Gay Awakening

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His freshly shaven balls felt so nice in my mouth. I could feel his seed filling them up. I had poured honey over them earlier and the sweet never added to his balls. I inhaled the scent of his liquid soap as well. He used ocean breeze and it agreed with his body chemistry. His cock kept bobbing on the end of my forehead and I sucked his nads.

I worked my way up the underside of his shaft, feeling the veins throb as he got harder. Taking his cock head in my mouth, I went slow and easy as this was my first time sucking another man’s cock. I ran my teeth gently over the head as I took him a little bit deeper in my mouth. He moaned “are you sure this is your first time?” he grunted as I sucked him in another little bit.

I just hummed “uh huh “as I sucked him harder. He shoved his cock deeper into my mouth and I gagged. He was average if you call six inches average.

Before I went to real time, I had practiced Eskort Bayan on bananas, cucumbers, and male shaped dildos before. I had only gotten up to 3 inches. But this was real it throbbed in my mouth. His precum coated the inside of my mouth. He grabbed the back of head and pushed hard into me with a grunt and blew his load in my mouth. His hot seed seemed to be never ending. It was salty and sweet. But then again, he was young dumb and full of fun. Oops or he was before I sucked him off.

He rubbed his dripping meat over my face and slapped it on my forehead. He laughed and said, “I anoint you a fag cocksucker!”

I laughed with him as some if his sperm dripped off my chin. I felt so good to become aware of this sexual side of me. It may have been my first suck job, but I got a strong feeling it wasn’t to be my last, in face my 25 year old stud, stroked his hard cock and it was nice and hard again. That is the thing bout young men, they could get hard at a moment’s notice,

He grabbed my face and pushed his cock down my throat again.

This time I got into a dream space and thought back about fifteen years ago, How I had been in a yahoo chat room. Yes, that is how far back this was taking shape. A guy whispered me and asked if I was gay I was like “NO!”

But he said we could just talk for a bit,. Yes, it was calm talk for a bit, but then he started talking sex. I was amazed at how hard I got, my cock throbbed like never. When I came it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. He left shortly after that probably cause his wife came home Typical troll. get his nut and leave

I saw him again and I asked if we could chat again, but he said he was busy, I was disappointed. But I did find someone who as more willing than he. It was in Hotmail chat and this guy and I started talking and we agreed to Sunday morning stroke offs on cam. Hey once you open Pandora’s box.

So, we would turn out our cams and he would show me his nine inches of smooth cock. He would stroke on cam and I did too. He would come and then leave. Yes, a pattern. This went on for a couple of months and one Sunday he wasn’t there. Heartbroken yes cause no one else could do to me what he did. It was such a pretty cock.

So, I roamed the rooms, and someone told me of Silver daddies chat. That was fun for a bit, but again trolls galore.

But I knew I wanted not cam or cyber. So, this is when I met this young stud. He was local, and we met for coffee We sort of hit it off and well here we are

Me sucking his sweet young cock and him gladly giving me his huge loads. I am so eager to receive his sperm, I think if I was a woman I would be a full time pregnant slut. I love sperm that much and yes, his sperm is so creamy, I wonder can you freeze it and make sperm ice cream.

Oh well back to sucking my 25 year old stud!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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