Gardening with Granddad Ch. 21

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Chapter 21: The BIG Day

After Merv left we continued drinking champagne and Carl got back to work prepping me for the ceremony. Following our triple play action I was looking used so Carl began working his magic once again.

Reapplying powders, creams, makeup he amazed even me as he applied shimmering silver gloss to all of his work. He had removed my wig yet had created breathtaking beauty as I sat in the chair admiring his product. I asked Carl if he had time to fix my tattered hairdo and he said there was no need he had brought a different one for the ceremony anyway.

He hauled another box over to the makeup chair and produced a two-foot high silver white stunning hairpiece. It was magnificent and my first one hadn’t compared to this. I imagined Marie Antoinette in this spectacular piece!

Finally I was ready. Trevor had disappeared and now returned to the living room with my outfit in hand.

“Holy FUCK! Trevor, what in fuck is that?” I asked gasping with the creation he held forth.

“This my dear is the final version!” Trevor purred.

He held in front of me a microscopic version of the earlier fitting. The fabric was 20 inches in length and white sheer. He and Carl helped me step into the circular fabric. It came to the top of my nipples, barely, and my cock and balls hung below.

Trevor then asked me to step into the equally micro thong that completely flattened my cock and balls. The fabric barely reached the bottom of the thong. The sides of the thong were see thru plastic and it looked as though I had a tiny white patch over my crotch. Thru the fabric you could see everything, tits, ass, and micro white cock cover. He then placed a tiny white lace garter on one leg and asked me to step into white string strapped stilettos, 9 inches in height. I then was given elbow length sheer gloves and Carl fastened the enormous drop diamond necklace and earrings on me. When they stepped away and I could see my reflection in the mirror they had created the ultimate porn wedding queen.

Tears came to my eyes and Carl screamed, “Don’t you dare cry, this took hours!”

We all laughed and Trevor and Carl got ready wearing almost the same outfit as me except in pink. When they were ready, Carl unzipped a garment bag and removed a tiara and 18 foot veil and placed it on top of my silver wig. I was complete.

Trevor was at the top of the stairs and called down, “Ready Daddy come up!”

My Father appeared and my jaws dropped. He was wearing tight black leather chaps and a matching codpiece. His hairy ass was exposed. On top he had a black vest that exposed his hairy chest and had on a cap. I knew it was a wedding as he had on a small boutonniere.

“Baby you look gorgeous,” he said as he planted a kiss on my painted lips, ” just fucking beautiful, I am so proud to give you away, and your grandfather is one lucky bastard!”

“Oh Daddy, I am so happy!” I exclaimed receiving his kiss, one of the final as a single son. His thick wet tongue dove into my throat and I felt his hands, one on each ass cheek.

Trevor and Carl left saying we should have a few minutes alone. My Father’s hands never left my ass, and his tongue stayed buried deep inside my mouth. God, he was the perfect Father in everyway.

I reached down and undid the snaps on his bulging codpiece revealing the cock that had created me. His cock head glistened with pre-cum and I dropped to my knees engulfing his meat between my luscious painted lips. He leaned back watching his beautiful son turned daughter worshipping his cock. As I felt it grow I stood, turning lifting my tiny sheer gown and offered him my ass for one last time.

His cock, wet from my mouth prodded my hole. It slid deep inside me. He began pounding my tight girlish pussy while his hands grabbed onto my enormous tits.

“Baby, you are everything I ever imagined and more,” he moaned thrusting deeper and deeper inside me, ” The next time I fuck you will be my stepmother baby, and imagine first my son then my stepmother wanting my cock!”

And with that he erupted, his cum gushing inside my ass. God, I wanted it so bad. I wanted everyone to see my own Father’s cum dripping from my pussy, as I became my Grandfather’s bride. He pounded his cock until every drop had been released inside me and we embraced kissing deeply for what seemed like an eternity.

“It’s time baby,” he finally said leading me down the stairs of the loft. As we reached the back gate to my Grandfather’s yard, Carl stood there giving me a huge bridal bouquet of white roses tied with white leather ribbons. The Trevor left to walk down the path, followed by Carl, then my Father and me, the bride.

As we entered the yard that had been covered in an enormous tent, I didn’t know what to expect, but nothing prepared me for what was waiting. Gathered were men, lots of men, the work crew from the company, Merv, and friends of my grandfather and father’s I had met but had no idea they knew or were into anything like this.

