Girdled Ch. 05

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For a moment I was lost in the memory of how I felt as I let my little shorts drop to my ankles. I was naked physically, but more emotionally. My body was on display for a man I didn’t know, a stranger. I was as aroused as I had ever been. and now retelling the story was as arousing, my clitty was tingling.

“I stood before him naked Daddy, and his hands were touching me, everywhere. He was fondling my clitty and pulling on my balls. He told me to bend over as he probed my pussy with his finger. It felt so good. Then, I don’t remember kneeling down, but I was on my knees and his cock was thrusting in and out of my mouth. To my right there was another naked cock waiting to be sucked, and then to my left, another hard cock. Daddy I sucked them all, was I a good girl?”

Daddy asked, “And, did they fuck you?”

I told Daddy no.

I whispered, “I want Daddy to fuck me.” I heard him moan.

“Mmmmmmm, Sara.” Daddy said as he got up and pulled me to the edge of the bed. “Raise your legs, Sara.”

I raised my legs as ordered. Daddy pushed my thighs back as far as my slim hips would allow and knelt down to lick my pussy. I was in heaven, no one had ever licked my naughty hole before. I had fucked myself many times with Mommy’s dildos, but I was truly a virgin when it came to a man’s fat cock in the flesh. My clitty was so hard and pulsing as Daddy spread my ass and licked. He nibbled on my balls, only to return his assault on my tight hole. Daddy looked up at me with hungry eyes.

“Are you ready, Sara? He asked.

I nodded I was. I bit my lower lip again, I was a little nervous. Daddy reached over and went in his pants pocket to pull out a tube of lube.

“Oooooooh, you came prepared, did you? I said with a broad smile. I liked that about Daddy.

I watched as he squirted the lube on his cock and stroked it. I felt him lube my hole,I felt my pussy contract. Daddy leaned in to me, he was teasing me, he was driving my crazy. I needed him in me, filling me, claiming me as his girl. Daddy pushed into me slowly, deeper, and the almost all the way out. The head of his cock just at the entrance, and then back deeper until he was all the way in his girls pussy. Daddy was fucking me and finally I was his girl.

“Daddy, I want you to cum in me!” I said with more urgency, not knowing how long he would last.

Daddy looked at me, thrusting into me and pulling out, every time he pushed into me and pulled back the head of his cock hit my spot. It was making the head of my clitty feel incredible. In the back of my mind, I couldn’t stop thinking about the guy fucking me was really my uncle. That this was incest, and those thoughts fueled my passion even more. I grabbed my flat chest and pinched my hard little nipples as I felt his fat cock fill me. I was in heaven. My pussy had never felt that full before and my clitty was feeling like I was gonna burst. I reached down and held it. It felt like I was cuming. I released my grip as it squirted, squirt after squirt of my cum on my girdle and chest.

I heard daddy moan, “I’m cuming Sara, I’m gonna fill your tight pussy little girl!”

Daddy came hard and falling onto my chest with his softening cock still in me. I never felt so good, so complete. I loved how his cock stayed in my pussy, and then slowly retreated as he lifted himself up just enough to kiss me. We shared a passionate kiss before he climbed in the bed next to me. I soon heard his slow, steady breathing that told me Daddy had fallen asleep. I cuddled in to him. Laying my leg across his body, my thigh resting on his soft wet cock.

I was stirred from my sleep when I heard Mommy’s voice from the other side of my door, “You two up?”

I got up and looked at myself in the mirror, then at the clock. It was almost noon and Daddy was still sleeping soundly in my bed. My clothes from last night, still had dried and crusty cum stains on my girdle and stockings. I made a metal note to clean my girdle and ask Mommy to wash my stockings. I opened my bedroom door to find Mommy standing there holding a basket of dirty clothes.

“Oh my, Sara, give me your girdles and stockings, I’m doing the wash. I assume you’ll want them before Rene comes over, Right?”

“Yeah, I would love to have them for later.” I replied.

As Mommy turns and walks away I could see the clothes basket she was holding hid the fact that she wasn’t wearing thing but a tank top. I watched as her butt swayed as she walked away, and wondered when the next time I would be allowed to fuck her. It was a fear that ran through me that she might treat me differently now that Daddy moved in. She seamed a bit perturbed, and I wondered if it was because Daddy spent the whole night in my room, not hers. As she walked away I returned to my room to see Daddy still sleeping. With only a light sheet covering him, I could see the outline of his cock.

I gently pulled the sheet down to peek at his flaccid penis. Daddy’s cock was the object my of desire, just looking at it aroused me. As I looked on, my hand dropped to stroke my clitty. I loved being a voyeur, without his knowledge ataşehir escort of me watching. Climbing on the bed I took Daddy’s cock head between my lips. Licking and swirling my tongue over and over his swelling helmet, woke Daddy.

