Gloryhole Contrasts

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The local bathhouse remains the overwhelming focus of my getting off with other men, however, the attractions of an adult bookstore gloryhole remain undeniable. Including enjoying the large variety of video porn, especially straight and bi, turning me on as, even if the visit doesn’t lead to playing addictively hot gloryhole games with another man. Purely homoerotic work is not really my taste, though gay sex itself can be fantastically arousing.

All my glory hole experiences have been at porn shops or theaters, meaning that even when the other side is unoccupied, I often get off on the variety of porn on the screen. Getting turned on and orgasming watching porn reaches way back to my sexual beginnings, looking at another man’s stiff rod while stroking my own. Knowing in turn he would look, making us both hornier, until we both came, gaze focussed on each other’s cocks.

That best friend and I jacked off together over several years, starting with getting hard to Playboy and Penthouse, later getting off to the more explicitly raunchy rawness of Hustler. We read and looked at pictures both, knowing that we would be cumming soon, opening our pants and touching our almost unbearably horny cocks.

Sometimes, we would share a picture, a subtle way to focus our attention, ever more often leading to cumming together, often looking at the other one while stroking, to experience real orgasm while watching another turned on cock at the same time. When he found some newsprint printed B&W hardcore porn (dimly remembered with the title ‘Hump’), our sessions started to become even more intense, as he shared the joys of Vaseline lotion spread along a rigid shaft as a fist moved so good up and down along the sensitive surface in the late summer, hidden within still uncut woods, near the channel running along the lowest part of the forest floor, quite out of sight.

That almost homemade magazine was a revelation, very hardcore. Truly amateur in the best sense, of people enjoying what they were doing, particularly including the fact that they seemed to be truly getting off in the pictures, pussy sloppy and spread, cocks in glorious erection, something never shown in the mass market magazines of the time. The stories seemed to share that same attribute, including a story about a wife fucking screwdrivers in her husband’s tool box, then getting ‘caught’ doing it another time, and using him to fill another needs as she got off with him too, pussy hot and horny.

Before discovering the irresistible sexiness of hardcore porn, we could have easily already shared more than a hundred orgasms, though never touching. Looking at the fucking and sucking so clearly displayed on the pages, it became even easier to watch each other openly, enjoying the changes in the other’s breathing or expression, watching the changes occurring as we became so aroused. Watching each other had by this point become an integral part of the shared sessions, especially when we came together, looking at the other’s pumping orgasm.

Sharing a magazine was still the starting point of our sessions, though after a couple of years of jacking off, we were already getting hard and opening our pants before even looking at more than whatever picture was on the first page, as the minimal binding was gone by now, the pages simply folded over one another, in different sections, often reshuffled in sections..

We were always hard before opening the bottle, and the effect of the lotion’s cool slipperiness on our erect dicks was always incredible. Sometimes, we would wait until we each had poured the lotion into our hands, and start spreading it along our shafts at the same time, the sensation overwhelming any sense of privacy or shame we may have had left at that point. Not to mention the erotic thrill of seeing another turned on person playing with themselves, especially when one of us would start first, letting the other one get even hornier before starting to jack off also, unable to stop. We both knew what each side of that game felt like, and loved playing it with each other. I was getting off with men (there more than a few threesome sessions) before ever cumming with a woman.

Porn goes way back into my sexual roots, and a video booth gloryhole is just a logical extension, with its own purely cock centered pleasures.

Going into the familiar porn booth section of the local gloryhole, which now has two gloryholes, the original, standalone glory hole booths were occupied. Stepping closer, Sefaköy Escort I could hear panting of a familiar sort, along with the sound of a body pressing and moving against a wall. It was easy to imagine what was going on behind the closed doors, making my stomach feel a familiar mix of tingling hollowness, cock growing harder along my jeans covered thigh.

A thumping rhythm began to mix with barely restrained moans, and the feeling of my hand sliding along the outside of my jeans over my lengthening shaft kept me standing there, looking at the covers of the porn flicks playing inside, knowing that as soon as a man left, his place would be taken. A door did open behind me after a bit, and hearing the outer door to the hallway open, I quickly turned to go inside, noticing that the slider was still open a bit.

Closing the slider completely, I took out my supplies – coins, condoms, a not so little brown bottle. Opening my pants, feeding coins into the slot above the selector pad, I started going through the porn, stroking my half hard cock. I reached my left hand over to the slider’s tab, opening it a bit. My cock was growing harder, though I hadn’t really looked at the porn.

A moment after doing that, a finger curled around the smooth metal end, slowly moving the slider completely out of the way. Bending my body, I felt an erotic thrill to see a sitting man, pants down, legs spread, his cock as hard as mine. We were both ready and wanting, and just seeing another hard cock was an integral part of the experience, making both of us hotter. This speed, when it occurs, is part of what makes a gloryhole so wonderful – even a bathhouse can’t match it, in practical terms.

