Gods Pt. 04

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Jehioada stood there with his hands on his hips as his burly lover Ruada laid beside the lean Gaio. Ruada was laughing heartily.

“I am not amused,” said the square-jawed, sculpted Jehioada.

“You would be if you joined us,” answered Ruada. “This little funny boy needs to suck your cock.”

The mountain god shifted his weight to one foot and put his hand to his chin, as if he were pondering the situation.

“You know you want this hot mouth sucking your fat hog,” said Ruada, grabbing Gaio’s cheeks in one hand, pushing out his lips. Gaio slapped at his hand.

Jehioada grinned big. He pulled his tunic over his head to reveal a hairy, muscled body. He looked like a sculptor’s model -broad shoulders, v-shaped body, and perfect face. His torso, arms, and legs covered in dense dark hair. An obscenely big cock hung between his legs resting against full testicles the size of goose eggs. He walked over and stood over Gaio. He ran a hand along the length his cock.

“You want to taste this big piece of meat, Gaio?”

Gaio sat up and took the wide head into his mouth and ran a tongue over the tip He pushed his tongue into the warm piss slit. Jehioada threw his head back and groaned as Gaio swallowed the engorged velvety head. He pulled the fat cock further down his throat. The mountain god grabbed the sides of his head and began to force more of the meat in. Gaio gagged and pulled away. He took a deep breath and sank onto the cock again.

Jehioada grabbed his head again and began to slowly fuck his throat. He could hear the used boy Eskort Bayan pulling in breaths through his nose as the cock pulled out and moaning as he pushed back in. Ruada toyed with his own nips and pinched at the head of his own cock as he watched his two lovers linked together.

Jehioada picked up the pace and fucked the boy’s throat harder. He looked at Ruada, then licked his lips and grinned. He pulled his cock out of the boy with a pop.

He pushed Gaio down into the cushions forcefully. He straddled the boy’s head with his thick hairy thighs. He pushed his thick enraged cock into the loosened mouth, plunging it deep into the boy’s gullet. He leaned over and gave Ruada a sloppy wet kiss before placing the boy’s cock between his own lips. He swallowed the cock deeply, and then began to deepthroat in rhythm with his own cock pummeling the throat beneath him. His hands caressed the young tight balls knowing they would soon unload onto his tongue.

Ruada pushed a finger into the boy’s loose ass and rubbed his prostate, urging his cum out. Pushed over the edge, Gaio pumped a salty load in Jehioada’s mouth; the mountain god in turn shot his hot cum down Gaio’s eager throat. He pulled out quickly, leaving strands of cum on Gaio’s face. He stood up and walked over to Ruada who reached out and took the mountain god’s cock into his mouth, greedily licking at the remains of cum and spit. Jehioada pulled his cock out of Ruada’s mouth, and gave him another deep kiss. This time, the river god sucked in the last traces of Gaio’s cum.

The two bigger gods moved to the smaller one and ravished kisses upon his lean spent body, only stopping when they heard the tolling of the temple bell in the distance. They were being called, with all the others, to the king.

“What has happened?” asked Ruada.

“I imagine someone, or some group of gods,” said Gaio, motioning to the window, “has caused a bit of trouble and are about to get a very public reprimand.”

“I don’t understand,” said Jehioada.

“I tell you later, maybe I’ll even show you,” replied Ruada, grabbing Jehioada’s meaty thigh and caressing the dense fur.

Celestino was the king of the gods. He was the oldest god and master of the Temple of the Catenarin, the name people used to describe this pantheon of gods, and first god of the people. Even as handsome as the other gods were, they still could not come close to the beauty of Celestino.

His skin was the color of oil-rubbed bronze; his hair so black that its sheen was a vibrant blue. He was smooth as a bronze statue, but as chiseled as a marble one. He was completely naked except for a swath of purple cloth that adjusted as he moved covering half his torso and his crotch like a living toga. A circlet of various-colored stones rested on his head. He sat on an ancient gray marble throne in which were carved the symbol of every god of the Catenarin.

Ruada motioned to his brother, Nuada, as he entered the room. Nuada had one hand wrapped around Cernunnos’ arm – he rarely advanced this far from his saltwater refuge. Gaio had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing as he walked in and spotted Joash and Uri talking spiritedly in a corner. Uri’s twin brother, Ari -god of the flatlands and wild prairies -was trying to referee the arguing pair. Everyone was standing, except for Pramada, who as the fat god of pleasure, could remain seated in his big round chair. The entire hall was filled to capacity as Celestino began to speak.

“I have gathered you all here because there has been a shift among the people. There has been a disturbance in the realm and it has to be stopped. Our very existence is threatened. I have asked Landrada to explain the situation.” He motioned to the officious god of knowledge wearing a long red satin robe and holding several books and scrolls.

Landrada, in an annoyingly domineering way, pushed to the front of the room. The air seemed to vibrate around the god as he spoke. He talked, but he also projected images into the minds of the other gods.

“A being has infiltrated our realm. We do not know where he originated or how it is possible for him to exist here. He has been making appearances among humans and is making them question their loyalty to us. He goes by the name of ‘Shaitan’. We do have an image of him…which everyone here will find extremely interesting.”

Murmurs in the group turned to gasps as they saw his image in their minds. Celestino himself frowned, shaking his head. Everyone turned toward Gaio, as their mind’s eye received the image. Pramada dropped the bottle of wine he was nursing. Even Gaio winced, as the image of Shaitan appeared in his mind…and it looked like another version of himself, mustache and all.

“Uhm, well… isn’t this fun,” Gaio quipped.

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