Game Night

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Game Night

“I can’t believe I left that Triple Word Score open for you!”

“Leah,” James said through laughter, “calm down, that was, like, six turns ago.”

“Yeah, but that’s what clinched your victory!” I was laughing too, playing up for effect my very real irritation at losing Scrabble. “I would have had you if not for that.”

“Jesus Christ, you sure think a lot of yourself.” He said it through a chuckle, still smiling as he leaned backward, his arms slightly behind him and his weight resting on his palms. The Scrabble board spread out between us where we sat on the floor.

“Nah, just a lot of my Scrabble skills.” I pulled my knees into myself, hugging them to my body before picking up my beer and taking a long drink. A reflexive move: his pose right then sent an unexpected wave of desire through me. His slender, lithe form so relaxed, his hair falling over one of his crystalline blue eyes … looking at him knocked the wind out of me.

Which was inconvenient, as we had decided after a brief fling months before that going back to a friends arrangement would be best for us. In fact, this was the first time we’d spent alone together since that decision. It wasn’t easy playing it cool when I knew what I knew. How adept his fingers were, what a sweet kisser he was, the way he pulled the hair at the nape of my neck when he was moving inside of me…

Needing to ease the tension building inside of me, I picked up a Scrabble tile from the board and aimed it at him.

“Hey!” he said with mock indignation as it pinged against his temple and fell to the floor.

“Sorry,” I said with a smile and a shrug, “I’m a sore loser.”

“I’ll say,” James muttered slyly under his breath as he brought his own beer to his lips. His eyes didn’t leave mine as he drank.

Warmth exploded in me with the eye contact. Was there really electricity crackling between us, or was I inventing the heat of his hand brushing against mine as we started clearing the tiles from the game board? I had to be falling back into the familiar trappings of my relentless crush on him–wouldn’t we still be together if this intensity was mutual? The fiery need in me wanted to push forward and test the bounds, see if there was still chemistry. But that was a bad idea. We’d been down this road already.

On my knees, I scooped up tiles and put them into the little drawstring bag he was holding when I noticed him looking at the picture my low-slung shirt made while I bent over the game board. My modest breasts were pushed up and accentuated by a few undone buttons. A necklace hung down between them, an undeniable trail for the eyes. I felt heat roil under my skin. Maybe not all of me was convinced this was a bad idea.

James’s eyes took their time raking back upward to meet mine. We were close, and as our eyes locked I could see the pale dusting of freckles across his nose.

“You know,” I said, keeping my voice casual but having an idea where this sentence might end up, “I’m thinking I might be too competitive to use game night as a way to de-stress.” I had folded the game board in two and started moving toward the couch. I settled onto it, one leg tucked underneath me. The light linen of my shorts rode up, exposing more of my thighs.

James joined me. The look on his face as we faced each other on the couch was playful, devilish. A smile was starting to form at the corners of his mouth, but I could tell he was suppressing it. It was those little wrinkles on the bridge of his nose–they always showed up when James was trying to rein himself in. The idea that he was having to control himself had me dripping with need. I wanted to shatter that control.

There was no hesitation as he put a warm, large hand on my upper thigh. “I had actually forgotten that your stressful week at work was why you wanted a game night,” he said. He scooted closer to me. Even this small movement had my pussy responding, throbbing.

I moved closer, which pushed his hand further up, his fingers now under the hem of my shorts.

“Of course, why else would I ask you over here–” his hand moved further up, now grabbing at my ass under my shorts and meeting no resistance from the thong I was wearing, “–if not for some innocent, stress-relieving fun?” As I spoke, I was wrapping the leg that had been tucked under me around him, which brought our hips even closer together, our faces an inch apart.

“However,” I said, trying unsuccessfully to stifle a gasp as he escort bayan gaziantep grabbed my ass tighter with one hand and clutched at my waist with the other, “I think I need a different hobby to help me relax.” I dropped my voice to a whisper so I wouldn’t betray the tremble of desperate need buried there, and wound my hands into his hair.

“Yeah, I think so, too,” he said in a low voice with a hint of a grumble in it that shook my core. “What do you think about this?” Feeling his mouth move against mine was such a relief. I’d been so hungry for this from the second we parted after our last kiss months ago, and now I just wanted to devour him.

He tasted like cigarettes, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Kissing him like this–this wild, needy passion interrupted by each of us forcing temperance–was like the burnt end of one of his Marlboros screaming into a blaze inside of me. I moaned against his mouth and pushed myself against him, grinding my hips on his. I could feel him getting harder in his jeans as I reveled in his warm, soft tongue against my own.

The tangle of our legs felt so intimate, I couldn’t help but flash back to the first time we ever fucked–tangled up in the bedsheets after a day of watching movies. It had been so spontaneous that night, so unexpected. Despite a desperate crush on him, I was taken aback when his hand had reached up to my cheek. When it had unhesitatingly pushed my hair behind my ear. When his eyes moved from my own down to my lips. When he closed the space between us, muttering, “Is this ok?” against my mouth, leaving me to brush my lips against his. His mouth had tasted like whiskey that night. Every one of his movements–his throaty moans into my ear, his warm and wet tongue drinking my pussy in, his thick cock teasing its way into me–burned itself into my memory. The craving I had for him hadn’t waned in the slightest.

