Getting Filled Ch. 02

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Ongoing series of Raven and her exploration of her sexuality with the owners of a trucking business.

Raven pulled into the gas station at the truck stop, because they had the cheapest gas. It was near the university, and on her way home. She wondered what she was going to do today as she got out of the car. Classes were over, she was off of work, and had the rest of the afternoon to herself.

It had been a very cold and snowy winter for New Mexico, and she froze her ass off as she waited for the slow-ass pump to fill her car. Even the truckers at the truck stop were staying inside.

She wore cute little black boots with fury fringes, and tight blue jeans that did nothing to warm her legs, and a black jacket over a white tee-shirt. It wasn’t enough at all, and her nipples were hard. She zipped her jacket up, and put her hoody up over her black hair to keep the wind from blowing it around.

Then she got a text.

She hoped it was Robb, because she was horny as fuck. She hadn’t fucked since Jack and Hammer had come into town. She had met them at this very truck stop, and looked around for them sometimes. Bastards hadn’t called in months! But the memories were awesome. Just thinking about being double-stuffed by their two big white cocks in her Hispanic pussy and ass made her wet.

Robb was an athlete and worked out, and had a decent sized cock. But it wouldn’t be the same as those two older men who knew how to fuck her brains out. Three times they had each come with her. Six times she had been fucked, and twice in the ass!

When she was done pumping gas, she ran into the gift shop where she had met Jack and Hammer, and got coffee. Then she remembered she had gotten a text, and checked it.

My good friends and employers, Jack & Hammer, tell me you’re a looker, and like to fuck. I’m Billy, and I’ll feed you and fuck you, if you’re in.

What the fuck, Raven thought. So they couldn’t get into town themselves, but they were sharing her number with their friends?

“Are you guys fucking kidding me?” she asked out loud.

She bought her coffee, then went back to the car, parked in a space, and then text back. Then she remembered she had asked if they had any friends.

Fuck, Raven, why’d you ask a slutty question like that? No wonder they haven’t texted back.

Then she got another text … from Jack.

Hey Ms. Raven, sorry we haven’t contacted you. Been busy. Miss you, and hoping to get thru town soon. A few friends might contact you, if they get up the nerve. They are good guys. Not as handsome, but they know how to treat a lady.

Now she was really pissed.

So you guys text me after some fuck named Billy texted me? WTF? Don’t bother calling me when you get to town!

Oh shit, what was she thinking? And why was she mad?

Hey girl, I thought you wanted some new friends. You asked. Sorry we misunderstood, but hoping you’ll change your mind. Haven’t had time to screw around since we met you.

Liars, she texted back.

Ok, fine. We did fuck one good friend of ours, Mimi. She’s our lawyer, and she likes to bend over and take it casually on long escort bayan gaziantep work nights with us. So we get our rocks off with her sometimes.

Then Jack sent a picture of this Mimi chick, and Raven was surprised. The woman was older, but very attractive, and looked like a professional lady alright. A pale, busty redhead.

Didn’t want you to get jealous. But we’re being honest.

Then she got another text from Billy, who she had not responded to yet. It was a picture this time.

A picture of his cock, and his balls underneath. If she had thought Jack and Hammer were huge, this guy was a freak of nature. He had to be ten or eleven inches!

Jesus Billy just sent me a pic he is too huge what the fuck? She texted Jack.

I thought you liked them big? Well give him a chance, he’s nice, but he’s not good at sweet-talking. He wanted to contact you a long time ago, but he keeps chickening out.

Raven bit her lip, wondering what to do. Seeing that huge cock made her wet, and forget all about her date with Robb. Fuck it, this was exciting. She was hungry. They had the best chicken-fried steak in this place. So she texted Billy back.

Nice cock. OK, I’m already here anyway getting gas, perfect timing. Meet me inside, can’t miss me, I’m hungry so you feed me.

Then she decided to take a selfie, in case he chickened out. He responded at once.

That you? Holy shit, girl, I’ll be right there.

Billy had showered and smelled good. He was a huge bear of a man, but not fat. He saw her, and came over and sat at the booth across from her.

“Hi,” he said with a smile. “Not many girls of your caliber just out to have casual sex, you know.”

“Well, I’m whoring for food, aren’t I?” she smiled.

They shook hands, his hand much larger than hers. They both ordered, and the waitress gave them both a look, like what the hell are you two doing together. Billy was not handsome, and she would not have given him a second look. But she at least knew what kind of a package he had. More importantly, he seemed nice.

“So, Jack and Hammer, how are they?”

“Busy with their company,” Billy replied. “I don’t envy them, I’m content to be a trucker and not deal with their headaches.”

“So they told you all about me? They bragging to all their friends, or what?” she said in classy New Mexican Hispanic talk.

“No, just to us good friends from the Marines. We all served in the Gulf War.”

“I didn’t know that. But then I only met them once, and then they forgot about me,” she pouted.

“They didn’t forget about you, girl. You rocked their world.”

So they ate, and talked, and got to know each other a little more. Then as casually as if they were friends, he paid for their meal, got up, and both went out the back entrance to the truck parking lot.

He got into the truck first, and she followed. Then they locked it up. He sat on the passenger side all awkward.

“Shit, I ain’t done nothing like this before. I mean, never hired a whore, or just had casual sex,” he admitted. “Been married all my life, and we trucked together, and fucked a lot. She died some years back, so it’s been awhile.”

