Give In To Me

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Chase dragged Christy by her arm through the small corridor of his private jet and sat her down. “You are going home! I mean it Christy. This time you’re staying put. I already told you. I’m seeing someone else. We have no future together.”

“You’re a liar! Every time you look at me I know you want to fuck me just as much as I want you. I love you and you love me,” Christy insisted, seeing the truth in those deep blue eyes.

“Amanda and I love each other. After I drop you off and make sure you stay put I’m coming back to be with her,” Chase insisted. He and Christy had been hot and heavy once, but that had ended after high school. The rich girl. The poor boy running off to make something of himself in the world. He’d forced himself to forget the teenage sweetheart who’d stolen his heart and moved on.

“She doesn’t make you feel what I feel. Not one bit. Why can’t you just admit it? You’re scared of how much you love me so Mandy’s the safe way out. She’ll never be enough for you. You know that Chase,” Christy stood up and pressed herself against him feeling his cock hard through his pants.

Chase groaned but pulled her away from him. “Stop it.” He’d moved on with Amanda, who he told himself he loved but a part of him was always wary of making that final leap. He just couldn’t open himself up to her like she wanted and he feared it was because this fucking woman…God…what a woman she’d grown into. Daddy’s princess all grown up into a strong, passionate woman who didn’t let a wealthy life make her lazy. She worked hard and fought for what she wanted. And now that seemed to be him, back in her life. In her bed.

“You don’t want me to stop. You want to take me right here on this jet, don’t you Chase? You want to make love to me right here on the carpet,” Christy announced lowering her hand to the bulge in his pants. “If you loved Mandy this would not be happening. You wouldn’t be hard as a rock dying to get inside of me. Does she do this for you, Chase? Does she make you this hard? Does she make you burn the way I do? You want to know what its like, don’t you?” She undid his black pants and slipped her hand into his boxers. “You want to know what it would be like if you rammed this into me again. Do it, Chase. Do whatever you want to me because I want it to. We were good when we were kids. Imagine what we would be like now. ” She took his cock into her hand.

Chase groaned at the feel of her hand on his aching cock. He had to stop this but, oh God, how many times Chase thought about it, imagining his hard cock shoved into that tight pussy, that face beneath him screaming his name. The girl was relentless. Once she made up her mind that she wanted Chase back she tempted him at every opportunity. Renting an office in the building he now owned, Wearing tight dresses, swinging that perky ass. He swelled adana escort full in her hand.

“I know you want to Chase. Fuck me. I want you to.” She ground her hips against him.

“Christy…Nooo,” he moaned as her mouth lifted to his.

“Don’t fight it Chase. You love me. Show me.” Christy lifted up on her toes and brushed her lips across his.

“I can’t do this!” Chase said gruffly pushing her away. “I love Amanda damn it. Why can’t you accept that?”

“No!” Christy shouted furiously. “You’re a fucking liar. Telling me you love someone else when your cock is hanging out hard as a rock dying for me. Nobody else. Just me!” she yelled at him, shaking with frustration.

Chase grabbed her so hard she jumped, startled. “You’ve been driving me crazy for months. You want me to fuck you? Fine, baby, I’m gonna fuck you’re goddamned brains out.” He ripped at her dress, scratching at her skin. Her creamy breasts spilled out, tempting him beyond reason. “We’re gonna do this my way. Now I’ve wanted that hot mouth on my cock again for months. Get down on your knees.” He pushed her half naked body down.

Christy eagerly grabbed his hot hard cock and stuffed it into her mouth. God, the taste of him was making her pussy so wet. Chase arched back and closed his eyes. Christy grabbed his behind and pushed him in further into her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth. She sucked him hard and fast.

“Ah God, Christy. Like that. Suck my cock,” Chase moaned urging her on. “Fuck that cock with your mouth, baby.” He pulled at her hair as he thrust his hips at her.

“Mmmmmm, you like that?” Christy asked running her tongue along his length. “You like my mouth fucking your thick beautiful cock? How long have you wanted me to suck your cock, Chase? Tell me, baby,” Christy said engulfing him totally again.

“Oh shit. So long. Fuck, Christy! So fucking long.”

Faster she sucked him until she felt his balls tighten and lift against his cock. She gave a small nibble around his head and then squeezed her lips hard around the head of his hot cock and he came hard and full in her mouth. Her body jerked as she nearly came with him, just feeling his come fill her mouth. He bucked against her face spurting the last drop into her eager mouth.

“Holy fuck, baby” Chase groaned bent double.

“Eat my pussy now, Chase. God, I need to feel your mouth between my legs,” Christy begged, her pussy lips soaked.

Chase pushed her backwards against the floor of the jet and removed her wet panties. “I’m gonna make you beg for it. Make you crazy like you’ve made me.” Chase nibbled on her thighs and ran his fingers along her pelvic bone, deliberately avoiding where she wanted him the most.

She shifted her hips in frustration. “Chase, damn it!”

“Shut up. ankara escort We’re doing this my way remember? How bad do you want me to eat you, hmm?” he asked. He stroked his finger lazily over her wet folds.

“Oh God. Do it now!” she cried.

