Getting a Haircut

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Big Tits

Jill had been cutting my hair for about 2 years since I moved to Mountain View with my wife. I had gotten her name from a co-worker that had said his wife went there who then proceeded to give me shit about going to a hair salon for a hair cut when his barber was where all “the real men” went to have their hair cut. “If your haircut is what they produce there, then I am not interested” I said to Jim as a quick jab back.

The truth was that I had always liked having my hair cut by a woman. Since I was about 12 I had secret fantasies about whatever woman was my hair stylist at the time. I loved feeling their hands in my hair, washing it or having their leg or breast brush up against me as they cut my hair. I had many a fantastic jerk off sessions dreaming of them after I got home, so I was not about to go to some barber shop and have some old fat guy cut my hair.

Jill was about 5’9, blonde most months, and red, brunette, or jet black on other months. She told me that as a hair stylist she changed her hair color frequently because it was free to her and because she liked the variety. She had a nice body, not great, but a thin waist, about a 34C chest, and a nice ass that was always wrapped in something flattering.

From the first time I went to her she did everything right to stoke my hair stylist fantasy. She would massage my scalp at the shampoo sink and really dig in to my scalp. She used this conditioner that has some mint or eucalyptus or something in it that made my head tingle. As she massaged my scalp she would lean in and gently brush her tits against my head. I think she did that to get better tips out of male clients, and damn if it didn’t work with me, it was awesome to have the tingle of the conditioner and the brush of her tits and her fingers digging into my scalp and there were times that I was glad that I had on one of those hair cutting capes, because all of those things combined gave me a raging hard on.

I keep my hair pretty short and it grows really fast, which meant that I was in to see Jill about every 3 weeks. She got to know me fairly well, learning about my job, my travel, my wife, and we shared back and forth for several years as I was in her chair every 3 weeks.

I was in her shop when my wife called me to tell me that she was pregnant with our first child. I was pretty happy the whole time and did not talk about much else than the fact that it had been hard to conceive, and that I was glad for the rest now because my wife was wearing me out at home.

Jill used a very sultry voice and said “Lucky girl to get that kind of treatment on a daily basis”! I blushed as I knew immediately that I had shared more with her about my sex life than I had with anyone other than my wife. “Uh..hehe yeah we have been working pretty hard at getting pregnant” I said. “It’s the ‘work’ that is the best part you know.” She purred as she went back to cutting my hair. I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time, but did not give it much thought as I was married and getting a daily sex fix from my wife.

My wife had been absolutely insatiable for months; we would fuck sometimes 3-4 times a day. She would wake me up with my dick in her mouth and go on to ride me like a pogo stick before I went to work. Some days she would show up at my office and we would go out for lunch and screw like two animals grunting and sweating, and then she would almost rape me when I got home from work, sometimes meeting me in the garage as I pulled in and would fuck me on the hood of the car or in the boat that we had parked in the third stall. She was a woman possessed and I loved it for the most part.

My wife is sexy and when she wanted to get pregnant was like a drunken sorority girl wanting to get laid. She had finally gotten pregnant after about 3 gallons of my cum had been run through her and now she was a beaming expectant mother….for about a week.

You see, pregnant women get morning sick, and some, like my wife are morning sick all day long. Morning sickness does not lead to the drunken sorority girl “fuck me right here right now” mentality. In fact it turned my wife into a woman without a sex drive at all. So here I went from having a steady diet of sex multiple times per day for months on end to having her legs clamped shut like a vise. I have never beat off so many times in the shower as I did for the first few weeks.

I went in for my 3 week haircut after work one night after a last minute call to Jill. She told me that I would be keeping her late and that I had better hurry as she wanted to get home because she was leaving on vacation the next day with her girlfriends. I told her that I would give her a good tip for getting me in last minute and for keeping the shop open for me.

I got to her shop about 5 minutes before my appointment and walked in. Her business partner was just leaving karabağlar escort and said that she would see Jill in a week. Jill said goodbye and as her partner walked out the door Jill locked the door telling me that she did not want any “walk ins” since she wanted to get done with me and on her way. She turned off the “Open” light and guided me back to the wash sink to get started.

