Fund Raising with Sex Ch. 04

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Ch 04. The Women’s Side.

Trevor was out on his motor mower when he heard a text arrive. He opened it because it was from his wife, Angela.

“Honey. We need to talk. Please come home ASAP.”

“Oh Hell!” he thought. “I wonder what I have done wrong.”

He gunned the motor of the mower and finished the lawn as quickly as he could and headed home.

He was surprised to note all the cars parked in his usually quiet street but ran up the steps to the door without stopping. Angela met him at the door with a kiss, a smile, and an open bottle of beer, so his anxiety dropped.

Without allowing him to stop, she ushered him into the lounge, to a sea of bright eyes, smiling faces and a chorus of “Hello Trevor.”

It took him a few minutes to realize all the wives and partners of his Service Club members were seated in his lounge, all swigging wine, and all looking expectantly at him.

Angela placed a chair behind his legs and gently pushed him onto it.

“This whole Gated Community lark was your idea, and it is working so well. We want to help and really contribute the same as the men are. Up till now, we have been collecting produce from the local businesses for the Market, and baking kaynarca escort scones, etc., till we look like them, but we feel we are being underutilized and we also want to enjoy the fun sex and games that all you men are having.”

“We have been canvassing the Golf Club, and want to do for them sex wise what you are doing for the Gated Community. Providing Escort services etc., also there some female golf club members needing service, so we would have to call on you men. Remember we, the wives have given you men the freedom to utilize your abilities to escort the women that live there. We want that freedom too. There would be the same strings and rules as you men, and all proceeds would go straight to the Project. There are a number of bachelors with bucket lists already showing interest. What do you think? Will you take our idea to the Club?”

It only took Trevor a few minutes to see the potential of the idea, and knowing his wife and her friends, he knew they would already have discussed all the pros and cons, and it would certainly push the Project Fund quicker and higher.

“Girls! I am with you all the way. Women can do anything. Do you envisage a separate committee being formed, orhanlı escort or would you prefer some of you being co-opted onto the existing committee?”

“We have discussed this, and feel we should join the existing committee so we can all work together as a team. Now, thank you for your support. Let’s all have another wine and get planning. Would please put this to your Service Club members and get their approval?”

The girls also suggested that if this request was successful, they would wish to become members of the club.

Trevor smiled “At the moment the Club Charter only allows men to be members. We certainly appreciate your help, especially in this fundraising project, and I will get Jamie to see how the Charter can be altered to include women.”

With that, the girls were ecstatic saying, “Let’s have another wine.”

Angela clapped her hands with glee saying, “Trevor, you can go and have a shower and get comfortable darling. Come back and have a drink with us. Later I will take you up to the bedroom and thank you properly.”

The girls shouted, “Woooo Wooo! We know who is getting it tonight!”

Fortunately, a club night was due for the coming Thursday night, tepeören escort so Trevor put this proposal on the agenda seeking approval. When he called for a seconder, three or four members stepped forward. The motion was opened for debate.

Graham opened up with, “That means that our wives will be getting fucked left right and center.”

Bill smiled remembering his last week, “That’s right, Graham, just like most of the rest of us. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

Jamie spoke up, “Remember guys the same rules still apply to all. Any person male or female who does not want to take part can simply say no. That’s your answer, Graham.”

An overheard comment was heard, “Who would want to fuck his wife anyway?” Graham did not hear that.

Trevor then put the request for the ladies to become members, Jamie accepted the request saying that both himself and all members appreciated the efforts that the wives and partners were putting into the project and he would call a special general meeting to put the motion regarding membership two weeks from this night.

The first motion passed with 99% vote, so as soon Trevor could leave the meeting, he called his wife Angela with the news. This was at about 9.45 pm. By the time he got home at 10.15 pm, all the women had been told that the motion had passed and the escorting was all on, and to start making plans.

All enquires were to go to Dame Judy, for her to make arrangements for escorts and allocate the ladies.

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