I was ushered back into this moment as I felt James’ hand under my shorts, pushing my panties aside. He ran a finger along my soaking lips, barely teasing my entrance.

“Jesus, Leah, you are so wet,” he said in a low, breathless voice.

“I don’t think I’ve been this wet since the last time we were alone together,” I said into his neck. I kissed him there, just below his ear, and received a light groan in response. “I can’t even tell you how often I’ve thought about your cock over the last few months.” A gasp and a moan as he pushed a finger slowly into me. I was craving him so badly, it was second nature to thrust against his finger, needing more.

James laughed lightly against my ear. “Competitive and impatient. What am I going to do with you?”

“You could just give me what you know I need,” I panted in between more slow kisses planted on his neck, against his earlobes.

“Oh, but where’s the fun in that?” he replied. He pushed his finger in deeper, but moved slowly still. It felt so good, but I needed more. I needed to be filled.

Taking mercy on me, James added a second finger. My hands were in his hair, and I tugged lightly at the same time as bucking my hips against his fingers. His middle and ring fingers worked deliciously inside–rubbing deeply, thrusting tortuously in and out.

Words weren’t an option for me anymore. I pulled back so I could see his face, and the look in his eye undid me. His lids were heavy as he looked back at me, that small smile playing on his lips. So smug, so knowing. It made me need him. I kissed him again, took his bottom lip lightly between my teeth, and pushed him backwards so he was laying on the couch.

Catching on quickly, he undid his belt and the buttons of his jeans, while I pulled them downward. His cock sprang upward as soon as it was free of his boxers. I couldn’t suppress a soft moan. Thick, beautiful. I couldn’t believe I got to be here again.

I kissed the tip of his cock first, then dragged my tongue in a lazy, sloppy circle around the head. I felt high on how good having him in my mouth made me feel.

Taking more and more of him deeper and deeper, my hand working the shaft of his cock, took away his veneer of coolness. One of his hands was fisted in his own hair while the other was in mine. He wasn’t guiding my head, but it was like he couldn’t help but touch me while I coaxed his cock closer and closer to its climax.

My tongue snaked around his shaft as my mouth made its way up and down his length. I twisted my hand slightly as it moved up and down in the wake of my lips and tongue, trying to give every inch of the surface of his cock its due attention.

“Leah, please,” he pleaded. “Fuck. Don’t stop, please. Just…just like…”

He didn’t seem to have any control of his words, and I wanted to push him closer to the oblivion he was edging toward. I slowed down my hand, and took my time pulling my lips back up his length. My tongue was pushed flat against the other side of his cock, and I glazed him with all the wetness in my mouth. He thrust upward into my mouth, and I laughed lightly and pulled away.

“Now who’s impatient?” I said, wanting to tease him like he’d done to me. He opened his eyes, and as soon as they locked on mine I lowered my mouth back onto his cock. I kept eye contact so I could watch his expression while I slowly–so slowly–sucked on his head.

He wanted to play the game, too. He didn’t thrust up into my mouth again; he seemed to be taking on the challenge of my teasing. Not taking his desperate gaze from mine, he grasped at the fabric of the couch with his long, powerful fingers. The groan he let out resonated through my entire body, imbuing me with a fervor that ignited me from the inside. I moaned onto his cock and increased my speed again, taking him as far as I could into my mouth over and over again until my mouth and his hips were thrusting together to push the tip of his nearly explosive cock against the back of my throat.

James sounded far away when I heard him say, “I don’t want to finish yet, Leah, I have to be inside you.” The words registered slowly, but I slid my lips and tongue back off of him.

“Do you have any idea,” he said huskily, pulling at my hips and undoing the button of my shorts, “how hard it was not to come just now?”

I stood up to slide my shorts down my legs. “I’m glad you didn’t.” Hands on my ass, pulling me back down. “I want to feel you inside me again.” Hands pulling my hips into his. Straddling him. My lips at his ear. “I want my pussy to make you come.” His deft fingers once again moving my soaked panties to the side.

I pulled his shirt over his head while I teased my slick lips back and forth against his length between us without taking him inside me. With every movement, my throbbing clit gently grazed the top of his cock. I forced myself to keep a measured pace as I worked my hips forward and back. His hands pulled at the buttons of my shirt, the clasp of my bra until my tits were naked in front of him. His lips went instantly for one of my nipples, and I knew he knew what he was doing: That was my switch, my point of no return.

I reached my hand between us while his mouth moved to the other nipple, one of his hands digging into the soft skin at my hip and the other on my ass. I positioned the head of his cock right at my entrance, desperate to take him all in but knowing I wanted to make this last.