“So how is your wife?” she asked.

“Ok, I guess. Puking every day and blaming me for everything.” I said

“Oh… she has morning sickness every day?”

“Every day, all day sickness!” I told her. “I’m spending lots of time on the couch, since being in bed with her moves the mattress and makes her sicker. It is driving me nuts and I am wondering if it was all worth it really!” “She lured me in with all the ‘get me pregnant sex’ until she got what she wanted, and now I am on my own while she pukes and lays in bed.”

“You poor thing” she said in a mock sympathetic voice.

“You got that right” I quipped. “I have not been of any use to her since impregnating her and now I am in something of a dry spell.” As I said those words I realized again that I had shared more than I usually would, but Jill felt safe for some reason.

“Dry spell? Oh, hehe I get it there Brad! “She said again in her mocking voice.

She started shampooing my hair, and then the massage treatment with the conditioner; I was kind of losing myself in her touch and with her tits brushing against me and it felt so good! I let out a low guttural moan as I had a tingle run through my dick and did not really restrain myself as I blurted it out. I was kind of just flying on autopilot since I had not had the touch of a woman for weeks now.

“Uh, you ok there Brad?” she said.

“Yeah… Um sorry, just really enjoying the scalp massage.” I said as I was trying to talk my cock out of standing up right inside my pants, it was growing at a pretty fast pace as Jill was massaging and rinsing my head. As she finished and rubbed a towel through my hair she chuckled as she looked at my crotch and said,

“You must really be enjoying the scalp massage I’d say!”

My cock had gotten big enough that a tent had popped up under the cape and was very prominent as I walked back to her chair. While awkward, and embarrassing, I shrugged it off and just plopped down in the chair to have her start cutting. My cock was pulsing in my pants remembering the frequent treatment that he had been getting and was going to punish me for the dry spell he was experiencing.

Jill started cutting and moving around me in the chair. She would lean in to cut and again brush her tits across my arm, or back of my head. She would stand at my side and brush her thigh against my hand on the armrest and linger as she snipped away at my hair. I looked up and noticed that her nipples were poking through her bra and just about shot my load right there!

My head was buzzing, my cock was throbbing, her tits were RIGHT THERE, and I began losing my control. She brushed her thigh against my hand again, and out of instinct my hand reached out and began caressing her inner thigh. She jumped a little, looked at me with a wink and then leaned in to snip away at my hair. I began caressing her leg again and saw her open up her stance a little, widening her crotch and she let out a little whimper.

“What the fuck and I doing” I thought to myself, but biology took over and my hand began moving upward.

I cupped her thigh and slid my thumb upward towards her mound. I inched closer and closer and she stopped cutting my hair and let out a little kitten like purr.

“Mmmmmm you going to do a little ‘work’ on me stud?”

That sent a pulse of blood to my cock and I began pressing harder into her thigh and then upward into her pussy from the outside of her pants. My mind was filled with lust now, and married or not, I needed to fuck and now was the time.

“Mmmmm yeah, ‘work’!” I said mindlessly, “I am going to ‘work’ you over and make you scream!” I said to her as I tugged at the button of her pants. “I am going to fuck the hell out of you!”

Suddenly the wash of images from my youth of all the hair dressers I had jacked off over filled my mind and I just went to work. I got her pants unzipped and pulled down, revealing a nice pair of pumpkin orange panties made out of the thinnest sheer fabric you can imagine. I could see her tufts of hair through the fabric, and could smell her musky juices just enough to make my head start to swim.

I held her hands as she stepped out of her pants so she did not fall and began reaching for the sides of her panties to slip them over her hips and reveal the prize.

“Brad, we are out in the open, come on back to the break room where nobody can see us.”

I would have done karşıyaka escort whatever she asked and stood up fast and followed her sweet ass cheeks as they walked in front of me heading back to the break room. As we walked past the shampoo sink she grabbed the conditioner that tingled and looked coyly at me.

“I know you like the tingle from this! I am going to give you a buzz to remember!”