His hand reached through, fingers beginning to lightly stroke along my thigh, making me stroke my cock harder, pushing it downwards a bit, knowing that this position made it much easier for him to see the results of his touching. Results he could also feel, as my legs spread wider to allow his hand more chance to roam over my sensitive skin.

He spread his fingers, palm lightly rubbing along my hairy balls. He reversed the motion, and I felt his thumb began to wander through my curly bush, the anticipation making me pump my shaft more quickly. It was impossible not to look down when he closed his hand along the root of my cock, the sight and sensation almost making me cum in a wave of pleasure, a very tempting thought that became even closer to reality as he began to slide his hand up my shaft, finally covering my own stroking fingers, slowing me.

I lifted my hand off my cock, then after a moment of pure bliss as he stroked my cock, making it difficult to remember anything, I reached for a condom, the distraction just sufficient to keep from going over the edge as he began to jack me off. Twisting a bit, it was possible to again look into his booth, and see his hard cock. Clearly, he had gotten the other man off by sucking him, without getting off in turn. A possibility likely to reverse, as the wonderfully enticing idea of sucking him off kept growing within me as he stroked.

Cock sucking is quite addictive, a non-secret among all male cocksuckers, at least. In this setting, it would likely be no problem to tempt him into my willing mouth, kneeling in front of the opening, undoubtedly playing with myself at the same time, totally turned-on. Somehow, cocksucking is best done kneeling when doing the sucking, and when getting sucked, having someone on their knees while standing as they go down on you is really hot, adding to the helpless pleasure cocksucking always brings.

The gloryhole itself has been enlarged over the last couple of years, meaning that my left hand could reach through even as he kept playing with my cock. My fingers trailed along his arm, then down across his pubic area, nicely unshaved. His hand’s motion slowed, just more confirmation of how easy it would be to lead him along the path leading to his hard cock in my wetly sucking mouth.

Moving lightly down his right thigh, my fingers curled under his balls, my wrist rubbing along his erect shaft. Grasping them gently, pulling them towards me, a more than subtle hint that he should stand, letting his erect rod come through the opening. Less subtle was my own twisting motion from the bench, shifting position to be in front of the opening, lips already open. My left hand moved from his balls to his uncut cockhead, adding a bit more emphasis to what I wanted him to do.

His Sefaköy Escort own stroking of my turned on shaft had pretty much ended, though his hand remained grasped around my cock until I began to go to my knees, placing myself in the proper position to take his cock past my tingling teeth and waiting lips. The condom wrapper was easy to open, putting it on simple as my hand guided his cock through the gloryhole, knowing that he was in my total control, unrolling the condom as my lips followed it down his length.

He quickly pressed against the wall, unable to resist my desire and is own clearly unreleased horniness, letting me sucking him deeper, my right hand stroking my aroused cock as he filled my turned on mouth, starting to fuck it with a gentle but insistent rhythm. I began to move my head back and forth to increase the total amount of contact, from the now flared cock head to as deep as I could manage – which was not quite to the base of his cock, but still quite far.

Of course he was getting off on my cocksucking, just like he had gotten the man before me off – having stood outside, listening, knowing he had gotten off the same way I was now, while my desire to be as good as he had been kept growing, wanting to feel his cock pump its cum so good. Soon, my sucking became sloppier and louder, though he certainly didn’t care, pressing himself against the unyielding wall, my face meeting him as his hips moved, spreading my knees on the floor, feeling totally slutty in front of a hot cock wanting to be sucked. Surprisingly, after a couple of minutes, he pulled back. Though able to suck him back without breaking contact, clearly, he had other plans than letting my swirling tongue and pressing lips make him cum.

After his third or fourth attempt at breaking free from my continued cocksucking, he finally escaped my hungry mouth, moving to the far corner of the booth, in perfect view. He quickly took off the condom, beginning to pump his fist along his length, clearly showing off his sexy cock.

The view was enrapturing, making me stroke myself slowly but intensely, knowing that soon, he was going to cum in full view. This was the sort of session I hadn’t able to even imagine when cumming with my friend decades ago, though now such events are a more than occasional part of my sexual experiences. Settling back in the padded bench with its perfectly separated armrests, my thighs spread open, knowing he could openly see how much he was turning me on, playing with myself while watching him go beyond any chance of stopping.

He settled a bit lower, his hips beginning to thrust as his cock swelled in his grip, its enticing presence still remembered in my mouth, which opened slightly with the thought of sucking him again, thankfully something he could not see, as such complete sluttiness can be embarrassing, even after it is recognized. Because by this point, if he had put his cock back through, I would have been helpless against the desire to take into my mouth, especially without a condom covering it.

His left hand, slightly cupped, moved near his swelled cock, making it clear that his orgasm was very near at hand. An orgasm which I had undeniably been a part of, almost making me cum as I saw the white fluid pumping out of his sexy, already glistening cock slit. His pace slowed, still swaying in pure male satisfaction. A moment later, he reached down, closing the slider on his side.

