Girlfriend Takes Advantage…

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There were moments my girlfriend had suspected my desires to be dominated, but I had denied her suspicions with fervour. I couldn’t say the exact reason why, but I knew that as soon as the barrier was flattened, anything could follow.

She teased by taking control in the bedroom; she would watch me quiver and my breaths deeper as she stood over me, straddled me and pushed me onto the bed, my arms pinned as she ran her nails along my chest and grabbed the base of my cock with a vigour that made it stiffen to her commands.

She teased that she was in charge, even when I thought I was. I argued, thinking she could be fooled into believing I was a strong and dominant male, but she saw through my cock-sure pretences. She would get me hard in the kitchen and walk to the bedroom, only to be sat reading a book when I got there. She would ask if I wanted something, then flash a wicked grin when I said I thought we would have sex.

“You’re desperate for me, aren’t you?” she mocked one day.

“I could make you cum with one hand tied behind my back”- I tried istanbul travesti to show faith in my own sexual prowess.

She wore skirts and knee socks for the next week, and batted away my advances with vague excuses, and a week later, when I got home from work, she had cleared the furniture from the living room and stood with rope dangling from her fingers. “So, you think you can make me cum with one hand tied behind your back?…” She left a pause for my recollection. “Prove it”, she whispered.

She announced the rules- I was to wear only my underwear, she would wear her bra and thong. The only way to win was to make the other person cum. No forceful impact; only wrestling, and we could only stand as upright as being on our knees.

I was nervous, but I knew I was stronger. I would take her clothes off as soon as possible, hold her down with my legs, and finger her to cumming. I had put my fetish on the line in my comment, and now I had to make sure I didn’t lose.

As soon as we started, she stripped off her bra, revealing anadolu yakası travestileri two perfect, round breasts that I had been fantasising about for days. She had denied me release to make this moment as difficult as possible for me. It worked; my erection stood embarrassingly from my body, pushing at the waistband of my briefs.

“Oh no, look what’s happened” she cooed.

I wrapped my legs around her waist, but without my other arm, I couldn’t keep control of her extremities. She crossed her legs and grabbed my hand to prevent me from pushing my fingers inside her, and stroked my shaft on the outside of my underwear with her other hand. It was electrifying and I withdrew with a strangled “stop!” caught in my throat. She knew how close I was already.

“We can call it off if you like; but then, of course, you’d be my little bitch”. My heart pounded like a jackhammer. I had never felt such a sexual rush.

I crawled to her submissively, and she knew I could no longer resist. istanbul travesti She told me to roll onto my back and take off my underwear. I obeyed.

“Now tell me you’re my little bitch”, she tormented.

As I said the words, she squeezed my balls, and moved her hand to the tip of my cock. She got me close to cumming twice more, judging my breathing and the desperation in my eyes each time the pressure built inside of me, and then asked me if I wanted to cum.

By this point, I was anything she wanted me to be. I begged, and pleaded, and made deals that I didn’t want to make or keep, but knew I’d have to. She made me moan, and swear, and when I could take no more, she made me apologise.

“Tell me you’re sorry for being such an arrogant, yet ultimately pathetic and powerless, little bitch…”

“I’m sorry…” It wasn’t enough- she wanted it in full.

As I said the last words, she revved up the pleasure from her hand, and as I was about to cum, she stopped when one more stroke would have sent me over the edge, and grabbed my untied hand with all of her strength.

I could do nothing. Not only was I in the midst of orgasm, my one free arm was nothing compared to the strength she could generate from on top of me with two arms. I came, a humiliatingly long series of bursts as she laughed and demanded I came like the little bitch I am, and I was left exhausted and denied on the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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