Gay Days Ch. 05

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Some 30 years ago I wrote, with pen and paper, a long history of my gay sexual experiences, from my first sexual fumblings — right up to the day of writing. Then I added events and chapters as they happened for the next ten years or so, ceasing only when time and freedom ran out and then I found out all about computers so I transferred everything into electronic words.

The whole thing was too long and rambling but that didn’t matter because I never intended to publish my sexual autobiography. However, since I hit my 60s, (and now my 70s) I’ve felt that I should really let others partake in some of the fun that I enjoyed.

So I’ve attacked and divided up the story, edited it to the best of my ability, made it more readable and turned it into eight parts for you to read.

The original writing was also very much in my 1980’s/90’s style — comparatively polite and lacking conversation, so I hope that my efforts to liven the stories up meet with your approval.

And the stories are in English from England, so please put up with my British spellings and phraseology.

This therefore is the FIFTH of those segments of my life — “Two Friends from the Pub”


Sue, my girlfriend for a while had gone off with her new boyfriend and my part-time playmate Bob and I was now left on my own, but not for long…

Being unattached again, I changed my local and I started frequenting a pub called The Hunter’s Inn where I met and made friends with a trio who were playing darts. There was Rob who was a long-distance truck driver, Phil who was just out of prison; (he’d done 6 months inside for GBH — Grievous Bodily Harm) and his girlfriend who actually became his ex-girlfriend within a few days…

Somehow us three blokes soon became really good mates and whenever we’d had a heavy night of drinking we used to crash out at whoever’s place we ended up nearest. However, Phil would sometimes get a bit nasty after too many drinks, so Rob and I would usually leave him to it if he was in that kind of mood and we’d head off to a different and more peaceful pub and return to Rob’s house afterwards. At that point, Rob and I were just good mates who enjoyed each others company and there was absolutely no sex involved.

But one night when I was sleeping over at Rob’s, we’d both gone to our beds somewhat inebriated (as usual) but for some reason I couldn’t sleep; I was feeling horny and I had a hard-on that I found I just couldn’t get rid of despite lengthy masturbation. Not only that, because of all the alcohol, I couldn’t seem to manage to bring myself to a climax and thereby release some pressure.

I could still bring some exciting and erotic images to my mind but after Sue had run off and left me, my feelings towards women had turned rather cold and therefore, instead of imagining a warm cunt around my cock I could only think of cocks themselves and as I continued to stroke my reluctant cock I suddenly I discovered that I now had a compelling need to feel another cock in my mouth and in particular to taste some juicy spunk.

On the relatively few occasions that I’d been able to suck a nice cock I’d always enjoyed it and it now seemed a long time since I’d been able to appreciate such a pleasure and so, at perhaps three in the morning I made up my rather drunken mind to try to reach into Rob’s bed and try sucking him off while he was asleep.

It was a plan conjured by a combination of alcohol and sex that left me shivering with fright and desire in equal quantities and totally unable to stop myself.

Creeping as quietly as I could into his room, I heard Rob’s gently reassuring snores so I felt under the bedclothes to where he was lying on his back and located his penis. It turned out to be one of the smallest adult tools I’ve ever come across — no more than four inches long when it was fully erect and quite slim too and as soon as I touched his penis it became rock hard and that alone should have told me that he was awake. Moving slowly, gently and silently I slid my head under the bedclothes until I could reach his cock with my mouth and let it slide between my lips but at that moment I felt his hand touch my face.

“I wondered what you were up to when you came into my room and now I know,” he said quietly, “Come up here for a moment.”

I moved from under the bedclothes to face the music but in the shadowy light he placed his hand on my arm.

“It’s ok, Chris,” he said, “I heard you blundering around — you weren’t exactly quiet, were you?”

He chuckled and pushed back the bedclothes to expose his naked body and stiff cock.

“It’s alright though,” he said soothingly, “Carry on if you want to, I’ve always wanted someone to suck me.”

“I couldn’t help it,” I mumbled, still scared of the repercussions, “I dunno what made me…”

“I don’t care what made you do it but come back,” he said, “Come on, get down there again.”

Then, as I plucked up courage he went on to say that he’d heard from my ex-girlfriend Sue (it’s amazing how word gets around!) Bayan Eskort that I’d sucked Bob off and he’d hoped that I’d be interested in him. I sat on the bed beside him as I listened to his words and felt my heart slowing at last until he lifted his hips up towards me.