This abruptness is also part of how gloryholes work, part of the single minded framework of focussed sexual contact they provide. I turned to the porn, flipping through various channels, my cock now half erect after having almost cum at least 3 time in the last quarter hour or so,. The sounds from the door opening as he left were obvious. And quickly followed by it being closed and locked just seconds later.

I heard the sound of a zipper, then the distinctive tone of coins going into the machine as porn began playing, providing a bit of audio to cover the sound of his unzipping his pants. After waiting for what seemed a too long moment in my aroused state, I slid the metal door a bit, seeing a man sitting down, with his pants already open, his hand rubbing his crotch. After moving the slider out of the way, my left hand reached down between his thighs, my cock hardening in my hand again as I began playing with another stranger.

After stroking him erect, playing him perfectly under my wanting grasp, he began arching his back, positioning Escort Sefaköy his cock for me to play with, a glorious match to my own desires. His cock was quite small, among the smallest I have ever enjoyed, though I have rarely felt one so completely hard, a real compliment to my manual skills. Most definitely true in my turned on state, because it was extremely obvious he was really turned on, just like me. He shifted much the same way I had previously, positioning himself in front of the opening in essentially the same way I had before, with the same obvious sexual intent. Standing, legs bare, cock quivering, I reached for another condom, passing it to him, still having said nothing till now.

He was able to open the condom wrapper easily enough, but the way he pulled the latex open with both hands was unusual, making it quite wide, though no problem as I moved my cock forward, feeling the stretched latex begin to cover my wanting cockhead, followed by the warmly sensual sensation of his mouth covering my willing skin under the thin latex. Already starting to sink helplessly in the addictive haze of a stranger’s cock sucking, I now reached for the brown bottle of Jungle Juice, barely in time, starting to move closer to the wall, his lips leading me on into a garden of truly earthly delights.

His skill at cocksucking became immediately apparent, making me unable to stop my body from moving ever nearer to the wall, leaving barely enough space to hold the bottle with my left arm across my chest. The distraction provided by a stranger on his knees, taking me deeper into his mouth as my cock slid past his perfectly spaced lips, almost made me forget the poppers in hand as my hips kept moving, giving him the opportunity to begin a slow rhythm which I couldn’t possibly resist.

Finally opening the bottle, turning my head and taking a deep hit, I quickly screwed the top back on, followed by placing the bottle back where it had stood, removing any concerns about spilling it, as the fluid can be quite nasty in a number of ways when not treated carefully.

The pure sexual rush of totally animal sluttiness began to spread through my being, my stiff cock responding to the sensation by thrusting into the hot cocksucker’s mouth already surrounding my jutting erection. A cocksucker who responded perfectly to my desire, his fingers circling my rod at its base, changing the tension in a way that made his tongue joining the action another glorious step on an unstoppable path that I was gladly following as his oral skills left me unable to control my desires to have a man make me cum.

My cheek against the wall, still holding my breath, I felt his other hand slide through the hair at the bottom of my sack, his fingers beginning to lightly stroke my balls, starting to tug me further down, resulting in my knees flexing to position myself at the correct angle for him to suck me off.

Breathing out, cock moving back and forth, my pubic region increasingly pressing against the glory hole as his mouth swallowed my shaft deeply, grinding back most unwillingly, then starting again, I felt the dominant power caused by ramming my rod deeper into the hot suction of his mouth. Slutty sounds started to spill from me, growled moans, followed by words – ‘Suck me … cocksucker … hot cock .. hot .. suck .. yeah .. oh yeah ,,, fuck yeah .. my sexy .. cock .. sucker.’

With my full body hitting the unyielding surface, my cock forced to the other side, it became the total focus of my being. Poppers have always had the most effect for me while getting sucked off – both my cock and the mouth that envelops it seem to unstoppably grow in size, while simultaneously everything shrinks down to an exquisite combination of external and internal infinity surrounding me in perfect sexual bliss.

A bliss that again overwhelmed any inhibitions, resulting in my cock pumping through the glory hole, full of hot cum released in an abandoned orgasm, moaning incoherently, hearing the sound of his sucking, his fingers pressing down at the root of my cock, a finger now sliding along my ass, making me louder as he continued to move his supple tongue along my covered and still cumming cockhead.

His mouth continued pleasuring me with its warm wet tightness as the waves of ecstasy slowly receded, making me reluctant to withdraw even as my cock continued to shrink. But finally, completely satisfied, I closed the slider, took off the filled condom, and quickly cleaned up. Leaving the booth, I saw a man standing with his back towards me, at the same place I had been when waiting to go in the video booth, and it didn’t take more than a few seconds before the door closed behind me as he entered the paradise of immediate sexual contact I was leaving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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