Raven could not tell if this was some bleeding-heart bullshit, or this was the sweetest man around to genuinely could use a good lay.

“Well, until Jack and Hammer, I hadn’t done nothing like this, either. I’m sorry about your wife.”

They talked for a while, him pouring his heart out, and she having nothing really in the way of mutual experiences. But she saw his need. A man had needs, and that was just a reality. It was healthier than alcohol or drugs. If only more people drowned their sorrows in sex.

Then she went over to his chair, got to her knees, and got his cock out of his pants. It was so big, and getting bigger and harder as she touched it. She took it in her mouth, and sucked on it. Nice and clean, even under his foreskin, she enjoyed it at once. It made her even wetter to have so much power over a man while on her knees. Her combed her hair with his hands, and leaned back and moaned. She used her hands and throat together to get him rock hard.

Then she worked on his huge balls. Licking them, and suckling gently on each one, she knew what men liked. She kept using her hands over his shaft, lubricated with her spit, while she sucked on his balls. Then she tried to take as much of his cock down her throat as possible, but it was not much. Wet and sloppy she worked it good.

Then he was about ready to burst, she got up and walked over to the bed, put her knees on the edge, bent over, and pulled her jeans down, and then her white panties.

“Let’s just break the ice, Billy. Come over and just get some, and then we’ll hang out. I’m fucking horny, that’s why I’m doing this. And it’s OK to come in me.”

Seeing her pussy and her bent over so casually and ready, he groaned. He got up and went to her, hard throbbing cock bouncing as he moved. She reached back and guided it to her pussy, feeling how huge it felt against her tiny opening. And his balls hung so huge, she cupped them in her hand, feeling their weight.

“You sure about this, miss? Girls your age into this now?”

“No, not really,” she replied.

He pressed his cock against her shaved and smooth pussy, and her pussy lips spread for it, and stretched wide. She hissed, and then groaned as he went into her.

“You let me know if it’s too much. Otherwise, I’m just going to take what you’re giving, girl.”

“Take it,” she replied. “Oh shit, you’re big!”

He thrust into her deeper and deeper, until his balls came close to her clitoris, but not quite. He filled her up to the max, and she gasped at the feeling of him so deep inside her. He grabbed her waist, and then just had his way with her then and there on his bed.

“Holy shit, it’s been a long time,” he groaned.

He came almost at once, and his cum poured out of her pussy and near the edge of the bed. A massive puddle. But he wasn’t done, and still pumped her more slowly this time.

“Alright, now that I’ve come, I can take my time,” he said. “Hang on, sweetie. This is going to probably hurt.”

Then like a beast, like a horse, he started just fucking the shit out of her. She could not believe how much it hurt at first. But then something happened, and it just started feeling really good. Like, really good. The primordial, baby-making, hard pounding of a caveman into a woman. He drilled into her, hammering her pussy, fucking the holy living shit out of her and making everything jiggle.

“Oh my fucking god!” she cried out as she came hard, body contorting. “Oh shit, oh fuck, fuck!”

Her whole body shuddered, and then became numb. She could not feel anything but this massive cock inside her, pumping hard and fast. She was powerless to stop it, and just rested her head and took one for the team.

In a way it was humiliating. She was being used, abused, grabbed by the waist and fucked. This was all about him, and he was getting his.

But in knowing this, she fell into a whirlwind of intense orgasms, once after another, as if her body was telling her this was the way it was. Your body belonged to men. Your pussy was designed to be fucked. Your whole being was created to serve and obey. Take it, bitch, take it!

It was like her Native American and old Spanish roots coming out, worlds where women did take it. And the Natives shared their wives, too, letting good friends use them.

That is what she felt like. And it was good to just give up all the modern feminist bullshit, and just let herself go. Just let herself be owned by a man completely, and not fucking care.

“Oh yeah, get yours. Fuck me like a bitch!” she kept saying.

His first load of semen pooled on the bed, but she felt another one coming. And come he did, even more so than the first time. This was the mother lode, the baby-making explosion of sperm. It filled her up, and rushed out of her pussy like she was pissing it out. Around his shaft, and down his balls, and splattered on the bed.

And then it was over. He pulled out after a long, moaning gasp of ecstasy, and was done. He pulled his pants up, and sat back down. She still was on her knees on the bed, shaking, convulsing with orgasms, and dripping cum.

Then she got off the bed, and pulled her panties up, and then her jeans, and was dressed again. She sat in the driver’s chair, and smiled at him.

“That was years’ worth, wasn’t it?” she said.

He nodded, and looked a little embarrassed.

“Sorry, that’s how my wife liked it. Hard, as hard as I could give it to her.”

“It’s fine, it was great. I came several times.”

“You did?” he asked, surprised. “That was barely twenty minutes?”

“What does it matter?” she said. “I came multiple times, and you came twice. I’m relaxed, and don’t have to deal with my worthless boyfriends. Hey, you want to hang out? I can suck on it and get you hard again.”

He smiled, and shook his head.

“It took a lot for me to do this. But thank you. Thank you so much. You won’t mind if I call you again when I get through town?”

“Nope,” she shook her head. “You feed me and fuck me. However you like it.”

She gave him a peck on the cheek, because she sensed he needed to be alone with his thoughts. He was a sweet and gentle soul with sexual passion that was hard and rough. They conflicted inside him. She understood.

“Drive safe, and come in me again, Billy.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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