Give in to Me

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Doorbell rings

‘Hey, you found it ok?’ You smile as you open the door.

‘Hey. Yeah no problem’ following you through the door you lead me into your living room.

‘So, PlayStation or tv?’ you ask.

Removing my jacket, and taking a seat on your sofa, I suggest we play on the PlayStation for a bit.

Chatting away as we play, it’s good to hang out and catch up – it’s been a while since we last hung out.

An hour or so later, you go to make us drinks and, both feeling more comfortable, we squish up beside each other on the sofa when you get back. It’s nice, natural even, to be so close.

A while later I excuse my self to the bathroom, and when I get back you’ve switched to listening to music – I don’t mind, it’s a nice change.

A couple of minutes go by, and I say ‘oh, I think I left my bag upstairs, would you mind grabbing it?’ Being the gentleman you are you reply ‘lazy bitch’ with a laugh and head up stairs.

As you come back downstairs, and into the living room, it’s not my bag youre holding. In your hands youre holding lacy black panties and a matching bra.

‘Now, I know these aren’t Hollie’s’ you quip.

Sitting back on the sofa, feet on the floor, I slowly begin to spread my legs, allowing my dress to ride higher on my thighs, until just the hint of my pussy lips, swollen and wet, are showing.

Confused, but very aroused, you sit beside me and place your hand on my bare thigh, lightly running your fingers over the heated skin there.

‘Enough games’ i growl.

Throwing one leg over your waist, I straddle your growing cock and we both moan at the contact. Locking my eyes to yours, begging for permission, your hands grab my hips and pull me harder against your dick. As my eyes close breiy in the the pleasure of that move, you move your hands to either side of my face and pull me in for a scorching kiss.

Making out like two teens, our tongues caressing each other, lips bruising, your teeth pulling on my plump bottom lip and gently biting into the sensitive flesh, only to be soothed by your tongue.

Soon, the fact that I’m not wearing any underwear becomes evident as the wet patch over your shorts begging to grow.

‘Please get your cock out, I need him inside me. Please say yes’ i moan into your ear.

Begging you, almost with tears in my eyes from how much I need your dick, you grin as you say ‘try and fucking stop me princess’.

‘Thank god!’ i whimper.

A satisfied gasp leaves my lips when you finally spring free of your shorts. Watching you slowly pump your cock to relieve some of the need there, only serves to turn me on more.

Lifting over you, hovering just above your tip, I bring my eyes back to yours ‘keep your eyes on mine’ I say.

Slowly, so slowly it’s almost torturous to us both, I lower myself onto your waiting cock. Your eyes roll back and close briefly as you first enter my tight pussy. ‘Hey! I said eyes on me!’ Pausing in my movements until you meet my eyes again.

‘Fuck. Me. Princess your pussy feels incredible. Better than I could ever have imagined’ you Tuzla Escort groan.

You’re not even half way in yet but already you’re in bliss. Carrying on in my motions, I take you inch my inch into my eager hole. The second you bottom out and my ass sits against your thighs you’re panting with how much you need.

A small chuckle from me has us both moaning with the way it causes my core to tighten around you.

‘Fuck, you feel so good, I’ve never been this full, I can feel every inch of you stretching me’ i barely manage to pant.

Leaning forward so we can make out a little more while our bodies grow accustom to each other, soon my hips move to slide across you.

It’s been so long, you’re almost sure sex never felt this good before.

Taking my dress in each hand you pull it up and over my head, freeing my tits and watching as they bounce.

‘Oh fuck!’ You moan as you latch onto one nipple, palming the other breast as you do.

The combination of my pussy being fucked and my nipples played with has my juices running down your shaft. All I can do is moan ‘oh fuck! Oh yes! Please don’t stop’.

As I continue to bounce up and down on your thick cock, feel that familiar tingle in your balls that says ’empty me’. You don’t want things to end so soon.

Lifting me up enough that you can put me on the sofa, you take off your shorts and kick off your boxers. Throwing your T-shirt somewhere beside us, you look down at me and bite your lip in a groan.

‘I’m gonna fucking destroy you’ you growl.

Somehow that elicits a giggle from me. But as you drop to your knees and pull my naked hips towards you, my giggles turn to a gasp.

You look up at me from between my thighs and smile such a dirty smirk as you kiss along the inside of my thigh. From my knee to the top of my thigh you lightly kiss, nibble and lick your way along my skin, driving me crazy and forcing my fingers to knot in your hair.

Just as you reach the top of my thigh, when I think I’m finally going to get some relief, you move to my other leg and start over again. I groan out my frustration and you simply chuckle ‘patience princess’ you smirk.

‘I need you, now! I don’t want to be patient!’.

God, how you love hearing me say that.

‘I’m going to taste your pussy now. I’m going to eat you out until you cum on my tongue. Then I’m going to push my fingers inside your hole until I have you riding them and begging me to cum again. Maybe if you put on a good enough show for me I’ll let you cum’.

All I can do is stare at you. My bare chest heaving as I breath heavy with want.

You wink at me as my eyes close in preparation for the pleasure I know is coming.

With careful pressure and practiced technique, you soon have me fucking your face as your tongue dives in and out of my desperate hole. ‘Oh god! Oh fuck! Just like that! Please, right there!’.

My fingers push your face firm into my core, and as you suck gently on my throbbing clit I finally detonate.