As we got back to the break room I saw a couch, big arm chair, and a spare dryer hood chair. I dropped to my knees and grabbed her panties with my teeth, and pulled them down slowly. My nose brushed across her muff and she smelled so good, she smelled musky and sweet, and as I brushed across her mound she pushed her cunt into me as I went by.

She stepped out of one leg of her panties and stepped wide for me to begin exploring her soft pussy. My god was this a beautiful pussy I had right in front of me. I began gently running my tongue up her thigh, towards her mound. I nuzzled her with my nose and took a deep breath through my nose, Jill smelled so intoxicating! I grabbed her ass and abruptly pulled her cunt to my mouth, flicking my tongue across her outer lips getting a soft moan from her in the process.

I began applying more pressure and then used my tongue to spread her pussy lips to reveal a very hot and wet cunt swelling with blood to meet my advances. I moved my hands from her delicious ass to spread her lips so my tongue could continue its work. She began to get unsteady on her feet so she sat back on the armchair, and swung her legs over the arms opening herself up to me fully.

Her pussy hair was soft and had a nice red auburn tinge to it, but her pussy was like a pink beacon demanding attention. When she put her legs over the arms of the chair her pelvis opened up and spread her lips apart and made it easy for me to flick her clit with my tongue and with my free hand began to fondle her tits.

I was clumsily trying to get her bra open with no success so she quickly took off her shirt and the matching pumpkin sheer bra slowly dragging it across my face. She had released a magnificent pair of tits for me to attack; perfectly round with great nipples and just a little swirl of areola. So with my face buried deep in her cunt, my hand began pawing her tits and tweaking her nipples. The combination caused her breathing to get ragged and she began grinding her pussy into my face as my tongue dug deeper into her slit. The longer my lick into her cunt the harder she would grind into me.

Juices began sweetly rolling across my lips and tongue and she tasted so good, her pussy was unlike anything I had ever tasted and she was letting out these gentle moans and telling me to continue.

She reached out and took my head and still damp hair and began grinding my face into her pussy, using my tongue like a dildo.

“Ohhhhhh yeah, deeper, deeper Brad!” she said as she buried my face into her cunt.

As I was pulling my tongue back I curled it upwards and that caught her in the right spot and her hips rose up into my face and her arms pulled my head downward to meet her hip thrust.

“Ohhhh fuck, I’m going to cum!” “Ohhhhhh yes, yes!” she grunted out as her whole body began to convulse. “Fuck me with your tongue!”

I began working faster and faster still with a curled tongue and applying more and more pressure as I did. More of her sweet juice began rolling down my jaw and onto her ass, and the chair cushion. She was bucking her cunt against my face so hard that I had to fight to get a breath of air. Her arms grabbed the chair arms and she pushed off of them so she could grind her pussy into my face, and finally she was shuddering as her orgasm hit like a wave, gasping for air she moaned like a lioness and came in 3 waves, each time I could feel her cunt tighten around my tongue and it was making my cock as hard as a rock.

After she stopped twitching under my tongue I pulled my face up and I was covered like a glazed donut; her cum was dripping off my jaw and I was in heaven. I gently rubbed her swollen slit, and spread it up to the insides of her legs kneading her mound and watching a little rivulet of pussy juice run down her lips. I caught that with my finger and licked it like I had just cleaned out the frosting bowl.

She stood up and pulled me to my feet, my cock raging against my pants, and in a deft move she had my zipper open cock out and was working on my belt as she pushed me back towards to couch.

“Now its your turn!” she meowed as she drove me back into the couch, pulling my pants off as I fell backwards.

She was tugging off my pants with one hand and with the other she was reaching for the bottle of conditioner I had all but forgotten about. She squeezed a little bit into the palm of her hand and began rubbing it up kemalpaşa escort and down my inner thigh. It burned a little but in a very good way, she was rubbing the conditioner in with both hands while flicking the head of my dick with her tongue and grabbing me gently with her lips.