“Oooooh, good morning little girl, I love waking up like this. Mmmmmmm, yeah, suck Daddy’s cock baby girl.”

Taking his cock as deep as I could, tasting his pre cum on my tongue, encouraged me to bob my head up and down. I felt Daddy’s hands grabbing my head and begin a rhythmic thrusting. It aroused me so much more knowing Daddy had taken control, using my mouth for his pleasure. I loved thinking I was his cock whore and he would wash my suck hole with cum. It didn’t take long for daddy yo cum.

Looking up at Daddy with his cock in my mouth, I watched as his face contorted in pleasure. His hips were thrusting his cock into my mouth, as he moaned and yelled. After he emptied his balls down my throat he propped himself up on his elbows and smiled.

“I’m still in awe of how well you suck cock Sara, no one’s sucked me like that in a long time. Somebody really taught you well,” Daddy said as he reached out and caressed my wet chin.

With that said he got up, stretched, and quietly left my room like he was sneaking out in the middle of the night. I thought to myself. “Why the hell did he do that?” It’s obvious Mommy knew he spent the night with me, I wasn’t sure him sneaking out was gonna change anything at this point.

Turning, I looked at myself in my full length mirror. I was naked, my clitty hung flaccid. Again I wondered what I would look like if I had breasts. I touched a nipple, and then the other. It sent a tingle to my clitty. My pussy felt empty and I thought about fucking myself with something, anything. But I would wait, Rene was due to knock on our door soon and I needed to shower and get dressed.

I ran the bath water, filling the tub with Mommy’s bubble bath. I wanted to be smooth for Rene. I was excited but so nervous for him to see me feminine, as a girl. The thought of being introduced to him as Sara suddenly scarred me. I’m sure Mommy will call my cock a clitty and my naughty hole my pussy.

I found myself talking to myself, “What am I gonna tell him, what’s he gonna think about my feminization?”

My words echoed off the tiled walls. I felt lonely in my thinking, “What if he doesn’t like me like this? What if he liked me masculine? Mommy and Daddy will never let me go back to being that boy.” I wasn’t sure I would either.

I laid in the warm water and bubbles, trying to relax even though my heart was pounding hard and fast. My mind shifted back to happier thoughts, to the last time Rene stayed with us. It was a hot rainy night and our air conditioner had gone out. Mom had allowed us to sleep naked in my bed after catching us in the tent. It was sweltering in my room even with the ceiling fan on high. Waking up sweating, I looked over at Rene who was laying on his back on top of the sheets, his body sporadically illuminated by the flashes of lightning.

My desire drove me to lean over and take Rene’s cock in my mouth. He stirred but didn’t wake. I swirled my tongue over the head tasting him as his cock began to ooze. I licked his pre cum, relishing the taste. Taking his cock fully in my mouth I began sucking him in earnest. He began trusting his hips, as his hands grabbed at the sheets. There was a huge bolt of lightening that lit the room. As I looked up, I saw my mother leaning against my dresser, fingering her cunt as Rene came in my mouth. With cum dripping for my lips, I looked up again and she was gone.

Mommy knocked on the bathroom door and asked, “Sara do you need my help shaving?

Mommy opened the door and peeked in. I told her I did it, but she could check. I stood up covered in bubbles. Mommy reached for the shower hose and rinsed my body. She had knelt down, leaning forward she inspected my work.

“Not bad Sara, you just missed a couple of spots, would you like me to get them?

I nodded I did. I handed her the razor and shaving cream and watched as she lifted my balls, pulling them this was and that. Her hands were causing my clitty to swell. Soon it was hard and standing straight up again. Mommy looked up at me and smiled.

“Mmmmmm, My little girl is so insatiable. You and Rene are gonna have a lovely weekend Sara. Are you excited?”

“I am Mommy, but I’m a little nervous.”

“I know you are, just relax and let me answer the door, you don’t have to ambush him, I’ll take care of everything. Okay?”

Mommy finished shaving me, rinsed me off one more time, and handed me a towel. Alone in the bathroom, I looked in the mirror. I needed a bit of makeup and I liked the way Mommy did that too.

I walked in Mommy’s bedroom as she was putting her clothes away. She was still panty less, and bending over. The thought of filling her with my clit filled me with lust, my face felt flushed and my clitty was swelling again.

Mom turned her her head towards me, and rolled her eyes, “Sara, you are impossible.”

We both laughed. ataşehir escort “I suppose you would like me to help you with your make up?