He groaned as I teased his head with my pussy. I was throbbing so hard with need I was almost in pain, but I still kept my motions deliberate and tortuous. Just his head was inside me, surrounded by tight wetness. My hips flicked backward until he was poised again just outside my pussy. And then a gradual move forward, taking more of him this time, and back again. Quicker. Grinding my hips forward, and this time almost all the way so I was stretched in the most delicious way. And suddenly my pace wasn’t my own.

His lips had left my tits, and James’ look was wild when I met his eyes. Both hands tight on my hips–he pushed me, pulled me back and forth, up and down his cock. My hands on his shoulders, reveling in the fullness of him completely inside me now. Either a sigh or a scream escaped me, enough to perk James up anew.

“Fuck, yeah, Leah, does that feel good?” His hands were on my ass again as I braced myself against the back of the couch. My forehead rested against his, my eyes closed against the wild pleasure building somewhere deep inside me.

I wanted to respond, to drive him crazy with details of what he was making me feel. But his hands on me, the way he was moving my body over his, the depth to which he filled me…it had me speechless.

“I…James, god, I…” but nothing more articulate could come forward. His lips were against my ear when he laughed softly. I felt the sound work through me and pushed myself harder onto his cock in response.

“You’re going to come, aren’t you?” His voice was still teasing. He was proud of making me lose myself like this. “I think you’re close, and I want you to let go and come for me.”

And I knew I wasn’t far from it. The more his thick cock worked inside me, the more my clit ground against the base of it as I rode him, the more obsessed I got with his gorgeous cock taking me to my edge.

“Jesus, Leah, I’m close, too.” James’ voice was pleading against my ear. “Can you come for me? I need to feel you come on my cock, Leah.” And that’s all I needed.

I thrusted fully against him again, and with his cock reaching deep inside of me, I came with an aggressive spasm of my body.

“Fuck, James. Oh, my g–I’m coming. Oh, my god, Oh, my–” his lips landed on mine and interrupted my stream of senselessness. God, James’ lips. I kissed him back, matching his intensity, winding my fingers back into his soft hair. I was still rocking against him as the aftershocks of my orgasm moved through me intermittently.

Coming back into my body, I recalled my desperation to bring him to the level I was at now. My need for my pussy to bring him to his breaking point. I slid his hands back up to my tits, giving him the indication that I was taking over again.

I found a steady rhythm one more time. I nuzzled his neck and moaned into his ear as I moved my body in a wave against his. I was furiously working his cock, my ass bouncing as I took him deep into me over and over again.

“James, I want to take every drop of cum from your cock,” I whispered, having finally found my words in the wake of my wild release. He replied with a low, desperate, “Fuck, yes. Please.” I tightened my pussy around him as I kept up the speed of my riding.

My thrusts got harder. I knew bruises would form where I pushed myself into his hip bones again and again, and I was hungry for them. My body would bear proof that this was happening, that his body and mine had tangled together. “You’re going to fill me when you come, aren’t you?” I whispered against his ear. “I’m dying for you to be as deep as you can possibly be, James.”

I could feel his cock release in intense waves as he came, and the depth of it nearly sparked another orgasm for me. His hands were wrapped in my hair, my hands still in his. I was panting heavily as I rode him gently through his release, and his light moans were almost wimpers. I felt no self consciousness about the sheen of sweat coating the both of us.

As he recovered, I pulled slightly away so I could look at him. Swept a stray hair into place–pointlessly, because every hair on his head was a mess. Kissed his temple. I made a movement to prepare to get off of his softening cock, but he held me in place by the waist.

“I don’t think you’re going anywhere until you tell me what the fuck that was.” The wrinkles on the bridge of his nose were back. Trying to hide a smile.

“That,” I said, “was just…” I lost any semblance of thought and just laughed softly. I leaned my forehead against his again and closed my eyes. “I don’t even know what to say,” I finally got out as my giggling subsided.

James’ face grew a little more serious, the laughter falling slowly from his eyes. We searched each other for a moment. I was acutely aware that I was still straddling him, that he was still inside of me. His presence felt so real to me. More real than it ever had, like a sheet of cellophane had fallen down from between us and we were actually together for the first time ever. It was a moment made of glass and I was determined not to shatter it.

I leaned in to kiss him. Barely grazed his lips with mine, like testing to see how little contact it took for pure, lusty want to bubble up from inside me. Very little. I tasted his top lip with the tip of my tongue, basked in how completely mine he seemed as I explored his mouth. Another kiss. His full bottom lip between both of mine, and I was hungry for him again. Our lips pushed and pulled together for a few moments before he took my face in his hands and I pulled back from him.

“Why…did we stop doing this?” He asked the question like he knew the answer already, so I vocalized it for him.

“You know there were plenty of reasons to stop trying the couple thing,” I said. I didn’t tell him that I was having a hard time remembering them. “But this, just this on its own…” I trailed off. I hoped he knew what I was implying.

“This is good,” James said. He looked tired, but distinctly present. “Can we do this again?”

“Oh, you mean game night?” I laughed a little. “Absolutely. Any time.”

James laughed with me and pulled me into his chest. “I mean beating you at Scrabble so I can bring out your competitive side again.” He kissed the top of my head. “I really like your competitive side.”

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