Girls’ Night Out

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Seven O’ Clock. I was now quite nervous, Samantha would be here any minute now. I hadn’t seen her since last Thursday evening- that Thursday evening, and now I wondered just how things were going to go tonight. She had seemed OK on the phone, but no mention was made of last Thursday, and I must admit I was starting to feel a little foolish. “Oh well,” I thought, “no point worrying now girl, we’ll just have to see what happens”. I stood up, pulling the plug out, and stepped out of the bath. I towelled myself dry and went over and started to apply my make-up in the mirror. Catching sight of my naked reflection, I thought – not too bad… shaping up very well for my 28 years. No real flab, just a slight thickening of the tummy and thighs, and my tits are still firm, if on the small side. My dark shoulder-length (wet) hair neatly frames my face Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction style. I’ve still got what it takes, I think…

There’s the doorbell and suddenly my heart is pounding. I pull on my undies and throw a T-shirt on, running to the door with still wet hair, make up half-applied. It’s Sam. I compose myself for a second behind the door, trying to be nonchalant. I’m afraid of her expression- will it be OK? Will she hate me, ignore me, be cold, warm? I open the door. Sam is half-turned in the light from the hallway, I cannot see her face immediately. For a second, I think she is just going to stand there, motionless, but then she turns, and with relief I see her smiling back at me, as she always has. Maybe this time a little more than usual? It’s hard to tell- there is definitely something unspoken between us, yet despite what we say, it’s what we are both firmly thinking about. I hardly hear what she’s saying, about her day at work, the evening ahead, the fact that she arranged for us to meet Soo in the Farmer’s Arms. I answer, a little stiltingly, my throat is dry and I have to swallow at inconvenient moments as I speak. My face is flushed and I avoid her eyes. She is smiling and laughing a little as we talk… She seems at ease but there is a question hanging in the air between us that I am longing for her to answer… A pregnant pause. I mumble. Err…. I must dry my hair, I stutter, and walk off back to the bathroom. Sam follows. I dry my hair fiercely with the dryer, blowing my hair deliberately across my face so Sam cannot see my eyes, my guilty look… She chatters still, raising her voice so I can hear her above the roar of the dryer. I still can hardly hear what she says, but I gather it’s just about the evening ahead.

Sam’s hand brushes mine and the dryer dies as she switches it off. I look up, her face inches from mine. She takes the dryer from me… my heart pounds. I am unable to speak. “Charlotte” she whispers, tenderly. “Your hair has been dry for five minutes. Are you OK?” I stammer but can’t really form a coherent sentence. I am blushing deeply. “Silly thing. You were oh so very bold the other night.. now you’ve gone all shy and silly on me. Come here.” Sam gently pulls me round to face her and I’m frozen. Her words are a relief- the ice is broken yet time seems frozen still. The distance between us seems infinite like space, yet I feel her sweet breath on my face. She kisses me lightly on the lips and suddenly, everything changes. I know I will remember this exact moment for the rest of my life.

Sam’s kiss sealed my fate, and explained everything. The burning question I had been asking myself now for well over a week was answered. Would she, or wouldn’t she? She would! I almost melted into her embrace, so happy, so relieved. We kissed and kissed, with love and passion, and I felt at that moment that we were flying, the reality of the world a distant vague presence. Time passed- I have no idea how much, but eventually Sam broke the spell she had spun “Come on babe, get ready, we have to go!”. I smiled at her, then laughed. I was elated, and tears of joy came to my eyes without warning. Sam stroked my arm as I turned back to the task of doing my make-up. “Are you wearing this?” Sam asked, holding out my black dress, the usual attire for a girls’ night out.

“Yes,” I said, “thanks.” I pulled off the T-shirt and motioned for Sam to pass my bra, which she did. I slipped it on, and Sam did up the clips for me. For a moment, I stood there in my underwear, the dress hanging from one hand, watching Sam’s eyes as they drifted over my body. “Like what you see?” I whispered. Sam didn’t answer but smiled, then embraced me warmly, stroking my bare back and then the thigh below the line of my knickers.

“Darling, you’re beautiful!” she said, at last. She stepped back to take in the way I looked once again, and this time her eye was drawn to the crotch of my panties. “Ooh, very sexy!” she said, “They don’t leave much to the imagination!”. She was referring to the fact that the knickers I wore were of sheer white silk, with no gusset. The shape of my pussy was clearly visible, and a small wet spot had darkened the material where they snaked through between my legs. “Oh Charlotte!” Sam exclaimed, moving closer and kneeling konak escort in front of me. “I didn’t know you shaved your pussy… what a wonderful surprise!”