“Yeah? Like how? Show me, Christy. Did you ever finger fuck yourself and imagine it was me?” he asked giving her pussy a tiny lick.

Christy moaned, dying for more. “Yes. Oh God, yes. I did. I wanted it to be your hard cock inside of me, Chase. Please.”

“How often did you do it, Christy baby? Every night? Every night did you pump your fingers in that gorgeous tight pussy and wish it was my cock ramming into you?” Again he gave one slow lick.

Christy arched and bucked her hips wanting more. “Yes!” she replied.

“Do it now,” he ordered.

Her eyes opened. “What?”

“I want to see you finger fuck yourself. Three fingers. Right now. Shove them into that tight pussy.”

“I want you to-”

“I said now or else this stops right now. Got it?” he ordered, his eyes glittering. “And keep your eyes on me.”

Christy thrust one finger inside of her aching pussy and moaned.

Chase watched her, sitting back. “I said three fingers,” he ordered.

Christy obeyed and thrust in two more fingers.

“Good girl. Now pump ’em in and out, baby. Imagine it’s my cock inside of you.”

“Ah God,” Christy cried as she thrust her fingers in deep inside of her.

“Faster,” he ordered, stroking his cock. “I want you to fuck that gorgeous pussy hard. Show me how you want my cock to slam into you”

Faster she pounded her fingers into her pussy arching, moaning, screaming as her orgasm approached. “I’m gonna come. Oh shit.”

Chase grabbed her wrist and pulled her fingers out roughly. “Oh no you don’t. I’m going to do that. I’m going to eat that pussy ’till you’re screaming and creaming my face.” He thrust his tongue into her pussy.

Christy arched when Chase thrust his tongue inside her. “Oh fucking yes!” she screamed as he thrust his tongue back and forth. She bucked her hips hard against his face. “Ah yeah! Oh Chase. Oh!” Christy cried. He held her hips down, not allowing her to move, bruising her hips with his fingers but she loved it. He bit at her clitoris softly and then continued to tongue-fuck her. Christy pulled at the carpet as she neared her orgasm. “Ah faster. Oooh God. Oh fuck.”

He bobbed his head with his tongue stiffening his tongue as he devoured her with his mouth. In and out, his tongue thrust back and forth.

“Oh now! Now! Now! Yes!” Christy flooded his mouth with her juices as she screamed in ecstasy.

“You want to scream some more, baby?” Chase asked, his face shining with her juices. Without giving her a chance to respond he spread her antalya escort legs wide and slammed his whole length into her pussy, hard.

“Yeeeeesssss!” she screamed, still coming from her last orgasm. “Oh fuck me! Oh Chase, fuck me hard!” Christy cried, moving with him.

He rammed in and out of her, gripping her thighs as he shoved back and forth. Her legs clamped around his waist. “Your pussy feels so good. Ah shit!” Chase groaned rocking back and forth inside of her.

“Harder! Oh God, make me come again, Chase,” she moaned breathless as he pounded her pussy. He grabbed her behind and lifted her half up off the floor and pounded into her faster, sweat glistening on his body and dampening his black hair. “Oh yeah. Oh please. Oh please, oh please!”

Christy panted, scratching at his arms as they held her hips up in the air.

“You like my cock inside your tight pussy, baby? You like it hard? You want it harder baby? You want my cock to hurt your sweet pussy?” Chase withdrew and then thrust in hard and deep making Christy scream. Then he did it again, withdrew and then shoved in hard. “Like That! Like that! Like that!’ Withdrawing he turned her around. “I’m gonna fuck you’re ass now. You understand, my little slut?” Chase brought Christy up on her knees. “You want me to fuck your tight ass, Christy?” he asked, rubbing his cock at the tight hole.

“God yes,” Christy urged backing up her ass against the head of his cock.

“Beg, baby. Beg for me to fuck your ass,” Chase said, taking immense pleasure in torturing her.

“God, Chase. Please shove that cock into my ass. Do it, baby. Oh God. Please. I want you to so fucking badly,” Christy begged.

Chase split her cheeks apart and using the moisture from her soaked pussy, he lubricated his cock and her ass and shoved his cock into the tight puckered hole.

Christy arched upwards at the deep penetration and cried out.

“Back that ass up against my cock, baby. Do it,” Chase ordered, thrusting hard and deep into her ass. Christy rocked her ass against his cock.

Chase pounded into her ass, digging his fingers into her cheeks and arching back at the tight feel of her ass around his rock hard cock. He took three fingers and reached around to shove them up deeply into Christy’s core.

“OH MY GOOOOOOOODDD!” Christy screamed as he fucked her pussy with his fingers and his ass with his throbbing cock.

Chase thrust harder into her ass and moved his fingers roughly in and out of his pussy. “Baby, you’re gonna come right now, you got that? Now!” Chase yelled pounding into her ass and pushing his fingers back and forth.

He screamed out and Christy tore at the carpet with her fingers as her orgasm bulldozed though her. She felt Chase thrust once more into her ass and his hot release filled her as he spurted thick and bucking over her. They fell against the carpet spent and sweaty.

“You’re mine, baby,” Christy panted, curling onto his chest. “And this time, I’m not letting you get away, got that?

Chase could only moan and nod, giving into the only woman he would ever truly love.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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