“Well come on then,” he repeated, “Get on with it!”

Much bolder now I settled myself, bent over and let his penis slide into my mouth again as Rob gasped with pleasure. It was easy to allow his entire penis into my mouth and even to wrap my tongue around it as I enjoyed the sensation of sucking a cock again.

It didn’t take him long to cum and then, with a gasp and a moan he fucked his spunk into my mouth eagerly. Despite the diminutive size of his cock, his balls were totally normal and he gave me at least four good squirts of lovely thick, sticky spunk which I swallowed eagerly.

“Good?” he asked as I sat up again, licking my lips.

“Yeah, wonderful,” I admitted, “Thanks and sorry.”

“I’m not sorry,” he said as he began stroking his cum-streaked penis, “So if you liked it that much you can do it again, can’t you!”

Instead of losing his erection, his cock was staying hard and a few minutes later I was pleased to absorb it into my mouth again and before very long he was thrusting hard at me and flooding my mouth with another sizeable load.

He was somewhat embarrassed about the size of his cock and now held it up for my inspection.

“Sorry it’s a bit small,” he murmured, “I’ve always been jealous of guy’s like you.”

“Don’t let it worry you,” I said as I took hold of it and stroked him, “It’s not the size that’s important — it’s what’s inside it that matters!”

We laughed together and I felt his penis stiffen once again.

“More?” I asked, somewhat amazed at his ability to become hard again and Rob nodded eagerly.

“No-one’s ever sucked me before — it’s brilliant!” he said, “Come on please, I’m ready!”

Rob then insisted that I stay in his bed after that and some while later we slept but when I awoke it was to find Rob’s hard cock pushing at my mouth. He’d woken with an urgent erection and he wanted me to repeat the performance.

I sucked him off four times during that day (not counting the three times during the night) and each time he managed to pump plenty of spunk into my eager mouth.

With our newly cemented friendship it wasn’t long therefore before I began virtually living at his house except when his work took him away from home — it was better than using my caravan and then, when he’d come back, perhaps after a week away in his truck, he’d be so full of sperm that it would take all day to empty all his spunk into my mouth.

Rob and I both had an interest in Drag Racing, which we followed round the country and one weekend we went to Santa Pod near Nottingham, for a two-day Meet and decided to sleep in his car, an old Mk10 Jaguar rather than bother with a tent. Late in the evening we settled down into our sleeping bags on the back seat, only to be woken at some ungodly hour by late night piss-heads getting rowdy near-by. We tried to get back to sleep but it was impossible as the partying continued and as idiotic bikers roared up and down the strip in the dark.

As we lay there, listening to the racket Rob asked me if I’d like to suck him off again. I was delighted with the idea and we undid our sleeping bags so he could lie down on the back seat while I knelt in the foot well and bent over to reach his cock. It seemed that the unusual situation had excited him more than usual because his penis was simply rigid and was dripping precum generously.

I soon had him in my mouth and he came not once, but three times that night before he was empty and satisfied.

Over the next nine months or so that we were having sex together I must have swallowed literally pints of his sperm because he needed me to suck him off at least twice a day, although that was about as far as sex with Rob would go. I did eventually manage to get him to wank me off a few times but that seemed to be pushing his limits even though he seemed to really enjoy doing it when he finally did it. On the occasions when he wanked my cock he wanted me to kneel on the bed above him, so that all my spunk would squirt out over his chest as I came off although I’d be the first to admit that my aim wasn’t always perfect. Occasionally he ended up with a splash of cum on his face but rather than swallow it, or be revolted, he’d rub it into his skin while I’d go down on him and suck his cock until it gushed into my mouth.

Phil, our other mate, was a hard case, willing to sort anybody out and liable to punch first and ask questions afterwards; the kind you might want on your side in the event of an argument! He didn’t speak a lot — he was a man of action rather than words.

He and I got on really well when he wasn’t pissed out of his tree and one night after a long, sunny, fairly boozy Saturday that we’d all spent throwing Frisbees around down by the river, we went back to his flat with his girlfriend. She left before midnight while he and I sat up late, playing cards and drinking. It was a very warm summer night and we’d both only been wearing shorts and a t-shirt anyway and without his girlfriend now being present, we decided to strip to just our underpants.