“Actually it’s not shaved- I have always loved the feeling of bare skin down there so I had laser treatment to remove it permanently.. that was about two years ago” I said. Samantha was transfixed by the sight in front of her nose, and she pulled down my panties around my knees to get a better look. The treatment I’d had had removed the hair over a period of months by destroying the roots, so the skin of my pussy was utterly hairless and smooth. Being dark-haired, shaving had always left dark stubble, but now that was all gone. Seeing my own pussy afresh through Sam’s eyes made be realise how sexy it must appear to others, especially as I had the sort of slightly fleshy pussy with small inner lips that are totally hidden from view unless deliberately spread open. I felt Sam’s breath coming harder, and warm over my dark slit, and I could see her getting excited and turned on. I was too, and a sticky drop of ooze started to bubble out from between my smooth pink lips.

“Oh Charlotte, it’s fantastic!” Sam breathed, and suddenly buried her face between my legs. Involuntarily I opened them wider, hampered by the knickers stretched between my knees. Looking down I could see Sam’s long strawberry blonde hair streaming down over the back of her black dress, and her cool forehead pressed against the white curve of my mons veneris. Sam pushed her tongue hard into my vagina, and I could feel it warm and wet, wriggling about. I heard soft sucking and slurping noises as Sam sucked down my pussy juices. She pulled away, groaning with horny frustration. “Oh god, Charlie.. you are so fucking horny!… I want you so bad, my love. But we really have got to go- Soo is expecting us at 8”. I threw on the dress, and hitched up the panties.

“OK, let’s go- there’s plenty more of that for you later, if you’re good!” I said. We kissed again, and I could taste my own juices on Sam’s lips. I slipped on my party shoes- high, black and strappy- and we walked out into the night where the taxi was waiting patiently for us. Since opening the door to Sam, just twenty minutes had passed, but I felt my life had changed forever.

“Hi Soo!” I yelled, catching sight of her across the crowded bar. She waved and smiled, and we made our way over to where she sat. Soo was of Malaysian descent, and extremely beautiful, with very long straight black hair and beautiful brown asian eyes. She made the most of it, with subtle and expert make-up, and she turned heads wherever she went. Sam and I weren’t bad either, but it was always Soo who got the maximum attention on these nights out.

“Hi!” she said, getting up and kissing us both as we sat down around the table. “Drinks are on their way” she said raising a finger to catch the barman’s eye. We all babbled about the day’s news and the latest gossip for a while, and we all seemed to be in a very good mood, looking forward greatly to the evening ahead. “You two seem to be in an especially good mood tonight!” Soo said, “Is there something you should be telling me?” She grinned knowingly, since the previous weekend I had told Soo everything about that Thursday night, agonising about what it would all lead to. It must have bored her rigid, but she is a great friend, and had listened patiently. Now she could see that it had probably all worked out as I’d hoped, and she was clearly very happy for both of us.

“Charlotte and I are… an item, I suppose” Sam said, matter-of-factly, but smiling at me, and gently picking up my hand.

“That’s great you two! I’m really glad. Oh god Sam, you should have seen Charlie last Saturday night- you’d have thought she’d done something terrible, the way she was going on- the agony!” I blushed a little sheepishly.

“Yeah, well… thanks Soo, you are a true friend”

“That’s OK darling.. any time, really. What are friends for?”

“Here’s to us!” Sam said, picking up her glass, “us three against the world, and everyone else can go hang!”

“To us!” we chorused, clinking our glasses.

“God, it’s getting busy in there” Sam said, motioning over to the toilets she’d just come back from. “I queued for 15 minutes!, and then there’s piss all over the floor!” Soo groaned.

“Damn, I’m starting to get desperate, but I’m OK if I sit- if I get stuck for that long in a queue I’ll wee myself!”. I’d had a wicked idea, but hesitated to say anything, it was perhaps a little weird. After a minute though, I plucked up the courage..

“Listen Soo, I’ve an idea. We’re pretty well hidden here in this little booth, so why don’t you just pee into that empty beer glass under the table? Sam and I will cover for you”

Soo didn’t hesitate: “OK, I will. But what shall I do with it afterwards?”