The guests were dressed in leather, görükle escort ripped up denim, and jockstraps, it was an unbelievable site. I was embarrassed and turned on by being dressed the way I was. Almost at once the whistles and catcalls started. I knew that I was in for a wedding like no other and was immediately excited and relaxed instantly.

Then I saw my Grandfather! Standing at the front of the group he was wearing skintight white leather chaps with a silver studded codpiece that barely held his monstrous hairy cock and balls. The vest he had on had a single button and his massive hairy gut and thick barrel chest practically forced the vest open. He had on white leather boots and gloves. He was smoking a foot long cigar that was at least 8 inches thick. It was a jaw-dropping site. When I reached him my father forced his tongue down my throat in front of everyone and then Granddad rammed his tongue in alongside Daddy’s. The guys went wild screaming and shouting their approval. When their tongues finally released my mouth the minister stepped out on the patio. He wore a black collar, black thigh high leather boots and the smallest black leather g-string imaginable. It held what looked like a fucking firehose! He was maybe 60, 6 foot 4, 325 pounds, shaved head and was COAL BLACK. If it had not been my wedding day I would have run off with this fucking monster God.

The ceremony he lead was basic and made me promise to obey my grandfather. Then came the ring exchange. Two of the crew wheeled out a massage table on wheels. Granddad reached over and ripped my dress off leaving me in my veil, thong and stilettos. More screaming and shouting from the guys encouraged him. The Minister ordered me onto the table.

The top was rolled up like a pillow and the Minister handed my grandfather a huge, thick needle, cork and a bottle of poppers. I noticed all the guests had also been passed poppers on silver trays. Granddad forced them under my nose and told me to start inhaling. As I did he clamped one nipple putting the cork on one side of my nipple.

“Just keep snortin those things babe this will only hurt for a minute,” he glared. Then the needle rammed through my nipple! Before I knew it the Minister was forcing a 0 gauge ring through my fake tit. Granddad was now on the other tit and the needle was through. The Minister did the same thing putting a ring through it. Everyone was cheering and my tits had THICK silver rings 4 inches in diameter through my huge dark nipples. They looked fantastic.

When I stood the new rings dangled from my monster 40 d tits and received huge cheers from the crowd. Then the Minister pronounced us man and wife. We stood in the receiving line and as each guest went through shaking my Granddad’s hand, their tongues eagerly entered my mouth and their hands freely grabbed my ass and tits, depending on their preference. And Granddad did nothing to stop them.

Then it was time to party. Carl and Trevor removed my veil and I was left to mingle in just my heels and thong. The groping was nonstop and I was in heaven! The pot, poppers, beer flowed. And the guys were not shy about shedding a few more clothes, some enjoying the pool, others feeling good enough to take advantage of Carl and Trevor. Granddad had barely paid any attention to me since the ceremony and seemed to be enjoying the guys, drinking and smoking right alongside them. I didn’t mind given all the attention I was receiving. He had shed his chaps and vest and looked magnificent in his codpiece and boots.

I noticed the Minister leaning up against a wall in the shadows enjoying a huge thick joint alternating it with his mega size can of poppers. A grove of bushes hid him from most of the guests and I noticed as I moved around the garden he hadn’t taken his eyes off me. I just kept moving in his direction until finally I needed to walk past the opening to reach the next group of guys. As I did, his gaze was piercing. This might be my only chance.

I walked towards him, his expression not changing.

“Thank you, the ceremony was great, especially the ring part,” I said.

His black paw, the size of a baseball glove, grabbed my head forcing it towards his face. His cobra thick tongue forced my lips apart and smothered my throat as he tongue fucked me. His hand was on my ass and I felt a finger between my thong and cunt hole.

FUCK! This was my wedding and he could care less. He was taking advantage of the bride right at the reception where anyone could catch us. And I was frozen in his grasp. My hands touched his chest. It was rock hard and massive. I moaned under his spell. I could barely breathe his tongue was so thick inside me and his fleshy lips completely covered my mouth.

Between my legs I felt a fireplace log that the Minister had rammed in under my thronged pussy. I began to hump it as he deep throated me and fingered my ass. His tongue darted out of my mouth and he grinned looking into my face. I looked down at the log.