I think that we were both looking for sexual entertainment — the heat of the day, all the exercise and perhaps the alcohol had made us both horny and now we were frustrated too because we’d been talking about sex for most of the afternoon without release. I don’t think though, that either of us anticipated how things would pan out.

As we settled down, cross-legged on the floor to play cards, the position of his leg meant that I noticed that I could see the end of his penis hanging down by his thigh and I could also see that his foreskin was already withdrawn for some reason. His cock was still limp but I commented that I could see it.

“Hey Phil, why’s your dick hanging out?” I asked, laughing gently.

“Fuck, I didn’t know it was — oh well, tough!” he replied but he did nothing to put it back under cover.

“Doesn’t worry me anyway,” I said, my eyes still captivated, “Looks to me as if it’s a decent sized cock, by the way.”

He looked down at his groin and now pulled his shorts back to expose his penis entirely and as he did so, he began to get a hard-on. I watched as his cock twitched, rose and stiffened, his foreskin sliding back to reveal his shiny knob. His penis now stretching out along his thigh.

“How’s that then?” he enquired as he held his penis upright.

“Good enough for me!” I said, feeling my penis jerk as he spoke.

Seeing his erection had caused my cock to rise as well and not to be outdone I pulled my shorts aside too so that most of my own cock stuck out from the leg of my pants, then I ran my hand over it and pulled back my foreskin as well.

“That looks pretty good too,” he said, “You’re about the same size as me I reckon.”

Phil pulled his foreskin back and forwards, then he squeezed his cock, making a few drips of fluid leak from his knob — he smeared them over the end leaving his knob all shiny and slick.

“That’s ‘cos I feel so fuckin’ horny; well, I’ve been up for it all afternoon. Got to do something to sort it out soon,” he said, his hand running up and down his shaft, “Fancy having a wank together?”

“I’d love to,” I said, as my cock throbbed with anticipation, “But what would you say if I sucked you off instead?”

“Ooh fuck, yeah,” he said, lying down and rubbing his erection, “Come on then and I’ll suck you too.”

Wow, this was a bit unexpected but I wasn’t about to back off as we both stripped off our few clothes. His erect penis sprang out as he undressed and it looked lovely to me; a good seven inches of gleaming steely muscle that almost glowed with vigour.

While we were settling down and stripping off, he told me that while he was in prison he and his cellmate used to wank and suck each other off and he’d come to enjoy doing so and he’d been wondering if I’d be interested in playing around.

We got ourselves into a 69 position with him lying on his back and me above him and taking his stiff cock in my mouth, I began to suck him off. I took his full length deep into my mouth, feeling the end push into my throat, then I pulled back and slid my lips up and down his shaft. I ran my tongue round his knob, enjoying the velvety feel and the subtle taste of his precum fluid.

And Phil was working hard on my own cock; his hand was wanking me hard while his mouth sucked away at my knob, sending shock waves through my body as spasms of pleasure thrilled me.

Quietly I kept on working on his cock as he rubbed and sucked mine until he began to shake as his orgasm approached; his eager penis thrusting hard into my mouth.

Then suddenly I found that I was close to cumming and I warned him, uncertain if he’d want to swallow.

“I’m almost there — I’ll be cumming soon,” I said urgently.

“Ooh, so will I mate,” he groaned, “Keep sucking — it’s coming!”

Our mouths and hands worked faster and his hips were thrusting his cock into my mouth faster and faster.

“I’m cummmming,” I groaned as my spunk rose up my cock and emptied into his mouth, “Oooh fuck, ohhh yeahhh!”

“So am I,” he panted, “Here it cums! It’s cumming — cumming!”

Strong and generous helpings of hot juicy spunk were soon jetting into my mouth; I swallowed quickly, eager not to lose a drop while he wanked all the spunk from my cock into his own mouth. His offering tasted superb to me, sharp but not bitter; thick but not lumpy and enough to cause me to swallow several times.

Soon we disengaged and both sat up, our mouths both smeared with streaks of white cum which we both cleared up with our tongues and fingers. We smiled rather self-consciously at each other, then bumped fists and began laughing.

“Brilliant!” he said enthusiastically, “Best blow job yet!”

After we’d both recovered we sat and smoked cigarettes and had a few more beers and then fascinated, I asked him about his sex life in prison but it had been confined to wanking and sucking one another.