“Just put it on the table – it looks like lager so no-one will know”. Soo took the glass, as Sam and I moved around slightly to block off any view of what was going on. kuşadası escort It was pretty easy because the booth was enclosed on three sides and the open side faced obliquely into the bar area. Though there were a lot of people around, they couldn’t have seen what was happening. We all started to giggle as I heard a trickle of water into the glass, which rapidly built up to a fairly strong hiss and splash. Soo tilted the glass to minimise the noise. I was tempted to get down and look at what she was doing, but had to content myself with imagining it. The idea of Soo pissing into a glass under the table was proving to be quite an erotic thought! After a minute or so, the look of relief that crossed Soo’s face told us she’d finished. She looked around to check the coast was clear, and lifted the glass up and onto the table. It was about three-quarters full – quite a lot in a pint glass! It did look rather weak for a lager, and steamed ever so slightly. We looked at each other, from girl to girl, then burst out laughing! We drew a few glances from the rest of the pub, but no-one really paid much attention.

“Shit!, It’ll be my turn next, and we only had the one glass.. what shall I do?” I said. “I don’t think that queue’s much of an option”

“Well, you could always just pee on the floor” suggested Sam, collapsing into a peal of giggles. I gave her a look as if to say “Oh sure!”, but Soo said “Well, why not? no-one’s going to see and by the time they notice they’ll just think it was a spilt pint or something. Why don’t you swap with me, and Sam and I will cover you”

I smiled, a little lasciviously. “OK.. you’re on.. or should I say ‘urine’, ha-ha!” To be honest we were starting to feel the effects of the vodkas we’d downed, and perhaps in a more sober moment we wouldn’t have dreamed of pissing on the floor, but at that time, I just didn’t care. Making sure I wasn’t being watched, I hitched my dress up at the back, and edged forward on my seat. It must have looked as though I was slowly drinking myself under the table! Soo and Sam once again moved to block any view from the main bar, and I closed my eyes a little and tried to relax. Before long, the familiar feeling started to build up, and I pulled the crotch of my panties to one side. The pee gushed out, at first striking the opposite seat, leaving a small spreading wet patch, but then I clamped down and it slowed, arcing down onto the carpet. It seemed noisy to me, especially once the carpet started to become sodden, the stream landing with a flapping wet sound. It seemed to take ages, and I hardly breathed, tightly trying to keep the pressure under control. It was giving me a slight stitch, but eventually, I could feel the force diminish, and I relaxed, letting the last few squirts out. I heaved a huge sigh of relief, and looked quickly around, but again, the whole thing had passed completely unseen. Sitting upright again, I glanced down under table- the wet patch was not that noticeable, as the carpet was dark brown and rather filthy anyway. It seemed to have absorbed the lot without spreading too far – I’d been worried about a tell-tale trickle spreading out from our booth into the main bar!

Feeling down between my legs, I was a little dismayed to find that the crotch of my knickers was quite wet – the pee had seemingly trickled down the back as well as squirting forward. “Oh no, my pants are soaked!” I said dismayed.

“Well, you could always take them off sweetheart!” Sam said. “I for one wouldn’t mind, seeing what I saw earlier”.

“Oh what was that?” asked Soo.

“Charlie has the most exquisite pussy- completely hairless” Sam said.

“Laser treatment” I explained.

“Really? Let’s have a look- I’m curious”

“OK, but not here… maybe we should move on to the club anyway, what do you think?”. Sam glanced at her watch, “It’s a bit early yet, but I guess we could”

“What about my wet pants?” I said. The others shrugged. “Well, if it doesn’t show, I’m just going to leave them on. Can you check my dress when we get up?”. As we trooped out, Soo discreetly followed me and checked that the dress wasn’t wet.

“It’s OK darling, nothing shows here”.

We went a little way down the street to Rocks Nightclub. It was before 11, so we got in for free (ladies only!) and it was still rather dead, so we managed to blag a table to ourselves in a dark corner, but with a good view of the dancefloor. “This looks a good spot. Now we just have to wait for the rest of the world to turn up!’ Soo said.

“My round” said Sam, “Whatcha having?” I elected for another vodka, Soo and Sam decided on Bacardi Breezers.

As Sam disappeared off to the bar, Soo reminded me: “Let’s have a look at this wondrous pussy of yours then- there’s nobody here to see”. This was true, so lifted my skirt to show Soo. My knickers were clearly wet and as a result virtually transparent. Soo boggled. “Wow darling, that does look cute! What was it you had done?” I explained, and Soo was clearly fascinated. “Did it foça escort hurt?” she asked.

“Not at all, but I had to go back four times, once a month until it was done.”

“What did they say at the clinic?”

“Nothing, apparently it’s quite a common request.”. We discussed it at length, and Soo eventually declared she would shave hers to see what it was like. “I’ll do it for you if you like.. if you will allow a rampant lesbian to touch your private parts! I promise to be gentle.” Soo laughed, and agreed without hesitation.