” O MY GOD!” I gasped. He had bursa escort bayan undone the snaps on his g-string releasing his black log. The log was no log; it was his cock. It was shocking. Uncut, it was at least 8 inches thick and my guess my somewhere around 14 to 15 inches long. I had never seen a cock like it. In fact, I would have doubted its size if it hadn’t been in front of me.

I didn’t even wait to be told. I was on my knees trying to get every inch of black flesh into my mouth.

“Now you are a fuckin hot bride,” he said riding my face pushing his cock in inch by inch. I didn’t even care about the wedding, the guests or my Granddad. In fact, this God could even replace Merv.

I couldn’t take my eyes off my thick glassy painted lips surrounding his huge black club that was completely shaved with monstrous balls bobbing beneath it. His massive black paws reached under my arms and he lifted me upwards and pushed me into the adjacent garden shed.

“No fuckin way anyone’s gonna stop me breakin the bride’s cherry,” he laughed. With one lift, I was on the table in the shed and the Minister had buried his shaved head in my gaping pussy. My legs, wearing the 9 inch stilettos were over his black bear shoulders and my ass was spread for his pleasure.

” O my god, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” I screamed as his tongue darted in and out of my cunt that still contained my own Father’s cum.

The man who had just performed my wedding ceremony was now the first man to own me as a married girly boy. My wedding day could not get any better!

Rising from my well-lubricated pussy, he spit on his log thick cock and without even a second thought rammed the full length into my white married boy cunt. For several seconds I went completely dizzy and the shed darkened. I was impaled on what could have easily been a human baseball bat. And my black fuck machine was about to show me no mercy.

Still wearing his collar and boots he continued to ram every inch of his flesh into my cherry bride hole.

” JESUS FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!!!!” I screamed and spread my ass open as far as I could for the biggest cock I had ever seen.

” You like my big ole nigga meat don’t ya fuckin white trash?” he demanded.

” Yes Sir YES I love my nigga master’s cock, I am your white trash pussy, fuck me with that nigga meat!” I begged.

” You’ve never had a cock this good have ya slut boy?”

” NO never I want it so bad I need it so bad!”

” What’s your grandfather husband gonna say about this bitch?” he laughed, ” now that ya found yourself a new cock master to won that hot piece of white cunt.”

” I don’t care what he thinks,” I cried knowing I couldn’t live without this stud cock, knowing my pussy would never go back to any other cock ever again.

” I’ve never loved a man like I love you,” I cried my makeup starting to run as I forced my tight bubble boy pussy onto his raging cock. ” I am yours forever, no one will ever compare to you, I might be married but you are the real man I need, I want, I love.”

He roared with his approval of my submission. ” Well, I got a big surprise for you whore.”

With that, an older man wearing a robe came into the shed carrying papers. All he said was “Sign here.”

I signed the papers and he handed them to the Minister. As the robed man left my Grandfather came through the door, his jaw dropping at the sight before him.

” What the fuck!” he snarled directly at my cock master.

The Minister threw the newly signed papers at him laughing and saying, ” She’s mine now ya stupid ole fucker, divorced and mine.”

My grandfather managed, ” But I don’t, what the hell ……”

He was clearly shocked looking at the papers. The Minister had tricked my Grandfather having him sign the papers as part of the wedding ceremony, then having me sign them in the shed.

” Your granddaughter here seems to be addicted to nigga meat, real man cock,” the Minister said calmly, ” We’ll work something out Gramps, but she’s mine now, we can either have another ceremony in public and I can embarrass your pathetic white ass or we can do this my way.”

” Please Granddad please I begged,” still riding black cock, ” Please I love you Granddad but this is what I really need, the Minister is more.” I couldn’t bring myself to say it at first.

Laughing the Minister rammed his cock into the back of my cunt, ” More what bitch, tell your ex-hubby, I’m more what?”

” O granddad I’m so sorry, he’s more man than you’ll ever be,” and reached towards my new owner taking his thick pink tongue into my waiting mouth.

” Come on Gramps, come over here,” the Minister ordered.

My Grandfather approached silently.

” Look,” barked the Minister. Granddad’s jaw dropped as he stared at the 14 inches of thick wet black cock pounding my tight white pussy.

Granddad went around the other side of the table and reached for my legs pulling them completely back so my ass was spread as far as possible bursa escort and he could see the entire spectacle.

” Baby if this is what ya want, let’s see how much of that will really fit in my girl’s trash cunt,” said Granddad.