“I kept being moved around, cell to cell,” he said, “Wasn’t until my cellmate and I were settled that we had any sex.”

“So just sucking and wanking?” I asked, expecting more.

“Nah, never got round to any bum sex,” he answered, “They let me out before we did that.”

He chuckled softly and winked at me.

“That’s not to say that I haven’t done any of that,” he said, “Bloody shame we never got together inside.”

I’d been somewhat surprised that they hadn’t fucked and now I told him that I had always wanted to have a cock up my arse again; that it had been a number of years and half a world away since the last time that it had happened to me.

“So, do you fancy a go with me?” I asked, eager to feel that cock inside me.

He wasn’t all that keen — I suppose that since we’d both just come off; his lust had been quenched for a while.

“I dunno,” he muttered, “Don’t feel like doing it right now.”

I let the matter rest for a while and we talked of other things, then gradually I steered the conversation round until it was all about sex again — perhaps now he’d feel more like having a fuck.

To encourage him as we lounged on the floor, I gently took hold of his cock and began rubbing it until it became rigidly erect once again.

I ducked my head and sucked him for a while — then I asked him again but he was still somewhat undecided. I played with his stiff and leaking cock a bit more and pleaded with him to fuck me and eventually he agreed.

“Yeah, alright then,” he said at last, “Might be a good bit of fun, eh.”

“Oh, that’s brilliant!” I said, not entirely knowing how to thank someone for promising to put his cock in my arse, “Thanks mate.”

“Come on then, let’s do it,” he said as he rose and stood up, “We need some lube; what is there…I’ve got some cooking oil…”

“No way!” I said, “Too messy; what else?

“How about butter?” he said, “Bit cold from the fridge but it’ll soon warm up.”

“Better than oil,” I said, as I reached up and took hold of his erection to keep him interested.

He nipped into the kitchen and came back with a lump of the stuff on his fingers with he began to smear over his cock; there was enough for my arse too as I got on my hands and knees for him. Moments later and I felt the still chilly butter touch my arsehole. I shivered as he spread it around but it soon warmed up and suddenly his finger penetrated my hole.

“Ooooh!” I said as the shock of the insertion surprised me, “Be gentle — take it easy mate, please.”

Phil got onto his knees behind me and soon he began to gently push his cock into me.

It felt strange but nice as his knob stretched my anal sphincter open; there was some straining and a small amount of discomfort on my behalf and then suddenly his seven inch penis was buried to the balls inside my arse.

“Ahhhhh!” I moaned as the intensely satisfying feeling spread through my body.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” he grunted as he began moving in and out.

It was a lovely feeling, being fucked again after all that time and he was gentle at first although he gradually worked up the speed of his strokes. I was with him now though and began working on his cock with my muscles while also thrusting my buttocks back at his thrusting penis.

We fucked harder and harder, Phil’s penis now slamming into me and we’d built up quite a sweat when suddenly his hips froze and deep tremors ran through his body and his cock.

“Shit,” he said, panting hard, “Can’t stop now — I’m gonna cum any moment. What do you want? You want me to cum inside you?”

“What do you think?” I told him, “Keep your cock in me and fill my arse with your cum.”

“Right mate — I’m gonna do it,” he gasped as he began pumping his cock into me once more.

With a final flurry he pushed his cock deep up me and I felt jet after jet of his spunk as it gushed right inside me.

Phil grunted with each eruption and his hips jerked his cock into me each time too. I could feel his cock throbbing and pumping loads of times — he was certainly making lots of spunk.

“That was bloody good,” I said, “You got there way before me.”

“It was better than just wanking,” he said, “And it was so fuckin’ exciting that I came off quickly.”

“Keep your cock in me and see if you can do it again then,” I suggested, having enjoyed the fuck thoroughly and before long Phil began to slowly move his semi-stiff cock in and out of my arsehole once more.

I tightened my muscular ring round his penis and very soon I felt him hardening up again; he was erect again and ready to go once more.

This time the fuck was harder and longer; a more thorough fuck rather than just a release until I felt a sort of heat flowing through me; a wave of sensation that passed through me as if I’d just had an orgasm. It seemed to be an anal orgasm but it also triggered my system and if I hadn’t been concentrating on his penis, my own cock would have been shooting wildly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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