Girl on Girl Vacation

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I met Lisa in my gym a few months before we took a trip. We decided to start training together since we were both getting ready for a contest. I had seen her a few times before but I knew she never noticed me. She looked great that day. She had short brown hair, brown eyes, she wasn’t very tall but she had a body that most girls could only dream of. She was covered in sexy tattoos and she was obviously into chicks. She was the hottest lesbian I had ever seen. I knew that day we were going to be good friends. Best friends even. But I had no idea I was going to fall for her.

We trained together every day and started spending more and more time together. “It’s just a strong friendship” is what I would tell people if they asked, even though I thought about her all the time.

In preparation for our competition we attended a posing class every Saturday. We would strip down to our underwear with a bunch of other girls and practise posing. I always felt a weird tension between Lisa and I like we were trying not to look at each other.

One morning after class I was heading home and received a text from her “I had a really good perve on everyone today and you look the best by far. You look so sexy when you strip off and let your hair down. If I met you in a bar I would totally have a crack.”

Holy shit. I had no idea she thought about me like that. I got instantly wet. My panties were slowly dampening thinking about her staring at me.

When I got home I went straight to my bedroom without talking to anyone. I took off all my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror. I’m relatively tall and slim with long blonde hair and blue eyes. I have nice tits, not too big but not too small. Let’s say a handful. My nipples are medium sized and they were hard as hell. I was so turned on by what my friend had said to me, I played with them a little, pinching and twisting them while my pussy ached, calling out for relief.

I sat up on my bathroom sink and slid my hand down between my legs. My vagina was completely hairless and felt soft and smooth to touch. I started to stroke my clit slowly, gradually picking up speed, stimulating myself closer and closer to orgasm. I thought about what it would be like to kiss her, touch her, taste her. I couldn’t help myself, shoving two fingers deep inside my warm hole. My pussy was the wettest I had ever experienced. It felt amazing. I was getting so close to cumming, I put a foot Kolej Escort up on the counter pumping myself with my fingers and rubbing my clit furiously. I accidentally let out a small moan when I reached climax. I hoped none of my house mates had heard me pleasuring my pussy but I wasn’t really fussed. I needed that. My fingers were covered in my lady cum. I washed them off silently wishing it was her juices my hands were dripping with.

As we got closer to competition day we decided to plan a trip away with friends to celebrate all the hard work we had put into our prep. We booked some flights and a hotel and our friends all started to make excuses and pull out. “Never mind, we will go alone” Lisa said. This terrified me because I didn’t trust myself to control my urges around her, especially if we got a few drinks into us.

A few weeks out from our comp, we decided to see a movie because we couldn’t do much else while following a strict eating and training schedule. I met her there and she had just had her hair cut. Holy fuck did she look sexy. We went in and talked through all the previews and adds. I turned my body to face her and couldn’t turn away. I don’t even remember looking at the screen once. She looked phenomenal. So sexy. All I wanted to do was kiss her. After the movie I headed home and we texted and snap chatted the whole way. I couldn’t get her out of my head. I was infatuated with her. I fucked myself in the shower that night with a water proof vibrator. Slowly at first then harder and faster. Bringing myself off in under 60 seconds. I washed away the evidence, got out of the shower and tried to forget about her.

Lisa and I were inseparable 2 weeks before we left for our trip. We were so excited about our contest, if we weren’t together, we were sending messages or snapchats. The night before we competed we went to get our stage tans and headed home to our own houses. We sent a few snapchats back and forth of our tans as they got darker. She sent me one from her bedroom under her bed sheets. She covered herself up a little but I could quite clearly see one of her nipples and the shape of her perfect body. This turned me on hard core. I had butterfly’s in my stomach. I went into my bathroom, took off my robe and reciprocated with a photo of myself and my exposed breasts. I sent it and hoped for the best. She didn’t seem to mind and replied with a picture of her smiling face Rus Escort captioned ‘goodnight bubs, see you tomorrow’.