My god he is actually enjoying this. At that moment I realized my Grandfather probably had NO limits. There was no fuck scene he would not encourage. He had introduced me to family sex, married me, divorced me and had offered me at the alter of this black GOD.

With my Grandfather holding my smooth tanned legs in mid-air and my ass being ravaged by my new owner the Judge reappeared performing my second marriage ceremony of the day. I promised to love, honor and OBEY my Master and the Minister promised to abuse and fuck me as his white trash. When asked who gives this whore away, my Grandfather smiled and offered my cunt in marriage.

The Judge handed the Minister a leather and metal contraption that he fastened around my waist and clamped around my panty covered cock that was bound like pussy and which was now put into chastity and flattened into a silver mound resembling a metal vagina. The minister ripped my panties off from under it once it was secured.

” That will NEVER be touched again, you are now pussy forever,” he grinned.

” Please just fuck my ass Minister please I need your cock breeding my pussy, seeding your bride, owning your trash’s hole PLEASE I BEG YOU FUCK ME!” I screamed wanting his ultimate gift of man juice.

” I think your bride is ready to really know what cum is all about,” my Grandfather encouraged, “and I’d like to see her get what could have been mine if you don’t mind,” he asked my new husband.

” Oh ya I don’t mind showing ya Gramps, this slut’s gonna be havin more nigga babies poppin outta her than any piece of white trash I ever fucked.”

The Minister then grabbed a huge bottle of poppers taking heavy snort after snort as he began thrusting harder and harder into my needy pussy.

He threw the bottle on the floor and started ramming with the full force of his 325 pound black manhood. His baldhead was covered in sweat that dripped onto his massive and beastly barrel chest. His enormous black hands grabbed my mega size fake melons.

Then he erupted. With a roar that stopped everyone in the yard from speaking he bellowed, ” Take my fucking cum you fucking piece of useless white trash, let your nigga master fuckin own your young white cunt.”

” JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” I heard Granddad say.

I looked down at my ravaged ass. Not only was the Minister’s cock covered in cum, but my ass my spewing forth cum load after cum load not being able to hold the liquid that was being emptied into it from his cock.

” YES god YES please I want your baby in me now please fuck your cumload deep inside me Minister please fuck me never stop fucking me ever PLEASE!” This was all I lived for now. My own Grandfather was watching me as my newly married pussy was taken for the first time.

The Minister finally pulled his glistening black club from my soaked hole. He traded places with my Grandfather holding my legs in the air and told my Grandfather to come around and get a real good look at his ex-wife’s cunt.

My Grandfather did exactly what he was told and was obviously pleased with the result.

” I’ve never seen a pussy cum like that or hold that much cum,” he seemed delighted to say, “In fact, that cunt looks good enough to eat!”

There, in front of the Minister, my own Grandfather buried his face in my freshly fucked boy pussy and ate the flowing juices of my ass mixed wit my new husband’s fresh squeezed cum.

” Ya Gramps, eat my cum from your granddaughter’s pussy, this is gonna be one fuckin wild family I got myself here,” he said wrapping his muscled arms around my legs and propping them up so my Grandfather’s tongue could get far inside my pussy walls.

“Ya like that black cum don’t ya fucker?” asked the Minister.

Without taking his tongue from my hole Granddad simply moaned and nodded diving in for more juice.

He finished cleaning my pussy dry and the Minister released my legs.

Ordering my Grandfather the Minister said, “Now Gramps, go introduce the new bride and groom, don’t explain nothing just go fukin do it.”

Granddad left the shed and stood in the exact spot we had been married less than an hour before. ” Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make, it gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce you to the Minister and his new wife, my ex-wife and grandson Jimmy.”

At first, everyone was silent. Then as we appeared, me still in full wig, tiara, necklace, stilettos, tits and now wearing my new chastity belt, being carried onto the steps of the patio by the giant black Minister still wearing his semi-hard cock swinging almost to his knees, the whistles and screams from the guys started slowly building into a total frenzy.

My new husband placed me on the wooden table atop the patio and told me to stay on my hands and knees ass propped for all to see, tits swinging. Placing a hand on each cheek of my ass, the Minister spread it open yet again. He guided his hardening cock back into my just fucked and eaten pussy. The cheers and screams grew louder and louder as everyone gathered around for a prime viewing position.

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