Writhing under the strength of your arms that fight to keep Gebze Escort me pinned, I quickly chase a second release. Pushing your fingers deep into my mouth, so far you hit the back of my throat and have me gagging around them, I suck on them like they were your cock, tonguing them, biting them lightly.

You feel the precum streaming from your cock as you feel everything my mouth does to your fingers like a lightning rod to your dick.

Sliding your now spit covered fingers free from my mouth, you order me to get on my knees. Hoping this is going where I want it to I quickly get up on the sofa on my knees. Thrusting two fingers into my cunt as I kneel infront of your face…the force with which you fuck me and fill me has me cumming the moment you enter me, and orgasms 2 and 3 rapidly roll into each other.

With my arms readying on the back of the sofa, my knees spread and my ass high in the air, you stand to admit the woman infront of you. So eager to take you. So responsive to your every touch.




‘Get your cock inside me! I need to be fucked and if you don’t hurry up and do it I’ll find someone that will!’.

Lining your cock up with my entrance, you slam inside of me causing me to squeal in a mix of pain and pleasure. ‘Leaning over my back, pushing your cock to its deepest inside of me, wrapping one hand around my throat and pulling me back so that we’re both upright, you nibble and kiss your way along my neck, under my ear, sucking on my ear lobe and then you whisper ‘You. Are. Mine’.

With that whispered declaration barely past your lips you withdraw your cock almost the whole way and slam home, repeating this over and over you set a punishing pace that has me whimpering and quivering around you. My hands reach up to pull and twist my nipples, your other hand reaches around to rub circles over my clit, and as you squeeze my throat and my head starts to spin…

I cum.


So fucking hard.

I cum like I’ve never cum before.

My whole body shakes with pleasure, your cock is pushed from inside me by a river of cum, and as you continue to rub my clit more pours out of my raw pussy.

Your fingers dive back inside of me, pulling more pleasure from my body as we lose count of how many orgasms wrack my body. Finally after what could be hours or days later but is likely only minutes, I push your hand away as my legs give way and I am a quivering mess.

Both exhausted, you sit on the sofa beside me. Pulling me into your lap, you cover every inch of my skin in light kisses.

I make to stand up but you lock your arms around me, almost as if you’re scared I’m going to disappear. ‘Where are you going?’ You ask with sad eyes. Kissing you slowly and deeply, pushing my tongue into your waiting mouth, I pull back and whisper in your ear ‘it’s your turn love’.

Mischievous grin on my face, I move from your lap and lower my self to the floor between your legs. Sitting in a puddle of my own cum, I run my fingers through the mess and cup the wetness to pour over my naked Aydınlı Escort flesh. You watch mesmerised.

I sit and play for a while, knowing your eyes are trained on my body. Slowly I begin to rub over my tits, over my sensitive nipples. I run my fingers along me slit and bring my fingers up to my mouth to taste. ‘Mmmmmmmm’ I moan around my fingers as I like them clean.

Placing my hand on your chest, I gently push you back so you can relax. I want you to enjoy this. Gliding my fingers over your chest, running my fingers through your light chest hair, I bring my head down to play with each of your nipples in turn. Flicking them with my tongue, sucking them into my mouth and nibbling on them so gently. Soon you are solid against my stomach and breathing hard.

Kissing my way down your chest I move to your stomach and down to your hip. I kiss, lick and suck a trail from one hip to the other, so close to your cock I can feel the warm from him beneath my chin.

Lifting up I ask you if you have any oil…you look at me confused and then it registers…’fuck! Yes, wait here’. In seconds you’re back, siting on the sofa eagerly waiting my next move.

‘Cover my tits in oil, I’m going to fuck you!’

You are more than willing to comply, and as you pour the cool liquid over my hot skin the change in temperature causes my nipples to harden deliciously.

Sitting back once more, you watch as I rub the oil all over my chest and boobs. Covering each one in the glossy liquid. Then, moving closer I press my tits to either side of your dick and being to want you. Building a steady rhythm, your head rolls back at the feel. Just knowing it’s my tits wrapped around you has precum running from your tip. Lowering my head just a little further has my hungry mouth latched onto your head. Eyes shooting wide, you take in the sight before you; I’m sucking your cock as my tits wank your shaft as I sit in a pool of my own cum.

That’s enough, you can’t take this torturous pace any more! Suddenly you stand and wrap your hand around the back of my head, tangling your fingers in my hair. With a sexy groan you begin fucking my throat and relish in the feel of my hot throat massaging around you. You moan loudly as you continue to take what you need ‘fuck princess, are you ready? I’m going to cum so much. I’m going to drown you. I want you to be a good girl and take it all’.

Noticing how my hand has dropped to finger my pussy once more, you shout out your release as your cum shoots down my throat and straight into my belly. Moving for you, I slowly fuck you, bobbing my head up and down along your firm dick. Still your cum shoots out of your tip and as I hold just the tip of you in my mouth that cum runs from the corners of my mouth and over my lips. Taking your cock in one hand you continue to pump and cum over my chin and tits.

‘I’m going to cum again! Oh please let me ride you, please’.

‘You’ll have to do all the work beautiful’


You sit back as I climb onto your lap, slipping your semi hard cock inside me, I ride you slow and deep until I cry out my release pulling you into another climax with me.

Spent, we sit wrapped in each other’s arms until you soften and slide from my ruined pussy.

‘Well this looks cosy’ we both look to the voice that breaks our silence from a moment ago.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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