that she had planned to get fucked tonight.

Her legs trembled slightly as I pulled her shorts low enough to drop down around her ankles. I moved my hips forwards, pressing my rock hard bare shaft against her pussy lips, feeling them part slightly and coat my shaft in her juices.

‘Oh fuck Ben!’ Emma gasped loudly, her eyes going wide as she felt my thick cock slide between her slick cunt lips.

I stayed at that angle, her pussy basically riding my shaft as I thrusted softly back and forth. She gasped as my cock slid in between her wet labia, but not entering into her desperate hole. I grasped my cock with my hand and guided the cock head up and down the length of her pussy, teasing it against her horny clit. Suddenly I stopped.

‘Suck my cock Ems.’ I demanded, I stared her in the eyes and pressed my hands gently on her shoulders guiding her down to the floor onto her knees.

My rock hard throbbing cock was now at her eye level, and her eyes were wide and staring at it. There was a glint of hunger in her eyes as she stared at my cock, reaching out with one hand to grasp it softly. I could see her pussy juices still glistening on my shaft as her hand wrapped around me.

‘Suck my cock Emma and make me cum for you.’ I demanded again.

I stepped in closer to her, the head of my cock barely an inch from her face. I flexed my muscles, causing it to throb and bob in her hand, and small drop of precum to form at the end of my cock. Her tongue snaked out to taste my precum, before she moved her head forwards and enveloped my cock head into her mouth.

Her warm, wet mouth felt like heaven on my throbbing, engorged cock head. Her lips were stretched around my shaft, and I could feel her tongue on the underside of my cock. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed gently to guide my cock further into her mouth. She glanced up at me with wide eyes, and hint of panic that I might go too far, but I knew how to handle her.

After about half of my cock was engulfed in her mouth I let go of her head and gently pulled back until I was completely out of her mouth. I silently asked if she was kolej escort ok, and she nodded gently. I was throbbing and desperate to cum, so after confirming that she was ok to continue I pressed on with making her my naughty slut.

I pushed her back against the wall and pressed my cock head against her mouth. She opened her mouth as I slid my cock between her lips into her warm, wet embrace.

‘That’s a good girl.’ I told her, as I slid my cock into her, ‘Do you like sucking my big, thick cock?’

She nodded as her eyes looked up at me with her mouth full of my cock. She was bobbing her head up and down my cock but was only getting to around halfway down my shaft. I began to thrust ever so gently on her forward bobs, driving my cock slightly deeper with each thrust.

‘That’s right…take this cock as deep as you can inside your mouth.’ I said, ‘I bet you’re getting wet from this aren’t you?’

Emma whimpered in pleasure as she blushed and nodded again.

‘Good girl.’ I praised her, ‘I’m sure you got wet from tasting your own pussy juices on my cock too…such a naughty girl.’

Emma moaned loudly around my cock, causing her mouth to vibrate on my shaft. I was now getting about two thirds of my cock into her mouth, and I could feel that I was touching the back of her mouth before I could get into her throat. Knowing this was the first time being treated like this, I knew that that would be as deep as I would push it today.

‘I want to you to touch yourself for me.’ I demanded, ‘play with your horny cunt as you suck my throbbing cock.’

Emma moaned as she instantly snaked one hand down between her legs to play with her pussy. I looked down past her bobbing head and could see her fingers rubbing her clit fast and hard. She started moaning regularly and gasping around my cock, causing additional pleasure to me as her moans vibrated along my cock shaft.

My cock was throbbing in her mouth and absolutely rock hard as she played with her horny pussy with my cock in her mouth. She was losing a bit of rhythm with her cock sucking as the feelings in her pussy took over, so I grabbed her hair using it to guide my cock in and out of her mouth — fucking her face gently.

Emma was moaning louder, and I could see her body trembling. Her eyes were closed in pleasure and her fingers were a blur on her clit. It was all telltale signs she was close to cumming.

‘Uh uh…you can’t cum until I do Ems,’ I told her, ‘Good girls just keep themselves on the edge!’

She looked up at me with wide eyes and whimpered. She pulled her hand away from her pussy and grasped the base of my shaft.

‘Oh no…keep playing my naughty girl.’ I demanded, ‘but you can’t cum until I do…the good news is that I’m close.’

I watched as she returned her hand to her clit…and began rubbing again. Her moans started up and I could feel the vibrations of her mouth milking the cum from my cock. I knew I was getting close and started fucking her face a bit harder. I knew that she could feel my cock throbbing and swelling in her mouth, feeling it twitch between her stretched out lips.

‘I’m gonna cum Ems.’ I told her, ‘I’m so fucking close!’

‘Ugh…mmph…can’t…mph…mmm…mmmpphh…stop…mmmph…my…smmpyfl…cummmphh!’ She moaned around my cock and then her body shook violently as her orgasm overtook her.

My hard cock throbbed in her moaning, gasping mouth as my cum came boiling up my shaft and exploded from the tip of my cock. A powerful jet of cum sprayed from my cock and splashed into her throat and coating her tongue. I pulled my jerking cock out of her mouth aiming it at her face as another spray of cum landed in her open mouth and onto her lips, while the next rope also sprayed across her lips and onto her cheek. The next two jets splashed onto her face and chin, before I directed my cock down at her trembling body.

She was leaning back against the wall now, supporting her orgasming body as her legs had weakened and were trembling. Shot after shot of my hot cum coated her naked tits as my cock throbbed with each powerful cum spray. My hot load covered her tits and nipples, dripping down between her mounds and running down around her stiff nipples, contrasting nicely against her dark areola. My cock was still twitching in pleasure as I held it in my hand, the last drops of cum dribbling out and dripping onto her magnificent breasts.

Her eyes were half closed with pleasure as she looked up at me, still gasping for breath after her strong orgasm. Her face and tits were glazed with ropes of my cum and I could see a trail of cum that had run down between her breasts, tracking down in a glistening line to her navel.

‘Mmmm that’s a good girl taking my cum all over you.’ I said to her.

‘Fuck Ben! That was so hot!’ she replied, ‘I came so fucking hard…I honestly couldn’t hold it!’

I laughed gently as I pulled her up to her wobbling legs.

‘And that’s just the start…let’s head upstairs…’ I teased.


After a quick shower to clean up after our first bit of fun, we were sitting on the bed chatting. Emma was wearing just a long t-shirt, that clung to her damp body, clearly outlining her tits and her still stiff nipples. I was explaining that I’d like to continue with her fantasy and tie her up and make her mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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