My legs were warm and tingly like my scalp had been earlier as she sucked my 9 inch cock bobbing in front of her face. She went to the bottle of conditioner again and squeezed more into her hand and was now rubbing my legs again with is and moved to my ass cheeks, my ass was starting to feel like it was red now, but that just served to make my cock harder, and the swirl of her tongue against my head was making my cum well up like a volcano. Suddenly she was running a finger with conditioner across my asshole and I shrieked in response. She was swirling my cock in her mouth and swirling around my ass with her finger. My asshole was starting to get hot, and tingly, my dick was starting to pulse in her mouth, grunting and groaning I could feel my mind start to swim towards orgasm.

She must have sensed that and stood up and turned her ass to me grabbing the arms of the chair she looked back and said “Fuck me from behind! Fuck me now!”

I staggered to my feet and as I walked towards her I noticed the bottle of conditioner she had used on me. My ass was alive with heat and I wanted to have her feel the same way. She was leaned over the chair, and as I approached I would see her tits brushing the seat, and her tight little ass was puckered and looking me in the eye. I squeezed a big glob of conditioner in my hand and spread it evenly in both hands as I came in behind her. I placed my hands on her tight ass cheeks and began massaging the conditioner into her ass and legs, I reached forward with one hand and rubbed some into her tits and as I did she tensed when I hit the nipple with some and she hissed a long guttural moan in response.

I placed my cock on the outer lips of her swollen pussy; it was dripping with with juice and was thick like honey. As I slowly began pushing my cock into her nicely tight box, I swirled my thumb across her asshole. I had a small amount of conditioner still on my thumb and it had an immediate effect, I felt her cunt constrict around my dick and her asshole began to convulse under my thumb.

“Oh god, ass fuck me with your finger and fuck my pussy with your dick!” she said as she pushed her hips and ass backwards against me.

By now, my balls were slapping her in the ass, my dick was pumping her pussy and her cunt muscles were pulling back as I thrust in and out. My index finger was sliding in and out of her ass to match the strokes of my cock and her legs were starting to tremble and bend at the knee. I picked up the pace and began to feel my balls tighten as I buried my cock deep into her pussy. Faster and faster I pumped until I blew a load weeks in the making, her cunt and asshole were constricting against my dick and finger, and I would feel her begin to shake.

She let out a scream unlike anything I had ever heard before. A mixture of animal lust, and tender passion escaped her body, whimpering as she came down from her multiple wave orgasm.

I felt myself getting softer, but not by much, so I pumped as hard and fast as my declining erection would allow, and was rewarded with her last orgasm, her cunt was squeezing against me, draining me of my last bit of energy bringing her to the peak one more time. She shook and gasped and bore down on me as she came, cum flowing out of her pussy and her ass still twitching from the servicing I had just given it. Finally she brought herself up off the chair on her elbows and went to the couch and collapsed on her back.

My cum was draining out of her very swollen cunt, and her ass cheeks were like a beacon from the heat of the conditioner, she was panting in shallow breaths and let out a soft rumbly growl of approval.

“My god, how could your wife go three weeks without that?” she said. I am going to need it again in 3 minutes you fucking machine!”

I smiled at her with a pussy juice coated face and began digging through my pants for my cell phone. Hitting the speed dial for home I waited for the call to connect.

“Hey honey! How you feeling? Still sick huh? Well hey, I am going to watch the game at a bar for a bit since you are already in bed sick. Yeah, it’s a great game, really hot action tonight and I don’t want to miss out!”

I looked over at Jill as I lied to my wife, and dipped my finger into her cunt, pulled out a mixture of cum and pussy juice on the tip of my finger and brought it to her mouth for her to lick off.

“Yeah, honey, I will be home in a few hours, when all the fun is over. No, don’t leave dinner for me, I am about to eat something now.”

As I hung up and met Jill’s eyes, my dick began to have the stirrings of another hard on, our eyes met and I knew that getting my hair cut was going to take much longer from now on and that my childhood fantasy about hairdressers was no longer a fantasy.

“Come here and fuck me again stud!” Jill said in a low vixenish voice, “I need something to think about on vacation!”

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