I nodded, looking down at the floor knowing I should be able to do it by myself.

“Okay, but you need to practice after this, Mommy said. “And, you should get dressed first and then come back, or you’ll have it all over your dress.”

I hurried to my room to find a new garter belt and stockings, a back bra, and another new dress, all laid out on my bed. It was black and very short. I quickly put on my lingerie and then slipped my dress over my head. It was tight and revealed a bump where my clitty hung limp. I wondered how this would look if I was hard. The thought aroused me. I put on the shoes Daddy had given me, and gazed at myself in the mirror. I was stunning. I couldn’t believe a short time ago my refection would’ve been a boy, now I’m a young sexy girl.

Mommy was ready for me. She did my makeup like before, but a bit more slutty. My lips looked perfect, desirable. My cheeks appeared flushed, like a bitch in heat. Mommy did my eyes subtly, dark and mysterious. I was pleased and couldn’t wait until Rene’s arrival. I returned to my room and paced from the window looking for Rene, to my mirror checking out how hot I looked. Finally I put my earbuds in and began listening to some music. A short time later Mommy poked her head in my room and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Rene’s here. Sara,” Mommy said. Looking at me she added, “You look amazing, don’t be nervous.”

I followed Mommy to the living room. She was dressed in Jeans, I think she mentioned she was going shopping with Daddy. I was too nervous to care. With my head down I stood with one arm crossed over my chest, the other with my hand on my hip.

“Rene, I would like to introduce you to Sara, she’s a bit nervous to see you,” I heard Mommy say.

The room was quiet. The beat of my heart was pounding in my ears as I looked up. Rene’s face starred back at me, then scanned my body from head to toe. After the shock settled in, he smiled broadly.

“Ooooooooh, my Sara, I don’t know what to say. You look incredible. I’m so envious.” Rene said.

I felt goosebumps flash across my arms. I was speechless. Rene seemed to like what he had seen in his like long friend.

Rene stepped closer and reached out with both arms, hugging me close. I felt him melt into me, laying his chin on my shoulder.

“Sara, I love you, and what ever direction you choose for your life, I will always be here for you,” he whispered, kissing my neck and ear.

My eyes filled with tears. I panicked, worrying my makeup would run. I immediately said, I’m such a girl.”

“Why don’t you two go to Sara’s room and talk, Bernie and I are going shopping as soon as he gets back from his errands,” Mommy said.

I looked at Rene, he was dressed in cute yellow shorts. They looked a bit too small, as the bottom of his butt cheeks were visible. It was cute and very sexy. His top was a yellow tee-shirt cut at the midriff. I couldn’t take my eyes off his smooth belly. I wondered what he was wearing under his shorts. The bulge in the front was obvious, even Mommy saw it and winked me.

I was anxious for us to be alone and talk, so we went right to my room. Rene stepped out of his flip flops and hopped on the bed. I chose to stand and look out the window gathering my thoughts.

“Sara, are you okay?”

“Yeah, it just seems like everything’s different,” I said.

“I don’t see it that way, not at all.. Will you come sit by me?”

Looking at Rene I kicked up my foot and asked, “So are you envious of my heels?”

“Mmmmmm, jealous, I an so envious of you Sara. You have no idea.”

“Well, Uncle…I mean Daddy gave them to me. They were my aunts.”

“Okay, lets go back to Uncle Bernie, he’s your Daddy?”

“Yeah, and Mom is now Mommy, and I’m Sara, and I’m a girl. It’s a long story Rene.”

Rene seemed confused. Just then Mommy poked her head through the door and said she was leaving. As she turned to leave she spun back around.

“Rene, what size are you, if I find a good sale maybe I pick you up something fun, those shorts are bit too small on you, even though they’re terribly sexy,” Mom asked

“Medium, but you shouldn’t,” Rene stated

“No worries, just something fun,” Mom said and left.

“Whats that all about?” Rene inquired. I just shrugged my shoulders.

“I don’t know where to begin. It’s a long story and I’m not sure how much Mommy will want you to know, so whatever I tell you, lets keep it between us until she shares something with you. Is that okay, Rene?”

Rene nodded he would,

“It seems like things have really loosened up around here. I wish it was like this at my house. My mom hates me dressing like this, if they didn’t go out of town this morning, I would’ve never been able to leave the house in this outfit,” Rene said as he spread his arms, flamboyantly displaying his shorts and top.

“I know, things are really different. You have to promise me you won’t tell a soul what I’m anadolu yakası escort gonna tell you.” I demanded

“I won’t, I promise.”