Comp day came and went and we didn’t leave each other’s sides. It was amazing to have this person in my life that I called my best friend. I decided not to do anything and to fold away my feelings. I was sure if I ignored the way I felt about her and just kept being friends, they would go away.

When we got to our holiday destination, we drank, partied, chilled out and did fun things. I remember thinking it was the best holiday I had ever been on. She was so much fun! On the first day, we got into our bathers and sat by the pool drinking mojitos. I noticed a lot of people (particularly guys) looking over at us like we were a hot lesbian couple. I thought about what a great couple we would make. We got along so well, had similar interests and looked fucking awesome together. But I had to put those thoughts to bed as we were just friends and she would never see me that way.

On the second night we went out and got drunk. We found a place where you could go and do shots of snake blood (yes, literally snake blood. They drain a cobra into a shot glass and you drink it) we did our shots and then chased it with a shot of ‘snake penis tequila’ which I’m pretty sure was just cheap moonshine. We laughed and drank and hallucinated for a while before I suggested we address the elephant in the room. “What’s that?” She said. “Oh you know, how we like each other and there’s a chemical attraction between us.” I don’t know how long it was before she spoke again but she finally admitted to liking me too. We didn’t want to compromise our friendship but our attraction was so strong. We couldn’t ignore it anymore. I was in love with my best friend and I wanted her. So bad. And she wanted me too.

It took every ounce of my self control to not grab her and kiss her. We tried to forget about it and shake it off as a ‘drunk night’ but the tension was still there the next day.

That night we went to our separate beds to go to sleep. I asked her if I could come over for a hug and she said yes. I was wearing a pair of panties and a t-shirt with no bra. She was wearing a singlet with black cotton panties. I got under her covers and she held me tight. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I grabbed her face and kissed her deeply. It was the most amazing first kiss I had ever experienced. Her lips were soft Yenimahalle Escort and gentle but her kiss was firm and passionate.

As she continued to kiss me, I felt her hands all over me. On my ass, my thighs and under my shirt. Her body felt incredibly pressed up against mine. I lifted her singlet and ran my lips over her beautiful tits. Her nipples were hard and felt amazing under my tongue. She was flawless. We touched and kissed for hours until I fell asleep in her arms. It was amazing.

The next night we got back to our hotel after a day of holiday romance. Drinking wine and kissing on the beach. I took off my bra and shorts to get comfortable. She did the same. We sat down on the bed and started getting hot and heavy again. Her tongue entered my mouth and her hands were under my top, caressing my breasts. I was so wet. My white, lace panties were soaking wet and see through. She started to rub my clit through my underwear. She pushed herself on top of me and kept rubbing me. I was moaning loudly with pleasure and writhing under her beautiful body. It didn’t take long for her to bring me to climax. And I came hard! She knew my body better than anyone else who had ever touched me.

After I came down from my orgasm she started touching me again. She slipped my panties to the side, exposing my pink, throbbing, wet pussy and slid two fingers deep between my lips. She just slid right in as if she had fucked me a thousand times. She instantly hit my g-spot and I was screaming out in pleasure. She stroked my clit with her thumb at the same time. The feeling was insane. Her fingers felt like a sex toy that was custom made just for me. I wanted her to keep fucking me and never stop.

After I came for the 3rd time squirting my lady juices all over her fingers, I pushed her into the bed and pinned her hands over her head. She resisted at first while I tried to remove her underwear. They were black and conservative. I wanted them off. Bad. I wanted to bury my face in her cunt and lick her little clit all night. When I got them off her lips were soaked. I slowly kissed around her thighs and her pussy. Showing her how much I cared for her. Then I made my way to her throbbing clit, slowly running my tongue up and down. Lightly licking her button and making her moan. I didn’t think it was possible but she was getting even wetter! Her pussy was fabulous and she tasted like vanilla. I couldn’t get enough. I don’t know how long I spent down there but I loved every second. When I finally came up for air she looked in my eyes and said “not bad for a straight chic.” We laughed and held each other for the rest of the night.

We’ve had many erotic nights since then. More to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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