“Well, I’m keeping my blonde snatch”, said Sam, having returned from the bar. “But I do my bikini line”

“I intend to check that out in full, sweety!” I said.

Suddenly Soo said. “Listen girls, let’s make a pact. You know how it gets in here later, so let’s not waste time queueing. I say we show solidarity with Charlie here and simply wee our pants whenever the need arises tonight… no-one will see in this dark corner, and it’ll be fun!” For a moment, both Sam and I looked shocked, but it was a wicked idea, and we both agreed straight away.

“Darling, you are quite kinky on the quiet, aren’t you!” Sam said, but added: “and that’s why we love you!”

“Actually, I was surfing the web the other day and I came across a site dedicated to people who pee for pleasure.” Soo was saying “In their panties, on each other, even drinking it. It sounded a bit weird at first but reading it I got sooooo turned on. I’d never thought about it before, but I can’t get it out of my mind since. And tonight… well, actually it’s making me feel pretty horny”

“I’ll be honest with you Soo, it turns me on too” I said. “When I was going with Debbie a few years ago we experimented with it a bit- it was a lot of fun”

“What did you do?” asked Sam, agog.

“Oh, we’d pee in the shower together- we’d take turns to kneel in front of each other and pee on each other’s tits. Of course we’d just wash it straight off”

“What was it like?”

“Really warm, and very sexy and intimate”

“Golly, I think I’d like to try that!” This was Sam.

“Me too!” Said Soo. “Did you ever drink her pee?”

“I did once- it was actually OK. Not sure if I’d like it too strong though.” I replied.

“I’ll drink your weewee anytime sweetheart” said Sam, “it sounds like a real turn-on to me, especially from that wonderful tap of yours”

“I’ll be honest with you,” started Soo, “after reading that website, later I actually waited until I really needed to pee, then went and masturbated in the toilet. When I started to come, I wet myself, and let myself get really soaked. It was SUCH a turn-on.” She looked at us, trying to gauge our reaction.

“That sounds cool,” said Sam, “I’m going to try that.”

“I read in Cosmo that if you drink lots and put pressure on your bladder when you masturbate you come much harder” I offered. “The only problem they saw was accidentally wetting yourself at the crucial moment.. they obviously hadn’t thought that one through!” We all laughed.

“Well. anyway it’s my turn to go… so here goes!” said Soo. She squatted down on the floor in front of us, hitching her skirt up around her waist. We were transfixed by the crotch of her white cotton pants, with its vague hint of dark pubic hair. Suddenly a wet patch spread rapidly across the front, then turned into a thin trickle of water, splashing on the floor and forming a puddle. The carpet was not as absorbent as the pub’s had been, and Soo’s piss pooled up and trickled off in a number of directions. On a sudden whim, I stuck out my hand below Soo’s pissing waterfall, and let the warm flood run through my fingers. Soo gasped and laughed, straining slightly to keep it going. As she finished I moved my hand up to fondle between her legs for a moment, feeling the warmth of her pussy and the wetness of her knickers. Our eyes met for a second and we smiled. “Ooh, aren’t we sluts!” she said.

“God I’m so horny watching that,” said Sam. “Listen, why don’t we go home and have a little fun there instead?” We both looked at Soo. It was up to her since it was certain that Sam and I were going to get it on that night anyway. I desperately wanted Soo to come too, but it was a lot to ask.

“Well….” said Soo, “I guess it would be fun. But I don’t want to play gooseberry to you two”

“Oh, you wouldn’t” I said “promise. It’s just a bit of sexy play for all three of us.. no big deal”

“Well, alright then, sounds like fun!” said Soo, “Let’s go!”.

Chapter 2….

Giggling, we stumbled through the front door. I was reminded of the nervous moment several hours ago when Sam first arrived. Now that seemed a million years ago. We were all somewhat tiddly, but certainly not to the point of stupidity. “To the kitchen!” I exclaimed, and we marched into the kitchen. Immediately I filled three pint glasses with cold tap water. “Drink Up!” I ordered. “You go and get comfy in the lounge, I’d better get some towels”. Coming back into the lounge, I dimmed the lights a little and threw the towels into the middle of the wooden floor. “Just in case there’s an accident!” I grinned. “Now, we just sit and wait…” I joined Soo and Sam on the sofa. “Shall we give Soo a little beauty treatment while we wait, Sam?” I said, leaning over and kissing her while moving my hand to Soo’s crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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