“Well, I never told you I was trying on my mom’s girdles and stockings. I loved how they felt, and I loved feeling how feminine they made me feel, ” I told him, studying his face for any look of disgust.

“Sara, I understand,” Rene said.

“Do you?” I asked.

Rene nodded and the smiled, Oooooh yeah, go on, I’m enjoying this.”

I could tell Rene was relishing in all of this, I could see his cock was hard in those tiny shorts and he was pressing his palm against it. I just smiled and went on.

“Well one day she confronted me about wearing her stuff, showing me the girdle with the come stains and the ruined nylons.”

“Oh my God, what happened, was she upset?” He asked.

“Not really, it was weird.”

“She wasn’t pissed? My mom would have sent me to a psychologist,” Rene said with a laugh.

We both laughed, breaking the tension. My cock was swelling. Seeing Rene squeezing his cock and laying with his smooth belly exposed, I wanted to do more than just talk. But I continued.

“So she’s standing right in front of me, confronting me, showing me the stains, I was panicked, Then a few days later she buys me one, only a little shorter than hers and stockings.” I reveal.

I watched Rene’s reaction His mouth dropped open, he was speechless.

“Occasionally she would ask me if I had dressed in the lingerie, I told her I loved doing it, I admitted I had. Then she says to put it on and show her. I first refused, but I did it, It was one of those open bottom beauties. You know those?”

Rene nodded again, smiling, rubbing his hand against his cock. My hand went to my own clitty and held it. It was hard but trapped from standing straight up by my tight dress. It was tenting it an a obvious way.

“Oh my what’d you do? You look so sexy in that dress and your so hard Sara. What did she say when she saw you?

I just looked at Rene as I pulled up my dress. He watched as the garters were revealed, Slowly the head of my clitty came to view and the my short open bottomed girdle. My cock was standing straight up.

“Is that what your mom saw?” Rene gasp.

I nodded, “Just like this, and my clitty was oozing pre cum.”

I smeared my arousal over the tip and sucked on what was left on my thumb. Rene lifted his bottom off the bed and removed his shorts, leaving on his wet panties. His hand slipped under in the panties and he began fondling his cock. Our eyes were glued to each other as we masturbated. I could no longer stand, I needed to lay down, my knees were weak. Tossing my heels to the side and removing by dress, I climbed in bed next to Rene. He ran his hands all over my legs feeling the nylons and sending tingles to my clitty. My clitty was twitching and throbbing, oozing cum.

“You look so feminine Sara, I can’t believe this. I just wanna touch you all over, and then suck your cock,” Rene said in his aroused raspy tone.

I grabbed my hard clitty looking at Rene. “This is my clitty,” I said in my most feminine voice.

“I wanna suck you Sara.” As he leaned over and took my clitty in his mouth.

Rene’s head bobbed up and down, hungrily sucking me. I’d never heard Rene suck so loudly, so much slurping and sucking, licking and more sucking until I came. After this morning with Daddy and Mommy’s touches, I was so in need of a cum. Again, I was a bitch in heat.

I leaned over and laid my head on Rene’s thigh. I kissed the base of his cock and nuzzled my nose in the hairs surrounding it inhaling his familiar scent. It always aroused me, it was intoxicating in so many ways. His cock was leaking pre cum as I licked drop by drop, stream by stream of his clear sweet nectar. Taking him in my mouth I swirled my tongue over the head and sucked him completely, emptying his balls down my throat like a good cock whore.

Sitting back against the head board, I leaned in and kissed Rene, sharing the last of his seed with him. Our tongues fought each other as we succumbed to gentle nibbles and licks.

I always dreamed of having someone sleep in my bed, sharing moments of quiet pillow talk. teasing, arousing, and loving.

“There’s more to this story, Rene,” I said quietly, I was sharing a deep dark secret.

“Really?” he asked.

“Yeah, a lot more. I’m not really sure what you’re gonna think of me after I tell you. Promise you won’t think bad of me?” I asked.

Rene just looked at me, shaking his head.

“Well, it all began the next morning. I got dressed with Mommy’s help. She had bought me panties, bras, stockings and some dresses. Then she insisted we go out and run errands, I was freaked out. I wasn’t ready for anything public and I hadn’t given any thought about this being how I would live the rest of my life,” I told him.

All Rene could say was, “Wow!”

I laid across the pillow from Rene, looking in each others eyes. He could tell I was thinking and didn’t pressure me for more. The thoughts of my families incest raced through my mind. Where do I begin? Should I tell him everything? Will he push me away as freak? I went to speak and stopped. I felt trapped, he’s gonna find out sooner or later, When Mommy and Daddy get back, somethings gonna happen, I know it, and I want Rene to be prepared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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